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Africa’s ‘first gay billboard’ unveiled

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder how long before it becomes the target for the hate fuelled?

    1. Well it might do but remember it is in South Africa, which exceeds the UK in gay equality rights.

      1. Spanner1960 29 Feb 2012, 1:43pm

        Yeah. It also far exceeds it in human rights violations, particularly racist and homophobic ones as well.

  2. The Zimbabwean contestant withdrew. Please keep up to date with your own articles.

    1. Note to self, read entire article before making smart arse comment and
      looking like a tit.

      Apologies Pink News!

  3. Spanner1960 29 Feb 2012, 1:42pm

    Bloody hell.
    That’s going to crick a few necks.

  4. well done south africa

    1. Thank you!

  5. Many white south africans here wouldn’t even blink seeing this ad, its the homo-prejudice in the black communities that is most virulent – many of whom think being gay is a white person’s ‘condition’ and doesn’t (or shouldn’t) exist amongst their own people so its a pity this bill-board displays white africans and not black faces.

    1. Exactly!! I mean its “Mr Gay WORLD” right?! As an “international contest” they chose to show only non-ethnic faces…but this is typical of queer culture. How dare we expect more?!

      1. ‘Non-ethnic’ is meaningless (look it up). If you mean ‘non-white’, please at least be honest and say so.

  6. I’d like to say I’ve seen a ‘gay billboard’ in the UK anywhere but outside a gay club.. but I don’t think I have.

    1. Good point, I don’t think I have either.

      1. There is a billboard in Vauxhall next to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern which is advertising a well know gay dating website. Strategically placed next to a gay venue. Was still there as of last Tuesday!

    2. What about the “Some people are gay. Get over it” billboards? I can’t comment about the rest of UK, but they were everywhere in London.

      1. Yes, you’re right, I’d not taken those into account. Still, you could say they were politically motivated (and admirably so), rather than – shall we say – appreciating the lighter side of gayness.

    3. I don’t think you can compare Britain to South Africa. It is much safer to be gay in Britain.

  7. why would have poo on your penis….?!

    1. Probably Winnie The Poo?? If Poo on the penis likes doing it with stuffed toys and loves sex with cartoon / book characters then such is life and we should respect that! Now then, where’s Piglet!!!!

  8. Why do you even come onto this site?

  9. Black men are beautiful too and I wish I could be there. I have noticed that there are sometimes few helpful or good remarks here and when I see bad remarks or anti gay remarks I know that they are most likely from Christians or Muslims who have been brain washed to hate anybody not like them. Let us LGBT people set the example and say something good and support our gay brothers and sisters around the world and drown out the haters who post their anti gay hate here.

    1. Have you not seen the hateful coments placed here by some gay people. Nothing worse than a self loathing queen when it comes to hate, pouring out racism, Islamaphobia and attacking anything which is basically not white. Put our own house in order before we start attacking the straight world, or Africa.for that matter.

  10. You might want to learn to spell before hopping on the computer champ.

  11. I see from the spelling Keith is drunk again.

  12. We are very proud LGBTI South Africans this week.

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