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Video: Daniel Radcliffe records new message for bullied gay teens

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  1. It would be nice to see Daniel show some support for LGBT kids in Britain too.

    1. Hodge Podge 23 Feb 2012, 7:06pm

      Apart from the American helpline number… it’s the internet! British kids can still watch it.

  2. Yes, but when will he be coming out of the closet himself? I mean is anyone dumb to think this kid is straight?

    1. Hodge Podge 23 Feb 2012, 7:05pm

      Who knows, if he WAS gay it wouldn’t surprise me if he was being encouraged to stay closeted by Warner Brothers. Either way, he’s doing good things so whatever.

      1. he has no obligations to warner brothers any more. warner brothers also allowed him to appear nude on stage whilst he was still in harry potter. he has a serious girlfriend. given all that he’s said in the past about homophobia and tolerance I think he would come out if he were gay.

        1. yes he is straight…sadly…and i had the wedding planned and everything…Hes just on our side thats all, and it makes a very nice change- maybe other straight celebs would do more if they werent subject to a barrage of “hes gay” everytime they spoke out!

          1. Quite… we’re doing our cause no favours if we automatically out anyone who professes to be straight who stands up for our rights.
            It sends out the cynical notion we can’t accept anyone would want to take a stand for gay rights without a personal vested interest.

          2. I couldn’t agree more, ludicrous assumptions about the sexuality of any supporter of gay equality does nothing at all for our side. I for one find it doubly admirable when support is given disinterestedly.

    2. “I mean is anyone dumb to think this kid is straight?”

      So, anyone that supports human rights and equality is “obviously” closet case gay, is that it?

      I know who is dumb enough here, and it is not the rest of us…..

      1. I never said that, dimwit! I just think it’s ironic that he would do this and not come out of the closet himself. It’s called dishonesty.

        1. If you have proof of this “dishonesty”, publish it. Otherwise just shut up. Please.

        2. “I never said that, dimwit! I just think it’s ironic that he would do this and not come out of the closet himself”

          I believe you just contradicted yourself.

          Unless you have any evidence he is gay, then we’ll take him at his word to be straight.

    3. Some men aren’t gay. Get over it.

      1. That might be true if he weren’t an ‘actor’. And are you that blind? This gay would make Liberace look straight.

        1. Meanwhile, in the real world, most people are aware that being an actor doesn’t automatically presuppose a taste for cock.

        2. “And are you that blind? This gay would make Liberace look straight.”

          Grow up.

  3. He seems to be more and more involved in the LGBT community recently – that’s nice to see! :)

  4. David McKinnon 25 Feb 2012, 1:42am

    More and more I realize that Mr Radcliffe has the makings of a real hero. I am very grateful to him for this effort.

  5. I love this guy. He is one of the few celeba who you truly believe cares about the charitable work he does and not just doing it for publicity.

    These messages take 5 mins to make yet can help millions. If only more celebs were as brave and dedicated an took this short time to show lgbt people support perhaps we could all be in a brighter place.

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