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Manchester gay sauna closed today after fire

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Reader comments

  1. “The Finnish hot rooms, which have been used for health purposes for centuries, are believed by some to burn as many as 300 calories by speeding up the body’s metabolism. ”

    Oh purleeeese! Everyone knows how the calories get burned in the sauna…

  2. i live in sweden…. why are saunas in the uk seen as places to have sex… they are sacred places of cleanlyness, a place to give birth, a sterile place…

    1. A hot room with sweaty naked men – use your imagination!

      ‘A place to give birth in‘?!

    2. Because in the UK, gay saunas ARE places to have sex. Never understood why is hasn’t caught on for lesbians though…

  3. No-one cares.

    1. Which would explain why you felt (or hought) it necessary to comment.

      On Planet Keith anyway, if not in the real world.

  4. As I understand, you don’t generally need to ‘book a session’, just turn up Keith. In fact, a good session at a gay sauna should be just what you need.

    1. Believe me, if you turn up at a gay sauna saying you are a straight lad, you will NOT be turned away.

    2. As though anyone would believe like Keith, with his diseased obsessions, is straight anyway (though I wish he were).

    3. To be insulted by you Keith (if that’s what it was), is a compliment to me. PS, it’s “experience”


      1. Time to start proof reading Keithy boy. Not just for spelling, but for utter bollocks.

  5. “I will book a session, mentioning my heterosexuality”

    LOL! They get a lot of that, I’m sure…. “sure, you’re straight, whatever, in you go. Ex-gay? But you like that guy over there?
    In you go….

  6. It is not known how many calories are burned in the evacuation of a gay sauna.

    Love it.

    1. 150 gay men at h20??? 15 more like!

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Feb 2012, 5:10pm

        Just because they all hid when you walked in doesn’t mean……..

      2. Paddyswurds 24 Feb 2012, 5:12pm

        They probably all hid when you walked in, pet.

        1. Paddyswurds 24 Feb 2012, 5:13pm

          why does the original post not appear until you’ve reposted because the first one failed…anyone know why this is???

          1. Karma

          2. Because the internet is trying to make you look like a fool.

  7. “It is not known how many calories are burned in the evacuation of a gay sauna….”

    Depends how much protein’s been consumed beforehand…

  8. do you need to be disgusting every day? is it a therapy thing or is it optionl?

    1. I guess he was just too disgusting this time!

  9. The fire started at H2O in the upstairs sauna cabin, I was downstairs when a guy ran down and said the wood had caught fire. It was a mad rush to get out after that, the smell of burning wood permeated the building. Sadly, in the rush to evacuate I left my boxer shorts behind. Well, I can afford to be flppant now, but it wasn’t a joke at the time. Can’t wait to go back there, what a friendly place.

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