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Sweden set to drop sterilisation rule for official trans recognition

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Reader comments

  1. This is fantastic news!

    Right,, who’s next?

    “According to the Council of Europe, the European countries which currently require sterilisation are: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine.”

  2. Helen Wilson 20 Feb 2012, 12:56pm

    This shows how important international solidarity is in these matters. Well done everyone keep pressing the Netherlands should be the next target followed by France (in time for the election)

  3. My Swedish buddy tells me that the Swedish Christian Democrat party is the nutty lunatic fringe, they only have very limited influence and are largely an embarrassment. Grudging kudos for backing down, but I would imagine the other – much much larger – parties in the coalition flexed their muscles.

  4. A small step in the right direction at least. Let’s hope the steps get larger in the coming weeks and months.

    Let’s hope too that the E.U begins work to force other countries who have a similar policy to make changes.

  5. Hey, I signed that! Hurray!!

    Also, I was very happy to see the UK was not on that list!

  6. Ladyboy Revolution 20 Feb 2012, 3:02pm


  7. Once again the transgender agenda wins in ridiculing & making a mockery of transsexuals. Transsexuals are trapped in the wrong body therefore we have no issues with sterilisation, its part & parcel of gender reassignment which we desperately need. Having actually transitioned we were then able to change our birth certificates. Now it seems that just wearing clothes of the opposite sex now suffices, how utterly farcical. It will not be too long before transsexuals will be denied their reassignment surgery and told that dressing as the opposite sex is the treatment for their medical condition. Once again transsexuals will then be marginalised. Suicides, and attempted suicides, will increase and who gives a damn? Well not the transgender brigade because they will be happy living out their fantasies.

    1. Helen Wilson 20 Feb 2012, 8:40pm

      So I should be sterilised just to get my driving licence changed or any government gendered information changed? It should take me three years to get to the stage of gender reassignment via the NHS. Should I not be able to have things like bank cards, letters ect reflect my gender while I’m going through my two years of the real life test???? I have done all these thing because of UK law allows it….If I was Swedish I’d have to do my real life test with every document reflecting a different gender to my presentation, it would be a nightmare.

      This is not a transgender agenda (whatever that is) is essential for all trans identified people especially transsexuals.

    2. What about the needs of a trans person who can’t afford the surgery or can’t have it for medical reasons? Or simply doesn’t want it? A handful of extremists like yourself pitch a fit because the rest of us fought for rules that include everyone, rather than setting you (exclusively) on a pedestal.

      Go ahead and ridicule a progressive victory, nobody cares what you think.

      1. In the UK, surgery is on the NHS therefore there is no excuse for not having surgery. Those who do not want surgery are not transsexual but transgender. They have no dysphoria but choose to express their individuality by dressing as the opposite sex which should be supported by human rights & is in many countries. However those who do that have not transitioned, not changed gender therefore should not legally change any documentation. Legal recognition should only be to those who are going or have undergone gender reassignment surgery. Any for the nonsense about being on a pedestal the bottom line is that transsexuals have always been at the bottom of the pile & had to fight to get anything. I’ve seen many transgender people ridiculing transsexuals over the years & seen as selfish because we need surgery. Yet the same transgender then demand they are the same as transsexuals when our needs are totally different.

        1. You state that you support the needs of non-op trans people, then you blatantly take a position contrary to the self-professed needs of those very people. If you’re going to take such a narrow view of trans identity, then you have no right to make statements about the needs of those people whom you have intentionally excluded.

          I realize that some people who narrowly identify as transgender have made some stupid and offensive statements about trans people who obtain bottom surgery (well, let’s be honest, this debate really only occurs among trans women… for some reason nobody worries that much over whether trans men have or have not had the surgery). I recognize that and I call that out every time I hear it.

          But then again I’ve noticed far more often these kinds of rejectionist views expressed towards trans women who don’t obtain the surgery. The fact is that if someone lives, sleeps, works, travels, socializes, etc. as a woman then her ID should reflect that.

        2. When I pass through airport security, there is no need for them to know what is between my legs. It serves no practical purpose and only calls greater attention to trans people in general (including trans women who simply haven’t had the surgery yet).

          And anyways, you ignored one of my points, which is that there are some trans women who _desire_ the surgery, but can’t go through with it for separate medical reasons (heart problems, etc.). So what do you say for these women? Tough s**t?

          Listening to you talk about the needs of non-op trans people is like listening to a homophobe discussing gay rights.

          1. Get over yourself. Non op transsexuals are a complete contradiction in terms. If you do not want surgery then you are not transsexual, you are transgender. Men do not have vagina’s and women do not have penises, end of story. Those who choose to live as the opposite sex without surgery have every right to do so however no way should that legally be recognised because in truth they have not transioned, they have just changes their wardrobes. As for your argument about transmen then i fully acknowledge their reassignment surgery is abysmal and every effort should be made to encourage surgeons to get that perfected.However that does not stop them having hysterectomies. If someone truly has gender dysphoria and feels trapped in the wrong body then when they decide to transition they do not want any vestiges of their birth sex. Why would they? IF someone says i want to transition but i want to keep bits of my birth sex then they are kidding themselves.

        3. would you kindly sod off with your true transsexual psychobabble…

    3. Wow, way to speak for every trans person as if they all feel the same as you do.

      Nobody’s saying you can’t be sterilized if you don’t want to be. Go for it. Knock yourself out. This is a lifting of restrictions, not adding new ones. Lifting restrictions and barriers to recognizing gender identity is a GOOD thing. It doesn’t benefit you personally because you don’t mind that particular restriction? Guess what, it doesn’t benefit me personally either. But I can still be happy for the people it DOES benefit, and so could you if you weren’t so busy trying to turn good news into an attack on you.

  8. tiem to sterilize the right wing xtians. Cutting off their dicks will also stop them from the worst versions of pedophilai

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