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Elton John praises ‘Jesus-like’ Peter Tatchell’s reaction to attacks

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Reader comments

  1. Ok i may be wrong here but is anyone else tired of nearly every day there being something about Peter or Elton on here ?

    Its not news. Its more like its their personal blog or something.

    1. then don’t read the site – or become journalist

      on any slow news day minor stories and comment become headline articles –

    2. Do something worthwhile yourself and they might conciser reporting.
      I respect both deeply.

    3. Adam – I’m not tired of it at all. It is news and it is GOOD NEWS

  2. Terry Stewart 27 Feb 2012, 11:57am

    Yes you are wrong. Whatever your thoughts or political views are, Peter has been a beacon.

    I have political differences with Peter but it would be foolish of me to let them get in the way of reality and the fight for rights for the LGBT community.

    I hope Elton and the husband have dug deep and found it in their goodness to contribute a substancial amount to Peteres fund.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Feb 2012, 12:14pm

    If we had more people like Peter in government, in all parties, we’d be a lot better off as a society. I can’t name one other person in the UK who has risked his life and has never been afraid to speak out defending not only LGBT people but oppressed people everywhere, even if it makes them unpopular. The truth always hurts and Peter is a master at telling the truth, something our politicians and clergy could learn a lesson from.

  4. Whilst I don’t agree with everything Peter says and certainly have some political differences with him; it can not be denied that he has been and is a valient ambassador for LGBT people and for human rights in general.

    Would be interested to hear what his personal opinion is in being compared to Jesus. Would it be amusement, abject horror, or something else?

  5. PT is a saint, as evidenced by the way he doesn’t hold grudges and never expresses bitterness. I think there are very few people around who can be as magnanimous as he is (I doubt I could be half as much). I don’t have all that high an opinion of Elton and David Furnish, but the interview isn’t at all bad.

  6. Paddyswurds 27 Feb 2012, 12:47pm

    ….Isn’t it typical that these sort of comments come from no hopers like Adam… Both Peter Tatchell and Elton john are beacons of light for the gay community. Peter Tatchell has fought all his life at detriment to his own well being for gay rights. He probably would be a very rich man by now had he taken a different route and gone into business. Elton has donated a large fortune to his AIDS foundation and continues to work tirelessly for Gay causes, again at cost to himself.
    one question Adam88….. What exactly have you done for either gay rights or AIDS charities….?? Nothing, other than come on this site and whinge and vilify those who have.

    1. Just because PT has done great things, it doesn’t mean that Adam88 has to also have done great things to entitle him to criticise. I would imagine that PT himself would defend to the death Adam88’s right to express the opinion he did and would certainly not look kindly on people who would try to vilify him.

      And as a side-thought, Adam88 didn’t criticise PT or what he has achieved; he criticised the blanket, simpering coverage. Which is fair comment, really.

  7. Peter Tatchell really is someone of deeply held principles.

    Elton John / Reg Dwight on the other hand really is the dregs.

    Elton John repeatedly played concerts in Apartheid era South Africa.

    Elton John wh0res himself out as the wedding singer for extremist bigots (Rush Limbaugh) who want to deny LGBT human and civil rights.

    He duets with rappers who call for our murder so he can get a bit of self-promotion.

    Elton John will do literally ANYTHING (regardless of the negative impact on the wider community) for a paycheque.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Feb 2012, 2:01pm

      And….many people forget that Elton John also opposed marriage equality two or three years ago, thinking that CPs were sufficient. I wonder if he’s had an epiphany yet? He’s done NOTHING for equality.

      1. Staircase2 27 Feb 2012, 2:57pm

        This is, of course, complete bollocks…

        1. It is a statement of fact to say that Elton John

          a) Profited from the proceeds of Apartheid in the 1980’s with his repated concerts there

          b). Accepted a $1,000,000 (which he kept for himself) cheque to be the wedding singer for an extremist homophobic bigot.

          c) Did a duet with a rapper who called for the violent murder of gay people.

          d) Announced about 3 years ago that the gay community should settle for CP’s.

          He really is the dregs.

  8. Poo on the penis.....,.euuugh! 27 Feb 2012, 12:59pm

    Jesus held the bible to be God,s wors and never countermanded it. John 17:17 Jesys says “Your word (God’s word) is truth”.
    The Bible makes it clear that God designed sex to be engaged in only between a male and a female and only within the arrangement of marriage. (Genesis 1:27, 28; Leviticus 18:22; Proverbs 5:18, 19)
    When the Bible condemns fornication, it is referring to both homosexual and heterosexual conduct.—Galatians 5:19-21.
    “I don’t hate homosexuals, but I can’t approve of their conduct.”
    Remember: If I am guided by the Bible’s moral code, then that is your lifestyle choice, and you have a right to it. (Joshua 24:15)I don’t feel ashamed of my view.—Psalm 119:46.

    1. Proverbs 10:12: Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.

      1. Poo on the penis......,.euuugh! 27 Feb 2012, 5:34pm

        Absolutely. Homosexuals can be loved just as the incestuous or those that have intercourse with beasts can too. That dos not mean we ignore their sins though. It means they should be lovingly encouraged to repent. Psalm 97 :10 says to hate what is bad, meaning to hate sin, not the sinner.
        I am gald you are i agreement with me on these maters!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Feb 2012, 2:49pm

      So I suppose you agree with this then? Some people describe Abraham as an incestuous polygamist because he married his sister (Genesis 20:2 & 12) and other women (Genesis 16:3 & 25:1-6).

      Adam and Eve’s children must have committed incest to have populated the planet. All heterosexual in nature.

      What about this one? If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them: Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place; And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear. — Deuteronomy 21:18-21

      You’re an idiot!

      1. Poo on the penis.....,.euuugh! 27 Feb 2012, 4:17pm

        More basic questions on a beginnrs level. Incest was not prohibited until Moses day.
        since it became risky due to degenerative human imperfections. Obviously, to populate the earth Adam and Eve’s off spring would need to procreate, as ordered by God. God being wiser than humans would have the right to prohibit incest when it became dangerous.
        Regardin the other stuff from Deuteronomy. Why do people always quote the laws of the Israelites (which they agreed to in covenant) which are not applicable to Christians. Same old boring crap !

      2. You are all arguing points in a book of feeble fiction – EVOLVE

    3. Staircase2 27 Feb 2012, 2:59pm

      You really are a complete dick
      “I dont hate homosexuals, but I can’t approve of their conduct”…?

      Its called ‘homoPHOBIA’ for a reason, you sanctimonious tosser….

    4. Just goes to show how much you think of your god and bible. You hide your true identity with a disrepectful name to write quotes.

      Isn’t god always watching and what would he think of your behaviour?

      1. Poo on the penis......,.euuugh! 27 Feb 2012, 5:30pm

        Who am I disrespecting with the name? I thought I was showing an aversion to the act of sodomy but apparently you see it as a slight against an individual or individuals??

    5. Paddyswurds 27 Feb 2012, 5:18pm


  9. vversatile 27 Feb 2012, 1:02pm

    ‘Elton John adds that on performing concerts in homophobic countries: “Like you [Peter] I am not afraid of going anywhere. I’m not afraid of going to Iran. I’m not afraid of going to Syria… If they shoot me, they shoot me”’
    Elton also isn’t adverse to taking $1million from extremely homophobic politicians (who think Aids is “overhyped”) to play at their weddings and let them think they have “gay friends”.

  10. Amazing. Peter Tatchell’s name is mentioned and there isn’t a torrent of abuse….makes a change. That in itself is progress!

  11. Elton is full of it. Peter should never have to fundraise if Elton gave him the money he got from Rush Lindbar

  12. Staircase2 27 Feb 2012, 2:54pm

    Well said, Elton!

    I love Peter Tatchell :o)

    We need more people like him

  13. I love how i get attacked and talken about as if any of you know me. Its quite funny.

    Fact is no oppinion seems welcome here if your not praising Peter.

    Ive always appreciated and respected all the positive work hes done for lgbt peopel over the decades. Im also critical of the negative things hes done on occasion that doesent help us.

    But the fact is hes mentioned too much. This is not news. This is someone saying someone else is like a deity, thats not news. Its a blog comment or a tweet at best.

    If theres actual news post it but it seems as of late anything and everything with these two gets put out there as news worthy.

    Im grateful but im not going to bow before the guy and worship him. Ive not been abusive nor insulting only stqted my view. Sadly being and thinkin differenty is welcomed here. Ita ironic really

    1. @Adam

      I dont agree with everything Peter has done or said. I do recognise that he has had a tremendous impact on gay rights and human rights and for that I am grateful.

      I’m not particularly keen on Sting’s music but value some of the political campaigning that he has done.

      1. Scott Lovely 27 Feb 2012, 4:07pm

        He is certainly brave, principled, and attracts publicity, but lets be honest, it is often negative publicity, and negative results. But he does highlight injustices, and does come across as a kind person who does not react with hatred, a great quality.

      2. Scott Lovely 27 Feb 2012, 4:12pm

        Can you tell me, for example, what impact he has had on gay rights, as opposed to, say, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, followed by Stonewall? What are his actual achievements?

        1. Its not necessarily the tangible results but the publicity and focus that he brings.

          1. Exactly – nicely said, Stu.

    2. I’d already got this news item emailed to me by the PT foundation. I don’t know comparing someone to a Christian icon isn’t quite a compliment when it comes to gay issues.

      I agree, this is a slightly sickly article and should have been reported on PT’s birthday when the whole day was devoted to him. It’s a critism of PN rather than PT.

      As for the retort that someone gave you about not important news items appearing becuase it was a slow day then what about the news items of

      1) Lynne Featherstone saying that Churches don’t own marriage
      2) The parliamentary inquiry out today “clearing the ground” with recommendations to roll back the equalities act in favour of Christians and to drop the word insulting from the Public order act.

      Aren’t these a little bit more important that some of the news items that PN choose to publish? Aren’t these important issues to British gay people?

  14. Paddyswurds 27 Feb 2012, 5:31pm

    …clearly I wasn’t the only commenter who thoughts Adam88s comment unwarranted and undeserved. I think the slurs being hurled at Elton John are also unwarranted as his support for AIDS victims has been unstinting. Peter Tatchell deserves a knighthood for his unswerving and unselfish support of GLB rights. Adam88s atcomment was more than opinion and was an unwarranted attack on both and had the unedifying taste of sour grapes to some of us…. As I asked before……. what has he ever done for Anyone never mind GLB rights?

  15. Interesting how Religious the LGBT community has become by standing up and facing hate with love, much like Jesus told the people to do and yet it is the Christians who hate today and the LGBT people who spread love and understanding. The LGBT community is even picking up the slack in society where the Christians have dropped the ball on social matters just because governments are making them treat all people equal like the Christians God told them to do. Governments and the LGBT community are becoming the new religion of the people because they are loving and helpful to all people.

  16. Well, whatever the Christians are or are not doing right, their Bible gives them a clear mandate to love and respect everyone and to help those in need. Can’t say I’m brilliant at doing that myself. There are a few straights I could willingly throw a punch at. Perhaps imperfection is just a side effect of being human?

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