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Actor Matt Bomer comes out

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Reader comments

  1. Seems nice. No idea who he is though.

    1. Why don’t you google instead of commenting? How peculiar.

      1. as ive never heard of tv series and googling him only brings up details of an actor ive never heard of in a show ive never heard of, thats not going to help me much is it?

        1. Oh it will help as I too have never heard of the show and it doesn’t bring it up when I google. They don’t show it here…

          I only get interviews with him plus IMDB. Was how I found out that I HAD seen him before in Texas C Massacre. Was like oh, I LIKED you!

          He has a huge fan gurl base, so look out for his actual fan club which should appear on the first page of google. They have pretty much everything there.

        2. Googling usually brings up information about which people are seeking to learn more; i.e., “stuff they’re never heard of before” – and that “stuff” consists of facts that may or may not be detailed.
          Apparently mere literacy cannot combat underlying idiocy.

    2. I am absolutely his biggest fan I have only respect for him because he believed in something enough to want to be apart of it. I love White Collar and never miss a moment of it. I have only on hope for Matt, and that is to Play Christain in 50 Shades of Grey???? Please there is no one other with your sensuality and sexiness!

      1. YouTube has announced it will broadcast the star-studded LA reading of Duston Lance Black’s Proposition 8 play this weekend.

        Brad Pitt was confirmed today as the actor playing Judge Vaughn Walker in the play which details how the California ballot measure which revoked gay citizens’ right to marry was ruled unconstitutional for the first time in 2010.

        Actor, director and AFER co-founder Rob Reiner announced that the play would be broadcast live on the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER)’s YouTube channel this Saturday evening.

        He said: “I hope you’ll join me, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, John C Reilly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lahti, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer and Jessie Tyler Ferguson.

        “You see we had a problem, we couldn’t find any famous people to be in the play.”

        The play, 8, focuses on the trial’s historic closing arguments in the summer of 2010. Matt Bomer, the White Collar actor who recently confirmed he was gay, will also

  2. He’s in the TV series White Collar and fabulous in that!

  3. So? Big deal! A gay actor! Like this is news! As an actor, I can tell you that EVERY actor I have ever known is either gay or has had at least one gay relationship. Do people really believe any actor is actually is totally straight? And if they say they are, they are lying.

    1. You’ve said this before, and it was no more convincing then than it is now. A liking for cock and the ability to act are not inextricably intertwined.

      1. And I suppose you know so very well because you’ve been an actor for so very long. Well, I know because I’ve been one for some 40+ years, and I have yet to have met an actor who has never had at least one gay encounter.

        1. Poor dear jafuf, you seriously believe sexuality and profession are linked, don’t you? Thank God the world has moved on from that backward mindset.

          So much time expended, yet so little awareness. Still, that must be the drawback of a life in panto and suburban am-dram, eh?

        2. “and I have yet to have met an actor who has never had at least one gay encounter.”

          How many did you meet? 2? 3?

          Because you sound like a truly awful person who couldn’t have that many friends.

          If you low self esteem is so linked to others “all begin gay”, you should buy a self help book instead, it’ll do you the world of good. And save us your dull repetition on ever actor story.

    2. What a weird thing to think.

      1. Yes, Mr. Rehan is, I guess, suffers from a certain vacancy of the cranium.

        1. I was talking about you. I know plenty of male actors who are not gay.

    3. Sir Michael Gambon, who loves to bamboozle and bait journalists, tells the anecdote about how he told a journalist that he was gay, but he had to give it up. “Why?” Asked the hack. “It made my eyes water!”
      The idea that Brian Blessed is, or has been, gay is utterly laughable. Or Sly Stallone or Vin Diesel, I could go on……No doubt they are not “proper actors” in jafuf’s view, but the Blessed Brian is RSC trained and began his career alongside a teenage Patrick Stewart.

  4. Oh, and personally I have never heard of or seen this guy. And this is not intended to cast aspersions on anyone. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. But when a actor ‘comes out of the closet’ it just means they have stopped lying about themselves.

  5. The whole this is pretty embarrassing especially as he has never been in the closet.

    T’is a pity we get celebs like Cheryl Cole and Jordan but not actors like him. SO fit!

    You must’ve looked hard to get the worst picture of him but lol, I will never understand gay sites discussing gay men.

  6. Oh and here’s his twitter for anyone too lazy to be bothered to go on google to find out who an actor is when you are already on the net!? Bizarre.!/search/realtime/bomer

    He’s top 3 on google trends and was trending yesterday on Twitter…

    He’s the lead sex symbol on a show in the US…he has a HUGE, HUGE amount of women/girls/mothers who are obsessed with him..

    He is playing the boyfriend of Mark Ruffalo in The Normal Heart….he’s going to be in Glee as Darren Criss’s sexy brother….He’s gonna be in Magic Mike with Channing Tatum…He was in In Time with JT….he was going to be the next Superman but Routh got it after they changed Directors….he’s constantly voted the sexiest of men on TV or Hollywood…

    Sooo, it’s a big deal because if I am not wrong, I don’t think we actually have a gay sex symbol that plays a womanising hearthrob on TV, as well as action-he does all his stunts…

    I could go on but you lazy asses need to google yourself lol!

    1. in the US you probably cont, we do have Russell Tovey, Jeremy Sheffield and Michael French over here who all play straight and have a large female fan base but are openly gay. Not such a big issue for us…

      1. Yeah, I’m British. Those guys aren’t hearthrobs though, not like this guy is in the US.

        French was always a little too old, Tovey is awkward looking and Sheffield…WTF happened to him? He could’ve been HUGE!

        No, this guys is the lead in a show where he is this James Bond sex symbol that ALL female species fall for…seriously..a la James Bond.

        I got into it purely after I heard he was gay on some American blog a few years back and googled him. Interestingly, I found out that I had thought he was hot a few years before when I caught him in the cinema watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then I downloaded the show.

        1. Sheffield…WTF happened to him? He could’ve been HUGE!

          What indeed? He’s so very good-looking and photogenic, and not a bad actor. Could it be that as he’s known to be gay it prevented him from getting further than a few weeks on Corrie recently (though at least he was only stereotyped as a hunk)?

          1. We were just talking about this. I’ve quit on soaps a while back for my own sanity but my sister caught him on Corrie and was like ‘What ever happened to him?’

            I think you are right but I also think it’s a combination of things.

            I think a lot has to do with the fact that in the UK, although we have quite a few out gay men, we like the either camp/bitchy like Everette, so women feel he’s not a really a ‘man’ so they aren’t missing out or OTT like Barrowman, so he’d be like your wild gay bestfriend and would keep you happy in pigeon holing gay men as good time boys. You couldn’t with Sheffield.

          2. There is that, but Ben Daniels seems to have managed pretty well. Maybe Jeremy Sheffield’s a little too chiselled for his own good!

  7. Who? Ah, and to Rowan, when an item is presented as news of such widespread and general interest as to appear on Gay News a Google search, or even a trip to the library, should be necessary. This actor, and I wish him well whoever he is, is not a household name, perhaps it’s you who should rethink your manners.

    1. But why would you not research before saying the fanous…’who’?

      Each to their own but I’ve never said that. I’ve just quickly searched them and then said something like ‘Hmm, don’t watch that show so never saw him before now but since this is news, I’d like to find out more’..

      Surely that is more polite then who? It’s as if HE’s the one that gave a coming out interview because he felt YOU needed to know when this was a private event and he mentioned a family with 4 male names. That’s it.

      1. As a Brit, I am ignorant of many US actors, as Americans would be ignorant of, say Danny Miller (beautiful, talented & award winning straight actor, who played a gay soap character). I read the article, and have never heard of his major roles, but he is clearly high profile in the States, and I applaud anyone of that degree of visibility who pops their head above the parapet and says “I’m gay!”
        I don’t need Google to know he has my respect.

  8. Damn! Now I’ve boobed! I meant to say ‘shouldn’t be necessary’. Still, it’ll probably make ‘martyn’ happy!

    1. yes it does, thanks Rufusred!

  9. Boys, boys, boys!! A little more graciousness please. YOU may be angry that someone has not come out of the closet sooner but you do not know the personal history and circumstances that apply to someone’s backstory. They will have to face many who are only too ready to be vicious to them so let’s be more welcoming when they join the fold.

    1. Well, I’ve just been arguing about whether he will go to hell with some trolls on IMDB and the twitter feed brings up some really offensive comments that women love to make but think it’s okay!

      Like ‘Ohhhhh, noooo!! What a waste! :-( But he can be my new gay best friend!’

      Yeah, cause all we’re dying to do is be best friends with girls?? What? Do we really think all gay men like shopping and are desperate for faghag’s?

      What is ironic and will be v interesting the more interviews this guy does is that his father was like a local football hero who got drafted to play for the Dallas Cowboys and he too played high school football. He seems like your American straight joke who is middle class and still close to his Mum and Dad, from what he says.

      So it will be really nice to have a diff gay role model that doesn’t talk about years of self hate or how Madonna defines him.

  10. Also, what a crap photo! How did you find that one through the mountanous topless one’s available as soon as you google his name?

    Here you go! :-),or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1152&bih=773&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=xpw6T966IcbqOYP_2Z8C

  11. Not really a surprise – that he’s gay has pretty much been known and accepted by most of his fans since the photos of him kissing another guy surfaced ages.

    I do think his way of officially coming out by thanking his family was rather sweet, though.

  12. He is so fit. Lucky Simon Halls. I read he was up to play Superman. He would have been perfect. Imagine a gay superman. Coming out does change and stop your career from being what it could have been in the acting world, so good for him.

  13. Gay marriage? The STD dating site stdster.,.c0m, the gay subscribers increased continually. Most

    of them are sexy.

  14. Wasn’t he already out?

  15. Terri Hemker 6 Feb 2014, 11:47pm

    Mr. Bomer, you are a wonderful actor and I love all the shows you’ve been in! If people are upset because you didn’t come out publicly as soon as THEY wanted you to, though I suspect you were out to friends and coworkers for years, then they need to ‘Cowboy up!” as Agent Burke would say! I have never understood why people think that they need or have a right to know every personal detail of an actor’s life. It’s really none of their business and they should be grateful for the work you have done for LGBT youth! I am grateful, says this proud mom of a gay trans son! We love you and White Collar!

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