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Australian Labor Party ejects anti-gay ‘extremist’, 19

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  1. The catholic church doing scientific research? haha what about the links between cathloic priests and pedophilia?

    1. katie Murphy - ex cath family 23 Feb 2012, 5:15am

      the church of the endless hidden molestation of children by their unmarried priests

      And a german pope who unexcommunciated bishop williamson, a holocaust denier.

      the Islam of the west needs to be crushed, and its assets given to gay people and the survivors of the holocaust. Every last cent

  2. “30 per cent of male pedophiles are homosexuals” << So what of the other 70%? He didn't really think that through.

    1. Exactly, the remaining 70% are obviously heterosexual peadophiles, but hey, that’s OK with him cos they are straight, it’s the gay peadophiles that cause ALL the problems. Moron!!!!

      1. Correction “paedophiles”…..that’s what you get for typing when you are angry…. ;)

    2. “30 per cent of male pedophiles are homosexuals” << So what of the other 70%?"

      We as GLBT need to understand what this statistic means. When social science researcher use the term homosexual in pedophiles it only indicates the gender of the children they are attracted to. It does not tell us anything about their appropriate attraction(e.g., adult ). The reality is pedophiles typically don't have age appropriation or adult sexual attraction – they are only attracted to children. Hence it is a nonsense to equate the gender of their child sexual attraction to them being gay.

      When a male pedophile molest girls it is never deducted that he is 'a heterosexual' but when a male pedophile molests boys it seems to be assumed by many (particularly the Catholic clergy) that he is 'a homosexual'. Meaning gay male. Where is the truth is he is simply a pedophile meaning he is attracted to children and has no adult sexual attraction.

  3. Liam Godden 22 Feb 2012, 2:39pm

    Oh, so because the CATHOLIC CHURCH says that Gay people are Paedophiles he thinks that makes it OK? Has he not been paying attention to the Catholic Church over the last 15 years? The kid is a Homophobe, and if hid parents support him they’re homophobes too!

  4. NudeDancer 22 Feb 2012, 2:40pm

    Sounds like “Good Riddence” to the father as well!!!

    It may be the case that 30% of Catholic Pedophiles are homosexual. That’s not the same as saying that homsexuality causes pedophilia. It could be argued that 60% of those pedophiles were heterosexual making it twice as likely that pedophilia is “caused” by heterosexuality!!!

    I notice nobody is claiming that…

    The more obvious truth is that pedophiles exist across the spectrum of society and therefore will reflect the specturm of societal types. If there are homosexual people in society then there will be homosexual pedophiles. Simple as.

    Chances are that some pedophiles are also stamp-collectors. Is anybody suggesting a link there…???

    1. NudeDancer 22 Feb 2012, 2:41pm

      Dodgy maths there, sorry, should say 70% not 60%…

    2. To gain votes, some people will be pro gay one day and anti gay the next….. but this boy is just immature, stemming from an ignorant upbringing.

  5. So he posted these comments in 2007 when he was 14 years old.

    Clearly he has grown up in a viciously bigotted environment.

    Good thing his dad has quit as well.

    1. Apart from his comments, he looks as mad as a box of frogs anyway. Perhaps they were just waiting for a pretext?

  6. Out of curisosity what percentage of catholic priests are paedos?

    We know that it is vastly higher than the population in general but I wonder what the figures are.

    The catholic cult would know so it;s too bad they keep obstructing police investigations into the child-rapists who make up the catholic clergy.

    1. Paddyswurds 22 Feb 2012, 4:16pm

      …..That’s supposedly what their “research” found. The little homophobic twerp was quoting the figures for catholic priests. Apparently the church found that 30% of their priests worldwide were paedophiles and 10% of those were Gay. He was claiming falsely that the research was for the general population…..

      1. katie Murphy - ex cath family 23 Feb 2012, 5:18am

        actually the church in its John Jay report by NYU’s school of criminal justice found that as more gays entered the priesthood, the molestation rate went way down.

        Obvious – the gays were doing it consensually with other gay priests.

        the str8 priests handiest outlet was the alter boys. BTW about 21% of the victims were girls

    2. Let’s say 30% of Catholic priests are paedophiles. Should we conclude that religion is linked to paedophilia? Should religion be wiped out?

  7. “I said that homosexuality and pedophilia were linked because there has been some research done and it’s been published by the Catholic Church that suggests that 30 per cent of male pedophiles are homosexuals.”

    This is why it’s important for people to study history at school because if nothing else it teaches you to assess the reliability of a source.

    Regardless of that glaring idiocy, he didn’t even have the brains to ask what percentage of gay men are paedophiles.

    I expect he wouldn’t like that number, because it’s probably even less supportive of his bigoted hypothesis.

  8. He really needs to see a dentist.

    1. jamestoronto 22 Feb 2012, 11:02pm

      And a psychiatrist.

  9. Paddyswurds 22 Feb 2012, 4:20pm

    ….70% of heterosexual men are paedophiles. That is unbelievable and they have a cheek to point out that 30% of Gays are paedophile. When was the last time you seen that in the Daily Wail…not

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Feb 2012, 4:32pm

      Actually, in American sex crime statistics, heterosexuals have a higher rate of paedophilia per capita. The reason why the molestation scandal revealed a higher percentage of males is that more of their gender were available to the clergy than females. Male on male paedophilia doesn’t necessarily mean the perpetrator is gay. I was once propositioned by my priest when I was 15. I was a “server” as they are called in the Catholic church, or altar boy as some call them. He was later removed from the priesthood since he’d had multiple heterosexual dalliances and later ended up marrying one of the women.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Feb 2012, 4:25pm

    He’s an idtiot. Obviously he hasn’t read the John Jay Institute’s report requested by the Catholic church. Here it is.

  11. If it looks like a closet case and sounds like a closet case, odds are it is a closet case. Although sometimes I propose that we should nail the bloody closet door shut and let him fester in his own bloody misery. Now, all evidence suggests that most acts of child abuse are heterosexual – and usually take place where the man in question has access to female children. Age is the defining characteristic, accessibility, a close second. Since most men cannot orchestrate alone time with unrelated females, but can with males, they exploit opportunity. Now. Knowing all this shall we blame all hetero men for child abuse? Or spread the net further and just blame all men (nonsenses I wouldn’t subscribe to). Or shall we understand that the subject is complex and the uneducated views of 19 year old twits on the internet are little more than the facile blathering of an imbecile.

  12. That is one ugly muthafuka no wonder he’s so angry he’s not getting laid

  13. Scott Lovely 22 Feb 2012, 5:15pm

    Sounds like a mixed up kid under the influence of a bad father.

  14. I am so grateful to the father for clarifying that I am not a paedophile – merely someone who degrades society.
    I shall sleep easier now.
    As my partner, who teaches in a secondary school, always says – when you meet the parents you understand the children.

  15. If Society oppresses individuals for being different – those accused will seek out other ways to realise their pre-existing sexual desires – ALL people, not just Men are capable of sexually abusing children – most commonly when they deny openly their sexual urges – this manifests as priests abusing children, relatives of children, guardians of children etc. It isn’t a persons sexuality that drives them to commit non-consensual, unlawful sexual acts – but those disapproving, judgemental communities who damn those they deem different.

    Healthy sex in society should be consentual, and between adults, how many and what sex is no-ones business.

    Those who obsess about other peoples sex lives, are just as likely and often more likely to commit these acts.

  16. I am concerned about attacking a person for comments he made as a 15 year old boy. If he totally disagreed with what he said and deeply apologised for it and shown signs of maturity at his age now then he should be forgiven. Some kids really do not know what they are doing at that age and the environment is a serious issue. Maybe it is a closet case but I think if a teenager is speaking like this they clearly needed seriously help at the time and the society in which they grew up needs to take a look at itself.

    1. Where does it say that he “deeply apologised”?

      1. It doesn’t. I’m saying “if” he had, people should find it much easier to forgive him considering he was only 15. There seems to an immediate rush to attack what a 15 year old boy said. If he still holds those views now as an adult then it is totally unacceptable and I won’t challenge an attack on him then but people here are practically rushing to attack a 15 year old boys comments, allbeit 5 years later.

        1. Pink news has written a recycled, muddled article as it sometimes does, however it does say, (although not very clearly) he still agrees with the comments he made today he is not apologetic.

          1. It’s more clear here


            “Mr Watson said when he was contacted by the ALP last night about his homophobic and racist remarks he denied the allegations because he was not fully aware what the allegations were.

            He said he would have worded differently comments he posted four to five years ago comparing homosexuals to paedophiles.

            ‘‘I regret the way in which I wrote them,’’ he said.

            ‘‘I should have worded it differently.

            ‘‘I would basically say, according to published scientific statistics… 30 per cent of male paedophiles are homosexuals so that does indicate some kind of link between the two.

            ‘‘I’m not saying all homosexuals are paedophiles or all paedophiles are homosexuals, I’m not saying that.

            ‘‘I’m just saying male homosexuals are grossly over represented in statistics.

            ‘‘Homosexuality is not natural and should not be regarded as an alternative lifestyle.’’”

  17. “Watson’s father has quit the party today in protest at the treatment of his son.”
    Good riddance!!!
    Two bigoted homophobes fewer in the ALP. God knows there are still many left.

  18. He Looks Crazy in that pic .

    Enough said .

  19. This lad is smiling in that photograph, but his eyes tell a completely different story. He sounds like he is under the thumb of his father in a very unhealthy way.

    1. Father like son ….not in a positive way ofcourse .

    2. He looks like he’s crying.

    3. There’s kindness, fear and confusion in his face.

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  21. One word for this idiot……..TWAT!!!

  22. I like the comment by the Queensland Premier during an election campaign too.
    I agree these are despicable and disgusting comments.
    It is good tomsee times have changed to the point of politicians calling homophobia what it is.
    I wonder how many lives the Premier has saved by affirming being gay is human not abnormal and sick.

  23. Sounds like a stupid kid, indoctrinated with good catholic values….
    I guess he could redeem himself.
    But, for now you definitely would not like to see him in politics..

  24. Spanner1960 24 Feb 2012, 8:06am

    I’m sure some paedophiles are gay, but just because cabbages are green doesn’t mean that everything that is green is a cabbage.

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