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Maryland senate passes equal marriage law

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Maryland – the eighth US state to approve marriage equality!!! This is really great news.

  2. Another Hannah 24 Feb 2012, 10:29am

    good to see bigotry in decline – they’re almost beaten in the first world!

  3. Sarah Crank’s little speech was a disgusting attempt to stop the passing of this. I’m surprised she didn’t cry and stamp her foot while saying it.

    Well done for not giving in to a spoiled little girl, Maryland.

  4. Paddyswurds 24 Feb 2012, 11:17am

    …..Congratulations, Maryland.You’ve now joined the enlightened States. This result for a buybul belt state like Maryland is even more amazing and puts states like the UK to shame especially after the high poll published here in Ireland in favor of Marriage Equality. So it is time to step up to the plate Dave…lets be having you, lad.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Feb 2012, 12:59pm

      Why would it put the UK to shame? You forget, the 61% of the British public favouring same-sex marriage was taken in 2009. Three years later, I’m sure that number is as high or could be higher than Ireland’s. I suspect more public support will follow once they become aware of the marriage equality consultation beginning next month.

      You also forget that SSM in America is limited to states’ rights. There is NO federal recognition for any gay couple in America which would provide them with more than 1100 rights enjoyed by straight married couples. Our current CPs confer more rights than an American gay married couple. At least gay people will have full equality in the UK once SSM is passed into law.

  5. Great news and again teh Democrats seem to be leading the way.

    In regards of the 14 years old, snotty nosed spoilt brat, I suppose that this has ruined your birthday? Kids only become confused when parents do not tell them the truth about the way world works and children from same sex families will not miss out on anything but gain a lot more about being tolerant and understanding, something this girl is likely never to be.

  6. Paddyswurds 24 Feb 2012, 11:21am

    … you should really tell your filthy wife to use the rest room before you shag her up the back doors you disgusting creature…..

  7. Well if you will listen to his Holiness and not use a condom then don’t complain.

  8. jamestoronto 24 Feb 2012, 12:19pm

    Cheers for Maryland — at least cautious ones. The law is still liable to be tested — and possibly repealed — in a referendum.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Feb 2012, 12:52pm

      Yes indeed, It needs 55,736 signatures collected by June 30 to put on a ballot in the November election which could see it’s repeal.

      Stephen Gray, Washington state’s marriage equality law doesn’t take effect until June 7 in which time it needs to gather 150,000 signatures for a referendum which could prevent gay couples marrying in their state, assuming the voters gather the requisite number by that date. It’s touch and go in Washington right now.

  9. “It’s scary to think that people can change the definition of any word they want.”
    Yes. Truly terrifying. Aaaagh?

  10. Now Fairlyland!!!

    This is possibly one of the most childish but least offensive things you’ve ever said. Troll harder next time or we’ll start to think you’ve gone soft on us…

    1. ‘Fairly’ what though, d’you think? I didn’t want to ask directly because it’d be feeding the you-know-what.

      1. Oh just feed him. He’s like a pet now anyway (an old incontinent pet that pi$$es on the carpet and suffers from dementia). He’s not going anywhere. Embrace him, forgive him and accept him. For someone who thrives on hate it will probably be quite maddening.

  11. I am so Happy maryland- the eighth US state to approve marriage equality!!! Yess

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