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Over 30,000 Gaydar users opt in to STI notifications

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 1 Mar 2012, 1:47pm

    “Roses are red,
    and Violets are blue,
    I’ve got the clap,
    and now so have you.”

    How very accommodating of those awfully nice Gaydar people.

  2. As long as it’s only the clap!

  3. Stephen Glasgow 1 Mar 2012, 5:20pm

    I suspect where hook-up sites are concerned it’s more likely to be enthusiastic applause! :-)

  4. 30,000 out of 2.2 million… Not very impressive.

  5. Samuel B. 1 Mar 2012, 9:07pm

    Great, and how will Gaydar dispose of this potentially incriminating data once these messages have been sent and received?

  6. I must be missing something as it seems that the contributors so far are very Luke warm about this initiative, yet they will be the first to be vocal when the next set of HIV stats are published.

    Any initiative that gets STI’s quickly treated has to be a good thing; this ultimately feeds into lowering the potential for HIV transmission.

    What we don’t know is how many of the 31k of people using the service would have used traditional methods of contact tracing or not bothered at all – but I suspect that more successful notifications will have resulted in treatment and appropriate discussions on reducing STI risk including HIV.

    I really don’t understand why initiatives like this are talked down, seems sexual health charities are damned either way

  7. Thinks its a great idea. Also the added benefit of being anonymous is well good.

  8. Suspicious 4 Mar 2012, 8:15pm

    Let’s hope that they don’t pass on details to a third party – nothing is private and confidential in this world!

  9. If I knew, I would have done it..

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