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Christopher Plummer wins Oscar for gay dad role in Beginners

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Reader comments

  1. Haven’t seen the pic yet, but he is a good actor. He is mostly known for The Sound Of Music, of course, but look out a good movie made shortly afterwards – The Royal Hunt Of The Sun (1969 – a film version of Peter Shaffer’s play with Peter Shaw as Pizarro). Plummer as Inca emperor Atahualpa acts brilliantly (and, in those days, was pretty hunky and buffed!).

    1. Being a Trekkie he was by far my favorite bad guy when he played General Chang in Star Trek VI.

    2. Oops, I mean ROBERT Shaw – sorry.

  2. He is a wonderful and deserving actor but i wish they would have cast a gay actor for the role.

    1. The problem being there are not that many out gay actors, let alone one who is of the age required to play that role!

    2. I don’t agree. One of the ways to ‘destigmatise’ (positive) gay characters is for prestigious straight actors to play them. In general we need lots of out l&g actors playing all sorts of roles.

  3. He should had said something like “it’s never too late to come out of the closet”!

  4. jamestoronto 27 Feb 2012, 2:56pm

    I have seen Christopher Plummer in many stage productions here and in Stratford (Ontario). An excellent actor. His body of work over the years has earned him this recognition. Kudos

  5. It is never too early or too late to come out today. We need everyone to come out and show their support for the LGBT community if we are to stop the oppression from the Christian religion that some of us are a part of yet some of them want to stop gays from getting married. We have this chance to be equal and free as well as get all of our Civil Rights so we have the same rights as anybody else, be it gay marriage or equal work place rights or what have you. Now is the time to come out and work for our freedoms now, before it is too late.

  6. Finally! a great Canadian actor with a long and distinguished career. Not always in the limelight in his career, but certainly ever present through the decades.

    1927 the world saw the movies transformed by the Jazz singer, we progressed! and 84 years later a B/W silent won an Oscar.

    In contrast is a man 82 years old, who finally won deserved recognition of his peers in his role as a gay senior coming out! “now were talking progress!”

    Beginners, probably the most ground breaking movie of the evening. Insight and inspiration for a younger generation… Yes! older gays do exist… still come out! and have a zest for love, life, happiness and new experiences. “Well done Mr. Plumber”

    1. Probably best if you don’t refer to him as Mr Plumber, though.

      1. Agreed, Christopher is a little more intimate, and certainly has less intimation!

      2. Blush! mm should have known better, thanks rehan!

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