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First ten members of US Congress pose for NOH8

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to those Congressmen and women who took part. It really does start to put the Democrats in a much better light that the awful Republicans.

    I particularly like Congressmand Bill Keatings quote in the article “The reason why I support the NOH8 Campaign is simple: our country rests on the principle that all people are equal, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. If we deny that fact then we are no longer the Land of the Free. The most important freedom is the freedom to be the person you truly are and embrace the life you want to live”.

    Now if only that mantra could rub off onto many millions more people.

    Keep up the pressure in the all over the world

    1. But surely these people are in a position to actually do something to achieve equality? Other than appear in an advertising campaign I mean?

      Is Congress reduced so much that Congresspeople are reduced to doing advertising campaigns?

      Truly embarrassing.

      1. By showing their support to the NOH8 campaing isn’t that a step in the right direction? It’s not merely an advertising camping as you suggest, it is a campaign body again hate.

        If an MP was to appear in an equality advert for Stonewall or GMFA would be you call that embarrassing?

  2. Truly gross.

    Why are these congresspeople protesting proposition 8?

    Prop 8 is in the hands of the court.

    It is these congresspeople’s jobs to promote equality in the legislature.

    Jumping on this No8 bandwagon is basically an admission by them that Congress has been neutered by big business and that the most useful thing they can do is advertising campaigns. Because their position as congresspeople is just wondowdressing to hide the fact that the USA is no longer as democracy in any real sense.

    Shameful and embarrassing for the USA that their elected public officials are reduced to doing these stunts.

    1. its just an add campaign, it wont hurt if it helps raise awareness and a mutual rolling of balls for both NOH8 and congress. if they were selling mars bars i would probably agree with you.

      1. These idiots are politicians though.

        Meaning they lack integrity and honesty.

        They are already in a position to effect positive change for our community.

        So what do they do? Why they wh0re themselves out for self-publicity to a campaign which is entirely in the hands of the court,

        They are an embarrassment to US politics and politicians and should be condemned for using discrmination against our community to promote themselves.

        For example that Oregon congressman. Oregon does not have equality/ Why is he getting involved in a Californian campaign which is in the hands of the court?

        Why isnt’ he representing LGBT Oregonians?

    2. Everytime you leave the house dAVID does it rain?

      You seem to be incapable of seeing the good in anything.

  3. Could someone please tell the americans that that hand gesture is not the ‘peace’ sign. I’m a little tired of them swearing at me.

    1. Unfortunately, Americans do not recognise that sign as a rude gesture as it stems from British history and wars with the French. Whenever I tell American friends that in the UK it is the same as flipping the bird they are genuinely surprised!

      1. If you’re familiar with the “F*k H8” campaign, this gesture is ENTIRELY approropriate.

        1. Not familiar with that particular campaign but can see the relevance!

    2. Glad I’m not the only one to notice that hehe. On the story though, I believe any public figure signing a campaign like this is a good thing, if only because it clarifies their view and adds pressure for that view to be reflected in how they vote. :-)

  4. I am saddened that after over 100 congressional representatives were invited that only 10 showed up. These events that Adam puts together seem fun! It isn’t an advertising campaign, rather a support network that Adam and his partner started. The sad part to me, being a gay man, is that out of all the legislators on The Hill, that only 10 are supportive. It really gives a reality check. Gay marriage may be passing in my state soon (I live in Maryland), but really, what is the point if it isn’t recognized on a federal level?

    Kudos to the legislators that stood up for us and joined NOH8! May others stand up soon.

    1. May not be the 100 asked however ten is certainly better then none and given that fact sometime ago none would have shown up.

      Lets hope the ones that did not attend manage to do so in the near future

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Feb 2012, 1:31pm

      On the brigher side, a federal judge in California yesterday ruled that the Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, another victory against the hate groups such as NOM et al. The judge is also a republican. The ruling yesterday only heightens precedent and it’s going to be far more difficult for the Supreme Court, assuming Prop. 8 goes that far, to uphold DOMA as we win more cases. Slow and steady wins the race as frustrating it can be. We want it now in the UK but we too have to be patient, just a bit longer.

  5. Gary in Torrance, CA. 23 Feb 2012, 1:33pm

    Dear Stephen Gray,
    Thank you for the article.
    Please note that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is the Congresswoman for the District of Columbia.
    It is never referred to simply as: Columbia.
    Our federal govt is situated in Washington, DC, (District of Columbia), not Washington, Columbia.

    1. I guess being a UK based site, perhaps those points aren’t considered as significant, more the fact those members of congress took part in the NOH8 campaign. Which we are following oever here.

      Chances are US folk would not understand the way our system is layered and I am sure no offence is meant.

  6. The truth is this exposes how fake the Christian religion is for saying it is a religion of peace and love and welcomes all when in fact it has been proven to be the Right Wing Christians who want to infiltrate the gay community to spy on it and spend millions of dollars to stop gays not only from getting married but from having sex. Christians destroying their own gay children by using psychiatry and prayer to stop them and in doing so they ruin their lives. Their only open door is one that leads to their hell of being forced to think and act the way they tell you to do. That is not freedom or even helping but making matters worse for LGBT people. The Christians propaganda is all over an sometimes hard to see for all the lies they are spreading about gays in the world. The Christian are the source of trouble for all LGBT people and the Priest and Preachers who are anti gay are the evil ones who push their people to hate and destroy LGBT people around the world. Find and expose them.

    1. floridahank 23 Feb 2012, 10:16pm

      Richard, you stated,….”The truth is this exposes how fake the Christian religion is for saying it is a religion of peace and love and welcomes all….”
      You’re distorting the fact because the only way you’re “welcomed” by God is if you admit you’re a sinner and do what is necessary to change so you are accepted as one of God’s children. If you are not for God, you are against God and you will suffer for your sins.
      The Bible lists many things that are sinful in God’s eyes. The apostle Paul identifies them as works of the flesh. Beginning with verse 19, he states, “Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told {you} in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”
      So if you want to understand true Christianity, you have to realize that we ALL are sinners and unless WE repent of OUR sins, WEwill not be “welcomed” in heaven.

      1. The same myths profitably ($) used by christianity today to whip up the hope and emotions of the faithful were likely used in pre-christian times – say in Egypt or Mesopotamia – by a clever priesthood for similar purposes ($).

  7. johnny33308 23 Feb 2012, 6:18pm

    It can safely be assumed by the lack of any Republican participation in this campaign that they actually endorse HATE….it is for this reason that I refer to Republicans as the American Taliban….BTW they also despise women, like their brothers the Afghanistan Taliban, as evidenced by their continuous attacks upon women and women’s health issues.

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