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President of Belarus would rather be ‘a dictator than gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Hate to nit-pick, but anyone else not comfortable with the word “gays”? Sounds horribly homegenising and dismissive. I’m probably being picky…

    I hope Westerwelle doesn’t let that comment slide.

    1. I’m glad you said this. i find the word ‘gays’ revolting. Back in the 1970s, the gay liberation movement also objected to it. As the modern day post-structuralists would say “it’s essentialising”. ‘Gay’ was used by the GLF as an adjective, and they opposed the use of it as a noun. Using it as a noun enables gay people to be treated as ‘all the same’ (essentialising). Using ‘gay’ as an adjective highlights a point of similarity, and requires the user to think of us as being human as well as gay e.g. gay men, gay women.

      I’d rather people said ‘queers’ or ‘homos’ or ‘faggots’ than ‘gays’. When people use ‘gays’ they can reduce us to some inhuman other. They might as well say ‘fags’.

      But I thought it was just people of my vintage who remembered the arguments of GLF, so I usually keep quiet about my hatred of the word ‘gays’.

      1. Don’t be quiet! I regularly post on a forum and it recently came up: a lot of people agreed with me. I’m 25, so the 70s movement was a bit before me, yet I feel the same.

        I believe language is powerful, particularly with what words we choose to use. “Gays” does infer, to me, that there is nothing more to us than our sexual orientation, or even that we are some inhuman breed. “Gay people” sounds a lot more acceptable.

        Essentialising a good word! It’s what I meant by homogenising, but it’s good to know that there’s a proper term – thank you!!

      2. Don’t be quiet! I regularly post on a forum and it recently came up: a lot of people agreed with me. I’m 25, so the 70s movement was a bit before me, yet I feel the same.

        I believe language is powerful, particularly with what words we choose to use. “Gays” does infer, to me, that there is nothing more to us than our sexual orientation, or even that we are some inhuman breed. “Gay people” sounds a lot more acceptable.

        Essentialising a good word! It’s what I meant by homogenising, but it’s good to know that there’s a proper term – thank you!!

    2. I hate it too. As I do the term ‘blacks’.

  2. Only in the mind of a Borat-esque dimwit does his statement make any sense. However, it is good that he has gone on record, it helps the rest of us keep any more Eastern European cr@pholes away from the EU.

    1. it seems racism is ur favorite hobby

      1. That part of the world tends towards homophobia, this places them in breach of the Copenhagen regulations on entry to the EU and I am happy that their bigotry will not be given free rein to spread Or, in short, places like Belarus are cr@pholes and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. And they are not a race. Ignorant twunt.

        1. “And they are not a race. Ignorant twunt.”

          Belorussians are Slavs and Slavs constitute race you ignorant twunt.

          1. However, not all Slavs are Belorussian, nor are all Eastern Europeans Slavs, are they?

          2. From Wikipedia “Belarusians are an East Slavic ethnic group who populate the majority of the Republic of Belarus”, any minority there would be composed of other Slavs from neighbouring Slavic countries so whats your point?

          3. I understood Valksy to be referring to the Belorussian nationality, not ethnicity. Just as if you were to made a disparaging remark about Wales you’d generally be understood to be referring to the occupants of the country, not Celts.

          4. So referring to Nigerians or West Africans in derogatory context is not racist?

          5. Fair point, but I’d say a remark like “The Nigerians are too corrupt to understand the concept of democracy”, specially if said by someone from, say, Botswana, is not racist.

          6. Yes, but the remark i commented on wasn’t made in the manner that you have described. I recognize the validity of constructive criticism but Valksy’s comment didn’t fall into this category.

          7. OK, but for myself I read Valsky’s remark as a comment on the way the inhabitants of Eastern European countries tend to support certain types of legislation – I didn’t see it as being an observation of their racial characteristics.

  3. “better to be a dictator than gay”


    Its better to be gay than a Hitler idolising Neanderthal.

  4. ” rather be a dictator than gay ”

    … With that mustache mate you close o being both.

    ( i know stereotypes, think the biker in leather with a mustache. )

    Seriously though, i dont see how people can have a problem being gay. Whats the difference between loving men or women ?

    I just give up on people like this. If he would rather be a mass murder and have millions suffer then let him try. Its not working out great these days as a carrer choice. Who looks back at all the countless dictators over history and thinks id rather be that than love somebody just because of their gender.

  5. who will the dictator kill
    first the gays , then YOU

  6. …by the look of that picture maybe homosexuality and dicatorship aren’t mutally exclusive.

    1. DicKtator and Hawaiian PI aren’t mutally exclusive either

  7. I suppose he has been with another man then so that he knows what it is like? Or perhaps, his mind has been plauying those ever so naughty gay thoughts of hot man on man action and he is really fighting the urge to jump into bed with another man?

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it Lukashenko

  8. If everyone replaced the word Gay in these monsterous statements to Black, or Woman, or Jew – there would be global condemnation. until then Equal rights are still the goal of us all.

  9. Isn’t he kind of a dictator anyway?

    My gaydar is springing on orcon 4 from that picture of the Belarus president, but I would be running in the opposite direction if I saw him!!!

    1. Poor Keith, can’t kick the booze, OR his obsession with Stu and gay sex.

    2. I suppose he could be reported to this lot:

      From their site: “Reception Rooms of KGB, its regional offices, military counter-intelligence department are open 24-hours a day.”

    3. revolting name, nothing to say worth the wear and tear on the typing finges. Why does this sad individual bother?

  10. Would be better if belarus herself was running the country… although i think it would just mean even more stalking of russia (please let one hetalia fan get that! ) xx

  11. Well, he’s got his wish, since he’s a dictator anyway and I hope to God he’s not gay.

    Meanwhile even half-civilised politicians would rather be gay than dictators.

    (Good grief, never mind the moustache, look at that combover … how can anyone take him seriously?)

  12. Friend of Dorothy 5 Mar 2012, 4:46pm

    It’s better to be bald than to have a combover.

    1. Friend of Dorothy 5 Mar 2012, 4:47pm

      Rehan beat me to it. Fair play, Rehan. :-)

    2. GingerlyColors 5 Mar 2012, 4:57pm

      I agree.

  13. In fairness, that picture is VERY out of date. The man is very much a dictator, and why he’s tolerated by the rest of Europe is beyond me. Human rights don’t exist in his pitiful state. Democracy doesn’t exist in his pitiful state. It’s no wonder basic gay rights look to be decades off in his pitiful state.

  14. GingerlyColors 5 Mar 2012, 4:56pm

    And I don’t like Alexander Lukasenko.

  15. “Better to be a dictator than gay”? How old is he, five?!?

    Christ, bring back Gadaffi and Saddam. The intelligence of today’s dictators is obviously very much lacking if this knobend is anything to go by.

  16. Father Ted 5 Mar 2012, 5:26pm

    Is that the choice they give you in conversion therapy then? It’s rather an odd either/ or … can either be gay or an East European dictator….interesting to note who took up the offer.

  17. Father Ted 5 Mar 2012, 5:28pm

    It’s better to be a drag queen than a cardinal.

    1. It’d be better to be Lucozade than Lukashenko.

      Oh Lord, this could go on and on…

  18. Well, that’s a good enough reason to cut off all foreing aid. Let him explain to his people that his religious views are more important than their health and safety.

  19. He’s in good company. Hitler, Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Pol Pot, Ahmedinajad, Fidel Castro… all said the same thing.

  20. krakow.poland 5 Mar 2012, 8:19pm

    but he doesn’t need to choose being a dictator or gay. he’s a dictator and gay both.

    this guy is so crazy! the thing he needs is to suck cock immediately.

    probably he hadn’t been f…cked for a long time. his ass must be covered with cobwebs… what’s why he’s so cranky

    1. You’re going to give me nightmares.

  21. If you type his name into google predictive text gives one of the options as “Lukashenko idiot”

    Very apt.

  22. Lol, people like this guy would rather be a dictator than anything else!!

  23. He looks and sounds as if he is Borat’s dad.

  24. President Of belarus is a stupid dictator with the brain of a worm

  25. Belarus must be removed , he is another dictator like saddeum and gadaffi, all countries must move forward like Tusnia, with the right characters of human rights equality, goodwill ambassadorship, being human an civil and fair to all, called civilizations humane, instead of animals and terrorist, like we have now in bigots around the word an some evil religions who need to be shut, down, the national task force is going to have to start seeing the hate religions for what they are an that terrorist hiding behind the walls of a building calling it a church but doing evil against ciitezens and provoking wars and kaos that this nation does not need an the casualties a broken famlies it causes, desentions instead of love and together peace and harmony which is what real christians are suppose to be, the suicsides of children and sex pedep;hillia is also their fault, belarus is another evil hypocrite who refuses to face the fact that it is people like him and adolf hitlers who are the evil

  26. the aclu must get down thier and see to the gay lgbt children get their gay and lesbian alliance groups on campuses in tennesee, and they must stop any faculty or adminsitration for trying to keep them for finding safe places for them, thats an act of terrorism an harrasment on thier part an who ever is envolved with those children, human rights watch must be on tennesse abuses of the lgbt and minnesota, north carolina, indiana, and others , they must get emiliys list and get good officials placed in all districts who care about all the people and on shcool boards and faculty and corporations and business boards, all human rights people of equality and fairness, for lgbt and women and minorities, these entiteies must have safe atmospheres of courtesy, not harrasment, and unfairness in the characters must be good and kindness, this is the only platform for saftey, and fairness its a right thing and a national security issue, its a must,

  27. all fifty states must have a top list of the most important protocol issues attended and handed in to the government by fax on the tops implementations and solutions and actions taken to solve the problems , monthy , you must not allow officials to keep stagnating and messing around in conferences when many of the problems can be solved right away, First of all your top priorities are, only The poor areas an Middle class area and little businesses, these are the only areas that have great needs all focuses must be only there, There well being , domestic benefits and programs, their homeless shelters, with more than enough beds for all type of disasters and domestic problems erected and run safely and efficient with no red tape or any other kind for anyone to get immediate help and shelter food, countries as well, any state found abusing the homeless , or neglecting to act promptly to take actions all officials envolved must be reprimanded and fired and replaced with other who are good

  28. number one all fifty states must take care of first the homless in their states, all districts, safe havens, number two, the national security, against sex crimes , mureder , sex trafficking, wife battery, and Bigotry and racism which causes an starts crimes of all natures, the proper gang patrols must be put in place, in all gang riddled communities, all assault victums who are gay and women must been seen by women police officers and social services adult abuses and children as well because of intimidations and neglect and even more sexual harrasment from hetersexual men cops, and no men have any business, patting down women are going in a room with them and having them undress in front of them this is sexual assault and harrassment an all police department violating women and childfen an gay people sexually lilke that must be suied an police fired, inluding the chief and move in another one that is good, women need their own police chief to report to as police women on the force to

  29. Still with national security, all sschools of junior high and up must have on campus security for sex and gang violence and csrimes that are not in buddy systems with school faculty and administrations, but their to protect the children and parents an for parents , and assaults by faculty , sexualy , and physiscal and racims and bigoty, against the children, also to stop school harrasments among the childfen and faculty discrimiation against gay faculty and minority faculty, this is a must, the school boards and adminstration must stay out of the private lives of the chidren unless their is a life threatenig issue that has arose, the faculty being gay is none of their business and their partners, all teachers are their to teach academics an not personal religions, but instead kindness classes of human rights so the kid will get alone, not become insane and terrorist, as long as the faculty is not harming the chidren, or others you stay out of their private lives, its none of yo busines

  30. you fix you mind on taking care of the real problems with the hetersexual faculty sexual assaults and discrimination in those schools against those children and other faculty, instead of defamating, All officials in all ftfty states is to take care of the over crowding if they have it, in the areas that need to be fixed like urban areas , you fix the problems also, at the end of each year with school boards to make sure the sschools have adequate rooms and building opened and available for the chidlren, and teachers not being overcrowded, do your brainstorming , an school layouts, and get it done and fixed before the next sschool year, new york and new jersy , chicago, and californial are some of the problem areas for over crowding fix it, its important for the children an teachers, Number four, you make sure you as officials in each state can show on paper where you have lowered cost of the economy problems for the citizens by conferences with the governmnent an networks to lower gas

  31. when you as an official in each state see a need of hurting people you must pick up that clarian call and act on their behalf, to aid and to get humanitarian aid to the people , by networking with the govenments in all of your countries and businesses to fix the problems , lowering interests rates and gas prices and capping them , getting into the reserves quickly to help aid families commuuting, you must have empathey and sympathy for the recession and hurting people are you must be removed because you are monster, caloused and evil, there must be a people govermnent everywhere and human rights officials, of goodwill, in all offices, to get positive things done swifty, on behalf of others, but first you must care, are nothing gets done, like now, there are too many bad officials still in offices that tneed to be rooted out, an give the other good ones a chance to fix an mend the hurting society, thru concserns and actions, and remove the stale mates of officials in the way of progress

  32. you must stop allowing officials to act out on thier own and abuse citizens, rather than stand up by themselves or with others to help the citizens anyway they can, you do not allow officials to spend millions of dollars on high dollar condomenum projects and useless ideas , when the most of the people cannot even afford a condomenium, wasting money on building high dollar hotels for hundreds of dollars a night and most people cannot stay there, these are wasteful projects, there are plenty of that kind of stuff already, they mu;st make sure that fund go into family projects of poor and middle class areas, that have needs in their areas, housing , security, scshools, parks, infrastrucsture, road, health clinics, and little businsesses, who aid them, you must stop greedy businesses from taking advantage of the recession and poor people by abusing and oppressing them more, actions must be taken against these monsters by whistle bloweres for citizens and their well being and rights,

  33. focus on the people, abusers of he people is a crime against humanity, and their must be reprimands, overhauls to business , bad ceo, and managers must be removed and replaced, same as other organizaions caught discriminatiing or oppressing families , we have an evil society of monsers everywhere no good people like murdoff, and others, but whistle bloweres and gay and lesbian task forces and national task forces , human rights judges, and internations ippf, human rights boards and task forces must see to it that famliies ans citizens are put first, thats called being civilized and humane, actions must be takein against the perputrators, wehtere the goverments, or racest oppresives religions, or hate groups , or who every greedy businsess people, and individual, steppin on others , they must be stopped, with good people in the system the system works for the good of all people fairly and the economy and chacracters, of places change for the better along with national security, ACT

    1. what on earth are you on about? I can’t follow you at all.

      1. Few people can follow Carrie but she keeps posting at length regardless.

  34. Jens Oh Dear 6 Mar 2012, 10:08pm

    Poor Lukashenko. This man is a true psychopath, to even make an article about him is pointless. I just feel sorry the people of Belarus who’s probably gonna have to live with this rubbish until he dies. I might be wrong about that, Lukashenko might find himself a successor. Any sons or other relatives he has to speak of? I mean, it is Europe’s ‘North Korea’ we’re witnessing here.

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