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St Petersburg lawmaker dismisses ‘fake’ mothers’ plea over anti-gay law

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Reader comments

    1. [dumbstruck]

  1. “…make them believe that both traditional and gay relationships are normal.”

    Because they’re obviously both completely insane.

    1. yes that is what we tried to persuade people in the UK and for our trouble we got Section 28…during which was hell on earth to be a teacher. “Do you know your history, do you know where you are coming from?”

  2. a senior official who reportedly said “no one cares about offending the gay community”

    In time, he will eat those word. When his country becomes a real democracy.

  3. Just goes to show how out of touch he is with reality.

    He has completely offended the authors of the letters with complete disregard to the effects his comments and subsequent actions of this ban.

    1. Ordinary Russian people will watch this debate and as in the UK they will start to realise the stupidity of it. Just like this mother. I hope she comes forward. Im hoping to visit her in Tyumen.

  4. Liam Godden 17 Feb 2012, 1:19pm

    And yet we continue to do business with the Russians, corrupt and primitive in outlook though they seem to be….

    1. “though they seem to be”… I find that when you take the trouble to know about Russia and the Russian people then much more useful dialogues are possible. Most Russians have not been exposed the discussions we have had in the West, this discussion is starting and just as in the UK it isn’t pretty at the beginning. Has everyone forgotten Section 28?

  5. September Meadows 17 Feb 2012, 1:44pm

    Wrong side of history “senior official”

    What I feel they are hoping for is that one gay person will take that as a call to become militant, so that the government can start killing gays in the streets to protect the public.

    1. But this is Russia we are talking about here.

      It is not a civilised country or even a democracy.

      It’s a dictatorship posing as a democracy.

      1. You don’t even have to be in Russia, I am in BC, Canada and our local mayor is a prime example of homophobia. His platform when he ran for office “Progress” his victory and oppressive attitude set the local attitude for acceptance and awareness of the LGBT community back big time!

    2. not true at all, they see gays as a minor irritant and like people in the UK did, they think we are converting children to be LGBT rather than what we are doing which is trying to make sure children and young people have balanced information so that they can understand their own identity.

      It is a great mistake to look at Russia as though they have experienced British history of the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. And does anyone think that a society is not affected by 6 generations of totalitarian Soviet rule?

      These are the sorts of things they used to say in the UK. They will have the discussion and they will learn, however during that process it is absolutely clear to me that like in the UK, Russian LGBT will come to harm,especially young LGBT people.

  6. The comments on the RT article linked, are positively prehistoric, and seriously anti-semitic too.

  7. “Homophobia is laughable in the 21st century.”

    Very true.

    What is also laughable in the 21st century is the country of Russia – a once great nation, which since the fall of communism has regressed into an undemocratic dictatorship lef by the dictator Vladimir Putin.

    Russia does not allow freedom of assembly. It does not allow freedom of the press (journalists keep getting murdered by unknown assailants – Putin’s heavies no doubt); it does not allow freedom of speech (the dictator Putin’s political opponents all seem to end up dead, in prison or ‘disappeared.)

    Meanwhile the Russian population is collapsing as anyone who can flee the country for a better life in a civilised country does so.

    The sad people who remain in Russia face a bleak existence and a short life (chronic nationwide alcoholism means that a Russian male lives on average for 59 years – compared to 78 for a Russian female).

    Thankfully within 100 years much of Asian Russia will belong to China .

  8. Jock S. Trap 17 Feb 2012, 2:55pm

    Disgusting. Yet no-one can say or give evidence why being Gay is harmful to socciety when clearly in decent societies is quite the reverse.

    Yet again humanity at it’s worst.


    1. Russia is a backwards dump for sure.

      But I think you’ll find that African leaders are a truer representation of humanity at its worst – ignorant, uncivilised, savge and genocidal.

      1. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 2:22am

        What I find completely disgusting is your deliberate and racist use of the words ‘uncivilised’ and ‘savage’.

        African countries’ problems stem in very large part from the aftershock of colonialism – wrought by the hand of the British Empire…

        ANY large scale oppression of people based on notions of racial superiority creates this kind of fcvked up situation.

        You, however, are not helping with your own ignorant and racist twaddle…

        I would like Pink News to remove your post

        1. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:42am

          I concure!

          1. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:44am

            I mean “concur”!

        2. Bravo! Not to mention the neo-colonialism implied!
          Do we want democracy in Russia or don’t we? At the moment this is where many Russian people are at (many Ukrainian people) are at. The dialogue begins…do you want to help or hinder?

        3. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 2:04pm

          “African countries’ problems stem in very large part from the aftershock of colonialism – wrought by the hand of the British Empire…”

          Always a weak arguement. The problems they cause is created by themselves. Blaming others just hand them an excuse to carry on.

          1. Agreed , and i find it very racist for supposed ant racists to implicate that Africans cannot formulate their own evolved thought process on such matters, that instead they are stagnant due to colonisation.

        4. You are portraying covert racial superiority by implying that colonialism is largely to blame for the continents societal ills and that the African people are somehow incapable of rational progress.. Africans are as capacitated as other ethnicities to move forward of the past, if their choice is to remain in ignorance , that is their autonomy to do so not coercive of the West.

          1. however there is the “how” of how the “west” in particular Britain as the relevant ex-colonial power tackles this…as indeed the LGBT activists (in fact gay and male activists) told us at the House of Commons from Uganda Jamaica and Malaisia so rapture and Jock you are directly contradicting them!

    2. more shameful than what happened in the Uk in the 80’s and 90’s?

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Feb 2012, 4:07pm

        I was in London in the 80’s and 90’s and never experience anything like this. I had always had a great time.

        The comment is irrelevent anyway since we’re talking about the 21st Century not what may or may not have happened in the ’80’s and 90’s’

        1. well I certainly did in Brighton, and LGBT in St Petersburg have a very good time, we had a great night out at one of the gay bars…of course you are only seeing a tiny segment. Russia has a different story, of course it makes a difference. How little people understand what a settled mature democracy makes. How little they understand what they have and have had. Must go messaging with a gay man in Russia and explaining how backward some British LGBT people’s understanding of Russia is!

  9. “Russia does not allow freedom of assembly.” Hmmm so I must have been dreaming when I was in the LGBT demo in the Nevsky Prospekt in St Petersburg!

    The 17 Day of Silence Actions taken by LGBT+ people last April didn’t happen.

    The 24+ IDAHO Rainbow actions on 16-17 in 9 time zones from west to east didn’t happen either…

    and nor did the demonstrations in temperatures of -20 (C) after the last election…..

    1. and a very lovely policeman stopped us and asked what we were doing so we gave him a leaflet and explained and he was satisfied and let us continue on our way. We handed out 1200 leaflets that day. Of course that will become a finable offence when this bill comes into force.

      1. Just wanted to thank you, Clare. Some people have a weird and image of Russia in their heads and go around insulting us. And, which is worse, they are not even trying to learn and see more. Sure, Mironov and other such idiots don’t help, but they are not the whole Russia and I never tire of stressing that. They don’t represent the whole Russia and their opinion is not that of the whole country.

  10. It took the Uk forty years to get to where we are in a settled democracy. Russia never had any history of democracy, they are still emerging into it and their conversation about “homosexuality” started later. This law echoes Section 28, and this kind of law happens when LGBT start to be visible, which they simply couldn’t be under the Soviet system. They *will* get there, are we going going to support them or hinder them? They are not insane, they just have never had the opportunity to discuss “homosexuality” before. Please remember the Soviet Union didn’t split up until 1991 and they are still emerging from the damage but there are some very good signs and one of those good signs is the emergence of LGBT people. This will be a hard time for them… but just as in the UK and other comfortable western countries with settled democracies, they *will* get there.

  11. Still no mention of the more severe law 8711 in the Ukraine affecting a population of 47 Million people and compounded by a harsh censorship law. What about the Ukrainian LGBT don’t we care about them?

  12. Letter from the Parents Group in St Petersburg who I met last April:
    Esteemed Deputies,

    We are the parents of children whose peculiarity lies in their homosexuality. We ask that you consider our words before making amendments to the bill concerning administrative responsibility for “public actions aimed at the propaganda/promotion of pedophilia, homosexuality (sodomy and lesbianism), bisexuality, and transgenderism amongst minors.

    Why is society infected with the idea that our children are immoral? We understand them. We love them.

    We do not want homosexuality to be promoted like some kind of phenomenon; we want for there to be education, enlightenment. By classifying sexual minorities as perverts, you deny a Russian musical genius, a famous poet, and a celebrated comedic actress of their due respect. These names are known by every learned, cultured person and are but a few of many, many more (5-7 percent of the world’s population).

  13. The way in which the authorities ignore their interests is already unjust, but to fight against them legally is simply savage.

    A consequence of societal stereotypes, many children, teens, and young people are not accepted by their very own families; they are kicked out of their homes, left without the support of their parents. They are bullied and beaten in their schools, on the street, and in public spaces. All of this is a direct consequence of high levels of homophobia in our country. What is a young person to do when they have been deprived of love and the support of those closest to them? What are they to do when they are fully aware that if they do not mask their identity, their very essence, then they will be similarly forced from their jobs? Unfortunately, all too often it ends tragically.

    Further, it is wholly unacceptable to incorporate the understanding of “homosexuality” and “pedophilia” in the same bill; the latter implies violence. This is a completely different problem

  14. Further, it is wholly unacceptable to incorporate the understanding of “homosexuality” and “pedophilia” in the same bill; the latter implies violence. This is a completely different problem, an entirely different theme.

    If this law regarding propaganda is passed (and propaganda can be understood as any mention of homosexuality), sexual minorities will be stripped of the opportunity to be heard and understood. They will be denied the opportunity to be fully active members of a tolerant society.

    Respectfully yours,

    N.V. Karpova, E.N. Musolina, M.I. Melnik, N.I. Sozayeva, A.L. Belodedova, N.N. Gasanova, E.B. Perminova, I.N. Rachinskaya

    I *love* these Russian parents of LGBT who consistently support their children in public. (but nobody was interested in that press release of the IDAHO success of Russian LGBT last May when Russian LGBT gathered in 24+ locations across 9 time zones to mark the 20th anniversary of the Internatnaional Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia)

  15. Keith Farrell 17 Feb 2012, 5:37pm

    this is an idiot, can anyone be so stupid or are they made that way because I do not think they are born stupid

    1. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:35am

      They are indoctrinated that way – by their families, their religions, their school mates – it is no less than institutionalized homophobia and hate mongering.

      1. Just as the British population was… but many of them learnt but we havent eradicated homophobia here and it isnt so long since politicians were doing much the same in the UK. Maybe we can help them with our experience. Remember David Cameron voted FOR exactly this sort of bill and only apologised in 2009!

        1. Thanks for sharing your insight into the current Russian mentality, Clare.

          1. Such as I have I happy to share…basically they started later, guess what when we were tackling Section 28 they were overthrowing er…the whole Soviet system so had rather a lot on their plates! They have been coping with rather a lot since but thanks to the wonderful Russian LGBT (across 9 time zones) that debate is well and truly under way!

  16. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 2:17am

    The bloody idiots…

  17. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:33am

    Who would have thought back during WWII that facism would come to Russia!

  18. The RT could do a better work — the Letter was signed by REAL mothers (and my mother was among them!), there was also the correct address…

    The mothers are ready to meet, answer questions, etc. you can contact them via me or LGBT organization VYHOD

  19. Petersburg is supposidly the creative/bohemian city in russia, by russian standards only it appears. What creative individual would want association with such a vile , primitive, backward dump.

    1. I am very happy to be associated with probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world… (a lot more beautiful than Brighton or London) where I managed to dyke spot a couple of Russian lesbians on the Metro. We all nearly fell about, it was such a beautiful moment!

      It IS a creative Bohemian city and about as homophobic as Brighton was when I first came here, it still has its moments. They are absorbing new ideas and it takes time but just like the UK and other countries before them they will get there…

      When you condemn the whole of Russia or the whole of St Petersburg just remember you are also condemning the valiant LGBT AND their wonderful families and allies who support them….and LOVE their city and are working hard to sort out the homophobia and lack of knowledge.

      People who trash my LGBT+ friends like are not really people I want much to associate with and even the Russian official I met had more manners!

    2. Russophobia is no more justifiable than homophobia. We cannot tackle stereotypes with more stereotypes. If we cant respect them why on earth should they respect us?

  20. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 18 Feb 2012, 7:57pm

    Sorry but Russia seems to be now at the stage of their social development where the Tories were in 1987, ie. lording it over poofs and inverts with a Section 28! It’s such a shame for Russia and its people – they deserve more from their government that this Tory-inspired drivel. I mean Margaret would be so proud of them.

    1. Exactly right Mr Ripley and why do you suppose that might be? Because in 1987, we had no internet and they were behind the Iron Curtain and they could not possibly follow what was happening in the West! Then they had the small matter of the whole Soviet system to collapse, with potential military coup and all sorts of lovely things we didnt have to deal with in the settled west nad you know what they have got a bit of catching up to do….and even the homophobe who tried to hijack the LGBT meeting while very ignorant was perfectly civil and after I tackled a few theological issues tamely took a lovely copy of Quakers and Equal Marriage AND amazingly shook my hand and wanted to meet me next time I was in St Petersburg. Better change than some LGBT in the UK! Sorry gotta go, I am just trying to explain to a Russian gay man in Siberia (actually he is from the Komi Republic)how little LGBT in the UK understand about the politico-historical development of Russia! Do svidaniya Darlings!

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    1. thanks for the spam Elina!

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