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Trans charity reports papers to Leveson on ‘child safety concerns’

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  1. you could ask the same questions of parents that allow their kids to be filmed alongside MP’s in their adverting campaigns! my acid test for testing anything said is to see if when you change the word and replace it with Black or Muslim, people can easily spot a racist.. why is it so difficult to spot Transphobia or homophobia?

  2. The fact that the tabloid media’s reports on the trans community went up after TMW’s appearance at Leveson, and the fact that most of the articles were negative and discriminatory, speaks volumes to me. Out for revenge, much? It shows how pathetic the media really are when they can hold petty grudges against us for simply calling them out on their disgusting behaviour.

  3. The daily mail is a disgusting abuse rag filled to the brim with homophobia and would ideally be shut down.
    I did read their article about transsexuals and it is a disgrace to British publishing.

  4. Singapore Sam 1 Mar 2012, 6:36pm

    Seems like when one minority becomes out of bounds, they just move on to another one. It’s systematic bullying.

  5. You must as lgbt entepenures, and business owners of establishments, for your lgbt childrens saftey and the womens and mens saftey as gay hotels an spas, and other community businesses the gay communtiy must be safe havens for gay families against racism violence and bigotyr and assault form the thugs and sex pedephiles of hetersexual communities, the hetesexuals men are dangerous to their own establishments women and chldren, you must be very careful not to allow hetersexual men around the gay women and gay childen and even bother the gay men in gay hotels and other establishments, they are dangerous , you must not allow them to make gay women and gay men and gay children feel uncomftorble and out of place in their own domane, hetesexaul men are a nusance to everyone, most of them, and gay women do not want them coming on to them in sexual advances, nor to their children , for so many of them are pedephiles and child molesters, your gay hotels must be safe and you must make sure

  6. Yes, stop abuse from the start, thank,you. protect families from sexual harrassment and physical harrassment , and irratable and emotional verbal harrassment, defamations, keep all gay and lesbians community busineses, hotes , centers, an social scense safe from hetersexual violence, pfaag famiesies must be warned to teach their chidlren not to bring other hetersexuals around private lgbt establishments , see them at schools are elswhere in public, so many hetersexual kids and others have tricked and deceived even adults gay people and once they where in or inside or close to the gay people the the hetersexuals, traped and killed them like the sheppard story, dont bring false prophets nor other enemies on to your boards and establishments that are a threat sexually nor physically to your famlies and children you peace and harmony, the wicked occult of false prophets are pimps who where trying to use the gay community against itself, trying to get them to allow their enemy in

  7. Its the duty of your gay pastors, and churches to not allow this false prophet called god, and lord, and jesus or christ, or any other party of the ghost, to come in and violate your own families and people these people tries to pimp out your own famiies to peope to hurt you and people you are not even attracted to are like , and that are dangerous to all of your gay families, these false prohets are not the friends of gay churchers and their famieis you keep your establishments under the rainbow of civil and human rights, the aclu and lamda legal and legal momentum , make sure, you stay non denominational, an just a community lgbt church of rainbow love. make sure your establisments as gay owners and human rights owners, a sures the gay families that you will not tolerate any harrasment or abuse from hetersexuals, of anykind, and will take action on their behalf if need be, they need to put signs up in front of establisment and front desks that says we will not tolorate bigotry,

    1. I think there is something under the bridge…………

  8. Perhaps the EHRC should ‘take on’ the Daily Mail on the basis that its publications on trans are incitement to hatred?

    They certainly make me hate that paper!

    Well done Helen and TMW!

  9. Paul Bracchi certainly need to go and further his education. Lazy, transphobic and totally ignorant reporting. The teeniest bit of research would have dispelled the notion thant gender dysphoria has existed throughout the ages – and recently Christine Jorgensen (1952), April Ashley (1960), Jan Morris (1972 although began her transition earlier) and many others (including myself). I myself knew I had gender dysphoria from a young age (around 1952) although I didn’t transition until 1975.
    Do your research Mr Bracchi and maybe you will learn a little bit more about it rather than spout a whole lot of nonsense.

  10. Staircase2 2 Mar 2012, 8:42pm

    Well said!

    It really pisses me off the way the British Tabloid Media has been allowed to get away with ridiculing Trans people over the years and in particular, recently, Trans children.

    There have been a number of front page stories which have been outrageous attempts to ‘freakshow’ the lives of normal people trying to deal with difficult personal circumstances.

  11. Article 8 of the Human Rights Act gives us all the right to privacy but the UK press think they are above all such considerations.

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