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Video: Call to boycott St Petersburg over anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. soapbubblequeen 2 Mar 2012, 5:42pm

    Disgraceful and totally ridiculous. I’m adding my signature to the petition now.

  2. Wouldn’t go to Russia anyway. The communists are still in power! Just look at the resumes of those in power and where they came from!

    1. No, the communists are not the problem, the power itself is the problem. The former KGB and Joseph Stalin would still do what they’d done whether they were or were not communists. We had very clear example here in the old days Taiwan. Poor Russian though. I hope they can get through this faster and make Putin retire ’cause soon he’ll be at the position long enough to be a czar.

      1. Russian society itself is incredibly tolerant of racism and other discrimination (including against gays). I don’t know what it would take to bring about a cultural change – it took decades in the UK to get to where we are now.

        1. I don’t think you understand Russia at all. Viewing it from a small European country’s point of view is wrong because it doesn’t take into consideration the great diversity found in Russia. The result is the way of thinking that might seem illogical to an outsider. What might look to you like the tolerance of discrimination is actually a form of equality in peoples’ minds, where everyone has the equal right to be discriminated against. :) Let’s just say that it’s normal for people in Russia to vigorously support ban on gay parades and at the same time approve of the idea of gay partners being treated the same as het couples in, say, hospitals or being able to inherit after each other and such.

          I’m sure that when our gay community stops trying to blindly copy the Western model of gay rights movement with all its sparkly stuff, things will start improving. They just need to convince people that they are not going to run around the cities half-naked and wearing red feathers. :)

          1. Although I personally won’t go to SPb anyway, because this city scares the living daylights out of me. And people there are generally not very friendly. Will serve their governor right if foreigners stop coming there. Russia is large and there are better much places to visit. I wish foreignes kept that in mind and didn’t only come to SPb and Moscow. :)

          2. You’re right, I don’t understand Russia at all. I think it’s a terrible place to be gay (obviously nowhere near as bad as most of the middle east and Africa though). I often hear Russian people excuse the country’s faults on the fact that it is a big country where different values apply, but that reasoning makes no sense to me. Tolerance is just objectively a good thing for society. Most gay people in Western Europe don’t go on pride marches but people don’t seem to realise this because it is the most visible part of the so-called community (I don’t feel like part of a community). Having said that, I can only live a “normal” non-sparkly quiet life because other people have demanded rights for me before.

            Regarding equal rights to be discriminated against, this just isn’t true. I haven’t directly witnessed homophobic discrimination here (because it’s not obvious that I’m gay) but people say racist stuff all the time (and not just ordinary “common” people, but doctors and university…

          3. … lecturers). If you’re a white person in Russia you get a heck of a lot less trouble from the police too. This is the case in the UK too, but at least there it’s recognised as a problem.

            Rant over.

  3. What a disappointment.

  4. Had this been an African country, everybody would be up in arms. 200 posts + for sure!

  5. What about Barbados,Singapore, Dubai and many other countries? People are happy to go there where Homosexuality is actually illegal.

  6. This really saddens me, I’m also appalled that Madonna has added a show in St Petersburg knowing about this law has just been passed. She should cancel her show. I thought she was all about people expressing their freedom, but obviously money talks.

    1. She should do the concert and break the law – it’s not like she can’t afford the fine.

  7. then go live there and don’t bother civilized people anymore..

  8. i see evolution passed over some

  9. grow up, trash-straights do the anal sex thing -you are referring to also-

  10. god bless america

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