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Interview: Darren Hayes on marriage, children and the mid-life crisis that shaped his new album

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Reader comments

  1. I’m gald I read that article. Up to this point, I assumed that Darren was just another ‘Barrymore’ type of gay man who got married for all the wrong, (inexplicable as far as I’m concerned) reasons. I feel I know better now and yeah, as a ‘public figure’ I think that we, his public, do have some right to know about him and his life, so thanks Darren for being so candid – worked for me!

  2. I think Darren is very talented and enjoy his music and appreciate his frankness about his private life. He’s also incredibly sexy which is always a bonus! I enjoyed reading about his feelings and views but would equally respect anyone in public life wanting to keep some things private. We should all have that right. The only exception for me is if it’s something which is materially relevant to the job or work they do that might adversely influence, impact or affect decisions. Otherwise I feel it should be an individual’s choice and I would respect them whether they told me something or not.

  3. Darren is a great role model who actively looks for ways to reward and interact with his fans, he had a tough beginning and I think took the first chance to give him some stability. he was man enough to see that.
    His new CD is damn fine, with vocals that really are mind blowing. I hope he has a sense of what he means to his fans.

    1. Agreed – he’s always so genuine and thoughtful towards his fans in the most humble and sweet way.

  4. Great interview – thank you! Interesting to read Darren’s thoughts on marriage equality too. Here’s hoping the UK won’t have to wait too long for equal marriage.

  5. Darren is a lovely person. I’m not so impressed however, with the interviewer’s judgement of what is an ‘appropriately adult’ hobby and what isn’t. I’m a gamer, a collector, a sci-fi fan, and a scientist and there are many of us. Having hobbies like star wars, lego, gaming, etc. doesn’t make you a less mature or responsible member of society.

  6. With all due respect to Hilton, it’s such a shame that his management has to resort to a glowing line from Perez Hilton. I know the interviewer brought it up here, but I’ve seen it everywhere, even on a few of his album posters. Bloodstained Heart is a gem, it deserves better.

  7. OMG, seriously? I would so have that man’s child, in fact my partner and I are even looking for a donor..

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