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March 2012

  • 31st March 2012

    Exeter hosts gay pride 3

    The rainbow flag was 50 m long this year

    9:05 PM — Exeter played host one of the biggest gay pride celebrations in the South West, with a 50 m long rainbow flag floating down the High Street to Exeter Phoenix.

  • Equal marriage moves a step closer in Ireland 29

    Fine Gael wants to prioritise the consideration of "same-sex marriages" in Ireland

    8:09 PM — Members of Fine Gael, a centrist party in the Republic of Ireland, have voted at the party's Árd Fheis to prioritise the consideration of equal marriages in the country at the forthcoming Constitutional Convention.

  • Preview: Sundance London

    The Sundance Festival is held at the O2

    4:07 PM — This month marks the inaugural edition of a British offshoot of one of the world's best film festivals. Far from a profit-inspired afterthought, the features set to be shown provide truly compelling reasons to get yourself a ticket, even if you don't live in the capital. 

  • Preview: Titanic 3D 2

    Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio cling to each other

    3:36 PM — The freezing waters of the Atlantic filled with desperate people. Hypothermia everywhere. Death fast approaching. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio cling to each other for dear life, knowing there's little chance they will both survive the night ahead. James Cameron's Titanic is a three-hour epic of extreme sentimentality. But this kind of fare has made for some of the most memorable moments cinema goers have ever experienced, and in the case of the film retelling of the most famous ship sinking ever there's no denying it's quite an entertaining watch. Just don't tell anyone we said so.

  • US student loses court bid over prom policy 15

    Reuben Lack was commended for his initiative, but the judge ruled against his suit

    12:55 PM — A high school student from Atlanta, who had filed a federal lawsuit against his school, alleging that the administrators removed him as student body president after he proposed to make the prom more inclusive to LGBT students, has lost his case on the first day of hearing.

  • 30th March 2012

    Chile ponders hate crime legislation as thousands attend gay man’s funeral 14

    Daniel Zamundio's tragic death has lead to an unprecedented public outrage

    10:36 PM — In the wake of a gay man’s torture and death at the hands of four neo-Nazis, Chile is under pressure to pass a hate crime legislation, as thousands attend his funeral in Santiago.

  • Romney faces criticism for clandestine donation to anti-gay group 18

    Mr Romney's donation to NOM has taken advantage of a legal loophole in Alabama

    9:41 PM — It has been revealed that Mitt Romney’s political action committee (PAC) made a $10,000 donation in 2008 to the National Organization of Marriage in its fight to repeal the granting of marriage licences for same-sex couples in California through the infamous Proposition 8.

  • Edinburgh: Two men jailed for killing gay man 35

    Mr Carter was openly gay and did not know the accused previously

    9:05 PM — Two men have each been sentenced to eight years imprisonment for killing a 44-year-old gay man, and then dumping his semi-naked body in a lift at a block of flats in Edinburgh.

  • New magazine and hope for LGBT people in Sudan 12

    Homosexuality is punishable by death in Sudan

    5:02 PM — A new online LGBT magazine in Sudan, north Africa, will offer an opportunity for the country's gay people to start discussing their lives and hopes for the future. This is a first for the country, where homosexuality is still punishable by death.

  • Students in California may be asked to declare sexuality when enrolling 24

    Students may volunteer information on their sexual orientation when applying to California state colleges

    4:26 PM — Prospective students at the University of California and California State University campuses may be asked to volunteer information when applying or enrolling next year on whether they are LGBT.

  • Mother of 9/11 hero responds to Carson Daly about ‘gay stereotypes’ 35

    Carson Daly has apologised for his remarks

    3:30 PM — Following Carson Daly's apology today for suggesting, in his Los Angeles radio show, that gay people would not have been brave enough to restrain an aggravated pilot who went into "meltdown" on a recent flight to Las Vegas, the mother of one of the passengers who charged the cockpit of hijacked Flight 93 on the morning of 9/11 has made a statement in response.

  • 71-year-old Texan woman charged with gay hate crime 77

    Wanda Derby was charged with committing a hate crime

    2:48 PM — A 71-year-old Texan woman was yesterday charged with committing a hate crime after being accused of beating and choking a 25-year-old man with a wooden cane because she believed he was gay and had AIDS.

  • Anti-gay MP is Queensland’s first female parliamentary speaker 38

    Fiona Simpson MP once stated she believed in 'gay cure' therapy

    2:13 PM — Anti-gay Australian MP Fiona Simpson has been announced as the new Speaker of Queensland's parliament. Ms Simpson will be the state's first ever female Parliamentary Speaker.

  • Video: The offensive anti-LGBT TV ads airing in Alaska right now to oppose Prop 5 24

    The adverts currently airing

    1:49 PM — Ranking among the most homophobic and transphobic advertisements seen recently in political campaigning. Here are the advertisements in full airing on Alaskan TV right now.

  • Connecticut man alleges past gay relationship with American baseball star 21

    Carl Pavano is a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins

    12:08 PM — A man in Hartford, Connecticut is being investigated by the police after allegedly threatening Carl Pavano, an American baseball star who plays for Minnesota Twins, with the revelation that the pair had an gay relationship in high school.

  • Comment: Why Christian Concern should be ejected from the University of Oxford 46

    LGBT protesters gathered at Exeter college, Oxford, last week

    10:42 AM — “It is time to stand up to a militant homosexual lobby who are unable to tolerate difference of opinion and who seek to coerce behaviour and thought.” So said Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern (and various other anti-LGBT lobbying organisations) of which an offshoot, the so-called “Wilberforce Academy”, is currently being hosted by Exeter College, Oxford as a private commercial booking.

  • Nepal to host national LGBT games 10

    Nepal will hold Asia's first LGBT games in September

    10:04 AM — This September, Nepal is set to host the country's first - and indeed Asia's first - national games for LGBT persons.

  • European Parliament stands up for free movement of LGBT persons in EU 16

    The European Parliament has lamented the lack of free movement for LGBT persons in certain EU states

    9:24 AM — The European Parliament unveiled yesterday their annual report on EU citizenship, which stated that same-sex couples and their families still face considerable hurdles inside the European Union.

  • 29th March 2012

    Transphobic ad against Alaskan Proposition 5 criticised 12

    Opponents of Prop. 5 claim that sexual minorities are already protected in Anchorage

    9:22 PM — Supporters of Proposition 5, which would expand the anti-discrimination laws in Anchorage, Alaska, to include sexual orientation and gender identity in its legislative field, have criticised an advertisement released by opponents, calling it ‘dehumanizing.’

  • Teacher sues Lamar University for ‘forcing’ her to attend a gay show 41

    The lawsuit alleges that Ms Ozmun was discriminated on grounds of her religious beliefs

    8:46 PM — A theatre and dance teacher in Texas has filed a law-suit on Lamar University, claiming that the college disciminated against her on grounds of religion, when she failed to attend a gay show.

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