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Channel 4 and BSkyB will not pull ‘spot the trans lady’ Paddy Power advert

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 21 Feb 2012, 5:46pm

    Well Channel 4 loves airing discriminating crap. (Gypsies, Gays, now Trans)

    1. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 6:32pm

      That is a load of crap and well you know it, idiot.

      1. theotherone 21 Feb 2012, 8:52pm

        oh go away paddy

    2. They should do a program discriminating against Irish stereotypes. Oh wait, that’s that gypsy program. I wonder if Paddy lives in a caravan.

    3. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 8:13pm

      What’s wrong with discriminating against a bunch of Irish layabouts? They are not Romanies, they are just a bunch of tax-avoiding, antisocial thieves.

      The Mafia are a minority too, would you like to protect them too?

      1. Spanner you are a twat. On the other thread you say you are not racist and now this you idiot

    4. essexgirlbecky 22 Feb 2012, 3:39am

      Actually no it doesn’t. What makes this really disappointing is that Channel 4 was the first UK broadcaster to sign up to a memorandum of understanding with Trans Media Watch over the representation of transgender identity.

  2. I’m still stunned by this. If these transgirls were replaced by black men and white men ” blacked up ” and it said let’s spot the n*ggers from the minstrels,there would be mayhem.

    Yet, because we are trans, it is allowed to happen WTF is going on?

  3. When will the ASA decide whether the advert is unacceptable?

    Will it be after Chelthenham?

    If so then it doesn’t matter what the ASA’s decision is because the advert will no longer be broadcast.

    I think if people are offended by this advert then they need to start encouraging a boycott of Paddy Power and informing Paddy Power that they are doing so.

    1. unfortunately they ask for a post code – seems you can only complain from within the uk?
      I can watch C4 (legally) when I’m home, but we don’t do postcodes that I’m aware of :-(

    2. Time to picket Paddy Power premises? A liitle disruption to their revenue might make them think again.

      Put my complaint into channel 4 …thanks for the link.

    3. Thanks for that Ian. I have just sent a complaint. Is there anything on Facebook about it? I am not on it myself but am happy to bring it to the attention of others.

    4. Complained.

  4. Commander Thor 21 Feb 2012, 6:25pm

    I’m a gay man from a far distant homophobic land. I am appalled by this advert, and I am very sad for all the trans people who have to put up with this crap. As others said, “spot the nigga” or “spot the chink” wouldn’t be ignored for so long but would be swiftly dealt with.

    1. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 6:34pm

      It is so not the same thing and if you can’t work that out you are as ignorant as you sound, you racist pig…..

      1. theotherone 21 Feb 2012, 8:54pm

        go home paddy, your village is missing it’s idiot.

        1. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 9:56pm

          Like I said LAST time you trotted that old turkey, we will travel together, cause your village is missing a man and it’s time you returned, old chap

          1. theotherone 21 Feb 2012, 9:57pm


  5. It’s not a bit of “harmless fun”- it’s clearly taking the piss at the expense of the trans community. Can complaints not be made to Ofcom?

    1. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 8:15pm

      Most humour is based on the expense or sometimes misfortune of others. It all depends on what you consider the degree acceptable.

      1. Go stick chainsaw up your mothers twat

    2. essexgirlbecky 22 Feb 2012, 3:46am

      No – Ofcom’s jurisdiction does not extend to advertising. This is covered by the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising which is drafted by the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice and administered by the Advertising Standards Agency.

  6. I haven’t seen in the press yet to indicate that Cheltenham Horse Races have disassociated themselves from this fiasco?

    Shame on any one that is continuing to contribute to this distasteful affair. Clearly these people have no conscience if they knowingly or willfully support or gain financially from this discrimination.

  7. Why not just get drag queens to do it instead of trans women? Then everyone is happy.

    1. Paddyswurds 21 Feb 2012, 10:00pm

      Is there really any difference. They all look the same to most people who don’t need to go to Specsavers.

      1. And you’re point is?

      2. theotherone 22 Feb 2012, 1:38am

        don’t you have a copy of the daily mail to be reeding paddy?

    2. Another Hannah 22 Feb 2012, 3:59pm

      Well, divide and conquer – how about spot the poof Paddysword’s? Sound alright to you? They came for ??????? first, then when it was our turn there was no one left to fight……..

  8. friday jones 21 Feb 2012, 10:28pm

    “We’re sending in some lovely Jewish people, and we want you to see if you can Spot the Jew.”

    1. On the nail!

    2. Or spot the poof, or the nutter, or the person with Aspergers. Paddypower are on to something here

  9. That’s disgusting!!! What blows my mind is that it even got as far as being bloody made!!!

    Shame on you Channel 4 and Bskyb

  10. God Bless them for standing up for their rights. So much hate and so little love.

  11. Well, guess Channel 4 just broke their charter agreement with Trans Media Watch… I really hope the ASA soon bans this dreadful, discriminatory advert.

  12. Why has no one contacted Clear Cast to see why they cleared the advert for transmission?

    1. Mail them on

      I’m sure they’d love to hear from everyone.

  13. “Several members of the UK transgender community are cast in the ad, and it was also cleared by Clear Cast before airing” we are selling ourselves out. Couldn’t happen without us!!!

    1. They would have had no control over anything in the advert. And they would have had to sign a release prior to filming to state that their image could be used in whatever nasty way Paddy Power felt like.

      I think it would be a good idea for 1 of the transwomen (or even regular women) used in the advert to come forward to explain how this advert was allowed.

  14. Suddenly Last Bummer 22 Feb 2012, 10:18am

    Of course they won’t pull the ad, its revenue for them, as is that awful Gypsy Wedding programme which is just about the most racist thing I’ve seen on tv.

    1. Get in touch with

      They will not want their brand damaged by association to such a horribly bigotted company and individual as Paddy Power.

      William Hill is a better bookies anyway.


        Clearcast are looking for feedback also.

  15. Actually, I must admit – it’s quite sickening.

  16. i emailed ‘Paddy Power’ and gave my views on the advert. This was their reply:

    We are fully committed to our current UK television advertising campaign “We Hear You” which includes the 30 second commercial “Lady’s Day”.

    “Lady’s Day” was preapproved by British television advertising watchdog Clearcast who took the view that the humour, while not to everyone’s taste, fell short of causing offence.

    Paddy Power welcomes feedback and would like to thank all those who took the time to share their views. We would like to apologise to those who took offence.

    -I have since replied. I think they feel they can get away with it, cos transgendered individuals are a real minority and sometimes don’t speak out. I just hope they stop airing it

  17. Time to get in touch with the Cheltenham Festival directly as well.

    Go to and click the ‘Contact’ button at the bottom and there is a complaints section.

    They should be already aware of this controversy so pressure needs to be put on them to distance themselves from Paddy Power.

    William Hill will be grateful for the lost business.

  18. Shame that we all can’t boycot channel four till they move it i am transwoman and we don’t need this hype plus are characters use really trans or actors for paddy to abuse us with

    1. There is no reason not to boycott C4. Vote with your remote control!

  19. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

    1. No, it’s: don’t like it? Encourage everyone you know to boycott this company and *pass it on*

  20. Since Paddy Power has already boasted – of a previous ad campaign – that it was voted “most offensive”, I don’t think it’s unfair to conclude that they are cynically using deliberate shock tactics on the basis that any publicity is good publicity.

    For what it’s worth: I find the ad not just transphobic but also sexist, although the ones who are most being treated like dirt are their own laddish customers.

  21. I suppose that we have to be grateful that the advert did not go for ‘spot the mares, stallions and geldings’.

    Channel 4 will be trans friendly only if this does not interfere with its earnings from advertising?

    1. Still on youtube yesterday?

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