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Video: Footballer’s Spanish ad ‘showed black men as animalistic homosexuals’

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Reader comments

  1. DJ Sheepiesheep 1 Mar 2012, 10:25am

    No wonder there are no out gay footballers in the English game when one of its leading clubs and their players can’t even work out what’s racist. English football has difficulty enough in relation to issues of race. It has so far to go on issues of sexuality that I almost despair.

  2. Why does Simon Wooley describe it as ‘animalistic homosexuals’? What does this say about his homophobia? Sounds like he needs to address some of his own descriptions of other minorities.

    1. I agree completely: I didn’t see anything to suggest that they were ‘animalistic’. That seems to be Mr. Wooley’s personal addition.

  3. The spanish seem to be getting a reputation of uneducated pesants.

    1. are we allowed to generalise now?

    2. Any country that throws donkeys off church steeples ARE uneducated peasants

      1. A ‘country’ cannot throw anything anywhere. Some religious zealots within Spain have been known to throw goats from church windows on special ‘saint days’.

      2. That practice of throwing donkeys off church steeples does not exist. You maybe confused with goats being thrown off church steeples. This practice has been banned many many years ago.
        Get your facts right about Spain.
        I am a proud Spaniard and I am not an uneducated peasant.

        1. Hmmm

          I said nothing about throwing goats. My point is that Africans can be called savages and no one except me defends them.

          double standards mate

      3. I think you both (James and Derwent) are the uneducated peasants who still believe that in Spain throw donkeys off a church steeple. This is something which never happened, as it was a goat. But this practice which was held in a small village in Castilla has been banned for many many years. Either you two are very old to remember something like this or as I said earlier uneducated peasants who have no idea what really happens in the world and are probably sun readers.

        1. You guys are pathetic. whenever africans are called savages by the usual suspects there is never this defence of African nations. I knew this site is full of prejudice and bigotry

      4. Oh right, that’ll be all 46m of them, would it?

        1. As I said African savages is ok but Spanish pesants in not. Very telling

          1. Maybe some people do not defend Africa because gay rights are virtually non existent throughout Africa, and this is a gay news website. From prison sentences, to torture, to the death penalty. So people get angry when they constantly read African nations are systematically killing us off. Whereas in Spain, we as a minority can get married. and btw, when ever I have seen someone say something racist on pink news, the majority thumb them down and say it is not okay to be racist, and tell the person being racist that nations shouldn’t be generalised. Just like someone told you, when you were being racist. What is telling, is that you think you can judge and be racist, but no one else can.

          2. Really?

            My point is that comment was posted to see exactly how the usual posters would respond.

            and my point has been proved me calling the spanish pesants gets thumbs down calling africans savages or as one poster below called them poor and unfortunate gets 9 thuimbs up.

            this site is full of bigots

          3. @ James! – I think I comment pretty much every time an entire nation (as opposed to an individual) is generalised about.

  4. Paula Thomas 1 Mar 2012, 11:16am

    I think the article needs to explain the “animalistic” but I can get the homosexual reference from ‘queen’ but even that is tenuous in this context.

    I am actually quite insulted that the compainants seem too view being gay as a bad thing though…

  5. Oh please – where is everybody’s sense of humour here? This is not racist – it’s all so tongue in cheek and all done with a smile. And animalistic? Hardly! I live and work in Spain, and this is not meant in any nasty way and nor should it be seen as such – either racist or homophobic

    1. Glad I’m not the only one. Just watched some of their other ad’s on Youtube. They’re really good. The only homophobic comment came from Simon Woolley, ‘animalistic homosexuals’?

      1. Yeah, In agree.

        I have to say, I’m not entirely convinced this is meant to be racist or homophobic, at worst it plays on some silly stereotypes.

        1. i thought it hilarious and im not sure that reina has the same meaning in spanish culture as queen has in uk

    2. john owen 2 Mar 2012, 6:18am

      Long last someone with a sense of humour. The whole ad revolves around the guys’ surname, Reina, ‘queen’ in English, which is used as gay slang and is quite extended among general population to refer to the more flamboyant type. The reference to feeling safe is because the word ‘seguro’ also means ‘insurance’. Watched it a couple of times and there’s not even a hint of racism in it but a just a word game. I don’t see the animalist bit anywhere either. You may need to consider that sense of humour is also heavily linked to culture and that perceptions will vary. Being aware doesn’t necessarily means to be on the defensive, which I think it’s the case here. About generalisations on Spain and Spaniards, get your facts right. It would also help to look at ourselves and think why nearly 2000 people get convictions for animal cruelty in the UK every year. And we’re still a country of animal lovers.

  6. This doesn’t seem homophobic or even racist, lighten up guys, its just a laugh!

    1. agreed.

  7. The advert depicts a setting with tribal Africans. Saying that tribal Africans exist (which is true) does not imply that all Africans live in this way, does it? To be racist this advert would have to imply that Africans were racially inferior and I’m not sure I can see how this does that. Is it a racist stereotype to imply that some Africans live in tribes? Perhaps, but then it’s also true that some do.

    He says that his name is queen and the reply from the king is that he is ‘king’. What’s the negative or homophobic inference about gay people here? Is the idea that an African gay man might make a flirtatious comment homophobic? Or is it the sight of Reina being moved, perhaps reluctantly, in the king’s direction? The implication is not that gay men would force a reluctant partner to have sex, but that a person in high authority can have dominion over people, including sexually

    There is nothing animalistic depicted and it’s insulting to imply that Africans or gay men are animalistic.

    1. Best comment ever!

    2. The advert depicts a setting with PEADOPHILE GAY MENs. Saying that PEADOPHILE GAY MENs exist (which is true) does not imply that all GAY MENs live in this way, does it? To be HOMOPHOBIC this advert would have to imply that GAY MENs were PEADOPHILES and I’m not sure I can see how this does that. Is it a HOMOPHOBIC stereotype to imply that some GAY MENs are PEADOPHILES? Perhaps, but then it’s also true that some are.

      I replaced some words to show you how close your thinking is to other bigots

      1. Having read the article and watched the video I cannot fathom where you got Pedophile from.

        and your pedophile is spelled wrong! “advert depicts a setting with PEADOPHILE GAY MENs” yadda yadda yadda

  8. Jason Brown 1 Mar 2012, 1:33pm

    Liverpool FC is not building a good rep for itself.

  9. It’s interesting that the black man clearly didn’t see the homophobia in the ad. In fact one of the things that he found insulting to black people was depicting them as homosexual. We have a similar divide in America where people who are very sensitive to racism are all too often on the front lines of homophobia.

  10. Racist in its depiction of black people as ‘stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals’, hmm

    First, putting aside the first three adjectives “stupid, backward & animalistic”, referring to or depicting “Black People” as homosexual is not racist! Anyone complaining because of this is homophobic!
    Their is nothing wrong us (gay people) any of us.

    Second, the advert is fine, let it run

    Third, How could Groupama, or anyone think that African people are “stupid, backward & animalistic”??? After all if you ignore the recent Pink News articles below your bound to think they are just unfortunate poor people that need our aid.

    -Liberia –
    -Libya –
    -Tunisia –
    -Uganda –
    oh and while not strictly African

    1. I think it is positive to see a nice happy bunch of gay Africans (of whatever colour) having a bit of fun and not being threatened with prison or worse. It certainly opposes the view that homosexuality is unafrican and that homosexuals cannot be happy.

      Show the ad on Ugandan TV

  11. The Spanish people who do this have a problem with blacks and this problem goes deep into their different groups. This is another sign that this is true, that they have some problem with black people. Now why would mostly Catholic Spanish people have a problem with blacks?

  12. GingerlyColors 2 Mar 2012, 6:25am

    Views posted here differ about whether the advert is racist and homophobic or just a bit of a laugh. Don’t forget a few years ago black England players were subjected to monkey noises from the Spanish terraces during an international game. Sven Goran-Erikson who was England manager at the time should have pulled his players off the pitch due to the disgraceful behaviour of those so-called fans. Kicking racism out of footballk is proving very difficult and sadly it will be some time before we have any openly gay players. I was born a few weeks before England won the World Cup in 1966, I hope I live long enough to see a gay player score the goal which will return the World Cup to it’s rightful home

  13. You guys are assholes. It’s the person on the receiving end who decides if it’s offensive, like the paddy power ads.

    I think because it’s African people you couldn’t care less.

    1. What kind of bubble world are you in where “It’s the person on the receiving end who decides if it’s offensive” Have you ever heard of having to explain or prove something.

      in response to your “because it’s African people ” we “couldn’t care less”

      My Gods, I can’t image why
      -Liberia –
      -Libya –
      -Tunisia –
      -Uganda –
      oh and while not strictly African

    2. On last thing. When your debate/hostile one-liner begins with you loosing your cool and referring to us as ‘assholes’, right or wrong (and you are wrong) you have already lost.

      Being on the receiving end of ‘assholes’ remark rather than being offend, I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes here looking for trouble.

  14. Yes, it’s insensitive… but it’s hardly racist, and whether or not suggesting people are gay is an insult is down to interpretation. This ad is clearly not aimed to show ALL black people in a bad light- what it does do is present a stereotypical, ‘backward’ African tribe, which is offensive to West Africans, perhaps, but it’s certainly not an attack on all black people. Although it is slightly dodgy that homosexualiy is connected with a characature of a backward society.

    Politically incorrect, dodgy and offensive? Yes. But it’s not racist. And I don’t know where ‘animalistic’ comes from. Maybe it was the word that came to Mr. Wooley’s mind when he thought about homosexuals? I certainly can’t imagine it being called animalistic if this chief made a pun on a young, pretty woman’s name who was called Queen. That would probably be considered flirting.

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