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Downing Street hosts summit on homophobia and racism in football

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Reader comments

  1. this wont change ANYTHING . any GAY footy players will NOT come out !

    1. Why not?

      There ARE openly gay football players in other countries and Justin Fashanu came out.

      The FA needs to commit to dealing with its institutional homophobia (and stop blaming the fans for the homophobia in the sport).

  2. It’s very disappointing that neither the Justin Campaign or Pride Sports were invited to this event. If the Government are serious about this, then why not invite two of the leading campaign organisations in this area?

  3. John Barnes is only named person attending who speaks any sense about racist problems. I agree with him in that society needs to change , football and everybody else aren’t separate

    1. Football is part of society. So if you change homophobia and racism in football, you change a part of society.

    2. Society is changing exponentially faster than football though, that is the glaringly obvious problem.

  4. I’ve written something about this football summit, and the BBC’s reporting of it, in my latest blog.

  5. Misleading title. I assumed they had held a summit to AGREE with homophobia and racism. I got kind of upset, but alas, they are trying to stop it. Although many people are pessimistic, I think it’s absolutely fabulous when anyone does anything to help stop homophobia and racism. Good job.

  6. I think tackling homophobia from school up would be more to the point. This almost implies that it’s only football where there’s a problem. And that anywhere else there’s homophobia isn’t as important!

    1. Well, they should install cameras which monitor school children’s every word and body language. Then we’ll expose all the racist and homophobic seven-year-olds.

      I say that with some tongue in cheek. I actually agree that racism and homophobia should be stamped out. However I cringe at the fanaticism the media and campaigners show when dealing with this subject – completely over the top. Not to mention hypocritcal, as homophobia is less important than racism. And racism against certain peoples is less important than racism against others.

  7. Downing street host summit on Homophobia and Racism in football.


    Oh-kay! I’ll believe it!

  8. I still don’t think gay players will come out (not after watching the BBC3 programme on Gay Footballers anyway). I just can’t see it going down well in football which is sad. Maybe in time…

  9. It’s better than nothing, but politicians usually have ‘summits’ about things simply in order to appear to be doing something.
    I personally think that Cameron should get on with introducing Marriage Equality and stop messing about. It would be the one thing I would applaud about this government.

  10. The prime minister getting involved would carry more weight if the government would speed up and ahow more commitment to lgbt rights.

    Sadly at the end football is a seperate organisation and is riddled with homophobia just like sections of the fans is.

    Will take generations of education and tollerance to finally allow gay people to be accepted.

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