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Ken Livingstone: A gay banker would have his penis cut off in Dubai

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Reader comments

  1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 3:05pm

    Looking forward to hearing what rose tint we are supposed to put on Ken’s comments …

    First “riddled”, then “penis chopped off” …

    Not Ken’s week … Someone give him a spade …

    1. a spade? – are you suggesting we give Ken his own black person ‘Spade’ not appropriate –

      You see how redick! this all is – besides His dubai remark isn’t that far off – Gay Hating Arabs would cut them off if they could get away with it.

      1. But ironically enough maybe only after sexually molesting them. That seems to happen a lot in the more homophobic countries.

  2. I wish this man would just shut up. He seems a bit obsessed with gay men. One has to wonder what his agenda really is. “Riddled”, the use of the word “it” and now suggesting all Arabs are homophobic? is he fit for office?

    1. “now suggesting all Arabs are homophobic?”

      All Arabs do not live in Dubai

    2. Jason Brown 10 Feb 2012, 3:36pm

      1) Not all Arabs live in Dubai, you’re being racist for implying that.
      2) The law in Dubai is homophobic.
      3) According to his previous actions he likes to stand up for the LGBT community so I’m guessing that’s his ‘agenda’ is highlighting the wrongs LGBT people face and trying to correct them.

      1. I agree with the above!

  3. You’ve so got a right wing agenda Pink News and it’s sadly making me lose respect for you. You’ve only now acknowledged Ken Livingstones exemplary history of fighting for gay rights and not once reported that before Boris Johnson needed our votes he compared gay relationships to bestiality. He is truly a homophobe and youve ignored it consistently whilst bashing soneone who has sued westminster council on our behalf and brought in psrtnership registers in 2001. If pink news has a pro Tory agenda that’s fine – but state it. It has me now looking elsewhere.

    1. I think thats unfair. Pink News do publish pro labour, pro Lib Dem and Pro Conservative articles and comments that are negative.

      If Ken doesnt want negative publicity – then he should think before he speaks …

    2. It is unfair because Pink news could say a lot more about Ken;s anti gay allies in Tower Hamlet’s but doesn’t… what about his friends who shout abuse at Tory and Lab gay councillors in the chamber? If it was Tory members screaming anti homophobia at Lab councillors, Ken would be on to it and good for him but he does have double standards and that’s why I can’t stand him and I think he is a born liar.

    3. I agree with the above comment!

  4. Why is Dubai criminalising gay sex? What is Chris Doyle doing to fix this anachronism? Is he just part of the same problem, lining his pocket with cash from gay bankers going “quietly” to Dubai? Finally, is Chris Doyle gay?

  5. I have been to Dubai. It’s slightly more liberal than the rest of the Middle East on homosexuality. It is still illegal technically, but the police ignore it most of the time. There are some discreet gay venues there.

  6. Ok so he was wrong regarding the removal of genitals but would anyone like to live in a country that penalises gay sex with a 10 year prison sentence?

    1. Chemical castration and death are other penalties in UAE…

  7. Does anyone else ever wonder if Ken is a self-loathing closet homosexual?

    1. Jason Brown 10 Feb 2012, 3:38pm

      Where did you get self-loathing from? He loves the gays, pointing out gays get a crap deal in Dubai is pro-LGBT isn’t it?

      1. If he wants to make a human rights case, let him stick to the facts. Gay men can in UAE can face prison, death or chemical castration. That’s the awful truth.

        He’s having a pop at bankers and using gay threats as a method of subjugation.

        He could have said send women bankers to UAE and they won’t be able to drive their posh cars.

  8. Ikenna David. 10 Feb 2012, 3:39pm

    And i wonder what he takes before he goes to bed…

  9. Jason Brown 10 Feb 2012, 3:40pm

    I know the rich control the media but come on, these ‘news’ stories are hardly news worthy and reek of biased political agenda.

    1. whingy whingy whingy –

  10. The hysteria of course completely misses the point. Hong Kong has been a bigger IPO market then London or New York for several years already. Now even European and American companies are going to Hong Kong for listing. Anyone who thinks banks and bankers will just allow themselves to be bashed and taxed to death should wake up

    1. Our economy would probably be much better if they had all moved there years ago. Did you not notice their unregulated greed almost destroy civilisation?

      1. All the wonderful things that our “civilised” world treasure – healthcare, education, art, security – have to be paid for somehow. Keep up your business bashing if you’re willing to go without them

        1. Yes merit goods and public services do need to be paid for. Some of that is done by taxation from public servants own income and investments.
          Much of the tax avoidance in the UK is pursued by large corporate entities like Vodafone, Barclays, BP, Glaxo, Unilever, Tesco, Lloyds etc
          Was it public services that required a government bail out – no that was Lloyds, Northern Rock, HBOS, Lloyds, RBS – the bankers.

          1. bearshaped 27 Feb 2012, 5:13pm

            Is it business bashing to ask business to act ethically?

  11. Ken Livingstone – IRL troll.

  12. damnedfilth 10 Feb 2012, 3:52pm

    I’ve been to Dubai loads of times and my penis hasn’t been cut off, look at it, it’s massive!

    Submarine bar on a Thursday night has it’s fair share of “knife fodder” Ken

    Have a feeling Ken is trying to make more and more ridiculous statements to try to turn this whole issue into a joke.

    Get the feeling Ken has been spending too much time with his lifetime in charge mates Chavez and Castro and is ranting because he has to face the indignity of an election

    1. Here’s a “joke” in the Council for Arab British Understanding Youtube channel:
      Married to Another Man- Israel’s Dilemma in Palestine
      Laughings start at 4:03 minutes

    2. That’s not your penis.

    3. Massive ? Where ? I want to look !

  13. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 10 Feb 2012, 4:02pm

    Sorry but doesn’t he have a point and/or just using humour to highlight the lack of real human rights for those who AREN’T muslim.

  14. George Broadhead 10 Feb 2012, 4:17pm

    “It is true that many areas of the Arab world are not as tolerant towards homosexuals as we are in Britain”

    That must be the understatement of the year.

    What about the torture of gay men that has been carried out in Egyptian jails and the hangings and public floggings carried out in those barbaric Islamic theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia?

    1. You evidently haven’t been to Taunton.

      1. Or NEwham, southwark etc…..

    2. Damn you George !! I came here to the comments section exactly to make a sarcastic comment on that understatement, something like “Now, see ? That’s how you make an euphemism !!”.

  15. Many Arab nations ARE institutionally homophobic. I for one would not travel to Dubai or anywhere where they have Religious Police (thugs who prop up bigotry). We as a nation only suck up to these people because they have all the oil. Ken has always been a great supporter of the gay movements, but he has a propensity for headline grabbing to prove a point….no worse than any of the campaigners on both sides of the arguement.

    1. Latin America has oil and they are more gay friendly.

      1. Excellent argument, A N Spit …

        1. “Marcus” is in fact “Stu” for the benefit of anyone wondering where Stu’s “disappeared” to lately. Admit who you really are, “Marcus”.

          Stu was shamefully caught red-handed on Thursday manipulating Ben’s piece on the “It Gets Better” debate by using aliases and he confessed when he forgot to change his alias back to his name, thereby posting as Stu but under the name of “Marcus” who appeared to be another commentator (see Peter S’s posting half the way down for the full picture at:-

          Stu did this to bolster his position in a debate in which he’d pecked away at another commentator for challenging the fact that it gets better for everyone.

          Don’t you think some time off from these boards would do you and the forum some good?

          You have hogged the debate for too long, Stu, and your intent to hound people who don’t agree with your PC view of the world and hound them and wear them down must end to restore balance and fairness to these boards.

        2. “Marcus” is in fact “Stu” for the benefit of anyone wondering where Stu’s “disappeared” to lately. Admit who you really are, “Marcus”.

          Stu was shamefully caught red-handed on Thursday manipulating Ben’s piece on the “It Gets Better” debate by using aliases and he confessed when he forgot to change his alias back to his name, thereby posting as Stu but under the name of “Marcus” who appeared to be another commentator (see Peter S’s posting half the way down for the full picture at:-

          Stu did this to bolster his position in a debate in which he’d pecked away at another commentator for challenging the fact that it gets better for everyone.

          Don’t you think some time off from these boards would do you and the forum some good?

          You have hogged the debate for too long, Stu, and your intent to bait people who don’t agree with your PC view of the world and hound them and wear them down must end to restore balance and fairness to these boards.

          1. Vauxhall-Boy 11 Feb 2012, 2:29pm

            You seem to be the one hogging the discussion boards and obsessed with one person here.

          2. Thanks for pointing this out, Vauxhall-Boy, it deserves a more mainstream airing for sure! :)

          3. Vauxhall-Boy 11 Feb 2012, 5:13pm


          4. Its obvious Samuel B is manipulating the thumbs up and down again.

            Childish paranoid guy that he is, needing such self manipulated support.

    2. I agree with the above comment

  16. Will this frightful man do anything to get a headline. He attacks anything he perceives as Right Wing with bile and twisted anger. Yes he has been a friend to the LGBT communities, but he also uses homophobic and anti-semitic language to make his point when shouting at Tories or the Evening Standard. He is a purely political animal to his DNA and stands for absolutely nothing. He damaged London last time, ignored the will of Londoners, and followed his own vision of the ‘greater good’ at all times. He attacks his enemies with ferocity and is incapable of compromise. How many gays were in his overpaid, bloated private bureaucracy at City Hall? This is a man who loves extremist Islamic homophobes when it suits him, and abuses Islamic homophobia when talking about something else. Please let’s make sure we keep Boris who is funny, keeps his promises, and wrote a charming congraulations letter to my gay friends when they got married in Conneticut. Ken can get lost.

    1. Your penultimate sentence shows Boris to be a nice chap, but these are not necessarily mayoral qualities.

    2. If Ken had written a letter to your friends in Connecticut, I’ll bet this whole rant of yours would have sounded differently, huh?

  17. He really is a pathetic desperado.

    No LGBT person in their right mind should vote for Ken Livingstone.

    He should retire from politics as he clearly has nothing of value to offer any more.

    He should take a well earned holiday at his friend Yusuf Al Qaradawi’s house (you know – that nutter who wants to kill all gays, whom Ken supports.)

    Livingstone is an utter moron, who will throw us under the bus as soon as it is convenient for himself.

    1. Would you propose we vote for Boris Johnson instead? No ta!

      I suppose their is Brian Paddick, but honestly, I’ve seen more personality in a slice of toast.

      Bitching aside, I would actually love to see Pink News acknowledge the groundbreaking work Ken did with the LGBT community in the 1980’s and compare that to Boris Johnson’s record. Shame he ruined it with his associations with the homophobic politicians and councillors in Tower Hamlets and Newham and his endorsement of notorious hateful preachers visiting the UK.

      As much as I think Ken is a creepy, opportunistic, corrupt slimeball he does have a good political background.

  18. de Villiers 10 Feb 2012, 6:13pm

    It’s a bit off point but I am not in favour of gay life being described as “private life” to be conducted in private. It suggests that we can only live a gay life behind the walls of our home and makes homosexuality seem furtive and dark.

    We engage in many activities of a private nature in public space. Going to the theatre with one’s partner, eating in a gay restaurant and showing affection are all private activities which take place in public space.

    I would deprecate the suggestion that private gay life should have to be conducted in private rather than in public spaces like all other heterosexual activity.

    1. Excellent point

    2. It’s a very good point, and I agree completely.

  19. Spanner1960 10 Feb 2012, 6:29pm

    What’s that old quote from one of our own about “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”?

    Everyone is just ignoring the little weasel, so he has to attract a bit of attention somehow.

    Go away Ken, you were boring 20 years ago, and you are unbearable today, you obsequious little turd.

  20. Bill (Scotland) 10 Feb 2012, 8:32pm

    I have lived in numerous Arab countries (including both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE) and certainly was not a monk whilst living there, even if I was to a certain extent discreet, but I don’t think it was unknown to anyone who knew me that I am gay, whether in the expatriate or local communities. The same applied in Saudi Arabia, where I also lived, just as much as to the other Arab countries where I lived or have visited (most of them in one way or the other). Quite obviously I did not wear a rainbow badge or have one in my car, but apart from that I lived pretty normally, if reasonably discreetly. People like Livingstone who come out with this kind of stereotypical nonsense only make themselves look and sound silly and ignorant.

    1. “If reasonably discreetly”. So what would have happened if you had a partner with whom you wanted to live and travel?

      Bankers and other businessmen had to be ‘reasonably discreet’ (a situation that also presupposed no possibility of assistance if you were ‘caught out’) from greed and ambition in the West 30+ years ago too; but fortunately the western world has moved on. The likelihood of the Muslim world following suit in this respect is sadly limited.

    2. George Broadhead 12 Feb 2012, 5:28pm

      That’s all very well for you and perhaps other foreigners, but what about the native gays? As I said in my earler posting: “What about the torture of gay men that has been carried out in Egyptian jails and the hangings and public floggings carried out in those barbaric Islamic theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia?”

      1. Excellent point. They’re only less harsh on white gays because they don’t want to harm tourism.

  21. He’s got a point though…you may not have your dick chopped off but you certainly wouldn’t want to live there. If I was sent there with my other half by my bank in London what rights would I have? None and I’d possibly be set to prison for shagging my husband..

    No way should any Arab country with this attitute towards gays be promoted as a banking mecca…..It basically rules out any gays, especially gay couples, working/living in the country.

    It pisses me off becuase at the moment even though you don’t get you dick chopped off and you don’t get thrown into prison in some EU countries, you still don’t have bugger all rights as a couple in some of our dearly loved EU countries like Greece and Italy and what bloody excuse do they have?

  22. GingerlyColors 11 Feb 2012, 1:54am

    Dubai is the a##e end of the Arab World. Some people think that city is the dogs testimonials and many, including the Beckhams have bought property there. In my opinion that place is a hole and is best avoided. The only reason why that city came into existence in the first place is because of it’s convenient location halfway between Europe and the Far East plus it has plenty of oil thus making it a stopover for airliners. My advice for anybody going to the Far East is to get a flight that avoids Dubai – some planes can fly straight there nowadays. And if you are going to Australia or New Zealand, why not go via the USA – I believe that San Francisco where you can cruise the Castro is a nice place.

    1. I think there are far worse places in the Arab world than Dubai but you’re right nonetheless, it is a hole and best avoided.

  23. Ken is a good bloke who has fought tirelessly for a tolerant society. I really think that offending gay people was the last thing he intended to do. Boris Johnson is a homophobe with excellent PR, whereas Ken is a decent man who doesn’t always express himself very smoothly. I’m not sure whether the penis chopping actually happens anywhere, but imprisonment, flogging, hanging, stoning, and the bizarre punishment of execution by collapsing wall, do all take place in the various Islamic theocracies of that region. Ken was rightly drawing our attention to the fact that our, er, friends in the Middle East do some pretty barbaric things to people.

  24. Is there any actual connection between what goes on in that man’s mind and what comes out of his mouth?

    And trying to direct attention to one form of discrimination or bias by adding another never did any good.

  25. I haven’t read the long list of comments, but, as a former longterm gay and white resident of Dubai, I can tell you that it is heaven for gay men. Yes, you need to be a bit discreet, but the idea that Emiratis are out to persecute gay men is false, not least because so many of them actually love gay sex themselves….much like Saudi Arabia…where I have also lived and loved.

  26. “Marcus” is in fact “Stu” for the benefit of anyone wondering where Stu’s “disappeared” to lately.

    Stu confessed on Thursday to manipulating Ben’s piece on the “It Gets Better” debate using aliases and other ruses.

    He confessed when he realised he’d forgotten to change his alias back to his name:- posting as Stu but under the name of “Marcus” who appeared to be another poster (see Peter S’s posting half way down for the full picture at:-

    Stu did this to bolster his position in a debate in which he’d pecked away at Peter S for challenging the fact that it gets better for everyone.

    Stu intimated he’d be taking some time off from these boards as a result, but has already resumed blitzing it as his alter ego “Marcus”.

    You’ve hogged the debate for too long, “Stu”, and your intent to bait people who don’t agree with your PC view of the world and hound and wear them down must end to restore balanced, fair and open debate to these boards.

    1. For someone complaining about someone hogging the site, you seem to be monopolising every story with a cut and paste that is boring and irrelevant to the subject. Isn’t that what they call a troll?

      1. So now add “Charles” to the unending roll call. Simply priceless!

        Also, meet “Patrick”, over on the adjacent “leaflet” thread, who like “Marcus” forgot to change his moniker back to “Marcus” from a discussion he was having elsewhere – which, as per usual, he was trying to hog and subvert – while posing as “Marcus” insisting that he was not “Stu” while all the time posting as “Patrick”, or was it “Charles”?!

        Confused? This appears to be only the tip of the ice berg. Stu/Marcus/Patrick/Richard/Charles/Ethel et all clearly has no shame whatsoever.

        Pink News’ forums have clearly been infiltrated and manipulated by a rag bag of PC left wing extremists for a while.

        Action needs to be taken to stamp this corrupt practise out as they’ve been deceiving everyone and abusing this open platform with multiple aliases while accusing others of doing the same.

        How ironic all these PC shills and trolls with too much time on their hands claim to be “sick”.

        Never a truer word…

        1. Stu’s modus operandi as PN’s unofficial PC moderator is to ensure an extreme left wing bias:- that is, to challenge and peck away at all opinions that do not conform to the PC “groupthink” concensus.

          That is, to supress, stymie and subvert free, open discussion by those who hold opposing viewpoints.

          He does this by challenging the individualist with endless questions, zoning in on the weakest part of the opponent’s argument by nit-picking and gnawing away at the smallest detail in an effort to wear his opponent down and either get them to concede defeat or go away.

          When this fails he calls in the bully boys like W6 and others to back him up, who proceed to intimidate, hound, heckle and shout the individualist down, smearing them with innuendo and claims of the very manipulation techniques which they themselves are blatantly employing, such as tampering with the thumb voting system.

          When that fails, he assumes aliases and ties himself up in knots, tripping himself up as his…

        2. raison d’etre is exposed to the world, then has the gall to play the victim and blame others for his downfall instead of having the decency to take responsibility for his deceptive practises.

          I have been pointing out elsewhere that, assuming Stu has been spending 8 solid hours a day, 7 days a week glued to Pink News forums, last week alone he posted at the rate of once every 7 minutes, the week before that even more.

          How can that possibly be justified if these forums are to be considered open, fair, impartial and imbalanced?

          How can one person be allowed to hog the debate morning, noon and night when their agenda is clearly to suppress free speech and open debate to a PC “groupthink” level, and where no other forms of expression are entertained or tolerated?

          How can this monopolisation of these boards be allowed to continue when one person seeks to singlemindedly subvert the natural course of debate by setting out to antagonise and provoke all those who dare state an opinion…

          1. …that does not chime or compute with the PC concensus?

            Free speech is anathema to PC zealots as it means accepting alternative opinons that have equal or more validity. Their worldview is already decided and they won’t – can’t – accept any other views, period.

            Stu even penned a recent comment piece for PN titled “Should the law protect us from insults?”, indirectly calling for the isolation of those he perceives as stepping out of line, such as myself. As AdrianT observed in his comment to the piece:

            “Stuart’s case is a call to halt free speech. I don’t buy it.”

            Well I sincerely hope after this fiasco that people stop buying Stu/Marcus’ B*llsh*t a moment longer.

            I’ve been contributing to PN boards for many years and won’t stay silent any longer about how they’ve been infiltrated by extreme left wing shills and trolls who do the same to other “open” forum discussions the world over.

            People are waking up to how PC is working to its own, controlling ends. It’s time to say ENOUGH!

          2. Samuel – you have totally lost the plot, carry on by all means with your crusade, but I dont think many are interested, and you are just confirming my view that you are a bully and just here to troll.

        3. “So now add “Charles” to the unending roll call. Simply priceless!”

          The whole site is out to get you, or could it be Schizophrenia?

          Hmmm…. what would Occam’s Razor indicate….?

    2. Vauxhall-Boy 11 Feb 2012, 5:15pm

      Do you realise how demented you sound?

      1. I was wondering what Johann Hari was up to in his spare time.
        Seriously there appear to be a lot of headless chickens rushing around to limit the damage of the accusations about Stu’s behaviour.
        I intend to research this and draw my own conclusions.
        In the mean time it would be helpful if Stu could at least explain these serious allegations about how he has been orchestrating choerographing debate on Pink News to suppress free speech.
        If proven true then Pink News must also be seen to act to protect its reputation as an honest platform for our community to meet and share and discuss their opinions……

        1. Are you going to call in the fraud squad Chris – maybe you should as this story might bring down Pink News. Perhaps News International is behind it all, first phone hacking and now comment thread hacking, no doubt this will be on Andrew Marr and the Sunday Politics and splattered all over the papers tomorrow – what you think?

          1. if the purpose of using multiple identities are to deceive and sway the discussion in one direction or to attack the person you are in disagreement with then this is a disgraceful abuse of the open system Pink News provides and cannot be justified under any circumstances W6 so why are you trying to make light of it?
            A way around this abuse would be to create a registration system although that would not provide a totally robust defence to manipulators like Stu who will find a way around the system if they want to, but it would be a start.

          2. Chris with all due respect how can any of this be proven, unless PN will confirm the same IP address has been used for multiple identities, even then where flat mates share a network this may not provide unquestionable proof.

            The most worrying issue is that there is a bully using these comments boards, something which I find much more unacceptable than petty point scoring……you may have a different take on things.

          3. @W6_bloke

            Samuel is doing exactly what he was accusing Stu of doing dominating the boards.

            The exception is that Samuel is only talking about Stu (maybe he likes having the attention). Stu talks about the subject matter of the stories when he is online.

            Can we not just stick to the story?

          4. W6 a.k.a. “Seamus”:

            When PN forums are being manipulated in a co-ordinated pincer-like movement by the likes of Stu and co using various devices of the dark arts to suppress free and open speech and hound those with opposing viewpoints, how can the story be adhered to when the comment forums – which are regarded with equal significance as the stories themselves by most who visit this high-profile site – are being attacked in this way?

            I realise that the above explanation may take a good long while for W6 a.k.a. “Seamus” to decipher and interpret, but I tried to make it sound as simple as possible.

            I just find it supremely rich that you are now trying to trivialise unacceptable abuses such as Stu has committed, which you are always so quick to jump on and accuse others of indulging in when they are doing no such thing.

            I am so glad you went crying to PN’s staff, W6 aka “Seamus”. We can safely say, having wafted through your fetid postings, you are now firmly on their radar…

          5. Gr8 work Mr B. Didnt Stu write for PNews recently? Lets hope Jessie hauls Stu over the coals for what he has done………….. I imagin he will also be summons-ed to Bens’ office. Would luv to be a flie on the wall………………. Ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!

          6. I again am sorry for launching a vendetta it was personal, aggressive, bullying and wrong

          7. Samuel B. - The Original and the Best 13 Feb 2012, 10:18am

            Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, didn’t you know Samuel B. MkII?

          8. Now Samuel B resorts to Keith like profile names!

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    1. You trolled on the wrong site, boss.

  29. Vauxhall_Boy 13 Feb 2012, 11:07am

    What crazy statement is Ken going to make this week

  30. WOW 86 comments! Ya can’t ask for more than that Ken.

  31. Is 10 years in jail for being yourself supposed to be better? F that.

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