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Prison for anti-gay Kent bathroom attacker

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Reader comments

  1. Police bloody useless. Why wasn’t he charged with aggravated burglary and sent away for years? THAT would have been a message.

  2. Jason Brown 10 Feb 2012, 3:30pm

    Broke into a home, attacked someone, threatened to kill them and assaulting a police officer and all he got was 160 days? People have gotten more for farting in front of the queen.

  3. Lived in Kent for a while. For somewhere in such close proximity to London, I found the locals very parochial and homophobic. Dread to think what the police and Tory local authority are like.

    1. There was a case recently in Canterbury, Kent where locals were up in arms about a gay-themed bar opening up.

      It became a strip tease bar.. was anything said by the locals? No.

      Blasted narrow-minded, bigoted stone-age neanderthals… scared of a little bit of gayness on their doorstep.

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