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Gaydar seeks investment for ‘global growth ambitions’

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Reader comments

  1. How much is Qsoft seeking to raise now, given that in 2005 £1.5m was sought, refer , £2m in 2007, refer = 2012 ??????

    1. Those two articles quote investment by Qsoft consulting in to the Gaydar brands, rather than invtesment by an external company in to Qsoft.

      1. Is the managment seeking to return back it investment/sell through this exernal option of raising capitial and how did/was the £3.5m investment then not sufficent and what about it current balance sheet?

    2. Simon Johnson - Gaydar 9 Mar 2012, 9:25am

      The Gaydar website has undergone some big developments over the past 18 months, as has the Gaydar smartphone app. As a result, we now have more than 6 million members worldwide and more than 55,000 new members join Gaydar every month. The future of the Gaydar brand lies in pursuing opportunities abroad and developing the business’ presence in emerging markets. An investor with the necessary resources would be able to invest in the local presence and marketing spend that Gaydar requires to raise awareness of the brand, as well as further develop the product and the team.

      Simon Johnson
      Product Manager
      QSoft Consulting Ltd.

  2. The Gaydar brand has had its Day with Free social networking sites no one’s going to pay to use gaydar (unless they’re desperate) QSoft should Slip away quietly in to the Abyss, No one gives a damn anymore! I dont i know that much.

  3. how stupid can gaydar get – they want money after you send two messages on their app? What numskull would pay when they have grindr for free? Grindr clearly has a brain by not charging but putting adverts up.. then everyone wins.. gaydar is clearly too greedy and will pay a heavy price for that attitude…

  4. It be nice to see gaydar back on the sky tv as the radio channel like it was I can only listen to it on my blackberry at home

  5. Gaydar accounts for 45 percent of UK gay and lesbian internet traffic.


    Quite remarkable (as David Coleman would say).

  6. My partner is addicted to the chat rooms- that is why he is chained to his desk! lol

  7. Samuel B. 4 May 2012, 9:17pm

    Gaydar = tack.

    Less not more, please!!!

  8. Swell.

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