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Brett Ratner to helm pro-gay film campaign for GLAAD

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Reader comments

  1. Seriously – why is GLAAD diminishing their reputation by aligning themselves with a disgusting homophobic bigot?

    The guy is a homophobe and a BAD film director.

    He needs to get out of the film induistry.

    I expect we’ll see some ridiculous celeb-endorsed videos from him that a 1st year film student would have done a better job on.

  2. vversatile 16 Feb 2012, 7:14pm

    If it’s helped him change his mind and educated him about why abusive language like “faggots” is a damaging thing, then this is good.

    I could be wrong, but this seems like the act of someone who is genuinely contrite.

    1. Actually tt sounds like the action of a BAD tilm director who is doing some heavy duty PR to protect his career.

      Which is fine – but WHY is GLAAD sponsoring him?

      because GLAAD are irrelevant starf***ers that’s why.

      1. David Myers 18 Feb 2012, 9:22am

        dAVID: Get a life. You have no clue. Anyone who is willing to learn from their mistakes and change their ways and their opinions is a “new” ally. We win converts to human rights one person at a time. You’re so ignorant and smug in your over- inflated opinion of yourself, or you’re just a egotistical troll – either way you’re useless!

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