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UAE: Pulled ‘gay cure’ video gets ‘unprecedented’ media interest

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Reader comments

  1. It’s a good thing if the pulling of this video acts as encouragement for the LGBT community in the UAE.

    We can also help the LGBT community in that region by pressurising the FA in Britain to confirm that England will not be participating in the World Cup 2022 unless Qatar has decriminalised homosexuality by that time.

    A savage nation like Qatar (any country that criminalises homosexuality is savage, primitive and uncivilsed) should not be rewarded with major international sporting events)

    We must start insisting that these savage African and Middle Eastern countries be treated as the primitive pariah states that they are.

    Has the English FA condemned the ban on homosexuality in Qatar yet?

    If not then why not?

    They don’t support such savagery I hope.

    1. Gay Middle East 27 Feb 2012, 11:45am

      For your information Qatar is a totally different country to the UAE. Its like talking about Ireland when an article is written on the United Kingdom.

      UAE is made of several emirates under a loose federal government. Each Emirate has their own laws, while there is also a Federal law that prohibits homosexuality.

      The UAE and particularly the Dubai Emirate have come a long way from a fishing/pearl/trade settlement to a multicultural metropolis in a space of only 2 generations. That is unprecedented and while the technological and economic developments have been quick traditions take longer to change, but it is happening. Some of the UAE intelligencia are now OPENLY talking about LGBT rights in a non judgemental manner. That is an amazing achievement.

      Until only 10 years ago most of the UK press was negative about any gay issue, and go back further it was universal and outlawed.

      Judgements like “Savage, primitive pariah states” is wrong and unhelpful.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Feb 2012, 12:17pm

        Different country but very similar in many was, as are the UK and Ireland. Change in one will quite possibly bring about change in the other … if so, ideally change for the better of course.

      2. Qatar crminalises homosexuality.

        Qatar is therefore a savage, primitive, pariah state.

        And believe me, unless homosexuality is decriminalised before the World Cup there, then there absolutely will be an international campaign to have the competition withdrawn from Qatar.

    2. Are ‘pariah states’ usually clogged with British and other European economic migrants (“expatriates”)? I thought not.

  2. Paddyswurds 27 Feb 2012, 11:38am

    …..”Has the English FA condemned the ban on homosexuality in Qatar yet?” A bit rich of the FA to be looking to GLB rights in the UAE when it can’t get to grips on homophobia within it’s own organisation. This is evidenced by the slew of homophobic Tweets and on pitch homophobic comments from petulant players.That plus the increasing number of fines it has had to issue players for both homophobic and racist attacks lately.

  3. @dAVID please save some of that self righteous “white mans burden” some for the savages primitives in the USA who get away with gay “cure videos”. I think the euro centric interventionist attitude, that resides in your tone, dose more harm then good. I think we need to actvily support the activists in each respective countries, on what ever terms they see fit, to fight there battle.

    1. Cause LGBT rights in the USA are comparable with those in the UAE. Lol. It is your style of “moral relativism” that allows various countries to hang gay people as “they are not subject to Western imposed values”.

    2. My ‘euro centric interventionist’ attitude (whatever that is) is far more civilised than the savage, primitive backward nation of Qatar.

      Qatar criminalises homosexuality.

      it is a disgrace of a country which should not have been rewarded the World Cup.

      Never mind. 2022 is 10 years away.

      There is no way Qatar will be allowed to hold this competition unless homosexuality is decriminalised before then.

      Qatar needs to understand that there is a deadline by which they must become a civilised country. I think 2017 gives them plenty of time by which to decriminalise homosexuality.

      Otherwise the gloves will come off and the FA in every civlised country in the world will need to justify why they are sending a team to participate in a competition in a savage country.

  4. Christians and priest are working with psychiatry to bring shock treatment of on kind or another to be used on LGBT people to stop them from being gay. This is pure madness and they need to stopped and put in prison where they belong for their crimes against humanity. The Christans, Catholics and Jews have these anti gay groups who are doing this and they are killing gay children in the process. These Christian are hiding what they are doing in hopes no one will see. All LGBT people as well as anybody who cares about what happens to people need to expose them for their crimes and see that they are put out of business and placed in jail.

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