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Gove urged to clarify position on anti-gay texts in schools

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Reader comments

  1. After the repeal of Section 28- I remember reading a quote from Michael Gove in The Times in which he suggested Section 28 restrictions being re-introduced on a LEA basis. I am not entirely convinced he is unbiased on gay issues

    1. i dont think anyone is unbiased, especially LGBT people and we are very very sensitised (reasonably) by the Section 28 experience. He may well be OK and well intentioned but he cannot be said to be any kind of expert in LGBT issues or on the precise mechanisms of damage.

      He is very keen on faith schools so he OUGHT at minimum to be getting advice from LGBT and diversity experts about the possible effects of his decisions and statements.

    2. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 3:36pm

      @John …
      …..Isn’t Gove a member of The Law & Justice Homophobic Tory Party. The same party to which the god bothering, Homophobic Pickles belongs to. Call me Dave really needs to get to grips with these dinosaurs in his party if his Government isn’t to be consigned to the opposition benches come the approaching elections.

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 21 Feb 2012, 3:57pm

        Shhh… I’m whispering! From Wikipedia: In 2000, David Cameron (at that time an unelected Conservative party member) repeatedly attacked the Labour government’s plans to abolish Section 28, publicly criticising then-Prime Minister Tony Blair as being “anti-family” and accused him of wanting the “promotion of homosexuality in schools”. In 2003, once Cameron had been elected as Conservative MP for Witney, he continued to support Section 28.

        Just so we don’t get a surprise when Smooge-shin says very little…

    3. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 3:50pm


  2. What isnt clear in any of the coverage is who actually distributed the booklets. I am wondering if they were distributed by the US Preacher as part of his “sales-pitch”. I think it is reasonable to ask what the context was and what the balancing information was.

    I think it also the responsibility of the Secretary of State to show how children who know themselves to be AND children who have yet to discover they are LGBT are protected in such a discussion.

    And how in the context of parents who could be themselves homophobic how any legal case could ever be brought about damage to an individual. There seems to be an assumption that a parent will always protect their children but if they themselves are homophobic why would they take a case to protect an LGBT child. How would that damage ever come to light and how could it possibly ever see the light of day in a court until possibly decade later.

    1. For starters these cults schools need to have their state funding ceased completely.

      If some catholics or muslims or jews or christians want their children to attend a faith school then they damned well should pay for it themselves.

      1. Homosexual organisations and Charities need to have their public funding cut too then, that would make everyone equal on both sides.

        1. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 5:52pm

          There is a big difference between support and indoctrination, sorry, education.

        2. You might also choose to note that religion is, ultimately, a matter of choice, Matthew. Sexuality is not (though it may have been in your case).

  3. It is absoluitely essential that ALL state funding to faith schools is stopped immediately.

    It is completely incomprehensible to me that as a taxpayer I am obliged to fund the disgusting moronic superstitions of toxic religious cults.

  4. I’ve said all a long get rid of faith Schools

  5. Gove needs to grow some balls and ban the use anti-gay text. The Equalities Act is there for a reason and no where should have any exemption.

    If the text were anti-muslim, anti-christian, he would act quick enough and this really is no different.

    The law of the land must out weight outdated religious dogma.

    1. Deeside Will 21 Feb 2012, 2:15pm

      No doubt he would act even quicker if an anti-heterosexual text, which aimed to make straight pupils uncomfortable with their heterosexuality, were being distributed.

      1. Don Harrison 21 Feb 2012, 3:09pm

        Deeside, I like it.

    2. It’s not balls he needs. It’s a brain.

  6. Scott Lovely 21 Feb 2012, 1:12pm

    While I don’t have a problem with different views on homosexuality being discussed say in a sixth form context, I do have a problem with preachers coming in and presenting lies as facts. If he wants to present a personal religious opinion within the context of a comparison of different religious views, fine, but this misinformation is mischievous, offensive and damaging, not only to young people who may be gay, but their family relationships too. I come from a loving family with a great father and no abuse whatsoever. If someone had told me this rubbish when I was young, goodness knows how it may have damaged my family.

  7. Helen Wilson 21 Feb 2012, 1:33pm

    He is a smells and bells high church Anglican/Church of Scotland. They tend to be hardcore homophobes.

    1. I thought high church appealed mainly to the camper elements in the church.

      1. Don Harrison 21 Feb 2012, 3:16pm

        Well I grew up going to a high anglian church where I got my first boyfriend who was training to priest who was very camp. With him I met several gay priests in London. None of whom were camp like him.

    2. he’s a self loathing closet gay…..

    3. Ralph Perkins 21 Feb 2012, 3:54pm

      Clarification: The Church of Scotland is not Anglican but Presbyterian.

  8. Ifear and suspect the worst from Gove. Let us hope a combination of his lawyers and Cameron have enough of an instinct for self-preservation to reign him in.

    1. Don Harrison 21 Feb 2012, 3:17pm

      We can only hope,

  9. Peter & Michael 21 Feb 2012, 1:41pm

    Michael Gove should resign ! The Tory party will not change, and one can see David Cameron being forced to back off from his view of Same-Sex Civil Marriage by a rebellion of his MP’s and the church before the next election. An election the Tory Party will not win.

    1. It’s incredibly sad and depressing that time and time again that the Tory Party reveals that it is the natural home of homophobic bigotry – almost as rightwing and reactionary as the BNP.

      Has Pink News been in touch with Matthew Sephton – the head of LGBTory to see if he believes Michael Gove remains fit for purpose as a minister for education considering how Gove seems too stupid and bigotted to understand equality legislation.

      Michael Gove is a moron. And considering his religious tendencies he is quite likely to be a homophobic bigot as well.

  10. I find it hilarious when I read these articles, purely for the fact that when I was at school, the word gay must’ve come up once in the classroom.
    I only left school a year ago. So clearly most schools are still avoiding the subject entirely.

  11. Who is surprised? This is a man who wants to send every school a copy of the King James bible signed by… himself.

    He should have been sacked a long time ago because he’s clearly not all there.

    Also faith schools should not exist. If you want your children to be instructed in religion take them to church/mosque/synagogue/temple. That is their function.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if most of the people who send their children to faith schools never set foot in a church etc. unless somebody dies or gets married.

    1. Years ago, many people I worked with were determined to send their kids to Catholic shcools even though they themselves were not religious. Why? Because seemingly, the classes were smaller and the ‘standard’ of education was seen as better man mainstream schools. The fact that they would be taught from a Catholic standpoint was of little consequence. I would have thought that such homophobic attitudes were even worse then than now and as the pupils’ parents didn’t complain, I doubt that anything changed. I wonder, in these more ‘enlightneded times’, would parents complain to the school about the distribution of these texts? Hmm…

    2. I feel sorry for the kids in faith schools. It’s an obvious, unavoidable fact that there will be at least a few gay kids in every year group subjected day after day to religious nonsense. The view of these “faiths” on homosexuality is so well known I needn’t bother explaining. If it was tough for me at a state school under section 28 where it couldn’t be discussed, how hard must it be for them in a place run by principles under which homosexuality is actively condemned?

      Faith schools should be abolished or at least heavily regulated and supervised in this regard.

  12. Janet Lameck 21 Feb 2012, 2:29pm

    It is high time that church and state were separated. While I’m nopt against religious schools (i.e. Catholic)
    their teaching views should have to be taught in an approved forum, that does not focus on religion. The Catholic Church has no right in my opinion to say anything on this since their priests and lay orders have been the worst sexual predators in our recorded history.

    1. Except that simply isn’t true that they’ve “been the worst sexual predators in our recorded history”. Catholic priests, of course, actually having a far lower rate of abuse than parents, doctors, social workers, scout leaders, etc.

      1. Only if you get your “facts” from the Vatican presumably. The Irish have withdrawn their ambassador to the Vatican because of the extensive abuse by priests across Ireland. I haven’t noticed them banning the scouts.

  13. Once in Ottawa, the fundies demanded that every time a gay group spoke to students, they be given equal time to refute what we said. We said, “Sure, but everytime a heterosexual speaks, we demand equal time afterwards …”

  14. So essentially because they disagree with your narrow opinion they can’t state what they believe.

    1. They are presenting blatant lies as to the “causes” of homosexuality as facts, not simply expressing an opinion.

    2. They’re entitled to their own opinion, Adam, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. Lies and misinformation aren’t a different point of view – they’re simply lies.

  15. ‘legitimate’ anti gay information, if allowed at, all should be vetted in advance (by education regulatory body) not only in terms of content but also in terms of context in which is being presented and only to be used when presented with other material containing opposite view

    1. There should no vetting, students should be allowed to make their own mind up when presented with materials, and not be dictated to by over zealous militant minded homosexuals.

      1. Or over-zealous militant-minded non-homosexuals. Which may be the point that you’ve overlooked.

  16. If the education provisions of the Equality Act 2010 do not extend to the content of school curricula, what a poor piece of equality legislation it is. That the education system can be co-opted to teach prejudice is surely the beginning of the destruction of equality.

  17. There is nothing in the Equality Act that says it is wrong. School is not the place for homosexuality to be discussed or promoted, we have enough trouble with it being promoted everywhere else, our children need to be protected from this and the Hostile Gay Agenda and I would suggest that they should explore it for themselves out of school time.

    When Section 28 was sadly and wrongly removed, they put in place rules where a School has to inform the Parents of its decision to allow this in the lesson plan so that parents can request their children do not be taught it.

    1. Matthew, I was born with my homosexual attraction, it was NOT ‘promoted’ to me! I expected to get married & have kids, which would have been fine if I was straight, but as I’m not sexually attracted to women & wouldn’t be fully able to satisfy a women emotionally & physically, then I shouldn’t get married to a women. I repeat to you, homosexuality was NOT ‘promoted’ to me! The fist gay man I ever met was a result of me putting a personal’s advert in a newspaper, so there had bee no-one trying to convince me that homosexuality existed. I just knew that it did, because of how I felt towards men. Please stop presuming that people want homosexuality to be ‘promoted.’ The objective of is raising awareness, so every child in school with a homosexual or bisexual attraction is able to talk about how they think & feel, without being judged, mocked or bullied. Straight kids also need to know that sexuality is nature, not nurture; our sexual attractions were not a choice. We were born this way!!

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Feb 2012, 8:16pm

        Matthews argument is moot, given that we all experienced an over-abundance of heterosexual promotion during our upbringing.

        Clearly this “promotion” he speaks of has zero effect.

        It certainly didn’t turn me straight, that’s for sure.

    2. You can’t promote homosexuality, Matthew. I never heard a word about it at school apart from negative insults, and it didn’t affect my sexuality one bit. Nor did the constant promotion of heterosexuality…

      Those who try to stop all discussion of gayness are often afraid of something inside themselves…

    3. Commander Thor 21 Feb 2012, 7:03pm

      Heterosexuality has been promoted to me every single day of my life. It hasn’t made me heterosexual yet (25 years and counting).

      Bloody idiot.

    4. The Hostile Gay Agenda. Bless.

  18. George Broadhead 21 Feb 2012, 5:24pm

    Note that a Stonewall survey published a while ago revealed that the incidence of anti-gay bullying at faith schools was a good deal higher than at ordinary state schools. Hardly surprising, it it?

  19. Peter and Michael- Sorry to say this- but my feeling is that th Tories will win the nest election with an overall majority. the party will then really be forced to the right- with consequent attack on hard- wn gay rights.

    1. Especially if the Scottish leave us. Then we’ll be doomed to a Tory Government for the next few decades.

  20. He doesn’t appear to be himself a homophobe, but as a power hungry, opinionist and opportunistic fox, trying to hold on to power, he can do a lot of damage… and he is a Tory, need I say more?

  21. Is it the M15 security against defamations and bigotry abuses or what, Either way, Lancashires culprit , who has tried to bring a suggestion of instating bigoted practices in on of the schools must be out to the interantionai europe human rights intelligence, gay and lesbian task force, and David Cameron, and lynne featherstone, had better arrest the klan member trying to take defamation and terrorism and hate crimes into the schools system, United States Aclu are suing schools in every state for the abuse of gay children and the harrassment an bullying of gay children, they are instating anti bullying programs and laws on behalf of the gay children , because of suicides and violence, by hetersexual thugs of children raised and taught by thugs like the one trying to promote violence an hate into childrens lives, all of the children get along without racism and do well as trying to be good citizens unless taught by hate religions and hatemongers and klans an gansters to hate ,

  22. All countries must come up under a democracy of liberty and a people government, of human rights people, this nation nor any nation can be allowed to harm children , stigmatize children and violate children happiness and futures with people they love and their famiies, in businesses and anywhere else in schools, schools are to teach mandatory kindness and coutesy, so that the chidren grow up to be a better society of humane people who are civilized and respectful and honorable and trustworthy , rather than a group of thugs of adults and children brainwashed by them now in our society, causing violence and bloodshed, and harrassment everywhere, hetersexual are to blame for every evil under the sun, from bigotry to sex crimes, and murder, they have tore up their hetersexual famiiles because of their violent behavior, beast behavior, pedephiliea behaviors, men rapping their kids and wives and murdering them every day, by the millions all over, violent sex acts against everyone

  23. children must lead the way in their schools to stand and say no to terrorism, they are making more commercials against hate and hate crimes, thugs and klans are the people commiting crimes against people and families, while the rest of the world get along and care about each other in both genders, you must take out of offices and fields and titles all people committing defamations and hate attacks and teaching hatred anywhere, which is launching our nations further and further into violence and wars that should not be existing , every families should be out loving their famlies and walking in respect of others who are also loving and being kind to them and their own famiies that called a civilized society, the other wicked abusers are comitting crimes against civilizations and famiies, roguse, and thugs, you cannot tolerate, the abusers, there will be no civilized society, with evil wicked hippocrites who are full of hate malice of others, who have done nothing to the thugs,

  24. Oklahoma, must be reprimanded and occusted in the areas who are also trying to recruit a thug group of rogues , to go out a try and abuse the military and harrass there families, Panetta and Eric holder and the national gay and lesbaian task force and aclu and democrats had better make it know to oklahoma , if they try an violate the human rights laws that have been set in place to right the wrongs of those miitary familes, that every individual no matter what their title in Oklahoma, will be courtmarshalled, if they try and act on hate and malice, they had better get to work on important legislations of humanitarian aid for the famiies and economy and national security for the people and schools like they are supose to instead of causing more trouble for people , Actions Aclu must sue any organizations that violates, are trys the citizens well being and their familes, thats a hate crime, the natinal task force as well, tampering with human right must not every be allowed

  25. de Villiers 21 Feb 2012, 10:01pm

    Something here is not correct.

    First, the Equality Act 2010 was passed by Parliament when there was a Labour government. It wrote the words and the legislation. Parliament passed it. I cannot understand why a Conservative Minister Michael Gove is being asked for his legal view on a piece of legislation that his government did not write.

    Second, as I understand the English system, once Parliament passes legislation, the interpretation of it moves to the judges. Surely here it should be a lawyer that assists with the meaning rather than a non-legally qualified Minister.

    Third, as for the Labour criticism of Michael Gove, that seems ill-judged. If the Equality Act 2010 does allow religion schools to teach anti-gay material, then that was something permitted by the previous Labour government when they wrote the words of the Act. Any criticism of this would be better directed at the previous Education Minister in the previous Labour government.

    1. Wait a moment … keep blaming the previous administration for your own lack of will. Aren’t the “new” Tories trying to forge a new gay-friendly image? Who is stopping them but themselves? How stupid is that?

  26. “clarify when and why students can be handed such material during their education”

    Errrm never I think would be the correct answer to that one, not unless you wish to encourage homophobia and I think that is something we’re trying to eradicate!

  27. I’d like to know when we are going to be included in that phrase about the marriage being important for family life and the bringing up of children. As Cps I feel excluded and what happens when we do get gay marriage, are kids then going to be told that marriage ie straight and gay are equally important?

  28. If children can be shown pro-gay material, they should also have access to anti-gay material… that’s equality.

  29. Gove is an IDIOT!!!

    ““The education provisions of the Equality Act 2010 which prohibit discrimination against individuals based on their protected characteristics (including their sexual orientation) do not extend to the content of the curriculum. ”

    So how does he feel about kids being taught the Christians, Muslims or Jews should be killed simply because they were unfortunate enough to be born into the ‘wrong’ religion???

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