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Comment: Our Valentine’s wish, equal love for gay and straight

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  1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Feb 2012, 6:26pm

    I tend to agree. It isn’t mere coincidence that the ECHR case is pending. I suspect it has played an important role in Cameron suddently deciding to support it. He doesn’t want to be caught out as Blair was on Civil Partnerships. Now that Scotland is pressing ahead of us, I don’t see how London can hold out. If the ECHR rules in favour of us, hopefully after the consultation concludes, then the Tories will be in a corner and the only way out is to legalise it, no matter the protestation from the bigots in government as well as their brethren in the House of Lords.

  2. But we don’t know what is to become of CPs yet apart from the fact that theyaren’t going to be extended to straights.

    I think we need to see first how Scotland and now us are going to deal with gay CPs.

    Personally I think CPs are marriages and don’t offer anything new to both gays or straights and we should be looking at an alternative form of partnership for all similar to a French PACS.

    1. I completely agree.

      Equal CPs would interest couples who want the legal rights of marriage but feel the word comes with sexist and moralising associations. But the vast majority of different-sex couples would surely continue to chose marriage, and surveys suggest almost all same-sex couples would choose marriage too. On balance, I think CPs should be phased out after marriage equality.

      A new “Domestic Partnership” could give protections to cohabiting couples who don’t want to take on the substantial and potentially permanent financial obligations of marriage. Many couples do not realise that the law gives almost no recognition to cohabitors, leading to financial difficulties when the relationship ends or one partner dies.

      Peter Tatchell’s “partnership menu”, where you choose just the rights and responsibilities you want, is appealingly flexible, but could be confusing for couples and for the public.

      A one-size-fits-all DP, with similar rights to a PACS, would be a good compromise.

  3. Spanner1960 14 Feb 2012, 11:11pm

    Love does not exist outside of Hollywood.

    It is a merely conspiracy initiated by a consortium of Disney, Mills & Boon, Hallmarks, Interflora, Haagen Daz and Cadburys.

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  5. burningworm 20 Feb 2012, 9:02am

    When did marriage become such a necessity for society. This plea is continual and wasteful. Yes choice is important but there are real choices that are to be made outside of marriage.

    Peter has made comments about young gay men displaying characteristics of super masculinity and with that display they want marriage? Do we want it or is it another time where older men are deciding what the entire community wants?

    Marriage isn’t a big deal and as soon as it is squared. As soon as it is given. Then what? We troll the world with gay authority to other nations, is it merely to provide a chip on our shoulders? To form another colony of disinterested peers?

    Class stereotypes within the lgbtqi community is more damaging, more prevailing than this desire for marriage or to join the army. There was a time when gay people didn’t want either, now we want it all?

    Who is speaking for a majoirty that fails to be present anywhere but only in the commentary of agreement.

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