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Video: Ex-Chelsea coach Mourinho under fire for gay slur

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Reader comments

  1. Chances are all he will get is a slap on the wrist and a mediocre fine, probably won’t issue an apology.

    I doubt football will ever change!

  2. Be very careful with this. So much gets lost in translations. He may not of meant it as it came across. The general tone probably but maybe not words.

    He will probably say sorry and its not what he meant.

    1. Maricon is very offensive. It would not be tolerated in any professional context – other than football, of course.

      The rest of what he says demonstrates that his Spanish is an unintelligible as his English. It makes no sense at all.

      1. The fact his spanish is so poor shows it may not of been deliberate.

        He may simply be ignorant to the words meaning. Do not get me wrong tho. If he deliberately used it then he should be heavily disciplined and have to appolagise.

        Sadly no matter what the case there will be no action.

  3. Does not surprise me, as remember a few yrs ago when England Vs Spain match and every time Shaun-Wright-Philips had the ball and other black players had the ball the Spanish fans made monkey chants, so to me, the Spanish don’t seem like an open minded bunch, but may be I’m generalizing. It always seems to be football that shows some country’s ignorant s as remember something similar in the Italian league many yrs ago.

    1. The other day a Welsh Liverpool fan was arrested in the UK for making monkey gestures at Patrice Evra. Does this mean we’re all ignorant here?

      The Spanish have marriage equality so they’re clearly one step ahead of the UK in that regard.

    2. only this guy is not spanish

  4. To be fair, he is known as Lady Smallmeat in the football world.

  5. This is getting a little silly now.

    As Adam88 states, how we are to know this is not a colloquialism?

    Indeed, many perceived profanities spurted by sportsmen are not intending to sound offensive as they do to the more highly-strung among us.

    They are the language of the locker-room, and have been for generations. Tis the way it is.

    These words are not being directed at us, personally, so where is the problem?

    Now, if a player suspected of being gay was being addressed in this fashion, then absolutely it should be acted upon because it would then amount to verbal abuse, even if in days gone by people were expected to stand up for themselves and not take offence so quickly.

    It’s a case of knowing where to draw a line.

    However, the vocal minority (yes, I refrained from using “extreme militant fringe”) seems to want to police and scream homophobia whenever and wherever they perceive it to rear its head…

    …and not where common sense suggests it really is.

    Big difference, guys.

    1. As a Spanish speaker, this is NOT a colloquialism. There are many, acceptable words based around this, such as “es muy mariconada”, meaning someone or something is really camp or over the top. This is used quiet freely amongst my Spanish friends, but to use ‘maricón’ or ‘maricones’ is most certainly insulting and the does indeed translate as faggot or queer. Most of my friend would say “Soy gay”, or I am gay, not “Soy maricón……….”

      1. But the term is not being directed at gay people. If it was it would be a direct insult.

        As it stands it is a colloquialism, because that’s the context in which it’s being used.

        It wasn’t being used to stir up violence or homosexual hatred:- it’s simply the language of the locker room.

        Some things in life have to be taken on the chin and simply ignored.

        Words like this only reflect on the stupidity and ignorance of those who resort to using it, so there’s the payback in itself.

        Let’s save the thought-policing where it’s really needed, otherwise we’ll start to be seen to be crying wolf too many times and be accused of employing Stasi tactics to impose our will on all.

        Do we want to be regarded as victims who keep squealing every time their is a perceived slant against our sexuality?

        Or do we empower ourselves to accept that some language comes with locker room machoism and is what happens when “real men” fraternise.

        We can even try to be a little self-depracating at times…

        1. I see your point, but would you also excuse the use of ‘faggot’ on the same basis?

          1. If it was not being aimed directly at a gay person or at anyone as a homophobic retort.

            Besides, whose to say faggot doesn’t refer to the traditional English (oops, pardon me, British) dish of the same name?

            For the simple reason that if we do not draw a line somewhere then we risk every day language being criminalised because where do you draw the line in the sand?

            Unfortunately some words we don’t like are popular euphemisms in certain contexts which are not inherently homophobic, or where the intention is to offend.

            It does appear time and again to be the vocal minority that get’s het up about these incidences and is quick to jump up and down.

            Most gay people I know just wish they would shut up and stop crying wolf, and save their energy to fight the real battles against homophobia that exist.

            At this rate we’ll lose the patience and sympathy of the mainstream straight public we have fought hard to win over.

        2. So by your reckoning Samuel, because there was not a gay person within earshot it is not discriminatory then he could use the term ni***r if there were no black people within earshot and then that is not discrimination?

          It is that kind of mentality that has been in the press and indeed on this website in recent weeks. The fact that he is using that kind of language should bot be encouraged.

    2. Im not saying that locker room language is acceptable and people making jokes about poofs while slapping each others backsides is at all fun or should have any place in sport. Even as far back as school i remember homophobic slurs in locker rooms and on training fields. Was not pleasent.

      Nearly 10 years on and nothing much has changed.

      The way things are doesent mean things are right.

      My point is his language skills may not be great and he may not know what hes actually saying or confusin his words. Languages can e hard to learn and mistakes can happen.

      He should say somethin though either way to clear up his stance on this.

  6. Who cares about football and footballers! They will soon all be unemployed and looking for real work. The bubble of ‘excess’ is going to soon burst bigtime. When Europe goes down the gurgler, just watch their demise.

  7. It’s football and football is homophobic.
    Not that I excuse it but in my much younger days I had to ditch a (very good looking) boyfriend because he played for a league team and was scared he would be outed; oddly by myself who has played rugby all my life – well at least until the knees gave out.
    Football is riddled with gays and closet numbers.

    1. Riddled in the same way the Tory party is :)

  8. I see UEFA have not responded to requests for comment, have the Spanish FA or Real Madrid been asked for comment?

  9. Folks – let’s not be surprised by this – the word “maricon” (gay) is used openly and freely on mainstream Spanish television. For them it’s not a problem – Spain is still miles from being the open society it assumes to be. Just try finding a bar with windows in Spain (and I don’t shout Chueca)…. and don’t say they’ve got “marriage” – that’s on the skids under teh new government, and besides when the law was passed thoousands marched protesting against it……Mourinho saying maricon is the least of our problems en Espana!

  10. Don’t take it too seriously… nowadays maricon, yes it means faggot, is widely used without homophobic intentions. Think of it as “mthfck..” or the “N” word xDD .. You know, we love to say swear words here. Even gay people call themselves that.

    Of course you can also use that word to insult, but I don’t think this was the case.

    And I hate Mourinho, btw

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