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Video: LGBT Jewish group Keshet UK says ‘It Gets Better’

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  1. Dangermouse 21 Feb 2012, 9:17pm

    The only thing that got me through was the realisation that there is no god , except in the minds of deluded people.

  2. There is a God who made men gay and straight and they are born on earth to love one another. I was raised as a Christians and I am also Jewish, not to mention born gay. It is exciting to see and hear LGBT people in England speak out about things getting better but all of us around the world need to work together to Make Thing Better, not just for us but the gay children who are being born every day who will need to have a strong support group to help them grow up safe and educated and free to be who they are in a world that needs to change for the better. All gays around the world should start a “We Make the World a Better Place for all LGBT people”. We can all network on computers on our progress and have meetings and such to Make It Better.

    1. Um – no there is not a ‘god’.

      The ‘god’ thing is a hallucination of religions and there is absolutely no evidence at all for its existence.

  3. At first I thought the video was a bit too long, but after seeing it, and listening to everyone speak from the heart, I realized that Keshet UK is an intelligent and friendly group, and most approachable too.

    1. It may be a friendly group but if it is pushing the absurd notion of ‘god’ then clearly it is not intelligent.

      1. Fair enough.

        Is there a particular segment that you found unintelligible? or detrimental to a victim of bullying?

  4. Does Keshet believe that all state funding should be removed from all faith schools?

    If not then Keshet is ensuring that things will NOT get better.

    Parents are free to teach their children whatever they like but state funded religious schools are a slap in the face to those who believe that children should be protected from religious superstition (and its associated religious bigotries) in the public sphere.

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