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Police appeal over anti-gay Birmingham train abuse

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Reader comments

  1. johnny33308 16 Feb 2012, 6:12pm

    The released picture looks to be a woman, an older woman in fact….is it the correct photo?

    1. Looks like an older woman to me too – maybe that’s what ‘his’ problem is; most homophobes have one dontchya know!

      1. Commander Thor 16 Feb 2012, 6:51pm


        Officers have today released CCTV images of a man they want to speak to as they believe he will have information which can assist the investigation.

  2. Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, wouldn’t anyone who looked like that feel a bit embittered and want to lash out as and when possible.

    Before reading the story I thought it was an elderly woman.

  3. looks like colonel gaddaffi

  4. Whoever it is… I should think they should be easily identifiable going around looking like that!

  5. Karl smith 16 Feb 2012, 8:36pm

    A tw@t in a hat!

  6. I thought it was a woman too. I wonder if he should have been allowed out on his own, looks like he is not quite cooking on a full range there!

  7. I thought it was a woman too! Looks like he is not quite cooking on a full range their either

  8. Nice bit of Free speech, lets hope they are a Christian Street Preacher.

    1. Let hope they are caught and that they deserve imprisonment

  9. Oh my God! Eric Morecombe has been reincarnated!!

  10. If caught, the man can always claim that he is a Christian and was under the impression after last week’s court case that verbally abusing gay people in the street comes under the umbrella of freedom of speech.

  11. Looks like Brezhnev to me.

    1. GingerlyColors 17 Feb 2012, 6:49am

      Could it be Vladmir Put ‘The Boot’ in?

  12. Is it Keith?

    1. Might be Skinner?

      Or Skinner’s wife?


      1. Someone married Skinner? Really?

        1. I know! Brrrr…..

  13. Looks like the actor from the league of gentlemen

    I expect he would fit right in, in Royston Vasey.

  14. GingerlyColors 17 Feb 2012, 6:53am

    I rarely use trains but on one occasion I was passing through Birmingham New Street when I saw Ben Bradshaw, the MP for Exeter. No doubt everybody knew who he was and what he was but was able to go about his business without any hassle – a sign of the progessive times we live in. I am therefore disappointed that such an unpleasant incident has happened and I hope that thw British Transport Police or the local constabulary catch the individual involved and the courts deal with him severely.

  15. Those people without morals will not see it as a crime.

    Those of us with standards of decency will regard it as it is; a crime inspired by hatred.

    Those of us with those standards of decency tend to be able to read the law and understand it.

    Those with perverted and riddled brains tend to be brainwashed or pickled in alcohol.

    1. Clearly all religious types like you are all rapists and paedophiles.

      That’s the logical conclusion, by your logic.

    2. Keith, do you honestly think that when you die and arrive at the Pearly Gates that God or whover is going to say
      ‘I see you have a long history of being vile to the LGBT community, well done and come in’?
      If you do think your god condones such behaviour then I’m glad I’m not part of that belief.
      Please, just go away from a site that obviously upsets you and take upsomething that makes you happy.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 17 Feb 2012, 2:14pm

        “take upsomething that makes you happy”

        Like pulling the wings of flies…………….

  16. “Isn’t a REAL crime happening somewhere.”

    Yep. One real crime is your mother was too poor to afford the psychiatric help your needed and didn’t lock you up in an animal refuge.

    Another real crime is we have to listen to your demented and drunken scribblings, amusing as they are.

    1. And there’s not a shred of irony in the fact that in commenting on how awful it was that this guy was insulted you’ve chosen to subject us to a display of one of the ugliest stream of insults I’ve seen on here.

      It’s horrible to insult someone to their face but online is fine? Homophobic bullying is horrible but mental illness is fair game?

      1. Drop dead. You are a wast of skin.

      2. Ummm… Actually I was defending you… But maybe I spoke too soon!

        And when you attack homosexuality you ARE attacking individuals. Just as when we attacked Iraq we weren’t attacking an abstract concept – individuals were killed.

        Your words have an effect. You cause harm to other people with your words. Are you Christian? What do you think Christ would do?

      3. “Homophobic bullying is horrible but mental illness is fair game?”

        He has a mental illness Tom, this is not up for debate. He drinks excessively and then comes in and flings abuse around in what looks like pigeon English. This is not up for debate either, its observable fact, on numerous occasions. Keith is an advocate of the “ex-gay” brigade, which clearly works, or else he wouldn’t be here boring us all with talk of his anus.

        Stick around long enough to witness the full range of insanity that Keith wills demonstrate, THEN tell me where the irony is.

        1. Um. Last thing I want is to start a fight, but I don’t think you know what irony is.

        2. Um, I do.

          Spare me the morality high ground, you clearly do know know half of the bile Keith has said. Learn, then comment. But spare me the dictionary.

    2. With regards to the thing calling itself Keith.

      Sometimes it’s useful to see what the lowest common denominator is.

      It provides a barometer for everything else, and its outpourings on here can sometimes be hysterical in there stupidity.

      1. Maybe it’s best to just ignore him? Seems he’s only here cos he’s able to provoke a reaction on here?

        1. Now you’re getting the idea.

        2. “Maybe it’s best to just ignore him? Seems he’s only here cos he’s able to provoke a reaction on here?”

          Told you.

          Still think its “ironic”?

        3. Well… Yes!

          Just because he’s such a nasty piece of work it doesn’t negate the irony in the situation.

          I understand he has form here which explains your response a little better. You still said some pretty strong stuff though!

        4. “You still said some pretty strong stuff though!”

          New here, huh?

          Be patient, you’ll see soon enough what he’s capable of saying. Then you’ll see how mentally damaged he is, and how he deserves not one iota of civilised discourse from anyone human.

        5. Does insulting him help though? I get the impression it’s like fuel to him…

          Anyway – I didn’t mean to pick a fight! :)

        6. “Anyway – I didn’t mean to pick a fight! :)”

          Then why do you keep coming back with with patronising comments at others and then defend Keith? Just leave. Its simple.

        7. Tony Lambert 17 Feb 2012, 5:09pm

          Tom you do not know what you’re talking about. You make the classic mistake in trying to debate with Keith. You’ll see he’s incapable of that, as others have pointed out here. There’s a reason everyone who has frequented this site for a while insults Keith, and its all he deserves and can deal with. You’re clearly new to this site, so you can be forgiven for thinking Keith is a victim here, but do not confuse Keith with someone who deserves your compassion. If we “fuel” him as you tactlessly put it, then its because people prefer not to allow his hate top go unchecked. You can choose to ignore him if you like, or try to debate if you prefer, but do not ask aspersions on how others who have been here longer deal with that troll.

  17. I know this comment will probably make me even MORE unpopular here, but is this really a national news story? This kind of thing has happened to me at least twice. In an ideal world it wouldn’t happen but it seems to me the guy’s probably mentally ill.

    Not saying it shouldn’t be a crime but not sure about all the calls for blood.

  18. Yes Keith.

    You ARE committing a real crime.

    Enjoy your Jailtime.

    1. GingerlyColors 18 Feb 2012, 3:59pm

      Trolling is a crime and people have been imprisoned for it. All I can say is don’t drop the soap in the showers when you end up at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Don’t feed the troll.

      1. Exactly. If people didnt troll then the police would have more time to spend on those other “more serious” crimes.

        Its the same sort of comment I used to hear in the police if I stopped someone for a minor traffic offence. The standard answer was that if you didnt commit offences I would have more time to spend on the other matters.

  19. Yeah, that’s the same attitude my friend’s parents had. He killed himself a couple of years ago.

    So (although he never mentioned it) Jesus hated homosexuality?
    Well Zeus thought it was great so I guess as an atheist it’s up to me to decide who was right…

    1. No, just that those views DO cause harm. In your case you’ve decided that such harm is an acceptable sacrifice for following what you believe is gods law. I disagree and I think history will agree with me just as it agrees with me on the bibles acceptance of slavery and stoning to death.

      1. Actually in Matthew 5, Jesus reversed some of the Old Testament teaching. Not that it will make any difference to Keith though..

      2. Yes they are legal. But they do harm people… I know a few gay people who have had a really difficult time because their parents held these views. They harm me reading them from you here – you may feel this harm is insignificant (despite the many recorded suicides) but to deny it exists makes as much sense as denying my hands exist or that coke zero exists.

        The view that promiscuity is acceptable is totally separate to homosexuality. I have had less sexual partners than almost all my straight friends and am in a 5 year monogamous civil partnership.

        I don’t really care what the bible says to be honest. But I will stand against views that I think cause unnecessary harm.

        We’ve established you think it’s necessary harm, but if you deny it causes harm at all I might as well be arguing that kittens don’t grow into dogs… I.e it’s so self evident I wouldn’t know where to start


      3. … I wish you all the best and hope that whatever issues cause you to come here and deliberately antagonise strangers are resolved. Have you tried talking to your priest about it?


    2. Keith, you are entitled to whatever opinion you wish to hold. But I question your wisdom and intent in coming to this site. Clearly the only reason you’re hear is to cause offence and argument. You could have made your point in a less offensive manor, but chose not to.

      No one here will deny you the right to hold the opinion you do – that is after all the mark of a free society. A personal opinion (which, after all, yours is) – is just that; personal. You may counter with “it’s not an opinion, but a religious belief,” and I will be quick to point out that others who share your Christian faith hold different beliefs on this subject, and are both far more respectful, tolerant and willing to show love rather than hate. As they can interpret the same “good book” you quote in that way can only allow the summation that your views are a personal opinion based on your interpretation of that faith and text, and nothing more.
      (continued next post…)

    3. Freedom of Speech comes with a price; Responsibility. It does not entitle people to say anything they want without fear of censor or reprisal. Society as a whole is the ultimate judge of what is and what isn’t acceptable to say in public. And society has spoken loud enough for various standards to be enshrined not only in law, but common decency.

      We do not allow, or accept, people preaching hatred of those who have a different skin colour, gender, religious view, lack of religious view, disability – or sexuality. Preaching hatred, shouting abusive comments, at others is not acceptable.

      Only an unreasonable person would find accountability for what they say/how they act objectionable.

      If you personally believe that standards should be changed to allow people to shout/preach hatred at others – if you truly believe that people should be able to say what they want, without being held to account – by all means, use the democratic process to change the law.
      (continued next post…)

      1. “Do you have some document that trumps the bibe and God?”

        You medication prescription?

    4. But, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. A “sword” such as this would cut both ways, and you would no doubt find yourself on the receiving end with no recourse to take the other person to task.

      But you’ll have to excuse me if I fight tooth and nail to keep responsibility as part of free speech. I rather like a society that’s respectful, tolerant and nice to each other.

      But each to their own Keith.

  20. is that seriously a man? wow….

  21. “I am telling you that I despise homosexuality yet have no hatred of homosexuals.”

    What was that like before the ex-gay treatment which worked so well you never have to frequent gay sites and talk about your anus?

    1. “I am lion trapped in the body of a human male.”

      At last you admit you’re an animal, albeit the lion is a bit doubtful. I suspect tape worm is more likely. But its old news.

    2. Back to the cage then, luv, until it’s time for your op. This is not Dr Dolittle’s site, you know.

    3. More a pussy, I think – and a rather mangy, diseased one at that.

      1. @Rehan

        Tertiary Syphillis is my diagnosis when it comes to Keith

  22. Probably just a drunken bum not like Birminghams not full of them – still not right . Birminghams not great for homophobia but its still an alright place

  23. Anyone whos unbiased and actually studied any Christian religious text will know that for every anti gay interpretation there’s a non anti gay one …
    Theres too many and some far more specific but I cba to look it up. The simple fact is that the Bible is all hypocritical and contradictory ( as all religious text is) . It was created by many and in a time when there was no DNA testing, no police , no equality and no contraception they needed to install some kind of fear factor in order to ensure calm . So if you kill someone this man in the sky will make you pay for eternity in a very horrible hell = you could kill someone and easily get away with it so fear this thing in the sky!

    The bible even says in some parts its ok to be gay just dont act upon it – WTF! And Mary Magdaline was a prostitute and Jesus hung with a lots of men or disciples – come on I mean really do the math as to what they were up to . All in all if you believe it thats fine but I believe in humanity & equality

  24. Wow, the inside truly matches the outside and vice versa.

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