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Gambian president: Gay rights ‘destroy culture’

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Reader comments

  1. Another day, another idiotic African “leader” claiming he has a miracle cure for HIV/AIDS and gay rights are not human rights?

    He really is from another planet himself, alien culture? What on earth has he been eating/smoking to make such irresponsible comments?

  2. Anyone who claims to cure AIDS can immediately be dismissed as a drooling moron. People in African nations are dealing with an HI epidemic because of heterosexuals. But what can we expect from yet another third world theocratic cr@phole (anyone noticed that all theocracies are cr@pholes? Maybe because belief in supernatural drivel is a useful tool of oppression and control for those who live in palaces….)

  3. “In 2008, Jammeh vowed to introduce laws which were stricter than those in Iran, where gay acts between men are punishable by death. The Gambia is a mainly Muslim country.”

    Well, I guess he’s playing to the crowd.

    I pointed out in another story – most islamic states have rejected the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    Blame Amnesty and Human Rights Watch for their total silence on the matter. They are too busy calling Israel “an apartheid state” to condemn the abuses in muslim countries.

    1. Many of the more savage African nations are christian – Uganda; Malawi etc.

      Genocidal homophobia is not a christian or muslim trait.

      Genocidal homophobia seems to be an African trait.

      1. john dickens 15 Feb 2012, 6:08pm

        An African trait in countries which were previously British colonies, Adolf.

      2. And an Asian trait. And it was a German trait. Basically, it’s a ‘trait’ of any country which is screwed up and has a largely uneducated population, and therefore wants a scapegoat to bring them together.
        I think that the people who kill gays/call for their murders etc. are twisted, awful people, but I don’t think that they’re like this because they’re African. There are sh*tty people in every society. Only, in broken ones, they’re able to become the leaders and nobody will question them because they all have so little education (or, the people who do question them are in a minority). It’s not about race/geography. It’s about opportunity.

    2. “Blame Amnesty and Human Rights Watch for their total silence on the matter. They are too busy calling Israel “an apartheid state” to condemn the abuses in muslim countries.”

      Of course Israel can do as they please because the muslims are worse. What a watertight argument.

      HRW and amnesty have both previously spoken out against Jammeh’s homophobia. It seems they can multi-task.

      1. But it seems you, Josh, cannot read or think. I guess your hatred of jews clogs your brain.

        I pointed out that AI and HRW are silent about the Cairo Declaration. If they could multi-task they would be able to criticise any Israeli human rights abuses AND alert the west to the fact that islamic nations have rejected the UN Declaration.

        Obviously you like the fact that Israel should be held to a higher moral standard than islamic states. Shame on you.

        1. “But it seems you, Josh, cannot read or think.”

          I cannot read or think. You just called me Josh…

          I don’t hate Jews. Israel does not represent the entire Jewish community.

          It’s a really good argument though, isn’t it? Because most people tend to back off when you accuse them of anti-semitism and if not, you can always use their alleged prejudices to disguise your own.

          “Obviously you like the fact that Israel should be held to a higher moral standard than islamic states. Shame on you.”

          Ok then let’s all throw our morals out the window and be like the Islamic states, that’s what you seem to think Israel should do. If you can’t beat them join them is obviously your motto…

          The Cairo declaration is something AI work with when they can i.e. to fight for the rights of women and prisoners. It doesn’t mean they think it’s better than the UNDHR, it’s just better than a kick in the teeth.

          They don’t ignore Gambia et al’s homophobia because of the CD.

          1. Given that AI has been around since before 1990, provide us with the links to 20 articles where they comment on the Cairo Declaration (that would be one a year). There are almost 10,000 documents on the AI website concerning Israel and human rights. There are only 3 documents about the CD – and not one of them criticises or treats it in any substantive way.

            QED. They are not interested in human rights, as much as they are interested in criticising Israel. Why would that be? They are socialists, just like the followers of the Hitler’s German Workers Party.

          2. joe, i think its true that oppression of the whole nation by another state concerns AI more than actions of some mad idiots against some sections of their society, but that doesn’t mean that AI ignores it completely

        2. john dickens 15 Feb 2012, 6:13pm

          Well, they do claim to be a Western style democracy…However I haven’t heard any comment from Israel about the Arab street’s recent success in booting out corrupt torturing dictators… too busy crapping themselves???

  4. i am now in africa
    africa has as many gays as the world
    these african presidents are no more that IDIOTS.

    1. And these African leaders know that genocidal homophobia is a populist position to take,

      1. john dickens 15 Feb 2012, 6:22pm

        Just as you, David know that Muslim and African bashing are a populist position to take …. among certain unsavoury sections of society.

        1. No, Mohammedan bashing is justified – their so-called prophet raped a nine-year old girl, ordered poets killed because they offended him, proclaimed that it is alright to murder non-Mohmmedans and take their women for sex-slaves, ordered that gay people be slaughtered, told his followers that a woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a man’s because women are mentally deficient, announced that a charge or rape can only be proved if there are four male witnesses otherwise the woman is merely an adulterer, and on, and on, and on it goes…

          Read your Koran and the a’hadith, and study the Sharia law code if you want to find out just how disgusting and vile Mohammedanism really is.

  5. Another African leader. Another pig-ignorant, backward savage.

    I want to start seeing some solid action on redirecting aid from these countries.

    It’s all very well for Hillary Clinton and David Cameron to go ‘tut tut’ when some joke of a country like Uganda or Gambia starts persecuting its gay citizens more heavily.

    But these African leaders need to start feeling the pinch in their pockets.These leaders rely on stealing from British, EU and US aid moneys.

    Stop the aid money now! They do not deserve.

    1. Change the record you as bad as the one you condemn

      1. This is a man that said he would “cut off the head” of any gay or lesbian person discovered in the country.

        He aso said that people should believe in God, saying that “If you don’t believe in God, you can never be grateful to humanity and you are even below a pig.”

        In March 2009 Amnesty International reported that up to 1,000 Gambians had been abducted by government-sponsored “witch doctors” on charges of witchcraft, and taken to detention centers where they were forced to drink poisonous concoctions

        He is very condemnable.

      2. While I condemn homophobia, it is unfair to label these countries, and everyone in them, as a “joke” and savages. That’s like calling everyone in the US morons just because of the Tea Party, or everyone at home in the UK racist pricks because of the BNP.

  6. Vauxhall-Boy 15 Feb 2012, 2:27pm

    He thinks he can cure AIDS. Does he think he is God?

    If that is the level of his reasoning then it does give strong reason to question his other comments!

    To be clear gay people do not destroy culture, bigoted leaders and those that follow them blindly destroy culture.

    1. Hopefully it will take a scientist to cure AIDS not a god.

      Given this man’s level of intelligence I have serious doubts about his scientific qualifications.

      1. Hopefully? – Given God is only an outdated superstition – Only a scientist will find a cure –

        It certainly won’t be found by this ‘Witch Doctor Dictator’

  7. Helen Wilson 15 Feb 2012, 2:32pm

    “Jammeh has ruled the Gambia since a military coup in 1994.”

    A vile African dictator and human rights oppressor says its not OK to be gay. No doubt he thinks blaming everything on a minority group will deflect his theft of Gambians freedom and pillaging the nations wealth for his own ends.

    Why do democratic countries even engage with the likes of Jammeh? Ban his government from from the UN, cut all aid and fund those within Gambia who want to restore democratic process.

    If we did that he would soon meet a gruesome death like many a tyrannical dictator has before him.

    1. There is no oil in the Gambia…

  8. Oh well, I’ll go to hell then ;D What a lovely human being he is.

  9. They rely on tourism? Look at the millions of Pink Pounds they are missing out on.

  10. Keith Farrell 15 Feb 2012, 3:00pm

    this one is almost as bad as the shower cure for AIDS, well I hope no one will consider going to this courty for a holiday or allow their hard earned tax money to be spent on looking after the people of this country, I kinow,I’m tired of hearing save the children, or this african country is starving to death, let them, refuse all aid unless there are equal rights for everyone

    1. Agreed – I no longer give money to Children in Need or any of those begging shows as they are unable to provide guarantees that the charities they benefit respect LGBT human rightts.

      We need to wash our hands of all responsibility for Africa.

      Let these failed states like the Gambia look to China for help instead.

  11. ‘Gay rights destroy culture’??

    Surely not in Gambia however?

    Gambia is a vile hellhole – there is no culture there at all – apart from a sick culture of genocidal homophobia.

    1. have you ever been to Gambia? as an openly gay man who have been to Gambia on many occasions it DOES have a culture, just a western one, although Gambia is a muslim state it also have many animism and local cultures which still exist, along with 5 main local languages which sit quite well with the official english language, along with colonial hertiage and slave trade culture.
      Please dont judge a country by its despot leader, they voted out of fear ( if they didnt then electric and water would be turned off in the few villages that have it)

      1. ooops typo NOT a western one

      2. And which pro-gay leader is lining up to replace the genocidal maniac in charge at the moment.

        I would support an uprising against him,

        But sadly I suspect that like in many African countries, genocidal homophobia is ingrained in the population.

        Rememeber that the next time Africa comes begging (as it inevitably will).

    2. I’ve visited The Gambia and whilst the country lacks alot as opposed to what we in the west have materially, the people there are more civilised God fearing respectful people I have come to meet and as for you calling it a hell hole please continue in your sin and you will experience hell the real hell for yourself but Gambia is far from hell and if they don’t agree with homosexuality good for them because the reality is that homosexual lifestyle was not and is not part of God’s plan DEAL WITH IT!!

      1. Your belief in “God’s plan” should not dictate the treatment of innocent people, nor should it be used to justify torture, rape, murder, genocide and ostracism.

  12. I don’t get this notion that Gay rights ‘destroy culture’… I mean the Renaissance would have been a non-event without us, not counting the vast numbers of celebrated gay artists, writers and musicians who came since.
    Meanwhile Jammah appears to posess about as much culture as a pot of yoghurt.

    1. And even your last comment is an insult to many a cultured yoghurt! *wink*

    2. I don’t get the notion of the leader of Gambia speaking about culture.

      As if that murderous lunatic understands anything about culture.

  13. It’s usually dictators who overtake countries in military coups that destroy the culture. Another country ruled by an imbecile with no education.

  14. Well, this is a good lesson for the English. They always love their commonwealth of nations rather than the european union. Honestly I prefer to live in a nation where I am surrounded from people from France, Germany, Sweden, Spain than people from Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana and so on. Of course not all of them are like that but the majority are just using the excuse of the commonwealth to come in UK despite they hate our culture and they don’t have any respect of open dialogue. They just want! So does it still make sense in 2012 to give to these countries of the commonwealth all our money and esier possibility to come and live here?

    1. Well, this is a good lesson for the English.

      I think you mean British.

  15. Gay Rights destroy culture indeed!! Your dictatorship destroys lives.

  16. No wonder Africa is in the state that it is with “leaders” like this one.

    It’s a shame.

  17. Another Hannah 15 Feb 2012, 5:54pm

    Isn’t it about time these countries were kept at arms length, and isolated as they should be as the backward dump they are? Why all the pandering to Islam, oil?

  18. jamestoronto 15 Feb 2012, 5:58pm

    Surely Islam has something to say in its blasphemy laws about someone like this buffoon ascribing to himself the powers of the divine and claiming that he has these healing powers that his god has revealed to no other living being. I know Islam has something to say prohibiting the practice of witchcraft and sorcery which is all this “cure” and his “divine powers” amount to. A Muslim indeed. If mainstream Islam lets this idiot continue, it is setting itself up to even more ridicule.

    1. i think you will find that african islam or christianity are firmly shaped by local traditions i.e many christian people still believe in voodoo magic

    2. Good point.

  19. jonnielondon 15 Feb 2012, 6:19pm

    I feel very sorry for the LGBT people in this country ruled by such a stupid, and mentally deranged man. Democracy not despots!

  20. Art Pearson 15 Feb 2012, 7:20pm

    This bigest mistake Mr Jammeh has made it to open his mouth, thus giving the world evidence of his lake of brains.

  21. The fact that this thuggish clown opposes gay rights is a strong recommendation for full gay rights.

  22. What “culture” could ther possibly be destroyed in Gambia?

  23. Maybe soon he will have a miracle cure for bigotry too?

  24. Islamic states just use state religion to oppress and violate people’s human rights, including the right to freely worship as one sees fit for one’s own life or not. This use of state religion is no different than how state religion has historically been used to oppress. So the people must be freed from such oppression because once religion is a state religion it is no longer religion but rather politics. Governments shouldn’t bother complaining when they are brought to end for violating human rights. What did they think the end result would be? No sane person perptuates a government that violates the human rights of their family, friends, and neighbors. No government can ever outnumber the people whose human rights they have violated. Government officals need the people they have harmed to uphold the human rights of those government officials for the government to exist at all. Any history book will teach people that – and those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  25. These people need to dig into their own history before Europe invaded the African continent. Their anti-homosexuality mantra is a European import. Not to offend any European members. We simply need to stop trying to rewrite history.

    1. “Their anti-homosexuality mantra is a European import.”

      But Europe is no longer so genocidally homophobic.

      But genocidal homophobia is popular across the failed continent of Africa.

      Are you suggesting that the African populations are too stupid and backward to evolve.

      I am sick of all these excuses for these JOKES of countries.

      Just cut all aid to them. We need to wash our hands of these murderous beggars.

      1. i think huge poverty and illiteracy in africa, which btw help to sustain devotional approach to religion (and religion is a major element of wide spread homophobia), play a very big part in current attitudes to homosexuality

  26. The key words in the article are ‘and is largely Muslim’ Say no more!

  27. You have to be human to understand and respect human rights, denying them says a lot about who you are and the culture you preside over regressing and not progressing!

    Clearly this man has no conscience if in spite of his religion he condemns people and denies their rights and dignity.

  28. johnny33308 16 Feb 2012, 2:50am

    Wow! Yet another African leader showing how totally ignorant and bigoted he is…what a HUGE surprise! I’m so shocked!!!

  29. johnny33308 16 Feb 2012, 2:56am

    Anyone who believes that 10% of the earth’s population not breeding will impact humanity’s growth (uh….we just hit 7 billion population…maybe he hasn’t heard that news) is obviously an imbecile. LGBT people have been around as long as heterosexuals have been around and it doesn’t seem logical that suddenly we will impact humanity’s population growth. Really? What a poorly educated person he must be, can’t think clearly, obviously……

    1. He’s an uneducated, ignorant pig- what else could you expect from such a murderous imbecile.

  30. “because if you are in the Gambia, you are in the wrong place then.”

    You got that right. If his comments are anything to go by, there isn’t much culture to destroy….

    1. The Gambia has a rich culture…I don’t think homophobia should be tolerated either, but don’t condemn an entire country and everyone in it and ridicule every aspect of its culture based on this story from an unelected leader.

  31. So depressing.

  32. When have fool like this rulling country u know will have a hard time changing their thinking

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