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George Takei to counsel Trump at gay marriage lunch

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry to nit-pick, but the California Supreme Court decision in 2008 did not “strike down a constitutional gay marriage ban”. It struck down (as unconstitutional) a simple legislative ban.

    Prior to 2008, California had a law, not a constitutional requirement, making marriage between a man and a woman only. (The legislature voted for marriage equality in 2005 and 2007 but Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed equality and the ban remained in place.) In 2008, the California Supreme Court in Re Marriage Cases held that the ban on same-sex marriage violated the California constitution, and same-sex marriage came in with immediate effect.

    That led to Proposition 8 which amended the California constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

    Marriage equality had been found to be a requirement of the California state constitution until the public used Prop 8 to vote away that protection. This is exactly why the 9th Circuit found in February that Prop 8 violated the federal constitution.

    1. Meant to thumbs up your comment sadly it thumbsed it down sorry ^^

      i agree. Its is accepted now ut was unconstitutional. It should never of been banned.

  2. Christine Beckett 5 Mar 2012, 12:07pm

    He will have his work cut out…

    But George is SUCH a lovely guy… :-)


  3. Good luck, George. I have a feeling that serious discussion of any sort is a bit difficult with Donald, but give it your best shot.

  4. It is certainly going to be a challenge so I wish him luck!

    I wonder if they will have the cameras watching them? Would certainly make for interesting viewing!

  5. A total non-story. Nothing but bread and circuses to distract the masses from the real issue – Trump has nothing like the influence and “king maker” potential that he likes to believe he possesses (he invited the GOP contenders to a debate he would chair, they all declined). Mr Takei, please don’t pander.

    1. Trump has more influence than YOU realise.

      He has a lot of money, he knows people with lots of money. The people that fund political runners and give huge donations to political parties. If theres one thing USA praises more than religion its the almighty dollar and when your biggest funders start saying no im not goig to give you money then you change or dissapear.

      The reason the candidates didnt want to appear on a trump debate is simple really. Every candidate doesent want to appear to be in the pocket of an individual or a group. Yet they will still take your money.

      In the uk its same with labour, yes you beat your brother for the job but only with the union vote which has lead to months of you saying how your not a unionist and your not in their pocket.

      American politics is a real mess of backroom dealings and money buying influence. Its ba here but overthere its a way of life.

      If George can change Trumps mind of equality then thats a big step.

      1. Trump wanted to have a debate that he would chair. All the presidential candidates were invited. They declined. He is a reality TV star with serious issues regarding bankruptcy and a huge ethics question hanging over his head. He has said that his private investigator had found important and critical data on President Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii – so he panders to the racist birthers too (and never showed that earth shattering evidence). Frankly, he’s a joke and an embarrassment to the GOP and when he gave his endorsement, the candidate LOST points rather than gained them.

    2. Sundancer 5 Mar 2012, 5:15pm

      Mr. Trump’s influence has little to do with it. George is right; the way we ultimately win is by convincing one person at a time. I suggest each of us invite a non-believer to lunch for a civilized discussion of the issue. Even if we can’t convince we can inform and thus one by one opposition will dissolve.

  6. Peter Cat 5 Mar 2012, 4:01pm

    It’s more than OK to be Takei.

    Good luck, George!

  7. GingerlyColors 5 Mar 2012, 5:01pm

    Will George Takai play his pro gay marriage Trump card?

  8. Good luck, George. The Galaxy needs you.

  9. Go and have another drink. Repeated masturbation is very dehydrating.

  10. Mr. Takei is much more optimmistic in regard to Trump’s integrity than I can ever be. Thedonald has a history of behaving like q Media whore, without compassion for the disadvantaged.

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