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FA fines Ravel Morrison £7,000 for gay slur tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 23 Feb 2012, 10:22am

    He was angry because of racism yet he uses discrimination? Surely he should know better as he knows how it feels, what an idiot.

    1. Just like some of the poster here

      1. Including you.

        1. Protest much?

  2. Some context please?

    How much does homophobic bigot Ravel Morrison earn per week?

    Is this 7000 quid fine even a punishment?

    Why hasn’t he even been banned from playing a single match?

    What is the FA doing to ensure that Morrison’s career as a football player will be terminated if he ever repeats such bigotted slurs.

    It’s looking increasingly like the FA remains as institutionally homophhobic as it always has been, and that the new anti homophobia campaign launched by the FA has been specifically designed so they don;t need to actually address the homophobia of players or managers.

    Ravel Morrison should be fired.

    He is 19. He has plenty of time to retrain in a job where he will not be able to promote hatred and bigotry.

      1. So he’s been fined about half a week’s salary; has not apologised for his homophobic bigotry; and does not even face a 1 match ban.

        The FA does not take homophobia seriously.

        The FA remains as institutionally homophobic as it always has been.

        Ravel Morrison is a disgrace to football and a disgrace to his club and a disgrace to his country.

      2. Its a punishment, but not much of one.

    1. Like that idiot Suarez?

      1. Suarez was banned for 8 matches and had to pay a 40,000 pound fine.

        Ravel Morrison gets a 7,000 pound fine and no match suspension.

        Are we meant to read from this that the FA takes racism 8 times more seriously than homophobia?

        1. They were probably more lenient with Morrison because of the racism that provoked him, although to my mind it’s no excuse.

          The FA are very much interested in racism than homophobia, especially now because of Suarez and Terry, when in fact the two should be given equal attention.

          We all know that there are too many bigots in the FA who can’t see a problem with what they see as a bit of homophobic “banter”.

      2. Suarez was suspended for 8 games and was fined 40000 pounds.

        From this we can only read that the FA takes racist bigotry more seriously than homophobic bigotry.

        I think Morrison has not been punished and that he needs to be sacked for his wilful bigotry

  3. Ha Ravel Morrison even apologised for his homophobic bigotry?

    I don’t even recall one of those meaningless ‘I am sorry if YOU WERE offended’ apologies?

    So he’s been fined? (although we don’t know how much he earns – a LOT more than 7000 quid per week I would guess).

    But he has not apologised?

    Which means he stands by his homophobic bigotry?

    Which means he continues to bring the game of football ino disrepute?

    Which means he ought to be fired for bring the game of football into disrepute because of his homophobic bigotry.

    1. Oh please

      Suarez still a racist and Terry said black cnut and no calls for them to be banned.

      He’s an idiot but if he should be fired so should those two

      1. Exactly, sack the lot of them. Racism and homophobia have no place in any work place. BTW, there have been plenty of calls for both Terry and Suarez to be banned, have you not seen the mainstream media?

      2. I agree – these people are sickening bigots. Suarez and Terry should also be sacked for bringing the game into disrepute.

        ALL of them should be banned.

        A few high profile sackings would teach these incredibly privileged bigots that their words have consequences.

        Sadly the FA is as bigotted as it has always been.

      3. James, Suarez was banned for 8 games and fined £40,000, Terry lost the England captaincy, has been charge by the police and is awaiting trial for racial hatred. Suarez gets a £7000 fine. The ‘punishments’ are completely disproportionate.
        They should all be fired.

        1. oops, *Morrison gets a £7000 fine….

      4. Terry is facing criminal charges. Suarez was banned for 8 matches, fined and his football club and suarez have had to apologise – their sponsors have even considered pulling the plug. Suarez was on the back page of every newspaper, racism was talked about on match of the day. Terry has had the captaincy taken off him, and if found guilty, will not play for England again, and again has brought racism up in the tabloids and television. Do you think they will even mention homophobia on match of the day. Well maybe if someone from the BBC reads this comment. But probably not. And yet you you compare their treatment for their racism with morrisons homophobia. There are hundreds of black players in the premiership, black managers, and yet can you name me one gay player, manager, coach? They don’t even have out gay cleaners in football. We all know racism exists, but homophobia in sport is much much worse. This is about homophobia, not racism. Get a grip.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Feb 2012, 11:34am

    I think people need to keep it real a little bit here. A few years ago, there would have been no come back at all.

    Progress has been made, but we are STILL progressing. When all the race relations stuff initially came in it took a while for it to get fully up to speed and the penalties became more severe as there became less excuse for people not knowing it was unacceptable.

    I am sure we will start to see harsher penalties as time goes on until eventually there is more parity.

    I appreciate that its not in a lot of people’s nature to show a little bit of patience, but over the last two decades we have seem huge changes in social attitudes and the law in relation to us. It isn’t all going to happen over night, but this guy lost half a week’s wages for a stupid tweet.

    Whilst it may not be enough for some, how many of us would be happy at losing half a week’s wages next week?

    1. I am well aware that things are slowly improving.

      But if the FA thinks it can get away with treating homophobia far more leniently than it does racism, then it absolutely should be condemned for its institutional homophobia and its tolerance of bigotry.

      The FA has disgraced itself through its refusal to deal with Ravel MOrrison’s homophobia on an equal level with Suarez’s racism.

      The FA is as bigotted as ever.

      And this does not bode well for its latest anti-homophobia campaign – which would appear to be nothing but meanigless PR nonsense.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Feb 2012, 12:29pm

        Yeah and I think that kind of makes my point. Anyone who saw the Justin Fashanu documentary a coupler of weeks ago would have seen the homophobia he endured by people still in the sport today in some cases.

        There was no come back whatsoever against any of them.

        The guy made one tweet and lost £7000.00. It is actually quite a lot of progress. Not enough I grant you, but it is nevertheless progress.

        We can b1tch and complain about why the world isn’t perfect and why people don’t always treat us fairly. It doesn’t actually get us anywhere further forward, but I appreciate some people need to get life off their chests.

        Alternatively we can use the achievements that have got us the progress we have seen to motivate and encourage us to continue to work for a more equal society.

        If you expect everything to change over night you will spend your entire life frustrated and disappointed.

      2. dAVID,

        Justin Fashanu was gay as well as black. I know it was homophobia which ended his life so early but pepople need to remember that when discussing this issue.

    2. If I was earning £12,000 a week, losing half a week’s wage and for only one week, would have zero ramifications.

      I agree with dAVID, some high profile sackings for racism and homophobia will start to drive the message home that these things are completely unacceptable.

      1. Talking to yourself again duhAVID?

        1. Why are you attacking @dAVID? (Ironic, considering this thread is esentially about the repercussions of bullying.) At least he’s contributed sound reasoning to the debate.

          1. jamestoronto 24 Feb 2012, 7:15am

            Quite true, I often find myself in disagreement with some of dAVID’s comments but on this thread I think he is absolutely right. If the management levels of any sport want to REALLY send a message they have to implement REAL punishments – financially and suspensions. Once they start zero amounts going into their accounts on pay days, they may start getting the message. Don’t know about the UK but here fines are not tax deductible. So they not only don’t see the money but they are taxed on it as well.

    3. At last , a voice of reason and reality. I agree with every point made.
      No its not enough but it is great progress since the days of Justin Fashanu.

      1. Progress is slowly being made, not because the FA is evolving on its own.

        Progress is being made because pressure is being applied to the FA.

        It’s a reasonable reaction to enquire why the FA suspended Suarez for 8 games and fined him 40,000 for a racist slur, while Ravel Morrison gets a 7000 fine and no suspension for a homophobic slur.

        It’s a double standard no matter how you slice it.

        1. “Progress is slowly being made, not because the FA is evolving on its own.

          Progress is being made because pressure is being applied to the FA.”

          That is exactly what happened with racism. Anti-racism charities and black players had to fight the FA every step of the way. It took them a long time to get the respect they now have. They’re still fighting now.

          LGBT charities and people have to do the same. Unfortunately there are no out gay players so it may take longer (that is not my call for any gay players to martyr themselves).

        2. Is a distinction made between slurs made on the pitch in the middle of a game and those made privately (as it were) on Twitter etc?

  5. Well done to the FA for acting, but it highlights once more the FA’s inability to treat homophobia as seriously as racism. Luis Suarez, £40,000 fine and 8 game ban. Ravel Morrison £7,000 fine, no ban.

  6. johnny33308 23 Feb 2012, 6:26pm

    Good! He deserves it, the hoodlum.

  7. RACIST! RACIST! RA… oh wait, he was homophobic, not racist. Also he’s black himself. Oooo, this won’t appeal to our trendy cosmopolitan liberal audience. Nothing to see here people!

    1. What, if anything, is your point?

      1. Probably that racism is a trendy, cosmopolitan, liberal invention. Exactly what bigots say about homophobia…

    2. I think youre a bit confused, Alex

      Having problems with Equality Issues are we…?

      (popular problem on here – where racism, islamophobia & homophobia mingle into a heady intellectual mush and most people can’t understand how they’re all related…)

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