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Elton John recreated with Gaydar profile pictures

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Reader comments

  1. I can’t think of a worse example of a gay man than Reg Dwight to promote LGBT history month.

    Let’s not forget that Elton witll do ANYTHING for a cheque – that includes playing gigs in South Africa during the height of the Apartheid regime there. And of course he’s not above wh0ring himself out as a wedding singer to a homophobic extremist when the price is right (Rush Limbaugh paid him $1,000,000 to be his wedding singer).

    Or when the violently homophobic rapper called for the violent murder of gay men on his album, what does Reg do – why he begs Eminem to do a duet with him.

    1. Moziac? Umm… ok… there’s an app for that.
      Sorry, not impressed with the art or with Elton as the subject. I could think of 100 other more prominent and worthy equal rights fighters. I’d probably use Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum showing the span of gays through human history.

    2. It’s called constructive engagement. Sometimes it helps change minds and opinions.

      1. Eminem called for the violent murder of gay people in his lyrics.

        Rush Limbaugh wants the removal of the gay community’s human and civil rights.

        And the less said about the horrors of Apartheid the better.

        I call Elton John’s engagement with monstrous, murderous homophobia, both irresponsible and motivated solely by greed and self-interest.

        There was nothing ‘constructive’ about Elton John engaging with the Apartheid regime (or Rush Limbaugh or Eminem for that matter).

      2. “It’s called constructive engagement. Sometimes it helps change minds and opinions.”

        Maybe the Eminem gig could be construed as “constructive engagement” however, in the case of Rush Limbaugh’s wedding it’s “called” money.

    3. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 1:30am

      You really are a HORRIBLE man – you’re so quick to believe the worst of people time and time and time again. You post nasty, mean and vindictive posts and never seem to have a good thing to say about ANYONE…

      Bloody dickhead…

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 17 Feb 2012, 1:03pm

    Gaydar and Elton John, two of the worst things to represent the gay community.

    1. Now that you mention it – it’s a match made in heaven.

      Gaydar and Reg Dwight are as vapid and irrelevant as each other.

      1. Sister Goodlove 17 Feb 2012, 11:03pm

        I love dAVID’s posts!

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 17 Feb 2012, 1:50pm

    @Aryugaetu, the ‘art’ (I use the term as loosely as Elton’s bowels) is little more than a one liner, dull and unimaginative and at about the level of an unambitious GCSE art student. I’m curious to know if the owner’s of the profile pictures allowed their use for these works. Then again if you’re enough of a wh0re to put your photos all over Grindr and Gaydar you don’t really have the right to privacy.

    1. wow! Is your middle name judgemental?? So people who use Grinder or Gayday are whores with no right to privacy. How wonderful the world must look from your view so high and mighty in the sky. How supreme and superior it must be to be you. Why the world is just so dirty and soiled for you and your type. Incredible, I suppose only the most fastidious Gay would fit the mould you so obviously need us ALL to fit in to in order to be considered ‘proper’ Gays worthy of respect and love. Dirty Gays..the virus spreader etc and those who have more than one sex parter..well they deserve all they get….dirty bastards….in YOUR world. I’m partnered and monogamousness but I’m not saying that that lifestyle fits us all. Hurrah for the Gaydar men and Grinder lads….I bet they are having lots more fun than a stuck up bitter and twisted old troll like you…oh golly…how judgemental of me!!!

      1. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:52am

        Well done Shane. You have summed that “type” up nicely. I’m so glad to see others speak the feelings I have about these hypocritcal, hypercritical, idiots!

  4. WTF!?! Did they ask the people in the pictures if they wanted to appear??

  5. Fake and gay. Literally.

  6. *gasp* I could be part of his nose?! lol Or did they just use the guys?

  7. I claim breach of copyright. I am sure I can spot my, ahem, manhood pic, in the upper most fleck of his left eye!

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