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St Petersburg passes ‘gay propaganda’ law

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Reader comments

  1. Delicious Vodka DeBlair 29 Feb 2012, 11:05am

    I’d go there and just let leaflets fly around in the wind!! HAHAHAHAHAA!

  2. Russia is not a democracy remember.

    Elections are rigged so that the Putin dictatorship remains in power.

    Opposition leaders are jailed, disappeared or prevented from running.

    Journalists have a horrible habit of being murdered by persons unknown (the Putin dictatorship clearly).

    And the population is collapsing as anyone who can escape Russia does so, and the chronic alcoholism of the people who remain is so bad that the life expectancy of a Russian male is 59 (compared to 79 in Britain).

    We needn’t worry though. Within 100 years China will control most of what is now Asian Russia.

    Russia is a failed democracy and now remains a huge, pathetic failure of a nation whose only purpose is to make other countries feel better about themselves.

  3. The repetition is laughable.

    Blah blah blah, homos make me cry – LOL!

    By the way, what’s it like being powerless and this is all you can do?

  4. Singapore Sam 29 Feb 2012, 3:24pm

    St Petersburg is an international arts centre, so one possible response would be to isolate them by Europe and America boycotting any connection with the Hermitage museum, the Mariinsky/ Kirov ballet etc…cancel tours, exhibitions etc that require the cooperation of our institutions.

    1. I can see your point of view, and whilst an expression of disapproval is warranted it should be focused and directed at government.

      If people have hopes and life dreams, whether expressed in art dance or voice, boycotts or lack of support would kill those dreams or worse eliminate or erode financial income for individuals. Raising our voices lending support and raising awareness would be more appreciated than adding to the oppressive system which is already trying to silence a voice of individuality, reason and expression.

  5. No government or religion can stop what a person is, no matter how many oppressive laws they pass. The only propaganda today is how governments and religions are trying to make LGBT people less than everybody else and in the end if they continue to do this there will be no winners but only losers. You can not oppress a person and change them, it has never worked and never will. Read you history people the oppressed always rise up to freedom every time. The sad part is the oppressors were at one time the ones who were the victims of others and now they act like they forgot that part of their history. It is our job to remind them that they at one time were the slaves and victims and the ones who were persecuted and killed by others for who or what they were. For example the older religions.

  6. If this were in Africa you’d have about 100 replies to this topic.

  7. dreadful news… :(

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