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Lee Steele fined £200 for Gareth Thomas tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Is that it?

    And exactly what do these people think constitutes homophobia?


  2. Ravel Morrison deserves to be sacked from West Ham tomorrow for his similar behaviour.

    However I suspect that both West Ham and the FA don’t take homophobia seriously unless there is no negative impact for themselves (Lee Steele is at the tail end of his career so it was OK to make an example of him. Ravel Morrison is 19 – and he should be treated in the same manner.)

  3. £200 and thats it – thats going to deter a lot of homophobes.

    Then again at least it may make other think twice before making such remarks

  4. You’re frothing dear, calm down and go away.

    1. Aww, diddums – there, there.

      *pats hand*

    2. PN. Get this out of here or a law suit will suit you down.

  5. Will not do anything to deter others, quite an insult really to the apparent effort the FA is supposed to be doing to try to combat homophobia in football

  6. Er, Homophobia is not a fear of not being able to protect self from an assulted. It has a physiological base, a form of neurotic being unable to control any influences something you won’t accept as natural has over you. In a situation where a person would see it as not acceptable, they fear accepting it might influence them or their environment in a negative way. Some of the same fears or phobias were used to extend one’s fear of people of different races in the same way.

    As for religion, there is some real basis for any phobia towards it as many have been murdered in thy name; thus, this proves a healthy phobia to protect self and fight against those who assert it. Also, most of religion is a fictional, fear based and irrational belief system, and using it to harm others, physically or by indoctrination, especially innocent children and the ignorant and hopeless poor, is disgusting.

    Ignornace breeds fear.. Know your subject; ortherwise, your the moron..

    1. LOL
      He won’t ever get it.

    2. Its quite clear that you know f***all about the philosophy of ethics, or about biblical scholarship and criticism.

  7. Jock S. Trap 17 Feb 2012, 12:02am

    Question is why do people have to think about ‘homosexual acts’ instead of a person who just happens to be Gay? If all they can think about is sex then it’s their own fault for having sewers for brains.

    Fact is if someone who isn’t Gay can only think about what 2 men do in bed then that speaks volumes about those people.

    Homophobia is wrong and immoral. Prehaps you should think about your own life and how you live it and leave other to theirs. It has nothing to do with you, after all.

    1. if someone who isn’t Gay can only think about what 2 men do in bed then that speaks volumes about those people.

      Exactly. (This is the bit Keith doesn’t get.)

    2. At the risk of agreeing with you again Mr JSTrap – I have always wondered why ALL these homophobic incidents involve so called ‘real men’ – offended by… – revolted by… – outraged by… MAN on Man sex – Seems to me they are thinking far too much about GAY sex – And if they gave a little more thought to where the clitoris is located, or how to bring a woman to climax – maybe their own sexlives would be more rewarding. Either that or these homophobes are just closet cases.

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Feb 2012, 3:01pm

        Quite right JD. As for your last sentence I go with the latter. Clearly these people can’t stop thinking about sex therefore must have a fascination for it. Clearly if they removed their heads rom their arseholes (or probably some rent boys) they’d see the world for what it is and stop their guilt over their feelings and sexuality.

  8. Die. The planet will be so much better without you.

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