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FA charges Ravel Morrison on anti-gay tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Dr Paul D Davis 15 Feb 2012, 12:12pm

    Who do these people think they are, just because he is in the public eye does not give him the right to slur anyone regardless of their sexuality or religion. I think it is despicable treating gay people like second class citizens. I think he should be removed from the team for that outburst, because it is obvious it was not just something done on the spur of the moment, but are his real sentiments how he feels personally towards gay people, which we will no longer tolerate.

  2. Helen Wilson 15 Feb 2012, 12:19pm

    This is the little thug who should be in jail for gang associated witness intimidation and beating up his girlfriend among other offences. Now its homophobic abuse. I wonder just how long those inside football are going to protect him instead of booting this thug out the door?

    Ravel Morrison is one of those people you would expect in ten years time to be serving a long prison sentence or been gunned down and murdered in the street.

    1. Which is why that after he is sacked from West Ham (no other outcome is acceptable in this instance – this idiot is clearly unsuitable for a life in professional sport) then his club should offer to pay for his to be trained in a proper profession, so he can earn his living when he returns to his normal life.

      1. Have I misread your comment david.

        Why should his club offer to pay for him to become a “plumber or electrician”? I’m pretty sure he’s paid enough to be able to afford this career change should he be sacked

        Is it their fault he’s a violent thug?

  3. Martyn Butler 15 Feb 2012, 12:28pm

    Some of the best times I have ever had in bed have been with homophobes :-)

    If only they realised that we know the motivation behind these kinds of rants – they might just shut up and chill out – who knows might even find a nice boy friend and be happy ever after ;-)

  4. Locus Solus 15 Feb 2012, 12:32pm

    “faggot your a guy” It’s YOU’RE, Jeeeeez…

    1. I know – on top of everything else …. shocking grammar

  5. Vauxhall-Boy 15 Feb 2012, 12:35pm

    West Ham remain strangely reluctant to comment.

    1. This violent bigot – Ravel Morrison – is 19.

      Money talks.

      If West Ham do not sack this violent bigot then West Ham is making a clear statement that they are firm supporters of homophobic hate speech.

      1. and the shock of him going from top ‘sportsperson’ to fast food operative will probably blow his tiny mind

    2. Helen Wilson 15 Feb 2012, 1:49pm

      They have only just signed him from Manchester United, they knew what his reputation for gang association and violence was and still they wanted him.

      West Ham as a club has a long history of bigotry and violence.

  6. Suddenly Last Bummer 15 Feb 2012, 12:52pm

    Proof that twitter is populated with illiterate empty vessels.

  7. If it is true that someone used a racist slur against him then that in no way justifies Morrison using homophobic hate speech.

    I want this person sacked from West Ham and banned for life from the FA.

    He is 19. He is clearly too stupid to understand the responsibility that comes with the incredible privilege of being a professional footballer.

    But because of his young age he can retrain to get a proper job as a plumber or electrician.

    Being a professional footballer is not a right. It is a privilege.

    This moronic bigot has squandered his privilege through his own bigotry and stupidity and brought the game of football into disrepute.

    He must be banned from the sport.

    1. What about suarez he is guilty of racist language and keeps his job? And should Terry be sacked too if found guilty?

      1. As a Liverpool fan I think Suarez should spend the rest of the season twiddling his thumbs and be sold in the summer.

        I’m not sure he’s a racist, (I think he’s a nasty piece of work though and has caused a lot of trouble for a club that have been nothing but loyal to him) because I’m not willing to read 115 pages of FA dross to find out and I don’t trust it’s a fair report (I don’t trust the FA know what fair means).

        Evra said he didn’t think Suarez was a racist which leaves doubt in my mind. There is also a language difference between English and Spanish.

        Terry will have a trial in front of a jury of his peers if he is found guilty he should lose his job. If he is not people should accept the non guilty verdict and move on.

        1. Suarez and Terry should also be banned from football for life if found guilty of using racist hatespeech.

          Being a professional footballer is an incredible privilege and these morons don’t seem to grasp the privilege they have been given.

          Get rid of them if they are too stupid to realise that racism or homophobia are acceptable

      2. Ferguson thinks suarez should be sacked, and if he played for Man united, he would be. And Terry has already lost the captaincy without even being proved to be guilty. And if he is found guilty, then yes he should lose his job.

  8. Just because a backward – clearly retarded – fool can kick a ball, does not make him capable of intelligent thought –
    Ignorance and his mixed heritage go a long way to explain why this bigoted arse is not worth our attention.

    1. “His mixed heritage”

      Nice, fight homophobia with racism!!! It makes so much sense.

      As a person of “mixed heritage” myself I’d like to tell you to go f$%k yourself but it would be redundant since you’d probably enjoy it.

      1. Exactly – don’t be as stupid as Morrison who allegedly fights racism with homophobia.

    2. JD you’re proper scum

    3. jamestoronto 15 Feb 2012, 6:46pm

      In this modern world, aren’t an awful lot of us of “mixed heritage”? And, HEADLINES!!! The vast majority of us evolve into completely functional and contributing members of society. What kind of a veiled racist comment is this. Sorry the world isn’t all Aryan for you benefit.

    4. JD, As well as racist, your comment was totally offensive to people with disabilities! Totally disgusting, immature and prejudiced! You’re no better than this footballer! You can’t defend using one prejudice to attack other prejudices, however personal the prejudice may have been originally! No marginalised group has the right to marginalise another vulnerable group! You seriously need to examine your attitude, because it smacks of smug arrogance and hypocrisy, just because you’ve offended by a bigot! Guess it takes one to know one?! Please be more caring & social minded! Ta!

  9. Bumstuffer 15 Feb 2012, 1:58pm

    I don’t understand the tweet. What language is it in?

    1. Helen Wilson 15 Feb 2012, 2:34pm

      Crack addled gangster I think!

    2. Crack head? Go suck out u little faggot your a guy that talks if u see me you try slap me I’m in manchester every week

      Here’s the Cliff notes

      You think I’m a crack head? Go suck out you little faggot (Go and suck some cock because you’re a homosexual? I don’t know, homophobic nonsense is difficult to translate). You are a person who is all talk. If you encounter me in person try to slap me (“Like I slapped my mother and girlfriend because I’m really hard”). I’m in Manchester every week (meaning “I’ll be waiting for you because I like being slapped by other men”).

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 21 Feb 2012, 5:06pm

        Funnier than the original twit! Pun intended.

    3. jamestoronto 15 Feb 2012, 9:27pm

      It is allegedly in English but aside from spotting the odd English word here and there, it is almost undecipherable. Maybe it is intelligible language and communication he has a real phobia of.

  10. Dominick J. 15 Feb 2012, 4:29pm

    This guy and all guys who need to use a slur to get even with a racist remark hurled at them are with out a doubt Ignorant. They can’t find a better word to use to attack their HATER so they call them anti gay names. Just what a Homophobe would do. Grow UP Punk!

  11. He is a loose cannon and I really feel it is too late to sort him out . He has obviously mixed with the wrong types in Manchester. He needs the security of a loving home before he does something really bad and gets put away.

  12. Another Hannah 15 Feb 2012, 5:39pm

    The average footballer it thick as shxt, pehaps they should confine themselves to what they know, and leave thinking to those capeable of it. It’s about time the FA got some scruples and started limiting pay, and ending business in sport and gave control back to fans.

  13. Staircase2 15 Feb 2012, 7:00pm

    I do hope that the person who directed the racist Tweet to him is also dealt with in the same manner…(otherwise the opportunity is lost to reinforce the whole of the KICK IT OUT message)

  14. Morrison and WHFC might consider that he is most likely attacking players in his own club. WHFC has several reserve and youth teams and it is very unlikely that the hundreds of players among them will all be straight. That’s why it’s West Ham’s job to make a statement emphasising that the club welcomes its LGBT players.

  15. DJ Sheepiesheep 15 Feb 2012, 9:44pm

    Try to imagine that you are a young closeted professional footballer who wants to come out but you play for West Ham. Well now it’s impossible unless West Ham sack that nasty little homophobic bigoted @&£%. No wonder, with players like him there are no out professional footballers.

  16. Too bad he is not a baseball player… what is it they say “three strikes and your out!” in his case even that is two too many!

    “Wait for it… the sound of crocodile tears and another heartfelt apology!”

    Change is about wanting too, and I don’t think this dude is a fast learner

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