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Liberian senate set to consider anti-gay bill

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  1. Scott Lovely 24 Feb 2012, 2:59pm

    Oh I wonder who could possibly be behind whipping up all this homophobia in Africa.

    It’s time Obama kept his promise and used his “agencies” to stop his fellow Americans exporting virulent homophobia.

    1. Homophobic US churches are not resposible for the genocidal homophobia of so many African states.

      The genocidal homophobia is each individual country’s responsibility.

      The US churches go to these African countries because they know they have a very receptive, supportive audience for their genocidal bigotry.

      1. Scott Lovely 24 Feb 2012, 3:56pm

        I guess it’s a symbiotic relationship then. But there were no calls for stronger anti gay bills or death penalty for gays until the American evangelicals went over there scaring them to death with demonising stories about gay people.

        This bill in Liberia while also trying to make political capital for Mrs Taylor, is the result of false stories being put out ( by who?) that Americans were going to bribe the politicians to pass a gay rights law.

        It coincides with a “Christian” movement called One Million Signatures …[to return Liberia to being a Christian country ] which sounds very American to me. Like One Million Moms, the offshoot of the AFA hate group in the US.

  2. One day soon, in our more evolved Western culture, acts against other human beings on the basis of ignorance, and hatred will be considered a first degree felony.

  3. Paula Thomas 24 Feb 2012, 3:20pm

    As I said in a previous post on this, this is about trying to garner support for former (and allegedly very corrupt and nasty) president Charles Taylor.

  4. When will these people start living in the real world and not the way that they think it should be because the Bible or some other religious text says so!

    Being gay is what is natural to those who are gay, simple as! If only countries were run by gay men and women, could we then make being hetroesxual a first decree felony punishable by a year to life in prison. Saying that, we probably would not be so bloody narrow minded


    1. The troll eat da poo poo

      1. GingerlyColors 25 Feb 2012, 6:31am

        Hear! Hear!

  6. The president says she will not sign this bill if it becomes law. At least the president is a civilised human being.

    The proponent of this bill is Jewel Taylor – a former first lady. She was married to the murderous maniac Charles Taylor who is on trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

    Clearly the Taylors are savage, primiitive, uneducated, backward, murderous people who bring enormous shame to their country,

  7. Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the USA, Liberia comes from the latin word for freedom. They founded a country so that slaves had a haven to develop their rights. Now they want to curtail the rights of gay people. They are not free (libres) anymore, they are slaves of their bigotry and intolerance. Shame.

  8. Europe was right to reprimand and arrest the racist bigoted mp for his physical attack on a gay mp. thats assautl and battery, intended harm of another, out of malice, aand spite and not self defense, the man should have been fired, you cannot allow vioilent hate mongers run loose in work places and sschools and other public atmospheres that want to harm children and others because they are bigoted, these are dangerous people the kind that will attack again an again especially if they think no one sees them, they are a problem for other minorities and lgbt people they come in contact with as well this are not your saafe sociall peoiple that should be in social and customer service jobs dealing with people , david camereron, and europe human right must continue to work hard to safty net their commuities, and set a presedence that will not tolerate the abuse and terrorism, people must live peacefully and civilized among others and go about their business, an bigots, have too many evils

  9. I wonder if they will ever consider a bill to combat corruption in a meaningful way?

    1. jamestoronto 25 Feb 2012, 6:45pm

      Not likely. Such a move would seriously cut into the under-the-table earnings most of their politicians get.

  10. People should be asked to compare the countries that already have gay marriage with countries like this and then be asked which they would prefer to live in.

  11. Lynne featherstone and david and The HUman rights ippf international amnesty and task forces, Hillary clinton and the united states and europes task forces for human rights, are going to have to take military action against the african countries for violating the now U:n law that tells all foriengn countries they are to abide by human rights in their countries, talking does not fix the problems, you must take action against the evil wicked false prophets and racests religions you must ban the name of God, because it is the head leader in united states and foreign countries that brings terrorism along with the other names jesus and lord, these are terroroist groups who use these code names, to launch hate groups i told you that the man in califronia church of god bishop blakes at west angeles, usies the name lord he is african, this is him , the man playing jesus is randy white is from tampa florida, without walls international instutions false church, they must be stoped,

  12. all african countries and other foreign countries must be sanctions and reprimanded not the ciizens and families, they must recieve aid , the governments must be sanctioned and reprimanded , you must stop wasting time talking to the african monsters they are like the kkk white klan , they are uncivilized and evil,you must take military action against all dictartors of republics, which are terroristic countries, stop wasting time talking to assad, and take him out like gadaffi, an stop prolonging innocent lives being destroyed by you goddam lax of not moving forward with quick action for these people , what the hell is wrong with you the time you waste talking to terrorist they have caused abuses and catastrophies that this nation an ;erope could have stopped, right now HIllary clinton needs to get down there in cameron and the international amnesty and reprimand the govenment and order the release and

  13. GingerlyColors 25 Feb 2012, 6:39am

    Liberia is just an example of the oppressed becoming the oppressors. You probably could say that about Israel and it’s treatment of the Palestinian people but at least Israel respects basic gay rights. Can you imagine the international uproar if gay people from all over the world occupied a country, established a gay state and sent all the straight people to live in ghettos and refugee camps? Whether it is Jews fleeing persecution in Europe or freed slaves returning to Africa and establishing their new nations they do not have the right to repress minorities in THEIR new countries.

    1. People will turn around and say “I told you so”, just like with the Jews in Israel, the freed slaves in Liberia, the Serbs in former Yugoslavia, the blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa…….

  14. Commander Thor 25 Feb 2012, 3:56pm

    Soap. Idiot.

  15. jamestoronto 25 Feb 2012, 6:49pm

    Liberia can barely govern itself, let alone be a leader of nations.

  16. say no more africa has always been brainwashed and deluded by religion

  17. I see Keithie has had a sip too many again.

    Its so easy to tell.

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