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George Clooney: I will never deny gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Of course he won’t deny it. Everyone in Hollyweed knows he keeps a boyfriend in his Italian villa.

    1. That would explain why it’s always in the papers, wouldn’t it?

    2. @jafuf

      Aren’t you the same person who insisted that Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was “obviously” gay simply becuase he supported.equality?

      Does everyone straight need to be a closet case to make you feel better about yourself or is there a numerical limit that you’d be happy with?

      1. No Will, jafuf – bless him – seriously believes acting and homo- or bisexuality are inextricably connected, so there’s no such thing as a non-gay male actor(!).

        1. Ahhh. Silly me, eh? So obvious.

  2. And what exactly would be wrong with waking up one day and deciding to be gay? Why should someone be denied rights because of this decision?

    1. It’s not a decision. Being gay is not a choice, that is what he is saying.

      1. He is saying gays should have rights, because being gay is not a choice. I agree it is not a choice, but what I’m saying is that having or not having rights shouldn’t depend on this.

        Our traits are good, bad, neutral regardless of their origin. If a person decides to become a Buddhist, you don’t take rights away from them, because there’s nothing wrong with this decision. On the other hand, if one day science discovers that there is an innate factor to pedophilia, this won’t make it ok to sexually abuse children.

    2. “And what exactly would be wrong with waking up one day and deciding to be gay?”

      It would be the same “wrong” as waking up one day deciding you can fly…. but I wouldn’t be too keen on your survival chances when you leap of a building to satisfy your “decision”.

      You’re either gay, or your not. Life is about decisions, but this isn’t one of them.

  3. I’m not one of those who drool over Clooney, but I must say he seems an extremely likeable, even admirable, man.

    1. Rayne Van-Dunem 1 Mar 2012, 12:46pm

      I agree. His image exudes a nice balance of statesman-ish maturity and youthful vigor, something that few other individuals can pull off.

      I say “his image” because I don’t know him personally and images are what the entertainment industry relies upon. Consider it my “grain of salt”, even for an easily-likeable persona like Clooney.

    2. I agree EXCEPT for the part about drooling..pass my some Kleenex will ya? The guy is FABulous and all of the above, too.

  4. Shows how far we’ve all come since Jason Donovan’s time

    1. It literally destroyed Jason Donovan (well, that and him suing The Face over the claim). At the time he was bigger than Kylie, and had been for some years. And where is he now? Living the eternal death of panto…

  5. Paddyswurds 1 Mar 2012, 1:12pm

    …..Yeah, Right!

  6. Always liked him. Seems a genuinely nice guy.

    1. Absolutely.

  7. Yay!! What a cool response to the usual ‘allegations’. Why don’t we, for once in our lives, celebrate Clooney’s response, instead of whining about how there ‘must be some truth in them’, blah blah. How about we all play nicely for a change?

  8. The Los Angeles premiere of Dustin Lance Black’s play about the Proposition 8 trial, “8″, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and many others will be streamed live for the entire world to see this coming Saturday, March 3. Starting time is 7:30 p.m. PST.

    1. Great link! Thank you, Dana :)

      1. You’re welcome, Valksy. It’s great that this is being made available for everyone to see.

  9. Spiritbody 1 Mar 2012, 2:29pm

    Im sure we all appreciate his support, but I dont think it would be unfair of him to declare his heterosexuality if someone asked him if he were gay or straight. We fought for the right to be gay and say it outloud, but what we were really doing was fighting for the right to be who you are. So straight people should feel that they can be straight and say it out loud without having to feel its ‘unfair’ to gay people.

  10. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Mar 2012, 2:35pm

    LMAO at all the ‘thumbs down’ jafuf received. The irony is he’s correct in what he says, the villa/boyfriend story is pretty much public knowledge in that part of Italy. George Clooney is an older version of Ricki Martin. When he is eventually outed you’ll all be clapping your hands like seals at feeding time.

    1. The irony is he’s correct in what he says….

      ….when he and you have the proof you mean. Hearsay and gossip isn’t fact thankfully.

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Mar 2012, 2:45pm

        Louise you’re just in a fowl mood cause he’s gay and he won’t be boning you or any of those dolly birds he drags around the red carpet. *shrugs*

        1. Er, yeah, that’s is. Well, you’ve seen through me, haven’t you, you clever clever man?

          *rolls eyes*

          Playing “mystery pill” with the medicine cabinet and a glass of water today for giggles, were we?

          You f’ing nut.

          1. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Mar 2012, 3:20pm

            f’king nuts? There’s something you haven’t touched in a long time.

          2. Well done to Suddenly Last Bummer for reinforcing the stereotype that we’re all bitch little queens with no sense of humour or no real intellect. Bravo.

          3. “There’s something you haven’t touched in a long time.”

            Neither have you obviously, given how highly strung you seem to be. You should get some, might de-bitch you.

    2. If that’s true, how come in this day of wall-to-wall paparazzi and gossip magazines there hasn’t to date been one single shred of evidence to support what you claim is “public knowledge”?

  11. Did anyone else read it as “George Clooney is gay and won’t admit it”?

    1. Only twits.

      1. Take a look in the mirror Rehan
        You don’t know he’s straight anymore than i do.

        1. However, unlike you, I’m prepared to accept what he says until I’m presented with PROOF to the contrary. I would advise you do the same. It does our side no good to immediately assume anyone who supports us is a closet case.

  12. Well there we are, someone makes a well meaning comment and still we manage to find fault with it and turn against ourselves in yet another bitchfest.

    Thank you George gay or not you seem like a nice man :o)

    1. There seems to be a policy of derogatory comments about anyone who makes helpful comments (like George Clooney) or anyone who is judged by the coming out police to be late in coming out?

      Are these false flag operations to deter future helpful comments or to deter coming out by the well known.

    2. Agree completely

  13. Please never deny the gay claims, while your still ambiguous I have a chance :P after that I’m just fancying another straight guy :(

  14. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 1 Mar 2012, 6:19pm

    Am I the only one who genuinely doesn’t care about the sexuality of ANY of the hollywood stars?! Yep. Really, the Screws of the World have done a real number on you… It’s his own business!

    Well done to George for sticking up for us yet again and trying to change perceptions in hollywood – please ignore the fact that all these sniffy people care about is who you’re shagging.

    Get a life, people!

  15. I LOVE George, gay str8 bi whatever..He is THE BEST *
    * of the bunch
    *kind of guy to have as a friend

    BTW George…you looked amazing once again at the Oscars and my partner and I think you were wonderful in The Descendants! xo

  16. Samuel B. 1 Mar 2012, 9:08pm

    While this is admittedly a novel and gay-friendly way to deny your sexuality, why not just ‘fess up and be done with it, Georgie?

    1. Why not just join the real world and be done with it, Sammie?

      Shock news! Not everyone who supports women’s rights is a woman. And not everyone who supports gay rights is gay!

    2. I am with you on this — it is called procrastination.

  17. He’s such a dish…

  18. Back around 1980 I met some people who’d slept with George Michael at the cusp of him becoming famous. For 20 years no-one would believe me.

    There’s usually no smoke without fire.

    The incredible assumption for me is that all you PC LGBTQI people simply ignore the fact that Clooney could be someone who swings both ways. Why is it you are so totally blind to the idea that Clooney could be bi?

    1. “…some people…”

      An unspecified number. Are we talking hundreds or, maybe more like thousands. Or anyone in trousers!

    2. all you PC LGBTQI people simply ignore the fact that Clooney could be someone who swings both ways

      The gossip papers and the internet today are completely different from their equivalent in 1980, and to date not one single person has come up with irrefutable proof that Clooney is bi. Either he’s been extraordinarily good at choosing male sexual partners who won’t kiss and tell or – SHOCK! – he’s just not gay/bi. If you think it’s PC to rely on proof rather than wishful gossip, well then good for PC.

      Either way, it shouldn’t be relevant to the fact that he takes a public stance in support of equal marriage, though IMO it carries greater weight if he’s a disinterested supporter.

  19. ‘George Clooney has said he will never deny rumours that he might be gay..’

    Well, neither would I, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU INSINUTATING!?!?!

    1. Another often questioned actor recently said similar thing which makes me smile

      Why would I have to deny I am gay?… I’ve never been asked to deny that I am straight! so so how is it relevant?

  20. It’s no wonder we love this guy so much and I’m a lesbian! lol He’s such a likable man!

  21. this attitude should be common place – Why would he deny it … only to suggest that being gay is wrong – as George says, it isn’t.

    Bravo Mr C – you truly are evolved.

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