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Video: US teen posts coming out video to YouTube

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to him and what a great mother too!

    Stay strong and ignore the haters which are now bound to come crawling out of the woodwork!

    1. gwen durham 24 Feb 2012, 1:51pm

      I found the video awesome and the young man very strong/courageous.
      My own 16 year old son recently cam e out so, I found the video and the young man very encouraging/inspring.

  2. The danger about making coming out such a big deal is the anti climax. It’s good to be honest with everyone just don’t expect too much after the event.
    There is still more hard work to find a partner and maintan a healthy relationship.

    1. And the danger about being down on everything is that it’s hard work to find a partner and maintain a healthy relationship.

      1. Ok you say I’m down l say mange expectations

      2. yeah since i came out things have been a bit boring on the relationship front. its largely because very few people care for the massively bitter cynics like myself (as james .E nicely put).

        if i was to be honest on my gaydar profile, it would probably be the funniest (and most tragic) thing on the internet.

        1. Spanner1960 25 Feb 2012, 3:22pm

          Don’t kid yourself. I like a direct person, I’m one myself and I speak as I find.
          Sure you’ll make a few enemies along the way, but those that like you know you for what you are and you have nothing to hide. Unlike so many gay men that build a complete façade in order to “sell” themselves, be yourself, trust me, many will love you for it. x

        2. Spanner is right. You might meet another bitter cynic and live bitterly ever after.

      3. Ok tell the kids how great life will be the moment they tell their parents regardless of their home situation. Kids may put themselves in dager by comming out and we are treating like some sort of soap opera. It’s childish

        1. James, it wasn’t good when I told my parents at 16. They wanted me to see a therapist so that I could turn straight. I left home, didn’t see them for three years and supported myself with no help from no one but one good friend. It was tough, I was suicidal and depressed. But I made it through it and it made me a stronger person and learn a lot about the harsh reality of life. So I’m glad I told them, however dark it was for me. And now, my Mum loves my fella as if she were his own son. Honesty is always the best policy. Obviously not if you live in a country where you might get the death penalty imposed on you. But in the west, there are so many support networks now, that it wouldn’t even be as hard as it was for me. And I survived.

  3. Cute.

    But quite blatantly rehearsed.

    1. Obviously staged, but the message is good.

  4. Locus Solus 24 Feb 2012, 2:08pm

    LOL awww it’s a really sweet video, and what a fantastic mother. Happy to see, but… It did remind me of this:

    Tip to mother: “don’t look at the camera… you can-mustn’t look at the camera, because it sorta breaks the illusion that this is real life.”

  5. I love his mother, but that child should have his face slapped for constantly looking at his mobile instead of his mother. I understand that he is nervous, but she deserves his undivided attention. Imagine how crushed he would have been if she kept looking at her mobile instead of him. Still, love that mother.

    1. Um that was because she already knew he was gay.

      This was clearly a re-enactment for the purposes of recording it – hence he kept looking at the camera.

  6. This is really lovely,whether rehearsed or not. What a loving and supporting Mum.Reminds me of my coming out and my wonderful Mum who has always been absolutely accepting. I love my Mum. Good luck to both of them


  8. Thanks for sharing your story as coming out as a coprophiliac Keith and I’m delighted your mother accepted it so well. Love x

    1. There is no reason why he should be allowed top post twice. Ban the IP address and report it

  9. Annoying teenage. Great mum!

  10. Sweet kid. And great Mum.

  11. His mother is amazing, so upfront and accepting. My own mum had the same attitude. In her mind it isn’t an in issue, he may as well have just told her that he was giving up red meat. All parents should love their children like this!

  12. He’s not a teenager, he’s 24.

  13. Clearly staged, but great nonetheless.

  14. Found it all rather sickly!! SO set up!!!

    Why would anyone really want to record his own “coming out” dear me.:)

  15. It’s a shame it was staged – seems really unnatural.

    Also, great if you’re white, middle class and privileged. Not so much if you’re not.

    Let’s hope kids aren’t watching this and assuming this is how their coming out story’s going to be. Without exaggerating the situation at all (and if you think I am, you’re living in denial), some kids could end up murdered if they did this with their own parents.

    Sorry to be a realist.

  16. Two clicks: first to the actual Youtube page, and then to the channel reveals this: “For Business Inquiries and Collaborations email: …. ” etc. Noticing this makes me think he may not even really be gay, and is really just making shorts.

  17. To all the overwhelming cyncism on this thread. Firstly, it takes a brave person to admit something to themselves and to others knowing that they may get a hostile (and sometimes violent reaction). It’s called being true to oneself and standing headstrong in the face of adversity.

    Secondly, rehearsed? What seems more tangible is the feeling of angst. Also how does one determine what’s ‘natural’ about coming out? Families function differently and different personalities – it’s subjective.

    Also, even if there is a chance that this rehearsed it gives those on the bring of coming out the inspiration to do so and I personally don’t see that being a bad thing.

    Honestly, go and suck the happiness and joy out of everything elsewhere.

    1. This is not “happiness and joy.” This is a guy selling his videos. He wants to be a filmmaker when he grows up. This just happens to be the subject of his latest work. That is a dramatisation.

      1. Your point is?

        In your eyes does that make it any less valid?

        1. Yes actually it does make it less valid in my eyes, actually rather tasteless. He’s taking what for many is a nerve-wracking experience and he’s using it to further his career whether he’s gay or not. That’s exploitative. The only thing that I can give him is that he didn’t camp it up. You want something valid? Try that one that went through here a few months back of the teenager (the one that really looked like a teenager rather than a boyish 20-something) holding up the handwritten signs bawling his eyes.out. That, mate, is validity.

          1. Well said Keef. “tasteless” indeed.

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