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Video: Gays among unusual couples in Google Valentine doodle

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Reader comments

  1. Nice one… Stick us in with all the cross species relationships along with (ugh) OLD people as an example of the exotic other.

    1. Statistically speaking, we openly gay people are relatively exotic compared to the surely larger number of insecure closeted gay/bi people. As our lot improves and our social stigma declines, in the future we won’t seem so exotic. :)

      1. Sure we are, and if they’d shown a load of other exotic and diverse couples it would have been sweet. But we are shown alongside a load of fairy tales.

        Jewish people are a minority too but I doubt they would do a montage of various woodland creatures, fairy tales and a Jewish couple like they were some mythical creature.

        I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up about but I do think it’s pretty thoughtless and patronising. Gay people aren’t ‘cute’ cartoon characters… Some of us are right bastards! ;)

        1. I always thought old people in relationships was a fairy tale lol

    2. Must you look for offence everywhere? It is clearly a positive message, read as such by me and everyone else here.

      It must be exhausting being you, living permanently in a self-erected gay ghetto of isolation and hatred and suspicion of others…

      1. Um… Not really. I just didn’t like the cartoon.

        Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

        Lots of love from the ghetto of isolation hatred and suspicion. x x x

        1. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2012, 9:37am

          “Lots of love from the ghetto of isolation hatred and suspicion. x x x”

          Bitter much? Try counselling.

    3. That’s a nasty AGEIST remark.

  2. I think it cute :)

    1. Why didn’t she like the dinosaur jumper?!?

      1. Maybe she saw Jurassic Park at a way to young age, maybe a fluffy bunny jumper would of been better ;)

        1. yeah i know that feeling lol i remember my parents took me to watch that at the cinema, put me off dinosaurs thats for sure haha i was only 6 mind you!

  3. where’s the issue?
    the skipping couple where hetrosexuals and then they show other couples,
    I think it’s more ashame they didn’t show a lesbian couple,
    it the LGBT community is going to take offense to this, then so should the Elderly, and ethnicities not represented, I think if anyone is offend, they’re too easily offend,
    I’m with Dafy, I think it’s cute too x

    1. SilenceIsGolden 14 Feb 2012, 10:22pm

      I cannot believe this! Maybe it’s a good thing, that nobody seems to notice this. But, go back and watch it again: — the “elderly” couple is in fact a very stereotypical, dorky-looking lesbian couple. I’m just glad they didn’t put the two in suits to get married. They just look like two old bookish maidens.

  4. I think it’s cute. It’s a list of things that simply ‘go together’ like cookies and milk, aliens and astronauts or Grandma and Grandpa. I was not offended by this at all.

  5. Well I thought it was sweet and actually similed when I realised it was a gay couple – and a gay couple right in the middle and not off hidden in the corner….

    Go Google – an amazing organisation thats global and actively supports equality!

    My phone, laptop, browser all they need to do now is make me a man and im sorted ;)

  6. This is brilliant. We need to show our support for this. Well done google.

    All too often advertises forget about us, or stereotype us so when they don’t we should congratulate them.

  7. It looks like they’ve just put us in a collage with all sorts of freaks and weirdo couples…

    1. Right!?…

      Sure they had the best intentions but it kind of betrays a subconscious view of us as (scary voice) THE OTHER

  8. why are people using “gay” to describe what is clearly two bisexual men in a happy relationship together? I mean, it’s not like there are any captions that say “these men pretty much only fancy men” or anything.

    In fact, there’s no actual sign of a concrete orientation of ANY of the characters, so why make assumptions and stick labels on at all? It’s a load of couples, in the end.

    Sick of this selective ignorance of the obsolete orientation binary normativity (amongst other normativity)

    1. How are the two men clearly bisexual and in a happy relationship together? well the last part I can see as it looks like they are getting married, but I dort understand how they are “Clearly bisexual”?

      1. He’s either trolling or making a hilarious tongue in cheek joke. I can’t decide

  9. I reckon they would not have put a black and white couple there. I swear this site and its lack of security for comments does the LGbt community no favors

    1. But on the plus side, whenever I need reminding that us gay people are just like everyone else I can come here and see that, yes… gay people can be as dim, reactionary, superficial and inane as the public in general (i.e. very)
      Oh no!  Don’t click on the frowny thumbs down!!!
      x x x

      1. Yes Tom you’re new aren’t you. I know google must have trawled the net to find any negative comments and try to belittle them.

        Google got lucky once and now makes its money from advertising. so go fukyourself and your pathetic company

        1. Oh crap

          Sorry Tom I thought your comment was Dermots. there are comments from people I have never seen on these boards before.

          google is crapping its’self

      2. “gay people can be as dim, reactionary, superficial and inane as the public in general (i.e. very)”

        Because they don’t agree with you and “click on he frowny thumbs down”?

        1. The “so I’m wrong just because I have a different opinion of you” argument is stupid when homophobes use it and it’s stupid here.

          The comments on here (I’m not talking about this particular page) are often dim, reactionary, superficial and inane whether I agree with them or not. And that’s to be expected as most Internet comments are dim, reactionary, superficial and inane (been on YouTube lately?)

          Still, they are fairly amusing when you imagine them read out in a shrill, knowing voice.

          LOVE YOU! x x x

          1. “Still, they are fairly amusing when you imagine them read out in a shrill, knowing voice.”

            And your voice being the most shrill, it seems. Are your knickers on too tight? Is that why you’re a patronising drama queen who forgot to take her bitch pill today?

          2. Rick. That’s just hurtful. And pretty homophobic. Do you think this kind of cliched nastiness is constructive?

          3. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2012, 9:39am

            Actually, given you’re bitchy comments and the assertion we’re all “bastards, dim, reactionary, superficial and inane”, I think Rick got it nail on the head. You’re bitterness needs Psychiatric attention.

            But personally, I find you repulsive.

            Grow up.

          4. Actually I was talking about Internet comments in general, myself included.

            But thanks anyway Tony

            P.s. you think ‘you need psychiatric help, you are repulsive, grow up’ ISN’T dim, reactionary, superficial and inane!?

            LOVE YOU! x x x

          5. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2012, 1:29pm

            “P.s. you think ‘you need psychiatric help, you are repulsive, grow up’ ISN’T dim, reactionary, superficial and inane!?”


            Do you think “LOVE YOU! x x x” is adult, intelligent, non-reactionary, deep and meaningful?

          6. Ha ha! Not at all… It’s inane, immature and stupid, inkeeping with Internet comments everywhere!

            I did try to not insult anyone as I think it’s rude… Just to have a laugh with everyone at how silly we look on the Internet.

            Unfortunately I seem to have struck a nerve and have illicited personal insults back. Apologies to anyone who took my comments personally.

            By the way, one of the worst features of the gay community, in my opinion, is that since Wilde we seem to often mistake bitchiness for wit.

          7. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2012, 2:12pm

            “It’s inane, immature and stupid, inkeeping with Internet comments everywhere!”

            Its called projecting. It’s not necessarily reality, alas. But if it makes you feel better about being a catty bitch, well why not, eh? What ever works for you.

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