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Pub attacker who shattered gay man’s jaw jailed for ten years

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Reader comments

  1. Good!!

    What a vile piece of human waste

  2. Yeah this is a really good sentence. I was expecting maybe a couple of years or something. I hope he does serve the entire 10 years

    1. Most unlikley that he will serve 10. He’ll probably serve half of that, less the time he spent on remand.

      1. Maybe not. He has to show remorse and accept what he has done is wrong to be eligible to be considered for parole. Then they have to consider whether he remains a danger to society (or any part of it). He may serve 10 years.

        1. Keith Farrell 28 Feb 2012, 6:03pm

          maybe he will once once he has been had in jail, maybe he will find what was missing in his life

  3. Good news re the sentenciing of this homophobic nutter.

    Speaking of homophobic nutters why has Pink News disabled the comments on the story about the 3 football players charged by the FA for homophobic tweets.


    This is not a criminal investigation.

    It is a meaningless investigation by the FA where there will yet again bring disgrace to their institutionally homophobic organisation by giving the 3 bigots a slap on the wrist.

    And why is Pink News not reporting what the 3 homophobic bigots (who bring their game into disreputre because of their bigotry) actually wrote.

    If they posted it to Twatter then it’s public information and should be reported properly.

    Anything less than an 8 match ban and a 40,000 quid fine isinadequate punishment.

    That was the punishment faced by Suarez for racism.

    There cannot and should not be a double standard applied by the FA in dealing with homophobia.

    1. For all we know the comments may have got out of hand and degenerated from comments and discussion into a full-blown flame war.

      And as for posting the tweets, that might prejudice any investigation,

  4. Justice is served.

  5. Nice to see some decent sentencing for a change.

  6. Anthony Carter 28 Feb 2012, 11:33am

    Three cheers for CCTV!

  7. Good to see justice being done and a lengthy sentence.

  8. Not clever of the defence to deny the kicking given they would have had disclosure of the CCTV coverage. I doubt the judge when sentencing was impressed by the perjury on top of the assault, assuming the defendant actually testified,

  9. What a disgusting man, I’m glad he’s got a proper sentence I hope he gets some treatment for his disgusting homophobia.

  10. I have a few immediate thoughts:

    – I hope the couple’s recovery is quick.

    – If it’s possible for heteros to hate gays, why is it so unimaginable for gays to love gays?

    – It would be a tragic irony if prison sentences resulting from hate crimes are shortened based on the inmate’s “good behavior”.

    – You can get a free beer if you strip? If this is true in most pubs throughout the UK, I’m willing to immigrate. (Although, with this body, some may pay me not to strip.)

    Hugs, all!

  11. Definitely should be punished, but ten years is far too harsh.

    1. He broke his jaw for pete’s sake. He violated this man’s right to feeling safe. The victim will have anxiety issues for the rest of his life. The attacker will serve in comparison only a fraction of that time. Additionally the coward lying to avoid justice resulted in his punishment increasing accordingly. I for one am very satisfied that justice has been served.

      1. And he lied about it, saying he didn’t give him a kicking when he was on the floor – he tried to get away with it, which is exactly why he deserves the full 10 years.

    2. The attack was severe enough to shatter the man’s jaw and eye socket. Any blow with that sort of force to the head has the potential to be fatal. He’s lucky not to be looking at an even longer sentence.

      If you had been on the receiving end of such an attack, and you were told he’d been given 3 years and would be out in 18 months, how safe would you feel?

    3. He lied about it! He denied giving the man a kicking when he was on the floor, hoping he’d get away with it, which is exactly why the full 10 years is deserved!

    4. @Alex

      Are you saying the sentence is too harsh because the victims are gay?

      Given some of your other comments on PN I have grave concerns that you might be.

      1. Its no good us pontificating about the weight of the sentence – the judge who actually listened to the evidence is best placed to decide.
        All I can say is, that from the little that has been reported of the evidence, it looks to be a sentence that protects the community and reflects the harm done.

        1. @Andrew

          I actually thought the sentence was about right (with my limited knowledge of both the case and the defendant antecedents) …

      2. You must have me confused with another Alex, I think I’ve only made one other comment, and I was questioning the use of “(sic)”. I’m saying the sentence is too harsh because 10 years is too harsh. I’d say it was too harsh for most crimes.

        1. Ok, there must be another Alex who has appallingly homophobic views. Apologies for confusing you.

          It depends on a wide range of information as to how someone is sentenced. Gravity of crime, deterrent effect required, prior convictions, remorse, etc etc and all we know is the actual crime – none of the rest.

          Th sentencing guidelines suggest that judges consider:
          whether a sentence should be imposed that protects the public;
          that GBH with intent should carry a lengthy custodial sentence due to the intention to cause significant harm;
          where the victim suffers grave injury the starting point of sentencing is 8 years with the range between 7-10 years.
          there are no additional aggravating factors to consider in most scenarios according to the guidelines and the only mitigation to be considered is provocation.

          It seems 10 years was reasonable.

  12. That’s a hell of an example !

  13. GingerlyColors 29 Feb 2012, 8:41am

    Congratulations to the judge who handed down the 10 year sentence to that waster. Not only should the hate factor be taken into account, alcohol should be treated as an aggravating factor rather than a mitigating one. I hope that sends a precedent for future cases like this. You cannot legislate against hateful thoughts but at least the law can prevent such attacks by keeping people who carry them out off the streets for a long time.

  14. A good result, but as comments suggest, how much will he actually serve? About time we had a justice system that gave out MINIMUM term sentences. So if Ben Martin if given a 10 year term then he should serve 10 years and thats for good behavior in prison. Mess up inside and you serve even more! Now that would be the sort of deterant to put people off using physical violence in the first place!

    1. Spanner1960 29 Feb 2012, 1:41pm

      I agree, but then we would have to build more prisons, and it would cost more to keep them and it would be unfair to their families etc etc blah blah. You know the same old bollocks they come out with…

      1. I’d be concerned about the cost, but not about them or their families – they committed a grevious crime, they should expect to face the consequences of that.

  15. If you deliberately kick someone in the head hard enough to fracture their skull then you have also kicked hard enough to kill them. 10 years is nowhere near enough he should serve 25 minimum for attempted murder.

  16. David Myers 2 Mar 2012, 11:43am

    Time to wake up violent homophobes – i.e. “queer bashers”. This is no longer an acceptable or tolerated crime. You do the crime, you’ll do the time. Think about it next time your inner bully wants to get out! If not . . . well I’m sure there’s plenty of mean people in jail who would love to get to know you a lot better!

    1. These violent thugs need some educating on LGBT issues, whether they like it or not, they need to learn!

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