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Africa sends its first black contestants to Mr Gay World

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Reader comments

  1. Well done!

  2. Shame that, not being blonde haired and blue eyed, they probably don’t stand a chance of winning. Mr gay UK this year had ALL white finalists again, despite the diversity on show in the UK.

    I think that the gay community fetishises the aryan look more than the rest of the public. Personally it does nothing for me.

    1. I think you’re looking for racism where there is none. You would need to examine the number of black participants vs the number of white participants in each of the Mr gay UK rounds, then compare the attractiveness of every contestant, which is subjective anyway. It would be worse in my opinion, to throw in a couple of black guys for “inclusiveness”, it would be dishonest and degrading to both them and the black community.

      1. Racist gay people will always deny it exists. If you’re not white and gay be careful as there are plenty of abusive racists out there who will happily send you to the nut house for fun

        1. Racist people exist, gay and straight.

          1. Straight people confront their racists gay people seem to at best ignore them at worst condone it. Where are the gay anti racists?

          2. Erm I’m sorry I have confronted many racists when I have come across them, so your sweeping generalisation is error numero uno and you shout racist at every turn James! so how about you lay off it, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again its quite racist.

        2. May I hear an example from your experience, please?
          I’ve only ever seen tactlessness in stating personal preferences,which while almost as damaging to the other person, isn’t *quite* the same as racism. It’s just rudeness.
          I’ve never seen gay people genuinely telling someone they’re worth less than their white counterparts PURELY on the basis of their skin colour.

          1. Oh go and get an education. I have heard gay men describe people as “the blacks”

            Sexual racism sucks

          2. @James,
            Yes, and I’ve also heard gay men describe groups as ‘the whites’, ‘the twinks’, ‘the daddies’, ‘the asians’, ‘the otters’, ‘the bears’, ‘the muscle maries’, ‘the twinks’, ‘the pocket-gays’, ‘the gaymers’ etc. etc. etc.
            Designation of a group of people who share a characteristic is not necessarily the same as stating ‘They are inferior based on that characteristic’.

            Yes, racism is awful. It’s a blight on our society that shouldn’t exist in this day and age. We should be above that by now and be able to judge people on who they are rather than how they look.
            However, sexual preferences are by their very nature shallow. I only like men and I prefer them to be over the legal age and not obese. However, I’m not an ageist, weightist, misogynist bigot because I recognise that people I’m not sexually attracted to aren’t worse people because of it. They’re just not people I want to bed.

            Or am I misinterpreting things?

          3. Adam

            I’ve never seen gay people genuinely telling someone they’re worth less than their white counterparts PURELY on the basis of their skin colour.

            I don’t beleive you

          4. I’m sorry, James. It’s the truth. I’ve never seen that.
            Perhaps I just move in the wrong circles and live in a bubble. Perhaps I’m lucky. Perhaps society is slowly moving on. I can’t say.
            All I can say is that I have never witnessed anyone stating that someone is worth less as a person than a counterpart of a different skin colour, for no reason other than said skin colour.
            At least, not without a huge group of people including their friends rallying against them instantly. And even then, those were only ever straight people speaking.

          5. Adam. That’s a really really narrow view of what racism is. Racism can be unintended and subtle. You don’t think it hurts when an Asian guy reads ‘no Asians’ again and again and again on people’s grindr or gaydar profiles? You don’t think it’s racist for people to call me a ‘rice queen’ because my husband happens to be Japanese?

          6. Adam, I have also never witnessed “gay racism”. Although I do not doubt for a second that it does happen. I live in Brighton though and it’s generally a very tolerant place. The worst case of racism I witnessed was against a Chinese girl getting onto a bus at Heathrow Airport by the bus driver. Absolutely disgusting. I saw red and had a “bit of a word” with the driver.

          7. Tom, writing no asians on a gay dating website is not racism, its a sexual preference I don’t like women that doesn’t make me sexist.

          8. “Rice queen” is a racial slur, it IS racist!
            Saying on a dating website “no Asians” is not racist, it is sexual preference, just like “no over 60’s or under 25’s” is not ageist, it is sexual preference, like “large cocks only”… you get the idea surely?

          9. “Rice queen”, got me thinking about when I was in Hong Kong several years ago, an amazing city and I would highly recommend it. Visiting the several gay bars, there were sometimes signs on the door translated into English “Rice only” or “Rice and Potato”, meaning of course, looking Chinese Asian, or Western European.
            There’s an interesting article on Wikipedia,

          10. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 4:37pm


            I don’t know is saying ‘No Asians’ on a profile being racist? Or simple honest about who are not attracted too? Personal preference and all that. I have many friends but it doesn’t mean I’m attracted to them and if people are only looking for sex then isn’t this just not wasting people’s time? I dunno… maybe abother debate in there.

            I’ve seen some profiles with ‘No Whites’ but I don’t take that offensively I mean it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same would it.

            Mind you I don’t see you making an issue of things if it just says No Whites. Yet in your eyes whats the difference?

          11. Tom,
            Yes. “Rice Queen” is a racial slur, is racist and I am incredibly sorry that people call you that. That must be… awful to have to deal with.
            However, ‘no asians’ while demoralising and hurtful I think is more tactless and rude than racist. If put as ‘I’m sorry, but asians aren’t my type’ it would carry the same meaning without as much pain.
            That having been said. If people are genuinely assessing their entire self worth by what people on hookup websites think then isn’t it time they re-evaluated anyway? There’s more to life than grindr.
            Considering all the aspects of your life and all the things you do, surely the fact that you can’t have those few dozen pricks you’ve never even met off gaydar doesn’t really affect your self-worth in the grand scheme of things.

          12. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 5:43pm

            James! “Oh go and get an education. I have heard gay men describe people as “the blacks””

            Oh. So just to turn the tables you have never heard of the expression “Batty Boy”? At least we don’t go around putting burning tyres on people we don’t like.

            Bigotry can be found everywhere.

          13. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Feb 2012, 11:29pm

            In actual fact Hamish, that is exactly what it it. To presuppose you can identify what someone will look like (and therefore what you will or won’t find attractive) is racial stereotyping.

            Not all black people have an afro and a flat nose, and similarly other ethnicities do not necessarily follow stereotypical traits.

            Caucasian only is much favoured amongst those who would never describe themselves as rascist on gayday, but I’m guessing that if someone turned up on their doorstep of from India or the Middle East, it wouldn’t be quit what they had in mind.

            I have no problem with people having sexual preferences based on appearance, but to second guess whether you will be sexually attracted to someone purely by haring their ethnicity is, like it or not, rascism.

          14. SMC

            Thank you for making pure sense.


            Oh. So just to turn the tables you have never heard of the expression “Batty Boy”? At least we don’t go around putting burning tyres on people we don’t like.

            Bigotry can be found everywhere.

            Oh so that makes it ok you ignorant pig

          15. And let me clarify, what you call sexual preference is objectification and dehumanising of the people you claim to prefer sexually. This is also at the exclusion of a majority of the people on the planet. Ok thats your choice but to express that on a dating ad where member of the public may be offended is not on.

            Be as racist as you want behind closed doors but don’t spread your bigotry wrapped up in rubbish about preferences

        3. jamestoronto 21 Feb 2012, 3:56pm

          “Racist gay people will always deny it exists” What garbage. racism sadly exists everywhere. Many posts on this and many other sites show that it does. But, just as many, if not many more, posts can be found condemning the racist remarks. Labelling the entire gay community as racist is absurd; saying we deny it is equally stupid. Thousands of gay people everyday speak out or work against racism throughout the world. Take those blinders off.

          1. Every other community admits it has a problem. I didn’t say all but there you go on the defensive. Shameful

          2. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 4:40pm

            I’ve yet to hear that the ‘community’ denies there’s a problem. I have witnessed and been targeted just because of who my late partner just happened to be black and myself white… mostly from the Gay scene though not exclusively.

      2. DC78 it would be dishonest and degrading to both them and the black community.

        funny that you don’t identify the person as part of the gay comunity just the black community.

        You have not learnt that people can be black and gay. It’s very telling

        1. If they were participating in Mr gay UK, It would be assumed that they are part of the gay community. If they are thrown into the competition as a “token” ethnic minority, then it is insulting to them by virtue of them being part of the black community.

          1. Question are ethnic minoroties part of the gay community?

      3. Not racism, just a very narrow notion of beauty

        1. Agree, however beauty is subjective. I don’t know the number of black guys compared to white guys taking part and subjectively gave my opinion on their looks. I can’t speculate like you did.

          1. So you don’t think the gay community has a problem with limited notions of beauty? Have you ever spoken to a non white gay person about this?

          2. @Tom, “So you don’t think the gay community has a problem with limited notions of beauty? Have you ever spoken to a non white gay person about this?”

            I think everyone has a limited notions of beauty, I don’t know why that is a problem though? I tend to be highly limited in my notion of beauty and my notion of beauty has changed as I have matured too. When I was younger, I had a thing for guys with dark hair, now I’m not concerned about that. I used to fancy younger guys, 18-25, now I’m 33, I prefer guys slightly older to me, (my partner is 42), although not as old as 60. Am I ageist that I just don’t fancy younger guys or older guys? Am I a misogynist because I don’t fancy women? I do happen to often fancy black guys as much as I fancy white guys, but if someone told me they didn’t generally fancy black guys, I wouldn’t shout racist. If a black guy told me he generally fancies black guys, I wouldn’t shout racist. I’m not sure what the problem is?

          3. I’m not saying it’s racist to not fancy certain types but just as the straight beauty industry promotes an ideal of thin women, so to the gay scene promotes an ideal of blonde hair, blue eyes. I think the tastes of gay men are diverse. I don’t think they are reflected in the gay media.

          4. @Tom “just as the straight beauty industry promotes an ideal of thin women, so to the gay scene promotes an ideal of blonde hair, blue eyes.”

            As I’m from Brighton, have a glance over these front covers from GScene magazine…


          5. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 4:43pm

            Some people do see things that aren’t there and decide to create attention by making nothing into something.

            Isn’t this very sad anyway. Here we should be saluting those representing Africa and welcoming them, not making ‘racist’ claims and insults.

          6. the gay scene promotes an ideal of blonde hair, blue eyes.

            Really? In London one of the most desirable ‘types’ that’s used in marketing relentlessly is what could loosely be described as Brazilian: neither blond nor blue-eyed, quite the reverse.

    2. If the black guys do not enter – how can a black be chosen as winner>? You can not force people to enter

    3. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 5:48pm

      What a blinkered and narrow-minded viewpoint.
      Would you consider anybody that doesn’t like Marmite or Brussels Sprouts a bigot?
      No, because it is personal taste. Just because someone may not fancy a black, Asian, white or whatever person does not preclude racism, but simply they are not what ‘floats their boat’.

      Equally, I know many that *only* go with one type or another. It takes all kinds. You really ought to get out more.

      1. I get gut feeling or chemistry fair enough. But to possible hurt someones feelings by saying you’re unwelcome from any ethnicity is just not on and most progressive communities would abhor such behaviour. We don’t seem to mind how the world see us

        1. @James!

          I’m getting where you are coming from.

          I still wouldn’t necessarily regard someone having a particular preference as racist, although putting it blatantly on a profile in a manner such as “No Asians” is certainly veering in that direction.

          When someone asks me whether I have “a type”, I generally say No. I mean that from personal experience whereby I have been with a guy who did not fit into the neat little tick box list that I might have had about men at one time in my life. I will be honest and say there have been only a few non-white guys in my life but there have been a few stunnning black, Asian and Latino guys that I have seen. So, in short I usually go for a white guy – but I do find some non white guys incredibly attractive (just as I find some white guys dog ugly!). In terms of relationship material, that goes beyond aesthetics in any event and a spark, an attraction, and a relationship that transcends all preconceived ideas of who our soulmate is.

      2. I think anyone who automatically excludes anyone else from being attractive based mainly on their skin colour or ethnicity is a bit dodgy, frankly.

        But then, I don’t understand people who have “types” either. I can find something attractive in all sorts of men – black, white, Asian, fat, thin, young, older etc etc

        1. Spanner1960 22 Feb 2012, 9:24pm

          I think you will find you are in a distinct minority there.

        2. Clive

          I agree anyone who decides that skin colour is more important than character will end up with someone just like themselves. Thank god!

          1. I really struggle with this. I think I dont have a type in that I do find people from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of aesthetic qualities attractive (when looking on a shallow basis eg walking down the street and checking a guy out). I do recognise that I tend to go for the same type of guy; white, tall, short or cropped hair, slim athletic build, sparkling eyes, good smile, clean shaven etc. So, in a sense it could be argued I do have a type – a propensity to find a particular type of physical appearance attractive. There have been guys who do not fit the usual list eg non-white, blonde, facial hair or muscular for example- but I do tend to go for the same type of guy at least on first attraction. When it goes deeper whilst aesthetics are nice and matter to an extent, the deeper person is more important – although to get to that deeper person a spark needs to exist first. I don’t exclude non-white guys but I see a message a type is wrong.

    4. Racism is rife in the UK, what do you expect?

      1. Racism is rife in the UK

        It is? It certainly exists but then it exists to some extent in pretty much every other country in the world, not least many African countries. In Rwanda, for example, it was taken to a level unimaginable here.

        1. What is wrong with you. The”they do it too attitude” is pathetic

          1. Well, for starters I don’t actually think racism is ‘rife’ in the UK, I think it’s actually a lot less racist – now, anyway – than many if not most other parts of the world. You should go to Australia, if you think it’s bad over here.

    5. Just out of interest. I’ve just looked at the Mr gay uk site. And out of 16 years. only 3 years did a blonde haired blue eyed man win. So, 13 years of dark haired men doesn’t really support your theory. And as someone who has dark brown hair and brown eyes, I’ve never had a problem in finding a fella. Thanks for letting us know that you have a ‘no blondes’ preference, though that’s more the kind of thing you’d write on gaydar than pink news.

    6. Actually you have a point. It’s hardly a true reflection of the gay community now is it?

  3. Small steps for the African nations but still a very long way to go.

    1. And so does the gay “community”. It’s 40 years behind the rest of the world

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 4:44pm

        Speak for yourself. You might be…

      2. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 5:49pm

        Community? Best joke I’ve heard in 40 years.

        1. Exactly – what ‘community’? On rare occasions – the Admiral Duncan bombing, for example – I think it’s possible to talk about a Gay Community (in that pretty much every gay person would have reacted with horror in the same way); in all other instances it’s as fatuous as talking about The Black Community (oh right, everyone who is of African or African-Caribbean origin or any mixture thereof) or The Asian Community (everyone whose origins may possibly lie between Turkey and Japan?).

          Ain’t no such thing.

          1. Well who ever is running this event can be seen as part of the community. who ever organises pride can be seen as part of the community. Wethere you like it or not you they are speaking on your behalf

  4. …..and why is there a picture of a white man to accompany this story?

    1. He’s African. But yes, they have a pic of Mr Gay Namibia on file, so why not use that instead?

      1. Coenie W. Kukkuk 21 Feb 2012, 4:48pm

        We did send Pink News photos of all four delegates.
        Coenie Kukkuk
        Director: Africa
        Mr Gay World

        1. Well then perhaps Pink News would like to explain why they used the photograph of the white guy when the headline clearly emphasises the black contestants.

          Is someone here brainless or racist?

          1. Maybe they just fancied him more than the others. That’s not brainless or racist.

          2. No it is brainless because this isn’t about the personal sexual preferences of the editorial staff, it’s about the article “Africa sends its first black contestants to Mr Gay World”.

            I couldn’t care less if someone is sexually attracted to a white man instead of a black man.

    2. That is the winner of Mr Gay South Africa 2011. see the link for the 2011 finalists:

  5. Well done were only 40 years behind the rest of the world

    1. Who’s ‘we’, James!? Surely not the contendors?

      1. You think we are 40 years behind algeria, egypt, libya, morocco, sudan, tunisia, gambia, ghana, guinea, liberia, nigeria, senegal, sierra leone, togo, cameroon, burundi, djibouti, eritea, ethiopia, kenya, somalia, uganda, tanzania, comoros, angola, botswana, lesotho, malawi, nambia, swaziland, zambia, zimbabwe, and that’s just the african nations who still make homosexuality illegal. Who exactly are ahead of us? And as Rehan asks, who are ‘us’?

  6. Bravo all of them! That must take real courage. My hat goes off to each of them.

  7. Scott Lovely 21 Feb 2012, 1:27pm

    I’m not sure how a male gay beauty contest advances gay rights. Did Miss World advance women’s rights? Obviously not, since feminists used to storm the stage.

    Maybe us average Joe’s should storm the Mr Gay World stage as a protest against the continual pressure to look perfect and gym built.

    1. Mr Gay World is not a beauty competition – it is the search for an ambassador with a healthy mind – and body. Go look at the criteria on the website – health is an issue, and about 11 others which have no bearing on the physical. Primarily he must be a spokesperson.

      1. PS Mr Gay World has no age restriction – that is proof in itself – Mr Gay Norway in 2010 was 50 and Mr Gay Peru 41 in 2011. If I look at the delegates so far for 2012 on the website, I see Bulgaria is 40 years old.

        1. Scott Lovely 22 Feb 2012, 1:53am

          And the hunky beautiful South African in the photo is featured for his brain and personality? Pull the other one.

          1. When some women took equality to mean they can copy the worst behaviour of hetrosexual men.

            seems that the gays have done the same beauty pagents, chavanism, bigotry and discrimination

            And we wonder why we seem to have lost a lot of respect from wider society. What do we bring to the table today?

          2. You simply cannot believe ‘we’ have lost respect from ‘wider society’ (whatever that is). Can you really think Ben Bradshaw/Ian McKellen/Gareth Thomas [choose according to inclination] has gone down in people’s estimation because of a Mr Gay contest?!

            Possibly the worst thing is when a small fraction of a minority is thought to be representative of the whole; we (rightly) decry it when all black people are thought to be the same as some Jamaican rap thugs – aren’t we doing the same thing here? For goodness’ sake, it’s just a beauty contest, and no-one is taking part unwillingly!

        2. I congrtulate Mr Gay World and the entrants and organisers for the great positive message that entrants from Ethiopia, Namibia and Zimbabwe give to LGBT people in Africa and beyond.

          However, I do think is is a little disingenuous to say Mr Gay World is not a beauty competition. There are entrants in 2011 and other years who won awards for Mr Swimwear and Mr Evening attire etc … if this is not a beauty contest element then I do not know what is!

          Yes there are aspects which go beyond this and Mr Peru last year was very sexy and older. There certainly isnt pigeon holing in the contest. It is still (at least in part) a beauty contest though.

    2. You might feel pressure to look perfect because of a beauty contest, but maybe that says more about your own expectations. I feel no pressure at all that someone else has bigger biceps, I enjoy looking at big bulging biceps. We all have our own qualities. And most men with big muscles have got small dlcks anyway. (that’s a joke before anyone with big muscles thumbs me down)

  8. this should be scrapped . it.s as sexist & out-dated as miss world ! just a cattle market ! i.m 19 btw . so i.m no old geeza !

  9. this shld be banned . it.s sexist & as out-dated as miss world ! CATTLE MARKET ! i.m 19 btw so no old geeza with old fashioned views !

  10. I hardly think Miss. Universe and Mr. Gay World can be compared on the same grounds. Socciiety at large doesn’t value male beauty, especially gay men the way it values (heterosexual, cis-gender) women. Is the competition the first and formeost forum for gay civil rights? No, but it does present a chance to talk on a global scale. I was surpirsed of the Zimbabwe delegate, the country is quite notorious for its bad civil rights track record. If a man can use this contest to bring those isses to a worldwide stage, then I say there’s value to it.

    I do find it a bit odd that they chose the lightest skinned delegate for the article picture. I mean, light skinned Africans are still Africans, let’s not slip to colorism, but if we’re talking about black african delegates, why not use the Namibian, Ethiopian or Zimbabwean ones?

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