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Comment: East London gay pub isn’t at risk, so why smear Ken Livingstone?

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Reader comments

  1. Staircase2 17 Feb 2012, 6:03pm

    Bless ya! Well said!

    (ps you can count how right you are about Tory smear tactics by counting how many ‘no’ votes my comment has at the end of the week – all this vested Tory interest masquerading as ‘comment’ on Pink News Comments Boards is disgusting)

    1. I accidentally posted a ‘no’ vote to your comment. Please acept my apologies, it was emphatically supposed to be a ‘yes’ vote. Apologies yet again, it was cock-up, not conspiracy. You should have two ‘yes’ votes.

      1. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 1:57am

        Bless ya – thanks
        So far it looks like the right-wingers havent gotten away with it for once…

        1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 10:06am

          There are plenty of left wingers an labour supporters that can’t abide Ken Livingstone either.

          1. Agreed , I’m no Tory, but livingstone is vile and i’m disgusted by his homophobic buddy associations and his homophobic/anti semitic remarks.

          2. Thats to be expected – simply because he’s got the balls to stand up and say what he thinks…
            That becomes problematic for anyone in power simply because they can’t control him with the party whip.

            I for one believe thats what’s good about both him and Boris.

            The difference between them however is that Boris is a media-seeking gadabout while Ken genuinely has Londoner’s best interests at heart in the policies he’s brought forward…

          3. Jock S. Trap 24 Feb 2012, 10:56am

            “Ken genuinely has Londoner’s best interests at heart”

            Oh how people forget so quickly. Ken is only in for one reason…. Ken.

            Boris stands up for London and Londoners without the need to offend nor be devisive.

            Ken is the last person London needs.

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:37pm

      Actually in recent years smearing has always been the adoptive stance of the Labour party, in particularly when they don’t have any policies etc.

      1. This is predictable bollocks…and not true.

        Ideally I would prefer it if Ken wasnt a Labour candidate but instead an independent (given his treatment by Blair & then the Labour Party it’s surprising he is standing on that ticket). However, he is a threat to Boris simply because Ken is popular and, inspite of the rightwing smear campaign going on against him – especially specifically in Pink News’ comments boards – he has done enormous amounts for London over the years and, it must be said, for LGBT Londoners at that…

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:45pm

          There’s non so blind….

  2. de Villiers 17 Feb 2012, 6:20pm

    A pointless piece of political propaganda. Whether from the left or the right, does anyone really believe politicians’ statements? On all sides, it’s all self serving.

    1. Well, you could look at the facts, make up your own mind which argument is supported and vote accordingly.

      But that’s nowhere near as much fun as labelling everything propaganda, is it?

      1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 8:09am

        propaganda noun the organized circulation by a political group, etc of doctrine, information, misinformation, rumour or opinion, intended to influence public feeling, raise public awareness, bring about reform, etc.

        That description sounds spot on to me. This whole piece looks like it was stage-managed to try and turn round Ken after last weeks debacle.

    2. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 1:58am

      Predictable bollocks, de villiers…

      1. Jock S. Trap 19 Feb 2012, 8:50am

        Clearly you don’t understand the word debate. You clearly add ‘bollocks’ coz you have nothing to contribute.

        1. No – I added bollocks bcause what he’s saying (and you too, it must be said) IS complete and utter bollocks.

          Made up, party political bollocks designed to smear Ken Livingston so that Boris gets a chance to ride the ‘Mayor as Tory Airhead’ bus once again…

          Boris isnt an airhead but he makes it his life’s work to ensure people THINK he is…

          With Boris in-post Tory central office gets to control London…

          You think that Mrs Thatcher would have abolished the GLC if it had been Conservative-run…!?

          1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:47pm

            Using words like ‘bollocks’ means you don’t understand debate or opinion. Not everyone shares yours and that doesn’t them wrong nor you right. It’s an immature ways to hinder debate instead of actually joining into it.

  3. Jason Ravek 17 Feb 2012, 6:25pm

    This article *seriously* misrepresents the new powers councils have and the way they intend to use them. Anyone who thinks that fundamentalist Islamists such as Lutfur Rahman (google his links with the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, which controls the East London Mosque) do not want to shut down venues such as the White Swan is seriously deluded. Pink News has detailed elsewhere ( the rise in homophobic hate crimes in Tower Hamlets, fed by a leadership that shares the prejudices of the ignorant. Fine, defend Ken from Tory attacks, but don’t mislead readers in the process.

      1. Wasn’t this the first time such an event was held in Tower Hamlets? And wasn’t this event a direct response to the Gay Free Zone stickers and the homophobic assaults by muslims on bars and individuals? And wasn’t this just a month before the EDL were threatening to march through Tower Hamlets? There’s a couple of professional communist homos who would defend Joseph Stalin and/or Lutfur Rahman. Some queens are just really turned on by totalitarianism and restraint.

    1. john dickens 17 Feb 2012, 6:52pm

      It seems you are the one doing the misrepresenting, Jason

  4. Ken has smeared himself by associating with homophobic extremists and their allies like Al Qaradawi and Rahman. This article is confused rubbish – why is the White Swan having to apply for this exemption when it isn’t a lapdancing club? There’s clearly an attempt by Rahman (who, let’s not forget, was not the Labour candidate, but was backed by Ken all the same in the mayoral election – something that should have seen Ken booted out of the Labour party) to shut the pub down.

    1. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 1:59am

      This is bollocks…

      1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 10:07am

        An erudite and articulate response from you, as always.

      2. Jock S. Trap 19 Feb 2012, 8:51am

        Another uneducated response I see.

        1. lol
          there is nothing ‘uneducated’ about the word ‘bollocks’
          while there is something DEEPLY ‘uneducated’ about belittling a candidate simply on the basis of smears, lies & half-truths…

          One might say ‘bollocks is as bollocks does’ – and lets just say you DO do bollocks…and Spanner IS bollocks…

          1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:50pm

            It’s immature and pathetic and shows you have not idea of how debate show be conducted. Clearly you need to leave it to the adults.

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:39pm

      Well said CS!!

    3. Even more surprising that some labourites would consider giving livingstone a vote , considering his lack of loyalty considering the party.

      1. ‘Loyalty’ my arse…
        do you even know what it is you’re talking about…?

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:51pm

          Well you clearly don’t!

  5. Labour taking over from Ann Widdecombe with a little sprinkling of radical feminism on the moralising stakes by the sound of this article.

    I agree Ivan Massow is hard work, but this article doesn’t endear Labour (or Ken) to me.

  6. Lap dancing clubs! How frightful!! Disgusting! An explosion in numbers!!! Surely we need morally superior politicians to rid the stinking, brutish common people of those vices that flourish so shamefully in the dens moral decay! Yes! Get up your high horse and whip the mischief and vices out of these dregs, I say!

    You idiots…

  7. David Mcmillan 17 Feb 2012, 7:25pm

    There is no evidence to suggest an increase in Rapes and assaults connected with Lap dance clubs and would suggest you refer to the article -The impact of adult entertainment on rape statistics in Camden by Brooke L Magnanti -Also on Twitter @bmagnanti

  8. Another pro-Ken article on PinkNews. How many more defending this vile man before he gets proper scrutiny for his views and the people he associates himself with?

    1. Another anti-Ken comment on PinkNews. How many more attacking this man before they get proper scrutiny for their views and the people they’re associating themselves with?

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:53pm

        Eh this is a debate page. People leave comment reflecting their opinion. Are you suggesting that people only comment in support of Ken, when clearly many people don’t and don’t forget?

    2. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 2:01am

      I’ve usually found that people using the word ‘vile’ tend to be giving people a pretty accurate indication of their own bitterness rather than the person it’s supposed to be aimed at…

      1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 8:12am

        How positively vile.

        1. …I rest my case…

          1. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 4:21pm

            To coin a phrase: “Bollocks”.

      2. What about the word ‘bollocks’? Does that fall under the same self reflective psychological analysis of you rather than the person it’s supposed to be aimed at?

        1. No – its purely an observation…
          and ‘bollocks’ is not an overused gay cliche as yet…whereas ‘vile’ says more about you than it does about ‘them’…

    3. Paddyswurds 19 Feb 2012, 1:18pm

      …”How many more defending this vile man before he gets proper scrutiny for his views and the people he associates himself with?”……..if that’s the sort of country you want to live in, then you are deffo in the wrong one. N Korea or Russia might be more to your liking. This is a Democracy last time I looked, altho if the Law n Justice Homophobic Tories had their way it would be a one party state.

  9. “Home Office figures show an explosion in the number of lap-dancing clubs, with numbers more than doubling since 2004”

    No they don’t. This is a lie put about by campaigners trying to justify changing the law.

    “Lap-dancing clubs do not exist in a vacuum. Groups of drunk, sexually charged men piling onto the streets does not just intimidate women but can also lead to an increase in rapes and sexual assault in the nearby area”

    Yes, sexually-charged HETEROSEXUAL men are disgusting aren’t they?
    The prejudice you display makes me sick.

    1. To test the theory, can we compare the rape figures in Hamburg and Amsterdam with London, perhaps?

    2. maybe if they licensed brothels the men wouldn’t be so sex charged when they hit the streets – problem solved.

    3. There is a moral backlash going on in Tower Hamlets — from the muslims. Alcohol banned in Whitechapel. How long has the Salavation Army hostel been there? 100 years? There’s a statue to Booth there. The east end has been a den of drugs, drinking and sex for at least 150 years. The jews never tried to close all that down, just the repressive muslim fundamentalists. There’s been no media outcry about the homophobic violence there, nor the bars closing down. Well, maybe when the last gay bar closes in the east end (about 5 years from now), you’ll all admit what the muslim plans were all about.

  10. Ivan Massow cares only about money, so no surprises there… he’d do anything …

    1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 8:14am

      And I suppose the White Swan do this all for the good of the gay community?
      Get real, if it wasn’t for the money, nothing would get done. Stop fooling yourself that the world is full of philanthropic socialists.

      1. Would you sell your mother for money? Your brothers? Your sisters? If not, why would you sell the gay community for money?

        1. Spanner1960 20 Feb 2012, 11:40pm

          Because there is no such thing as “the gay community”, it is a myth.
          If you want venues and events that cater for your minority, then you should expect to pay for it just like everyone else.

  11. Kevin Maxwell 17 Feb 2012, 11:06pm

    Tom, I read the article by Ivan on the way home and was tempted to respond myself I was so offended! You’ve become my ‘daily’ hero – well written, well said @kevin_maxwell

    1. The fact that you lot of complete tossers have sought to ‘down-vote’ this man is bloody outrageous

      Pink News is awash with bloody bigotry…

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 12:55pm

        Have to say you are pathetic. Go play with your toys, leave the debate to the adults.

  12. The author of this piece lives in Camden. What do people from Tower Hamlets think? Or for that matter, the people who work at the White Swan itself?

    I’m uneasy about this lap-dancing campaign – we usually hear about such outrage on the websites of Christian Concern and Anglican Mainstream. I agree we must protect women (that’s why I despise the notion of Sharia tribunals) but I am also concerned that the campaign has more sinister motives.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:44pm

      Quite. It would be good to hear from someone who Actually lives in the area rather than someone assuming.

    2. I do live in Tower Hamlets, yet my comment was deleted. Obviously the opinion of those queers who’ve left the borough or those who’ve never set foot in it matter more than mine.

  13. Is this an editorial? I didn’t think PN took an explicitly political side on things? (I’m not from the UK so don’t really care, but I hoped articles would be unbiased in their reporting).Whether it’s true or not the article is very slanted.

    1. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 2:03am

      If you’re not from here then how would you know if its ‘slanted’ or ‘unbiased’….?

      1. John from MN 18 Feb 2012, 6:21am

        No matter if it comes from the new world, the old world, or down under, when a piece reads like it’s slanted or biased concerning politics then it very likely is. It really doesn’t take that long of googling, reading, or asking around to figure it out.

      2. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 8:16am

        Well we all know which side of the argument you are on.

      3. The green men on Pluto could tell this article is slanted and biased. British citizenship is not required.

  14. SORRY! I retract my last comment. I just copped on that it’s an editorial. My apologies.

    1. And when I said “editorial” I meant to say “comment”. God I’m mortified. Please PN, delete my ignorant comments!

  15. What a grubby little article.

    Wht is it actually susposed to be?

    A member of the Labour party handed column inches to slag off Boris Johnson.

    What exactly is the point.

    Its a sad state of affairs that the best person Labour can find to respresent them in the mayoral elections is the guy we tossed out last time.

    Move on Tom – your time would be better spent looking for a creditble candidate – I’m sick to the guts with hearing about all the things Livingston is going to do when he gets elected, that he notably failed to do last time he as in

    1. Staircase2 18 Feb 2012, 2:04am

      …Party Political Bollocks On Behalf Of The Boris Party…

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:49pm

        Do you even know what debate means?

        1. Do you know what ‘reactionary’ ‘bigoted’ ‘lies’ ‘smear’ and ‘not true’ means?

          How bout ‘disinformation’ or ‘misinformation’ perhaps…?

          How bout ‘unbelievable’ (and Im talking about your reaction to me not the smears against Ken Livingston which are also, coincidentally, ‘unbelievable’…)

          You do not have a right to lie about someone’s history and try to influence public debate based on those lies… its very simple…

          1. Jock S. Trap 24 Feb 2012, 10:59am

            Not one for accepting fact are you?!!

          2. Jock S. Trap 24 Feb 2012, 11:01am

            “You do not have a right to lie about someone’s history and try to influence public debate based on those lies… its very simple…”

            Really? So how come you do it so much?

  16. Jslington has just presented Grand Central with a £14 k bill for an SEV, how exactly does that tally with the headline ?

  17. Copley is wrong about practically everything, Tower Hamets are proposing a nil policy and the White Swan is one of the 10 places listed by their licensing department. The White Swan sent a petition asking for an exemption, was told that they would reply in 28 days but have heard nothing 2 months later. Hackney had a consultation of the strip pubs that showed 67% support, the Home Office has never published information on the number of lap dancing clubs and their numbers have not increased since the 2003 act came into force in 2005.

    1. Don’t forget Tower Hamlets had a “consultation” on this nil policy which closed on 17/10/11.
      It still hasn’t published the result, which strongly suggests it went against what the council wanted.

  18. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 8:06am

    It seems Ken still has his toadies out in force.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:50pm

      Yep, and plenty of them now work for the Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

      1. Yawn….
        why dont you join the BNP – youd find yourself quite at home…
        theyre also reactionary, lying bigots…

        (I suspect your bf’s might have something to say about that though…)

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 2:05pm

          Very low even for you considering most on here know I lost my partner of 20yrs suddenly nearly 5 months ago.

  19. Mark Michaelsberg 18 Feb 2012, 8:46am

    To quote a Labour Party spokesman, “Ken is probably the most pro-gay politician in the history of the world”. That’s not an overstatement.
    …..So Tom Copley and the Labour party have forgiven Ken Livingstone for his previous employ at Press TV (Iranian state tv). Do some digging and see who funds and editorially controls Press TV. An Iranian govt that EXECUTES gay people !

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:50pm

      These people always seem to have short memories.

    2. Trust the Labour Party to have never even heard of Harvey Milk.

  20. “Ken was speaking out for gay rights when Matthew Parris was still in the closet.”

    Really distasteful and ignorant. Ken could speak out because he was STRAIGHT and did not get persecuted for his sexuality like Parris would have done.

    1. Although Matthew Parris never invited a murderously homphobic, anti-semitic bigot to address Tory headquarters, did he? Ken Livingstone played gay people like the opportunist he is. And now that we are out-numbered by muslims in London, he embraces clerical fascism.

      1. Where do you GET this fcvked up twisted nonsense from?

        One could be forgiven for believing that you get it from these very comments boards – awash as they are with the intellectual flotsam and jetsam of the gay community…mostly white male reactionary bigots of a certain age…

        Things that make yer go ‘hmmm’…

  21. Assow left the tories cause of the homophobia. He’s got issues. Ken is rubbish to o so paddick for me

  22. Rashid Karapiet 18 Feb 2012, 12:15pm

    Good old (oops!) Massow and Parris: the terrible Tory twins trying to convince us of the sincerity of Conservative attitudes to homosexuality etc. Any one for Section 28? Reminds me: Old gay campaigners never die, they come out as Tories.

    1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 12:24pm

      Is that the best you can come up with? Wheel out the old clichés about Section 28 which is now quarter of a century ago. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Margaret Thatcher in the same breath. If you are going to take a pop at Tory politics, at least make it vaguely current (like this century) if possible.

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:52pm

      Don’t know which decade your living your life but I much prefer 2012. Why don’t you join us?

      1. Oh yeah – of course…
        ‘history can teach us nothing’…
        Follow that path and you turn out a bloody idiot….
        …odd that…

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 2:12pm

          Bitter much?

    3. And what does the islamic party in the UK want for us queers? EXECUTION! Hizb ut Tahrir got 10,000 muslims at their 2002 conference. Muslims in Derby, Birmingham, Luton and London have been calling for our execution in the last 5 years. Homophobic preachers were featured at huge muslim conferences in east London in 2010, and west London in 2012. If you think the coming battle is between Labour and Tories you are wrong. Baroness Warsi was very quick to point out she’d support homophhobic measures. Both parties have allowed the muslim population of England to double each decade for the past 30 years. And muslims are concentrated in urban areas just like gay people are. The clash is inevitable. Tower Hamlets couldn’t even find 1 muslim to be in the recent photo for LGBT History Month in that ghetto (sorry, borough).

      1. It’s frightening whats happening, and you still get fools on here clueless , thinking that london is soo tolerant and multicultural and how wonderful it all is ,completely oblivious to the simmering conflict.

    4. Bless ya, Rashid – well said

  23. The thing is, Ken is quick to comment on anything a Tory says yet he has absolutely nothing to say about his homophobic mates on Tower Hamlets. Like other’s have pointed out, the pub in question is by no definition a lap dancing place so why has it been mentioned in the council’s decision to look at lap dancing establishments. I know why because the Islamists in Tower Hamlets wants to root out the last remains of gay life in the borough. Very sad indeed and more of this to come if Ken gets back in again because there will be a army of these people promoted as special advisers etc. God help us.

  24. You know, all this petty political point-scoring aside, if this pub doesn’t want to be considered a strip club, maybe it should stop holding strip nights? Strippers are not an essential component of a gay pub, or any pub for that matter (indeed it’d be a pretty sleazy “straight” pub that had female strippers). IMO stuff like that only serves to fuel the stereotype that we’re all a bunch of sex-obsessed cock fiends.

    1. Spanner1960 18 Feb 2012, 2:36pm

      Oh give it a rest. The White Swan has been around longer than most and has done Wednesday night amateur strips for years. It was always part of their lineup.
      Why should they have to pack it in just because a herd of dodgy straight clubs catering for Asian men has grown up to exploit the community in that area?

  25. BTW, a lot of people defend Ken’s links with Islamic extremists who want us dead by the fact Ken has a very good history of backing gay rights. He certainly has and I am thankful someone was speaking up for us when most were not. However, what matters today, in 2012, is the problem. Ken has turned his back on us because he see’s Muslims as more of a priority. His links with Tower Hamlets, Iranian TV, Islamix preachers etc is all too much now and he spends more time involved with this, he is a hypocrite because if this was Boris instead, we’d have uncle Peter T and friends writing artciles week in, week out about Boris Johnson’s nasty friends. But because it’s cuddly Ken it’s fine. Not with me it isn’t.

    1. The problem is that Ken is a complete whore for votes and he’ll stab anyone in the back.

      I really can’t o see why pink news have given some NuLabour lacky the opportunity for a free party political braodcast

      1. “whore for votes” like that , livingstone will go to the highest bidder or in this case which community has the highest number of votes available . The worm that turned.

        1. I cant believe you lot are so fcvking dense…honestly…

  26. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 1:36pm

    Will maybe Ken should stop siding, supporting and inviting hateful people. Then maybe they wouldn’t have a reason to say he support such people or their damaging lifestyles.

    Boris will be getting my vote. End of.
    Another 4 years of Ken? Have we really got such short memories? I know I haven’t which is why I could never vote for Ken.

    1. I’m not a fan of Boris , but he’s got my vote as he has the only realistic chance of beating livingstone, and 4 years of that worm would be very detrimental.

    2. What on EARTH are you talking about re ‘short memories’…?

      You can vote for whoever you like – what I object to is the way you are using lies and disinformation in order to sway other people into doing the same – and thats just plain WRONG

  27. The Wednesday amateur strip night at the White Swan was probably its busiest non-weekend night. I’ll bet that without strippers on Weds or the weekend, the White Swan will close. Then of course, the Old Ship will close.

    Alcohol is banned on the streets of Whitechapel already. Local meetings are often segregated on the basis of gender. There was a “community festival” in the heard of Tower Hamlets last year. Every stall was selling burkas , korans or halal foot. Alcohol was banned from the park. And this was a park that used to have a gay pub at one end.

    The signs saying Tower Hamlets was a Gay Free Zone was a fait accompli.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 6:50pm

      Yep and this who Ken Livingstone openly supports hope for their vote. Smears against Livingstone? I don’t think so considering he broke ranks with Labour to suport a dodgy Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

      1. A dodgy mayor, who himself was deselected by Labour, for his smear attacks on fellow Labour muslim candidates.

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 Feb 2012, 8:54am


  28. Warren Alexander 18 Feb 2012, 6:22pm

    Livingstone’s very public support of extremist Islamic preachers and politicians is proof enough that he has no interest in equality in general and gay rights in particular. Livingstone is in favour of one cause only: Ken Livingstone

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2012, 6:51pm

      Indeed, so true!!

    2. So not true…(his record speaks volumes to this if you would actually THINK about what it is youre saying and educate yourself about the man’s work…)

  29. Gabriel Vogt 18 Feb 2012, 9:07pm

    It is deliberately misleading to claim that noone has proposed closing the White Swan. They HAVE proposed that the strip night would no longer be able to continue, and the management have said that the lost revenue could make the pub unviable and would have to close.

    Ken is clearly not a homophobe, but he should choose his friends more carefully

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 Feb 2012, 8:56am

      He is choosing his ‘friends carefully’ at the expense of us and other minority he clearly thinks don’t matter.

      He is clearly playing a very calculated game for votes.

  30. Even more recent homophobic abuse aimed at gay and lesbian councillors in Tower Hamlets.

    More tales of the pretty much as we expected.

  31. Home Office figures show an explosion in the number of lap-dancing clubs, with numbers more than doubling since 2004.

    Isn’t that because local authorities were happy to take the money is costs to get the licences, business rates etc? What are councils going to do when they close these clubs and they are then losing their taxes and extra revenue they bring in?

    I’m all for the protection of women, but surely many of them who work in these clubs are doing so of their own choice, yes there are those who are being forced but aren’t those venues the rarity?

    As for the White Swan, why should they have to pay for an exemption the their existing license? Tower Hamlets should grant them a special exemption at no cost to them to prove they are not v being homophobic.

    How they can say an amateur strip night is on a level par with something like Stringfellows is beyond me.

    1. Home Office figures do not show a doubling Copley made that up, the big boom came when the courts handed out licenses.

      The reason the White Swan and other places like Grand Central are included is that they feature nudity which the act {dream’t up by Harperson and “2nd home” Smith} is set out to discourage. I find it offensive that what concenting adults can watch behind closed doors requires the approval of somebody like Rhaman and the various corrupt officers of Tower Hamlets.

  32. What rubbish from your Labour man – Livingstone knows that there are more Muslim voters than gay ones, so is happy to sell his soul to the devil. Livingstone’s yesterday’s man espousing yesterday’s politics of division.

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  35. burningworm 20 Feb 2012, 9:14am

    Through my door last week and sitting on the floor was ‘Kens Fare Deal for London’.

    I wonder how Ken will lower fares? The paper is all talk without any real notion of how this is going to be done.

    The next mayor will have to tackle this issue. I bought a bike to quit feeding the transport teet. Already in less than four months its paid for.

    I’ll stand independent.

    Labour doesn’t speak for the lgbtqi comm. Lets not fool ourselves.

    1. This is not about LABOUR – its about who is the best candidate…

      Ken lost the last election simply because people were fed up with LABOUR – ie Blair/Brown/Meddlesome Mendleson and the Iraq War etc etc etc – it was because he was the Labour Candidate.

      This is not a party political broadcast…
      Its about the CANDIDATE

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2012, 2:08pm

        Actually Ken lost the last election because people were fed up with Ken.

  36. On one hand it’s clear the events in Tower Hamlets are being used for electioneering purposes by friends of the Mayor, because they’re keen to exploit the link of Luftur Rahman and Ken Livingstone. On the other hand, unsubstantiated and outrageeous claims like lap-dancing clubs lead to an increase in Rape (do you have ANY evidence for such a claim) demean the other side. Really, this whole council move is an exercise in the New Puritanism. I’m interested in what he thinks about gay bars where there is known to be a bit of fumbling going on in the back – are they ‘sex establishments’ that need to be assessed and likely lose their licenses under his ‘framework’?

  37. I loathe the Tories and will not vote for Boris,.

    But as a gay person I clearly cannot vote for Ken Livingstone thanks to his links with genocidal, homophobic extremists.

    1. Unfortunately, this is complete and utter crap…

  38. Kevin Jones 20 Feb 2012, 2:14pm

    Well said, really well said

  39. Tim from Radio Clash 21 Feb 2012, 12:56am

    ‘seedy venues’ – I’m reminded that in my memory gay venues were described as such, saddened that Pink News allowed such prejudicial comment – in my mind as a gay man I think it’s fair that gay and straight sexual venues remain open.

    And I’m not fan of Massow or Boris (or Ken – as a left winger I can give you a list of his compromises and wriggles, he’s far from saintly even back to GLC days) and Massow is less than trustable and neither is Boris – but I think Ken like quite a few mayoral candidates (Lyndsey German I remember did this also at the Pink hustings) has taken the gay vote for granted, and lumped it in with all the other ‘minorities’ – in one sense of Unite and Fight I agree with this, but as a member of one of those minorities I know how it all just gets lost in the wash.

    Ken’s dedication to London’s gay community has been lukewarm at best, lots of words but not so many actions…I don’t think I could vote for Boris as a Tory, but I know Ken lost my vote last time.

    1. Spanner1960 21 Feb 2012, 4:25pm

      Just as a case in point, much that many gay places in London, mentioning no names are “seedy, sexual establishments”, and there were many more that have since disappeared, but the White Swan was never such a place. It’s strip nights were always just a bit of fun and titillation, no more and well within the law.

  40. John David 21 Feb 2012, 1:49pm

    This legislation could well impact of gay clubs and bars and the idea that it is only designed for lap-dance club is dangerously naïve. It also is incredibly patronising to suggest that those working in the professional sex industry are being exploited anymore then any other members of the leisure and entertainment industry.

    The claim in the article that the presence of lap-dance club has increased the rate of sexual assault also appears not to be supported by the actual evidence. If drunken behaviour is taking place then this can happen outside any public bar and this is covered by the current licensing acts which can allow the council and police to remove persistent offender’s license and close the establishment down.

    1. John David 21 Feb 2012, 1:50pm

      The new regulations were induced to control lap dancing. The Act reclassify the above venues as ‘sexual entertainment venues’ instead of ‘entertainment ‘ venues’ thus allowing the Government to tighten up regulation. The ethos of the new rules means the authority’s licensing committees can reject applications from live adult entertainment venues if it is felt the proposal would not fit in with the character of the area.

      However, to date the Act it has been used to target long-term established gay venues including not only the White Swan but also I believe Central Station which has been reported to have been asked to pay a £14,000 annual license fee.

      People are being incredibly naïve if they think that councils for either gain or dogma will not use this regulation to effective close down establishments they don’t “like” as the councils are free to set what ever fee or other conditions they wish on establishments which would be basically prohibition by stealth.

  41. Patrick Mc Crossan 21 Feb 2012, 9:58pm

    Facts are Facts Ken has allowed muslim radicals who state gays should be killed to attand city hall as his guest. We all have memories Ken. So all of his pretend support for the gay community Makes me sick. Being gay does not mean being a blind supporter of Labour, Being a conservative supporter and being gay is allowed in this demoracy. Being in denial of the errors all political parties have madeis just plain stupid.
    When Ken said Riddled it was no error its the true Ken slipping up.

    As the number of muslims grows Kens support for them will grow and in the future we will neither have gay bars , drink alcohol or be as free as we are today.

    The facts some of in the gay community ignore because we are in a state of denial.

  42. The White Swan and the Old Ship pubs are not the only gay venues in Tower Hamlets. There is also Chariots Limehouse a few yards from the White Swan. That represents the ‘sleazy’ part of our community, and long may it continue for those who want it.
    I don’t want to support respectable gay politicians who want to close lap dancing clubs for being full of nasty drunken heterosexual men, because it is hypocrictical. Also because the same arguments will be used to close down gay sex clubs like Hard On, and saunas.
    Twenty years ago the puritanical backlash came from the right, Now it is coming from the left. I don’t think that in the struggle to maintain and extend our freedom we should unconditionally throw in our lot with any political party, all of which are subject to opportunism.

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