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Suicide recorded at inquest into death of Roger Crouch

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 22 Feb 2012, 11:58am

    I still find this entire affair unbelievably sad, and my heart goes out to Paola Crouch and her family for what appears to be such a needless loss of a loving son and a supportive husband.

  2. Poor man, the times he dropped by here he seemed a lovely bloke. I guess his heart was just broken and he couldn’t stand it anymore. THIS is why the culture of homophobia needs to be stamped on, hard and fast. We’ve had quite enough lives ruined by their hatred and bigotry.

  3. I feel like crying. So sad and i can understand how that pain can consume you. It took me 10 years to get over the loss of 2 close friends who I thought i would grow old with.

  4. Such a terrible tragedy for the whole family my heart goes out to them.

    As for the bullies, I hope thay feel remorse for the fact that they have torn this family apart, but I somehow doubt it.

  5. Absolutely devastating. It is a tragic, appalling reminder of the effects of mindless bullying. My heart goes out to his family. Let’s hope that the work that he so bravely begun continues and that such loss can demostrate to others that all actions have consequences. x

  6. It is unlikely that the vile bullies responsible for this will be feeling any remorse. People like that have no understanding of how their actions affect others.
    They have destroyed the lives of many people with their vicious cruelty. Not least those of a young man with the world at his fingertips, his loving father and their family.

    It is time that strong and positive action was taken to stamp out homophobia in ALL its forms. But instead, the authorities will, no doubt just make a few positive noises and then bury their heads even deeper in the sand.
    This tragedy CANNOT be allowed to happen again.
    My deepest condolences to Dominic and Roger’s family.

  7. Bless you, Roger, RIP
    Thankyou for the immense effort you put into helping other young people dealing with homophobia and for raising the issue so loudly at a national level.
    Hopefully, because of your enormous work in this field, we may now have the benefit of some of the people you inspired to help us now you’re gone,
    Rest In Peace x

  8. when I first read this story in the newspaper I cried, it is so heartbreaking, my heart goes out to the family, it must be so difficult losing loved ones in such tragic circumstances. I think those responsible for homophobia have issues of their own, I think some don’t realise what they do to others by their actions and I think some do realise but don’t care.

  9. I echo all the comments here.

    Roger was such as strong and humble man.

    His willingness to stand up for what is right and fair was clear.

    I wish Paola and the rest of her family and friends strength in the times to come.

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