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Jail for gay hate leaflet men

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  1. A good day for human rights.

    A bad day for religious fundamentalists.

    Religion poisons everything.

    1. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 1:23pm

      A good day for the protection of peoples right to be immoral and perverted in sexual practices that perpetuate killer disease that kill innocent babies.
      Aids can only thrive and spread where there is promiscuity. The highest risk and most promiscuous group are the homosexuals, Actually 50 times higher!!!!!

      1. “A good day for the protection of peoples right to be immoral and perverted in sexual practices that perpetuate killer disease that kill innocent babies.”

        If its the opposite to what depravity you do, Keith, then its a win!

    2. It gets worse!,, Keith 12 Feb 2012, 10:05am

      A bad day for morality. Homosexuality poisons society.

    3. It gets worse!,, Keith 12 Feb 2012, 10:22am

      Bob said…
      “No thats not what I am saying. Of course when something is illegal everyone is prohibited from doing it. That does not prevent a court ordering you not to do it. You claim it does, the ASBOs I have shared with you, and many others show otherwise”

      My reply,
      You wil never get it. You and the newspaper you lined are misapplying the word ‘ban’ . The ASBO enforces existing prohibitions on banned behaviour such as public intoxication and it bans otherwise legal behaviour such as entering a town. It does not ban that which is already illegal neither will you find the word ban on any court order (ASBO) document regard ‘existing’ prohibitions such as public intoxication. As I say, produce it and I will retract, or persist in your false assertion.

      1. Troll.

        You are the sort of person who always believes you are right, even when the evidence proves you wrong.

        No wonder no one on here pays any respect to anything you say and treats you as a joke, because thats clearly what you are.

  2. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 3:20pm

    A fantastic day for justice and freedom.

  3. Wait for the appeal…

    1. A negative reaction but one which is sadly all too likely –
      with more public funds wasted on hateful, ignorant and retarded boys who would be men – pathetic – they start this up in London and their muslim heads will roll!!

      1. They already do distribute gay free zone leaflets in london, and no “muslim heads” rolled

    2. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 3:50pm

      Highly unlikely to succeed.

    3. You have to have grounds for appeal. Just not liking the verdict or the sentence isn’t enough. They were tried under a well established piece of law and found guilty. So suck it up, princess.

      1. essexgirlbecky 10 Feb 2012, 4:50pm

        Well established piece of law? It’s the first time this offence has ever been prosecuted in our courts! If you are going to comment, please get your facts straight.

      2. If they appeal, it will most likely be via the Human Rights Act 1998 by virtue of the European Convention on Human Rights. However, the recent Swedish case (as seen on Pink News) where the European Court of Human Rights found that criminalising homophobic leaflets did not interfere with the freedom of expression of the applicants has not come too soon!

    4. You may only appeal if the trial was badly managed. You cannot simply appeal because you don’t like the verdict or sentence.

      1. You can appeal if the sentence is deemed to be excessive … but I doubt they would succeed on these grounds …

        1. “Marcus” is in fact “Stu” for the benefit of anyone wondering where Stu’s “disappeared” to lately. Admit who you really are, “Marcus”.

          Stu was shamefully caught red-handed on Thursday manipulating Ben’s piece on the “It Gets Better” debate by using aliases and he confessed when he forgot to change his alias back to his name, thereby posting as Stu but under the name of “Marcus” who appeared to be another commentator (see Peter S’s posting half the way down for the full picture at:-

          Stu did this to bolster his position in a debate in which he’d pecked away at another commentator for challenging the fact that it gets better for everyone.

          Don’t you think some time off from these boards would do you and the forum some good?

          You have hogged the debate for too long, Stu, and your intent to hound people who don’t agree with your PC view of the world and hound them and wear them down must end to restore balance and fairness to these boards.

          1. Back to obsessing about Stu again I see.

            Then again, I’m probably Stu too. And so is my husband.

          2. Christopher 12 Feb 2012, 11:03pm


            and your mother, dog, neighbour, postman, employer ….

          3. Dont worry Will – I think everyoneknows theres only one Willie W$nker on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. I am new on here and not really interested in the petty poltiics of what has gone on before and whether “Marcus” is “Stu” or whatever your gripe is. Whoever he is, Marcus has a point that an appeal can be made when the sentence is deemed by the defence to be excessive.

          1. Stu/Marcus, your credibility is in tatters. Why humiliate yourself any further by continuing with this fiasco?

            As the well-respected Rapture observes, you are “a fantasist with imaginary experiences, not worthy of engaging in discussion.”

            By maintaining your delusions and insisting on continuing your charade and manipulation of these boards you continue to seriously weaken these forums’ openness, fairness, balance and credibility.

            If you have a shred of shame or decency, lie low for a few weeks and contemplate your behaviour and return a reformed character.

          2. Look out for “Stu” also posting as “Patrick” today!

            Just as “Marcus” exposed himself on Thursday to be “Stu” because he forgot to change his moniker over, so “Patrick” today exposed himself to be “Marcus” while simultaneously insisting he is not “Stu” because he forgot to switch his moniker from “Patrick” to “Marcus” and, I assume, back to “Patrick”, “Marcus”, “Burt”, “Roger”, “Linda”, “Stu” or any of the other multiple aliases he has been deceiving and hood-winking us with for some time now.

            Stu is always demanding evidence for even the most trivial matter. Well, I am please to inform him that all of the evidence to support his dishonesty and shilling of Pink News’s forums is encaptured in PDF form.

            Nice also that we have a face to put to this PC subverter and disinfo shill at:


          3. Stu (or Marcus), that’s silly what you’re doing…

            I thought you said it isn’t in your morals to pose under multiple identities anymore? After you accidentally exposed yourself last time, you said you were ashamed of yourself..

            And yet here you are, doing the same thing again~

            Well I hope at least you aren’t going to give people a hard time for no reason anymore..

          4. And thanks for doing that bit of investigative journalism Samuel, to expose Stu’s trickster alias names.

            It will help people be aware of his games in case he causes more trouble.

          5. Peter S
            Honestly – are you taking any of this seriously? I notice Samuel hasn’t made any comments about me recently (well just to refer to me), surely you must know who the real troll is here? Now I could be really silly and suggest you are also Samuel, but what good would that do – speculation and conjecture does not help, be honest?

            And what is in a user name? We have established that it aint against the rules, so big deal I say.

          6. “I notice Samuel hasn’t made any comments about me recently…”

            Sorry to disappoint, W6, but I do have a very active life beyond these boards, so it can’t be all about you all of the time.

            But then, you WOULDN’T know much about life beyond these boards, would you?

            I mean, perpetually lurking in cyberspace ready to pounce on open-minded thinkers and berating them for holding opinions that conflict with your own is what life is all about to you, isn’t it?

            You know, that feeling that makes you leap out of bed each morning ready to make the most of each day as though it were your last.

            And the rush you get each time you press the +ADD COMMENT button, as if it is drip-feeding you a dose of your, ahem, favourite indulgence.

            Yeah, such a life, W6:- “He who dished out more than he received.”

            They say you should leave this mortal coil with a surplus net benefit to earn your stripes in heaven.

            I don’t think dishing out endless negativity on a daily basis is quite what was meant.

          7. Samuel B. - The Original and the Best 13 Feb 2012, 10:23am

            “I am new on here and not really interested in the petty poltiics of what has gone on before and whether “Marcus” is “Stu” or whatever your gripe is. Whoever he is, Marcus has a point that an appeal can be made when the sentence is deemed by the defence to be excessive.”

            Marcus this time referring to himself in the second person! You couldn’t make it up!!

            Yeah, whatever…

  4. Ikenna David. 10 Feb 2012, 3:31pm

    How can justice better be served? Extremists lost again.. This shows clearly that Their god is no longer on the side of evil majority…..

    1. Does he actually listen anyway… I think he is a very busy person answering all these requests from extremists anyway!

  5. Good news – I would also await the outcome of the appeal. That said this case will hopefully be warning to other like minded people that this kind of hate will NOT be acceptable and gay people will stand up and be counted.


  6. This has been a great day for LGBT court cases. Sorry Religious fundamentalists your god obviously thinks that LGBT rights are more important than your right to hate.

  7. Hateful Christians take note!

    1. Spanner1960 11 Feb 2012, 8:35am

      At least Christians don’t go around posting leaflets and threatening to kill people.

      1. No, but they turn gay people away from hotels!

      2. David Myers 14 Feb 2012, 9:38am

        They do in the US!

        1. Thats appalling. Is this common?

  8. This is a great victory. It was always important to set out a marker, as it were, as to what is, and what is not, acceptable behaviour in our society.

  9. Sister Goodlove 10 Feb 2012, 3:50pm

    Pity they won’t be deprived of their unholy Korans once inside, and won’t be served bacon butties.

  10. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 10 Feb 2012, 3:56pm

    This sentence will be overturned on appeal, I bet. I have no faith in the UK parliament to give the big finger to all religions and their archaic privileges (no pun intended). All ridiculous supreme-being religious societies weren’t built on freedom of religion but on whose weapon was the sharpest. Great day for the victory but I won’t hold my breath for justice – the toffs at the top will be all aquiver when they protest the sentence.

    1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 4:06pm

      What has conviction or sentencing got to do with Parliament? – thats a matter for the independent judiciary!

      Given the strength of evidence reported, its difficult to see what the grounds for appeal can be.

    2. Would not be surprised either (as i have no faith in british justice)when anti british terrorists have leave to remain and claim benefits here,to protect their privileges over our human rights. Either way ,this gang will be out in few months (and if their appeal works with hefty compensated pockets), just enough time to round up their troops in prison, coerce many more converts who convert to extremist islam in prison , every day throughout the uk.

  11. Whoop whoop!! :P :P :P

    Just proves a point. Religion does not make you invincible!

    1. Spanner1960 11 Feb 2012, 8:36am

      I think we knew that when they nailed him to the cross. ;)

  12. Kate Aaron 10 Feb 2012, 4:32pm

    good news. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been to been one of the people who had one of those leaflets come through their door, wondering if they’d been deliberately targeted. I live not far from Derby and it makes my blood run cold. what if a gay couple got in that guy’s taxi? with beliefs like that, where do you draw the line? I’d say the streets are a lot safer with these men behind bars.

  13. Keith Farrell 10 Feb 2012, 5:12pm

    right they have little jail time, but they will be back with their hate, I wonder why the court did not ban them for life from doing something like this again. when the return they are going to hurt someone

    1. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 9:27am

      You cannot ban people from criminal acts. Criminal acts are banned by definition. It is like saying “can’t you ban a thief from stealing after he is released from prison”???????

      1. You can be banned from doing illegal things by a court, either by ASBO or court order.

        1. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 10:30am

          No. An ASBO bans you from a LEGAL thing such as entering a shoping centre or town.
          We are by default, all banned from doing illegal things.

          1. Clearly you know nothing about ASBO’s.
            They can and do ban people from legal things such as entering certain areas or cycling etc. They can and have been used to ban people from doing illegal things, as the penalty for breach of ASBO can be much harsher than for the particular criminal offence.
            For example look at this publically known ASBO:
            Michael Jones is barred from entering a particular location, being drunk in a public place (already an offence) and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour …. (already an offence). If you look carefully at other ASBOs on this page you will see this is not unique in an ASBO. Check your facts. Although, my experience is you prefer to believe fiction rather than fact.

      2. 10 year CRASBOs have been given to left-wing agitators, and to members of the EDL. One left-winger was banned for 10 years from being near Westminster. A black member of EDL was given a 10 year CRASBO preventing him from going to any EDL demo, even though the CRASBO itself was because of him being involved in football violence. You could end up being banned from political action for 10 years, just because you were charged of fare-dodging. It would be perfectly possible for these 3 muslims to be banned for 10 years from distributing any leaflets, or even from speaking in public about islam. That’s the kind of police state into which we are drifting. Meanwhile Liberty and Amnesty International are more concerned about the rights of terrorists.

  14. I actually feel a bit sorry for them During the trial I think it became clear they were a bunch of brainwashed space cadets, and although theirs wasn’t a victimless crime, and I therefore have more sympathy for the people that were terrified and intimidated by the material they received, I still feel a bit sorry for them.
    The believed what they had been taught and part of that included embedding in them that they should not question, but should just blindly believe everything their religious teachers told them.
    We live in a society where generally we are encouraged to question what we see and what we here, and they clearly weren’t.
    I think the real villains are the ones that brainwashed this hapless group of numpties, but they never found their way to court unfortunately

    1. I suppose they were “brainwashed space cadets” like the muslims who plastered east London as a “Gay Free Zone”. Which followed on from Luton Islamic Centre calling for gay people to be murdered. Which followed on from the attacks on gay men on Whitechapel Road and other parts of Tower Hamlets. Which followed on from the muslims shown on Channel 4 in Regent’s Park Mosque and Birmingham Central Mosque instructing muslims to kill homosexuals. The muslims who were being brainwashed were the 5,000 kids on the Panorama programme, who were being taught in islamic schools in Britain, that jews were “apes and pigs”, and being taught precisely how to kill homosexuals. No one should be allowed to say “kill muslims”, or “kill the white bitch”, or “kill homosexuals”. Don’t go making escuses for these people.

      1. Yep, that exactly it matey, the kids being taught that jews were apes and pigs makes the point really (that appears to have flown right over you head it seems).

        Religious indoctrination that presents a distorted version of reality is brainwashing.

        In years to come when those kids grown into adluthood believing all sorts of poisonous cr@p, is it their fault or is it the fault of the people that poisoned their minds?

    2. They had a choice.

  15. “You can think of it as a little vigilante thing.”
    That sort of convicts them out of their own mouths, doesn’t it?
    Harsh penalties needed.

    1. Presumably vigilantes are ok in their putrid chain of thought.

  16. What ever happened to free speech? they told the truth and we should thank them for it rather than throw them into prison with our kind.

    1. You know what im talking about filthy buggerers!

      1. No. Do you? Even without your meds?

  17. It is indeed good news that these Islamic haters should be locked-up. But unfortunately there are many more of them out there ready to spread their hate and bile.We are not dealing with ‘brainwashed space cadets’. These religious men have an agenda and are highly motivated zealots.

  18. Hopefully they will appeal, as they weere only insulting abusive, how they prosicuted them on them being hatefull I dont know, the gay agenda at work again.

    Further more hopefully the word insualt will be removed from the Public order Act later this year.

    Like them, I am entitled to my view and opinion and have a right to demonstrate it.

    1. As the case and law shows you have a right to an opinion but not to use it to incite hatred.

      If I remember rightly you claimed the Bulls would win on appeal.

      Oh how we laugh at you – when you get it wrong, Matthew.

      (All of the time then!)

      1. “Oh how we laugh at you – when you get it wrong, Matthew.”

        Oh, you said it Zack!

        EVERY TIME, that Matthew twit gets it wrong! And then comes in with the same nonsense about, “wait and see, it won’t happen”

        LOL! Gets me giggling every time….

    2. @Matthew. I agree: “Insault” should definitely be removed from the public order act, as no such word exists.

      You are, as you claim, “entitled to your own views” just as we – the (well-adjusted) tax paying public – have a right to abhor and prosecute under the law.

      Demonstrate anti-gay rhetoric, and the only “view” you’ll be entitled to is the exercise yard at Wormwood Scrubs.

      Just so we’re clear, sweetheart.

  19. This is progress.Right on!

  20. I’m glad they got sent down. If anyone had written such hate against muslims or other minority ethnic groups they would have been rightly prosecuted.
    I have spent many years of my life as a lesbian fighting for racial equality. I would really like the muslim community to do the same for us.

    1. Exactly. Tolerance is a two way street.

  21. What a pitiful sentence though. Justice was not done this day. This does not spread the message that such hatred is unacceptable; merely that it will give you a brief slap on the wrists. The judge probably didn’t want to be accused of being racist or anti-muslim or of denying these men their freedom of speech – I am disappointed and expect better in future cases.

  22. GingerlyColors 11 Feb 2012, 2:26am

    The fanatics are nothing more than mirror images of the also homophobic British National Party. It seems that not only they hate, but they want to be hated in return. Just watch them go crying to the ECHR claiming their rights have been violated. Would I go and live in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF thugs hates whites and gays like me? If you don’t like it here then go home.

  23. Helen Wilson 11 Feb 2012, 4:58am

    Yes Matthew you are entitled to that view and you can even share it privately within Christian circles….BUT….You cant come out into secular society and inflict it on the rest of us. So be very careful what leaflets you go shoving through peoples doors….Unless you like the idea of dropping the soap in prison showers.

  24. It gets worse!,, 11 Feb 2012, 9:24am

    It is right that ‘incitement’ to hatred of certain people should be dealt with. The bible says to love your neighbor whatever their sins .
    It is the sin that people should hate, not the sinner. It is right and proper and lawful to condemn and be disgusted by homosexual acts but homosexuals should be treated with and empathy if addressing their disorder, rather than hate.

    1. Yawn.

    2. It is right and proper and [should be] lawful to condemn and be disgusted by wilful stupidity; but the wilfully stupid should be treated with pity and empathy in the hope of addressing their disorder.

      (Good luck, Keith.)

      1. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 1:42pm

        I am heartened by your acknowledgement of the need to protect the right of free individuals of conscience to be repulsed by homosexuality and homosexual acts

        1. If you think Rehan was endorsing your comments then you are seriously deluded, Keith

          1. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 3:12pm

            Regardless, he right to be repulsed by hoosexualiy and homosexual acts exists as does the right to ublicize the repulsion. THE REPULSION MUST NEVER BE TOWARD HE IN and the bible INDIVIDUAL. That would be against the law and the bible. However, the homosexual disorder community will still take it personally and feel that nobody has the right to be repulsed. This right however is protected under the UN convention of Human rights whereby freedom of conscience and religious expression includes the right to condemn homosexuality.
            It vexes most homosexuals who also reside under the freedom of said UN Charter. Hypocriticaly , he homosexual disorder brigade generally will not hesitate to incite religious hatred, which is a criminal offence. Perpetrators such as Stu on here and Riondo are a case in point. There are many more law breakers on here as a perusal of the comments section will show you.

          2. It gets worse!,, Keith, 11 Feb 2012, 3:15pm

            Regardless, he right to be repulsed by hoosexualiy and homosexual acts exists as does the right to ublicize the repulsion. THE REPULSION MUST NEVER BE TOWARD HE IN and the bible INDIVIDUAL. That would be against the law and the bible. However, the homosexual disorder community will still take it personally and feel that nobody has the right to be repulsed. This right however is protected under the UN convention of Human rights whereby freedom of conscience and religious expression includes the right to condemn homosexuality.
            It vexes most homosexuals who also reside under the freedom of said UN Charter. Hypocriticaly , he homosexual disorder brigade generally will not hesitate to incite religious hatred, which is a criminal offence. Perpetrators such as Stu on here and Riondo are a case in point. There are many more law breakers on here as a perusal of the comments section will show you.,

          3. Rehan,

            Can you clarify if Keith has it right when he interprets what you meant?

            I suspect he is (as usual) badly muddled

          4. Micky, at his very best (which is not often) Keith is muddled. But it’s probably best to let him prattle on with his usual rubbish, it’s a bit demeaning to give him more attention than he deserves.

  25. These men do not even consider us to be humans, we are beneath contempt, a long way beneath.
    No amount of prison is going to change the way they think.
    We can only hope that what it (prison) may do is change, for a short time at least, the way they act.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Feb 2012, 12:28pm

    An appropriate sentence. Thank you, Crown Court of Derby.

  27. “Marcus” is in fact “Stu” for the benefit of anyone wondering where Stu’s “disappeared” to lately.

    Stu confessed on Thursday to manipulating Ben’s piece on the “It Gets Better” debate using aliases and other ruses.

    He confessed when he realised he’d forgotten to change his alias back to his name:- posting as Stu but under the name of “Marcus” who appeared to be another poster (see Peter S’s posting half way down for the full picture at:-

    Stu did this to bolster his position in a debate in which he’d pecked away at Peter S for challenging the fact that it gets better for everyone.

    Stu intimated he’d be taking some time off from these boards as a result, but has already resumed blitzing it as his alter ego “Marcus”.

    You’ve hogged the debate for too long, “Stu”, and your intent to bait people who don’t agree with your PC view of the world and hound and wear them down must end to restore balanced, fair and open debate to these boards.

    1. Get a grip! I have only ever commented on here once before but come to read the comments a couple of times a day. You are sounding demented and like a troll. It also sounded like you were also fabricating things on the discussions. Its nothing to do with the the story and the person you are attacking is not replying. Why don’t you drop it, most of us are not interested in your personal vendettas. Its boring and pointless.

      1. Eh? Patrick? Marcus? Just how many aliases DO you have, Stu?

        You are tripping yourself up left, right and centre here.

        Do make up your mind who you want to be today, at least, and stick to that, ok?

        Thank you!

        1. Paddyswurds 11 Feb 2012, 5:52pm

          @Samuel B…..
          ……Your manipulation of Stu’s name and style to bolster you bullying and misleading tripe is childish and petulant akin to schoolyard machinations of prepubescent girls. Away back to the Daily Mail where your bullying style will be more appreciated.

          1. Robert Stephens 11 Feb 2012, 10:08pm


            Smauels antics on these forums is very childish, I agree.

      2. PS: I find it is usually best to have the one alias from day one and have the courage of your beliefs and convictions, not to mention integrity and honour, to stick to it.

        Being consistent and trustworthy usually helps.

        1. As noted previously in a different thread, conjecture and speculation are not helpful as to who is who, does it really matter? This is an open forum, and to continue to agitate is in my view irresponsible and will eventually result in the comments forum being made more secure and thus will reduce the level of posting.

          PN have open forums to encourage debate, but the down side to this is that trolls will take advantage and ultimately stymie good debate!

          1. Isn’t that what SamB is saying though? Sorry, trying to take all this in but if true then Stuart has been trolling these pages under multiple pen names to steer the arguments to his own ends which is malpractise and deceit of the highest order. What does Stuart have to day about the accusations? I was wondering why he hasn’t been ubiquitous these last few days which suggests he is lying his head down. In shame?

          2. There could be many many individuals using multiple pen names – at the end of the day is it really a big deal? Nowhere does it say” tho shalt not have multiple pen names” in the the T&C’s. Wehn I started making comments on PN, I thought it was just that, making comments to a particular article – and in the main this is what happens.

            I think most people posting here can make up their minds about what they wish to acknowledge and agree with and do not need to be “protected” from deciet, malpractice, etc. There are some subjects which individuals feel strongly about which sadly have resulted in people being bullied, Stu being one such person, who in my view has been bullied. I make this comment from what I have witnessed recently.

          3. No big deal really unless it is being done to sway the discussion in the favour of the one using multiple names or to manipulate discussions as the OP claims. And reading the above there is definitely something going on, an “agenda” it is suggested which disturbs me greatly if true. Where is Stu to defend his corner?

          4. Trying to be as impartial as is possible but it doesn’t look good for Stuart if he is on here today posting as other people like Patrick who are defending him but then it turns out to be him. Who are all these people rushing ti discredit SamB for telling us what we should know condidering the high level of influence he has chosen to cast on these discussions? Are they the bullies SamB mentions rushing to his defence? Is there a moderator in the house?

    2. I’m surprised people take stu seriously,i dismiss him and his posts. The guy is a fantasist with imaginary experiences, not worthy of engaging in discussion.

      1. Quite right, rapture. Of course the defining irony in all of this is that all the while Stu has been accusing others of trolling and resorting to dirty tricks, he has been guilty of these online crimes himself.

        He and his Dalek operatives simply reek of hypocrisy and yet are still trying to prop up their house of cards even longer after they have exposed themselves to be the fools – their word – and compulsive liars they are!!!

    3. Stu’s modus operandi as PN’s unofficial PC moderator is to ensure an extreme left wing bias:- that is, to challenge and peck away at all opinions that do not conform to the PC “groupthink” concensus.

      That is, to supress, stymie and subvert free, open discussion by those who hold opposing viewpoints.

      He does this by challenging the individualist with endless questions, zoning in on the weakest part of the opponent’s argument by nit-picking and gnawing away at the smallest detail in an effort to wear his opponent down and either get them to concede defeat or go away.

      When this fails he calls in the bully boys like W6 and others to back him up, who proceed to intimidate, hound, heckle and shout the individualist down, smearing them with innuendo and claims of the very manipulation techniques which they themselves are blatantly employing, such as tampering with the thumb voting system.

      When that fails, he assumes aliases and ties himself up in knots, tripping himself up as his…

      1. raison d’etre is exposed to the world, then has the gall to play the victim and blame others for his downfall instead of having the decency to take responsibility for his deceptive practises.

        I have been pointing out elsewhere that, assuming Stu has been spending 8 solid hours a day, 7 days a week glued to Pink News forums, last week alone he posted at the rate of once every 7 minutes, the week before that even more.

        How can that possibly be justified if these forums are to be considered open, fair, impartial and imbalanced?

        How can one person be allowed to hog the debate morning, noon and night when their agenda is clearly to suppress free speech and open debate to a PC “groupthink” level, and where no other forms of expression are entertained or tolerated?

        How can this monopolisation of these boards be allowed to continue when one person seeks to singlemindedly subvert the natural course of debate by setting out to antagonise and provoke all those who dare state an opinion…

        1. …that does not chime or compute with the PC concensus?

          Free speech is anathema to PC zealots as it means accepting alternative opinons that have equal or more validity. Their worldview is already decided and they won’t – can’t – accept any other views, period.

          Stu even penned a recent comment piece for PN titled “Should the law protect us from insults?”, indirectly calling for the isolation of those he perceives as stepping out of line, such as myself. As AdrianT observed in his comment to the piece:

          “Stuart’s case is a call to halt free speech. I don’t buy it.”

          Well I sincerely hope after this fiasco that people stop buying Stu/Marcus’ B*llsh*t a moment longer.

          I’ve been contributing to PN boards for many years and won’t stay silent any longer about how they’ve been infiltrated by extreme left wing shills and trolls who do the same to other “open” forum discussions the world over.

          People are waking up to how PC is working to its own, controlling ends. It’s time to say ENOUGH!

          1. If you don’t like it here Samuel go else where. Seems a very easy choice to make, if PN is so corrupted maybe it’s time you took your single person crusade to another forum.

          2. I have been posting here years before you arrived on the scene and lowered the tone drastically, W6, and the feeling is it will be you locked out this site very soon, mark my words.

            You may have noticed that NO ONE ever responds to any of your asinine (look it up) comments.

            It’s because NO ONE wants to be tarred by association, even the extreme PC operatives you align yourself with.

            And it will be Stu more than anyone who can’t wait to be shot of you if and when he returns to Pink News a repentant character.

            You are a diabolical liberty to just about everyone, W6.

            Indeed, I am trying to work out whether the W stands for something that rhymes with banker, or whether it is short for William, as in Billy (no friends)…

        2. No one is interested!

          1. No one is interested that you are revealed to be the fake and charlatan you are, Stu/Marcus/Patrick/etc.?
            Don’t be so sure, my friend.

            Time will tell as more and more people you have decieved and abused with your hounding and mind manipulative techniques wake up to what your agenda has been here all along on these forums and seek some form of justice.

            And don’t think your stablemates who race to back you up each time the going gets tough will be able to lash out at the truth this time around when you have exposed yourself.

            I note the usual suspects haven’t arrived on the scene yet, foaming at the mouth and ready to tear your opponent’s head off, or is it only a matter of time?


          2. Reall, Stu? Seems like this debate will rage and rage so long as you keep playing your silly games.

            Annoyed that you have lost your crown as number one poster on these boards, at least posting as “Stu”, with only 121 postings last week – a quarter of your recent average tally?

            And how much more balanced, impartial and fairer they feel without you casting your PC-filtered judgment and wagging your finger condescendingly and patronisingly at all and sundry who hold conflicting opinions.

            Free speech on all issues will always prevail among this site’s responsible contributors because that is what fair and open debate is all about, despite your best efforts to suppress and stymie it.

      2. Makes a note about Samuel B mentioning my name in a derogatory and unecessary way. (PDF evidence is great I have to say!) I now await a further inappropriate term to describe me.

      3. Who is this deranged individual that sounds obsessed and deluded that everyone else is the same person and out to get him?

        Samuel – grow up

    4. I have been trying to get my head around this all day.
      To sum up the evidence shows that for some time now Stu has embark on a career of trolling and systematically baiting people who did not subscribe to politically correct dogma, and those of.a similar persuasion are now trying to make light of it all and making Samuel B appear the guilty party in all of this?
      I worked for the NHS for many years and suffered similar abuse at the hands of these religious zealots when I too turned whistle blower to expose politically corrupt practises that was contributing to the neglect of patient care.
      I was hung to the cross and vilified for telling the truth, and despite being vindicated years later received no apology and was hung out to dry.
      It is a little compensation to see the tables turned on these corrupted monsters.
      Well done!

      1. Not very bright then are you Chris? Do you not have the same feel for corruption, collusion, dark arts, and paranoia that Samuel has?

      2. Whats the evidence, Chris?

        1. Why do you ask Ben?
          Out of serious concern that this is really happening?
          I thought not.
          As Samuel says you are pulling the old Stu trick (indeed you probably are him with all the denial going on from your camp) of starting to peck away and detract from the real argument.
          How low.
          You come across just like the heartless fanatics who forced me out of my profession and like them you don’t give a damn for human sanctity and decency – only for denying the truth.

          1. @Chris

            I ask because if there is evidence I would like to see it rather than hear repeated conspiracy theories from someone who posts repeatedly screaming and screeching the same thing 100s of times. Its interesting Samuel is the only regular contributor who is attacking Stu relentlessly.

            So, whether you believe my motivation or not, do you have any evidence, Chris?

    5. @Chris

      Yes, as Ben says where is the evidence?

    6. I just checked that thread, and all I see on it is you saying he admitted it, which thread did this happen on again?

  28. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 1:32pm

    Bob said
    Clearly you know nothing about ASBO’s.
    They can and have been used to ban people from doing illegal things, as the penalty for breach of ASBO can be much harsher than for the particular criminal offence.
    For example look at this publically known ASBO:
    Michael Jones is barred from entering a particular location, being drunk in a public place (already an offence) and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour …. (already an offence).
    As I have said, we are all banned from illegal things anyway such as public intoxication and threatening behaviour. The Asbo insures that the offender will receive a harsher sentence for the already banned activity. In most cases, the Asbo prevents the perpetrator from carrying out an otherwise legal activity.
    It’s not rocket science Bob!

    1. You have just repeated everything Bob said, Keith

      Then said “in most cases” it is to prevent legal activity. Maybe so, but your point was that you could not make an order to prevent something already illegal – Bob has shown you are wrong in this. Your argument back of “in most cases” whether that is true or not about the majority of ASBOs is superfluous, Bob has shown you are wrong.

      1. It gets worse!,, Keith, 11 Feb 2012, 3:25pm

        Please do not be silly. Logic dictates that you cannot ban someone from something that is already banned. If a thing is illegal such as public intoxication, it is already banned. In the example of Michael Jones mentioned by Bob, he was banned from being intoxicated in publc even before the ASBO, as are we all. The ASBO merely serves to expedite or heighten punishment.
        The ASBO was introduced to pevent people from carrying out activities that would be otherwise legal, such as entering certain towns or shopping centres etc etc. The ASBO was not introduced for the purpose banning what is already banned. A logical fallacy and preposterous situation.

        1. Whether or not logtic dictates it. The facts speak for themselves. ASBOs are used to ban people from doing things the law already prohibits. Your argument that they don’t is wrong.

          1. Whatever the purpose of the ASBO the point is that it can be and is used to prevent people doing things which are unlawful in any event.
            It is not just Michael Jones. Even on the webpage with Jones there are many other cases where things already illegal are prohibited by the ASBO.

          2. It gets worse!,, Keith 11 Feb 2012, 5:23pm

            According to your logic, I am not banned from stealing until I get an ASBO to ban me from it????

            Produce a legal document/link stating that an ASBO bans anything already illegal and I will humbly retract.
            Until then , you are being stubborn and foolish to accept the concept.

          3. @Keith

            No thats not what I am saying. Of course when something is illegal everyone is prohibited from doing it. That does not prevent a court ordering you not to do it. You claim it does, the ASBOs I have shared with you, and many others show otherwise

          4. @Bob

            Give up and do the ignore thing with our errr friendly troll, you should know it is pointless to argue with him, he is a bible “user” and as such can twist it anyway he wants and does so readily with posters comments. As for the PN article, incitement to hatred is a crime, they commited that crime so should be punished accordingly.

  29. Another good debate hijacked by the bully boy of Pink News. – well done, you are an inspiration to us all – seeking out subversion, PC thinking (what ever that means) conspiracy, collusion and stymying the debate has become expected. BTW thanks for widening my vocabulary that is one good thing I guess, but there again it’s wasted on me lol

    I do not see many (if anyone) using the term PC so I guess there isn’t much appetite here for your views.

    Perhaps another comments forum woud suit you better, I would say Pink Paper, but you have to register there, and thus unable to bully people.

    1. It’s a great shame. I preferred Stu to Samuel B. At least Stu whilst being prolific in his postings did tend to stick to either the subject matter or respond to the comments made to or about him. He f@cked up it seems but usually he was fair. Not like the ignorant tw@t Samuel.

      1. Totally agree here, Stu will be back I have no doubt about that. The problem now is that Samuel will constantly think anyone who is not in agreement with him as being Stu using a different user name, so do expect such a comment to come your way Frank.

        1. For Fecks Sake 11 Feb 2012, 5:31pm

          Oh FFS. Who cares? Stu, Samuel…….. It’s a gay news site comments board. Does it really matter? Get a grip. You’ve got some real issues mate.

          1. I would agree – whats in a name? It is the comment that should be responded to or challenged, not the individual behind the comment. Your right I do have issues which are a dislike of bullies and trolls.

          2. “I would agree – whats in a name? It is the comment that should be responded to or challenged, not the individual behind the comment. Your right I do have issues which are a dislike of bullies and trolls.”

            Shouldn’t the words “Whenever it suits me and to hell with all others” be woven into the above, W6 aka Frank aka Seamus ad infinitum (look it up)?

          3. When Stu is also an official contributor to PN of comment pieces asking SHOULD THE LAW PROTECT US FROM INSULTS? then damn right we should all care because, in manipulating these boards in his crusade to suppress and stymie free speech in open forums, “Stu” has revealed a serious conflict of self-interest in the subject matter he is also commenting about.

            He wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. However it would make a total travesty and disgrace of these boards now that the truth is out if he were allowed to continue business as usual.

            THAT is why the alarm had to be rung and the enemy of free, open, balance and impartial speech on PN exposed for all to see.

  30. @Stu (AKA Marcus/Micky/Patrick/Frank and the rest)

    Stop this silliness of switching to so many names just to attack Samuel B.!

    It isn’t nice to pick on people like this!

    How can you be so shameless after you exposed your own silly deception the other day??

    1. Peter S

      You do realise that after my complaints, Samuel is known by PN and I think you will find he is considered to be a troll. If you want me to publish the Email I have received from PN I will oblige, once I have got thier permission to do so. As you rightly noted SamB was once a supporter of Stu, not very long ago, so KI would watch your back mate………seriously!

      1. I can’t believe you would be so thoughtless W6…

        Even though Ben Cohen told us that PN is a small team that needs to spend its time and resources on journalism rather than forum moderation, you still cause them trouble by making a complaint about nothing?

        Get your thoughts in order W6, come on now.

        1. Peter S if you want to appear to stick up people who consistently bully others, then it’s is your right to do so. If you beleive mental illness, HIV stigma and people in receipt of benefits deserve to be consisantly attacked & ridiculed then that is your entitlement, but please do not expect us all to show such lack of understanding and basic decency towards others.

          They say you can judge a country by the way it treats its old and disabled – I think I can say that principle can extend to individuals as well, now you appear to be the thoughtless one?

          1. What?? Why would you say any of that to me?

            W6, may I ask (you don’t have to answer..), do you have ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ (BPD)? I have a friend with that, and she speaks in such a similar manner to you~

          2. As it goes no I don’t have borderline personality disorder. You questioned why I have complained to PN, which I have openly explained. I did not suggest that all those examples I gave applied to me, but they formed the basis of my complaint.

            Does it really matter which form the mental illness takes? Is it right that those who are open enough about their difficulties should be ridiculed and attacked consistently over a six month period?

          3. Sometimes you just have to rise above things and let let them go..

            Especially when they’ve already become a ridiculous saga~

          4. I would agree, but this has been a sustained attack over a six month period, getting more and more intense.

            Do you not think that if someone feels bullied then they should do something about it? The stiff upper lip does not get things changed in life, and I do not thnk that is helpful.

          5. Much ado about nothing~

            Take my advice – Go to bed.

          6. You are entitled to your opinion Peter, but I am sure I will not be the last to suffer this sort of bullying.

            It seems that at least for now it has stopped, which is a good thing.

          7. From the evidence I have seen Stu has been incredibly foolish and dishonest and his behaviour is quite a revelation. Equally disturbing are the number of people who have flocked from these boards to defend him so there does seem to be some coordinated effort to shoot the messenger here. Thanks SamB for bringing this to light. I hope the appropriate action is now taken to clean up these discussion pages.

          8. Vauxhall-Boy 12 Feb 2012, 11:05am


            From the evidence I have seen there has been very little defence of Stu. There should not be what he admitted doing was wrong.

            What there is been is a concerted effort from Samuel and others (perhaps also Samuel) to attack Stu and presume he is a number of other personalities. Whether that is true or not, I doubt anyone can really know.

            Samuel repeatedly boring about it detracts from the stories being discussed. It is Samuel who is obsessed, and boring.

            Are you really Dan or just a pseudonym of Samuel? You could be either, but then Patrick, Micky and so on could be readers who have just chosen to contribute frustrated at the domination of the comments by Samuel. I don’t know which, but then nor do I know about you.

          9. Pay attention at the back please!

            Study Patrick’s shoot-from-the-hip response to my first posting here and tell me if the name “Patrick” bears any relation to the name “Marcus”, who is the person “Patrick” is defending in the FIRST PERSON!!

            Yep, once again Stu forgets to change the name of one of his aliases to defend another of his aliases because he has got himself so tied up in knots deceiving everyone, yourself included V-B!!

            The alarming thing is he has probably been doing this ever since he set his shot feet on Pink News but people have been too lazy to notice or point it out.

            As I keep saying, there is nothing inherently wrong in adopting other aliases per se so long as it is not done to deceive or manipulate debate and drum up false concensus to bolster your own arguments.

            Such behaviour destroys the credibility and impartiality of these boards and betrays the trust placed in us to behave decently and respectfully thus enabling these boards to stay open.

          10. @Samuel

            Ever thought Patricks grammar might not be as good as yours and that is the reasonable explanation?

          11. My grammar’s been dead all of 20 years, Ben.

            Trust me, I haven’t got it in for Patrick’s grammar, truly…

  31. “Error catastrophe and antiviral strategy” – I was reading about this earlier, and having now read many of today’s postings I conclude that poor Samuel is mutating faster than HIV in a 24 hour period – of course the greater the number of mutations the more likely mistakes will occur in the genetic sequencing, which usually results in a weakening in the viral fitness – lets hope the same applies to SamB.

    1. W6, do try to restrain yourself from using big adult words you can barely grasp the meaning of.

      It doesn’t impress, trust me, and comes across about as sincere as the false charm Stu used to deceive us all…

      1. lol………I totally understand the mechanism of error catastrophe and antiviral strategy, its an interesting novel approach for treatment in viral infections. Science is so rewarding to those of us who understand it. You may like to use your fancy words to impress, but at least I fully understand what I’m talking about.

        I think you are more likely to need an early learning course rather than me Samuel – and whilst you are at it see if you can learn about being responsible, fair minded and think of others rather than yourself. You have described yourself as a humanitarian in the past, I’m really not quite sure how you have arrived at that description of yourself – All I and many others see (and yes they are real people – not just one person) is someone with a very serious psychiatric condition which is either very badly controlled, or has yet to be diagnosed – either way you need help before you become a danger to yourself and others.(I am totally serious on that last point BTW)

  32. This forum is a mess why can’t we have disqus?

    1. Robert Stephens 11 Feb 2012, 10:07pm

      I blame Sam and his obsession. This thread started off in a great place until he started polluting it.

      I am pleased the men who distributed the leaflets in Derby were sentenced to reasonably length prison sentences. What they did to offend, harass and intimidate gay people and other Muslims in Derby is horrific.

    2. Sister Goodlove 11 Feb 2012, 10:10pm

      Disqus can be abused in the same way, especially if you have as much time on your hands as Stu seems to have! :-)

      1. You can see a persons history and make an assessment of their character

        1. I think I agree though generally you only have to read one post of some people to get a fairly accurate of the posters character.

          1. Vauxhall-Boy 12 Feb 2012, 11:12am

            I agree with James!. I don’t think this story should be about Stu. He made a collosal, stupid error. I presume others have done the same thing on here too, not that this makes it any better. Stu was caught out – by himself and admitted it. Maybe Samuel is also doing the same thing, or others on here.
            I used to contribute a lot but got fed up with the Nigerian troll Rich. I remember Stu used to have opinions that I would agree with sometimes and totally disagree with at other times. I have seen all the regulars including James!, Jockstrap, Samuel , Iris, Pavlos, Riondo, Jonpol etc agreeing with him.
            Looking through a persons history and making an assessment of it makes me think Stu is an ok guy who f@cked up. It is difficult to see Samuels jumping on this error and his multiple comments as anything other than a vendetta.

          2. Your analysis is spot on Vauxhall-Boy………Samuel has hounded Stu, and having also been hounded by Samuel, I can totally understand why Stu has made a mistake. As you say he had the courage to own up to it immediately – he predicted Samuel would make capital out of it…….

            Samuel makes the debate very personal, and has in several threads set out to assassinate Stu’s character. This is bullying and we should not tolerate it.

          3. Or in W6’s case, one sentence…

          4. Quite right, Dafy, or just one sentence where W6 is concerned.

            He only has to open his mouth for this forum to become a total travesty.

  33. Islam: “making the KKK look sane since the 7th century”

  34. Honestly, there is no external evidence that says the Qur’an is God’s word.

    Like the Bible, the Qur’an cannot be the basis for belief.

    These guys got what was coming to them, and that’s a lesson from real life and real laws.

  35. Good riddance to bad rubbish

    1. Hear, hear to that!

  36. Oh do make up your mind whether or not Stu has been using aliases or not, W6, and whether the use of such devices is a heinous crime or not. The former is provable by Stu’s own admission, to quote:

    “Now I have made a fool of myself …

    I apologise for using the same tactics as Samuel …

    He goads me into using his childish ploys …

    I am horrified at what I have just done by posting a flase post … its not in my morals …

    Taking a break from this thread for now

    No doubt I will suffer much ridicule from Samuel …

    He still wont bully me”

    Strange how adopting an alias is/was only a crime whenever you accuse anyone who agrees with me as being me passing off as someone else. Oh the hullabalo and hysterics you stir up, yet when Stu does so it is nothing serious at all, a but of harmless fun. Hypocrite, much?

    Now let’s study Stu’s confession a little closer, shall we? He admits to making a fool of himself and admits adopting an alias in the context in which he did, or rather does so, is…

    1. a tactic, that is, a trick, a device to manipulate and tamper with the debate.

      Next, I “goad” him into using childish ploys (note plural, so he admits to using other tactics/tricks also).

      Instead of taking responsibility for his duplicity, “Stu” chooses instead to play the victim role when he has confessed to being the aggressor and, in turn, has admitted to using tactics to trick and ultimately bully those he is in mock discussion with while utilising his alias of the day.

      He is “horrified” at what he has done, and so emphasises the seriousness of his underhand, sly actions.

      It is not his “morals”. Oh, really? From that we might deduce Stu does have some moral backbone and decency after all, has learned his lesson and would restrain from such deceit in the future?

      Fast forward to yesterday and Stu starts discreetly posting once again as Marcus, hoping no one will notice…

      1. So much for morals and contrition!!

        When exposed once again for the last of respect Stu is showing to these boards, and the disrepute he is bringing them into with regard to its credibility as an open, impartial, balanced and fair forum for debate, Stu responds insisting he IS Marcus while posting as PATRICK.


        “Get a grip! I have only ever commented on here once before but come to read the comments a couple of times a day. You are sounding demented and like a troll…”

        Yes, for the second time in three days Stu had once again forgotten to change another of his seemingly infinite number of aliases (really, Stu, how many does one chap need?), this time called “Patrick” – who he was using elsewhere to lean on and ultimately bully someone else – back to “Marcus”.

        And soon after is again caught out red-handed posing as Charles, and no doubt a good few of these new names that suddenly appear to have been created who insist that this charade, collusion and cover-up is really…

        1. no big deal and encouraging us all to move on.

          Well, that would be terribly convenient for Stu and co if we did so and forgot all about it, but the fact of the matter is that a co-ordinated effort to infiltrate these pages and instill an extreme left wing PC agenda is now clear for all to see.

          Others have been insinuating this for some time now. Well now the proof is on these very pages for all to see, and Pink News must be seen to act upon the infiltration and manipulation of its forum pages.

          It has long been known that much of our gay media and many gay charitable organisations are rife with PC zealots who force people to jump into line and to conform to “groupthink” – that is, the final PC concensus/spin on any issue that must not be questioned or debated – and it appears their stooges and yes men have been active operating on these boards for some years now.

          That is why Stu must always have the upper hand and final word on most political issues, why the debate on HIV…

          1. is closed and not up for discussion with the likes of W6 and the HIV charities, and so on and so on ad infinitum.

            It is part of their PC training to bully anyone who questions the PC mind-made-up concensus:- to harrass, intimidate, smear, hound and insult anyone who dares step out of line, as has been deminstrated all too clearly on these boards for too long now.

            It’s time to out them every time they attempt to corner the debate or harrass anyone who refuses to be told what to think or to conform like a robot.

            The light of truth will make them disappear from these boards, bacause it is truth they cannot handle; they are not programmed to, sadly.

            Be true to yourself, everyone. Be the unique individual you really are. That is where truth and happiness lie.

            You don’t need to conform to the PC herd mentality to fit in and belong. Stop worrying what others think:- that is the road to fear, anger and unhappiness, and those are the traits of the PC shill and, in turn, their life blood.

          2. And Stu/Marcus/Patrick/etc, to coin your collective adopted slogan, “get a grip”.

            The longer you play this charade out, the more you continue to hog the debate to the detriment of all for your own, selfish, self-absorbed reasons.

            Posting at the rate of one post every 7 minutes non-stop 8 hours a day, 7 days a week suggests you were either being paid on a full-time basis to shill on PN, or that you have way too much time on your hands as others keep pointing out.

            I like to think it is the latter in which case get a proper job, or, if you really are on “unpaid sick leave” as you claim, find a hobby that stimulates you.

            If you really get off on what you are doing here and can’t live without your fix every 7 minutes, go into rehab, induce cold turkey, ANYTHING.

            At least honour your word by “Taking a break from this thread for now”, that way you will be seen to have a smidgeon of integrity and truth about you.

            Otherwise, if anyone is ridiculing you on these boards, it’s only yourself.

          3. Sweet jesus!!! Are yo for real????? This obsession with someone you have never met before need to stop. Get help. Seriously.

          4. And may I suggest you heed the same advice, W6.

          5. Blimey this scandle is everywhere today!!!!!!! I just posted this on the man-has-babie storie………..

            Gr8 work Mr B. Didnt Stu write for PNews recently? Lets hope Jessie hauls Stu over the coals for what he has done………….. I imagine he will also be summons-ed to Bens’ office. Would luv to be a flie on the wall………………. Ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!

          6. Erm, thanks Ben!

            Nice to welcome a convert to the enlightened ranks!

            May I ask what propelled you to realign your allegiance? I assumed you were batting for the, ahem, “other side”…

    2. Vauxhall-Boy 12 Feb 2012, 11:15am


      Why do you think it is necessary to contribute 6 posts on one contributer when the topic of conversation here is supposed to be about the Derby men being imprisoned?


      1. That you see nothing wrong in these boards being manipulated by one person who has set himself up as a full-time moderator of these boards while simultaneously using multiple aliases to aid him in steering the debate in one direction (extreme left) while leaning on and bullying those who don’t conform, then you clearly are cut from the same cloth and share the same lack of ethics and morals.

        You are therefore are not worth entering into further conversation with as you are here to bait rather than account for or justify such dishonest and manipulative tactics.

        End of.

        1. You’ll be the next focus for Samuel, Vauxhall-Boy, or he will accuse you of beng Stu or W6_bloke, or maybe Rob, Will, and all the others he refers to as PC evangelists or a lynch mob……..

          1. Yeah, we’re all the same person, remember? It helps validate his schizophrenic world view construct if he thinks only one person, not everyone, thinks he’s a rambling basket case….

          2. As if on cue… Hi Will, a bit late but better later than never, eh? Where’s sidekick Rob? A but like Ernie without Eric when he’s not around, but do your best, I’m braced and ready for all the PC shilling you can throw my way…

          3. lol……….dont worry Will – I think by now everyoneknows theres only one Willie W…nker on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Don’t blame me for stringing this out, VB. Ask W6 and Stu instead.

        I was MORE than prepared to let this matters rest on the basis that Stu boobed, apologised and claimed to be resting from these boards, presumably to repent for his sins and return on the basis of treating these boards with respect and decency.

        It was W6 who has been hounding me around on other non-related threads, and who has thereby highlighted Stu’s deceit to a wider audience, not me.

        And it is Stu himself who, contrary to what he said on Thursday, returned within just 2 days and deceitfully attempted to do so while pretending to be someone else hiding away within the recesses of other peoples’ comments!

        Stu just can’t help himself, it seems, and now his bullies/aliases are out in force as indeed I predicted to hound and harrass the truth.

        Despicable schoolyard behaviour, but as we all know schoolyard bullies only end up digging their own hole ever bigger until there’s no one left to bully but themselves.

        1. Samuel is right.

          W6_bloke has the biggest mouth of anyone. He can’t help but chase Samuel’s comments, making petty accusations against him. He’s obsessed..

          And then ‘Stu’ trolls around under all kinds of names to attack and bait Samuel and others~ FFS

          1. Thank you, Peter S.

            As I have said elsewhere, where you find Stu you will always find his shadow, W6. Just follow the whiff.

            Rather like Abbot & Costello, really, with Stu being the one who at least had an ounce of brain matter functioning (note past tense).

            Trolls, or to give them a proper name, internet predators, always, erm, troll in packs to back the other up when their modus operandi is questioned or threatened.

            Now they simply seem intent on out-trolling the other, so maybe we should just leave them to get on with it and let others see what is clearly going on as they continue to destroy the credibility of these boards to pursue their own selfish, deceitful objectives.

            It doesn’t need spelling out anymore.

          2. @Samuel B

            If it doesnt need spelling out any more, please do not bother!

      3. Hmm, why else is it is necessary to contribute 6 posts on one contributor?

        Could it possibly be because the seriousness of Stu’s felonies warranted full exposure?

        Item 1:

        Said contributor officially wrote a comment piece for PN, the subject itself focusing on free speech titled:-


        Not only should Stu, as a PN writer, therefore be seen to be upholding the name of PN and not bringing it into disrepute, but a clear conflict of self-interest can now be seen to have been behind this article owing to Stu’s now fully transparent efforts to suppress free speech itself.

        If you could not spot an agenda from all the threads Stu was blatantly manipulating, hey presto it is revealed in all its glory in his recent comment piece.

        Item 2:

        As is a declared enemy of free speech Stu goes to extraordinary means to suppress it so as not to be seen to be blatantly intent on muzzling anyone and everyone who does not subscribe to PC groupthink…

        1. Vauxhall-Boy 13 Feb 2012, 1:10am

          @Samuel B

          How many of your 106 posts this last week were related to your obsession about Stu?

          How many of your posts were related to the subject of the story?

          Pot Kettle Black?

          1. Don’t you listen, V-B?

            As I keep saying, I was prepared to let this matter rest in the thread in which Stu made his enormous boob and outed himself.

            He seemed genuinely remorseful as he deceitfully, we now know, declared his intention/lie to take a break from PN, presumably to reflect on how his influence has contaminated debate:


            So, letting sleeping dogs lie (no, not a sly dig aimed at you, W6), I submitted a non-related post to a new thread, praising the PN published for the It Gets Better Video.

            And who pops up to attack me and continues shouting about Stu’s misdemeanours? Yep you guessed it, W6!


            So blame W6 for continuing this nonsense, not me!

            If it’s subsequently taken 100+ posts to defend myself from rabid pit bulls, then so be it.

          2. @Samuel B

            Yes you keep telling us over 111 times in the last 7 days (second highest poster on Pink News, almost all repeatedly saying the same thing about Stu).

            We hear you. We get your message. Some even agree with you. We dont need to hear it anymore.

          3. One more time Sammie – PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! havent larfed so much 4 yaers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a tru hero matey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. I haven’t laughed so much in ages either, Ben

            At Samuel and his fictitious friends.

        2. Samuel B. - The Original and the Best 13 Feb 2012, 10:51am

          Rather than come out and demand from the rooftops that free speech must stop forthwith on PN comment pages and be openly ridiculed and lampooned, Stu takes devious stepping stones towards that corrupt end: A to B to C rather than A to Z in one fell swoop.

          Very sneaky, but you have to admire his nerve and tenacity.

          VB, I assume like all Stu’s other aliases and bully boys you are extreme left in your views and therefore happy to play along with his charade and stick up for Stu come what may?

          That’s fine. There is nothing at all inherently wrong or unawful in having such beliefs in a still free and democratic society.

          But if it’s taken, as you say, 120-plus posts this past week to bring the above scandal to the light of others using these boards who DON’T take kindly to politically motivated agendas being orchestrated at their expense, then so be it.

          There are some of us who still believe in justice and fair play, and who will pursue it so long as it’s still there to be fought for.

          1. Vauxhall_Boy 13 Feb 2012, 11:00am

            How predictable. Now I am also part of the conspiracy against Samuel B. What a victim mentality! He has some messed up mind if he really seesall these comments against him being one person! He needs help.

          2. Vauxhall_Boy 13 Feb 2012, 11:02am

            120 plus posts to expose your obsession more like!

      4. And how many posts have you contributed to this debate, V-6?

        A little obsessive aren’t we, for someone who thinks this is much ado about nothing?

        And your feral mates who have been loitering around this board the last couple of days trying to bait myself and all those who support truth and speak common sense.

        Are your lives really so empty and meaningless that this is the only way you know to get your kicks? Ever considered getting a social life, or a life full stop?

        They do say sociopaths make up 4 per cent of the populace, so that would account for the rag bag minority hanging around here like a bad smell plus, of course, their multiple split personality alter egos.

        Hypocrites, much?

    3. Thanks for summing this all up and exposing the rot that’s been festering here SamB. All makes sense now. I had long suspected or rather known Stuart was owning these Pink News for his own devices and ends and seems he is not working alone in this agenda either. Thanks for exposing this although the clues were there all along but we have just been absorbing all Stuart’s dross and drivel and games without questioning his agenda. Like sheep really. Great what you say about not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Why are people like Stuart, W6_Bloke and their supporters so scared of free speech and want to destroy it? Where is the love? They must hate themselves so much. Are they sociopathic? They seem to fit the definition of someone who is. Scary. Thanks again.

    4. At least you use two names on here — SamB and SamuelB — but are open about it.

      1. Dan I note you make reference to me above, yet I do not recal you contributing to the threads where Samuel B has systematically bullied me……

        We are all entitled to our views, but you seem to be suggesting that Samuel is the innocent victim of a witch hunt……..I have asked Samuel several times to produce evidence to support his assertions tha he is the innocent party here, but this has not been forthcoming.

        You are entited to hold the same views as Samuel, and given your writing style this is very obvious that you are very close to his opinion. I look forward to reading more from you in forthcoming discussions on PN stories.

      2. Hi Dan, thanks for your kind comments!

        Actually I am not SamB, honest, just a similar-sounding name.

        Sociopaths by their nature seek to control others and bring others down because they are so angry and miserable and have little control over their own lives.

        So maybe there is something in what you say.

        Stay happy and don’t let the b@st@rds get you down! :)

        1. No problem Samuel B!

          Its easy, as you’re a great guy. I’m obviously not the same person as you, as I mean, no one else in here would possible think that only you would have a dislike of both Stuart and W6_Bloke. Its naturally everyone here would dislike them. I mean, we do not need to resort to using different names, now, do we? If course not! We’re bloody special, we are! Everyone else is the same person!

          On a separate note, do you think the moon landing are fake and the lizard people can read my mind without my tin-foil hat on?

          1. How do I know that the little gentle discourse between Samuel B and Dan above is not Samuel speaing to himself?

          2. Looks like Samuel B. has been posting to himself all day, despite his assertions that he has a full social life, obviously today he as had no better offers so he as trolled all day by the looks of it……

            Paranoia is treatable Samuel, I suggest you get some help, as you have clearly lost the plot today big time. (and I am being very serious here).

            You need help Samuel you really do!

  37. It gets worse!,, Keith 12 Feb 2012, 10:23am

    Bob said…
    “No thats not what I am saying. Of course when something is illegal everyone is prohibited from doing it. That does not prevent a court ordering you not to do it. You claim it does, the ASBOs I have shared with you, and many others show otherwise”

    My reply,
    You wil never get it. You and the newspaper you lined are misapplying the word ‘ban’ . The ASBO enforces existing prohibitions on banned behaviour such as public intoxication and it bans otherwise legal behaviour such as entering a town. It does not ban that which is already illegal neither will you find the word ban on any court order (ASBO) document regard ‘existing’ prohibitions such as public intoxication. As I say, produce it and I will retract, or persist in your false assertion..

    1. “You wil never get it.”

      And you’d be an expert at that, wouldn’t you, drunkie?

  38. Please follow us on Twitter: Endthefearnow. #endthefear for all,LGBT.Joint the small community

  39. This was my first experience of how Samuel likes to debate, this was back in August 2011, a debate about the HoL report on HIV prevention.

    Why does Samuel instantly attack two THT volunteers in the way he does? I accept the THT is not held in hi regard by SOME gay men, surely someone who volunteers should at least be spared his venom towards all HIV charities.

    These are just two examples of how he chose to repond first to “Roland” and then …westie… (the user name I used at that time). Both Roland and I said we volunteered for THT……this is typical Samuel…….

    1. ….Samuel to Roland:

      “So you are part of the rot is what you are saying, Roland? As I implied in my last message, the THT is too entrenched in its ways and has shown again and again that it does not have the will or desire to change track”.

      Samuel to ….westie…

      “…westie…”, your post parrots the tired old THT line and exemplifies why HIV prevention aimed at gay men has failed in this country. “To just concentrate on gay men is very short sighted…” is an appallingly arrogant statement to make. Two-thirds of people contracting HIV in the UK are indeed gay men, so logic would dictate you would expect to see campaigns that served as a deterrent to acquiring HIV aimed at our community? And deterrent by definition means hard-hitting and impactful (cue THT-ites intaking breath and gasping in horror at such an outrageous prospect!). But as I said, in the PC bubble in which all who serve”

      What a welcome to Pink News I got…..and this has set the tone ever since.

      1. Looking back I actually wonder why I have bothered to continue to contribute here – but someone has to balance the crap Samuel peddles here – he is all headline and no detail and likes to bully, typical Daily Wail through and through.

        Enough from me, PN have taken my complaint about Samuel seriously, and I am very grateful for that. As previously stated I will publish the email here if PN authorise it………should that become necessary.

        1. “Looking back I actually wonder why I have bothered to continue to contribute here”

          Join the club, W6, many of us have been wondering exactly the same thing also.

          Ever since you darkened these boards, your endless, monotonous Dalek-like ranting, raving and shrill shilling for the HIV lobby has made an utter travesty of many a debate.

          You are batting high above your station and you will keep hitting fouls until you learn some online etiquette and decorum (look it up) in the way you put your points across and address others.

          Enough of the pitiful victim role you play so adeptly.

          You wonder why you invite a comparison to Daleks and pit balls when you set yourself up and leave yourself wide open for such comparisons to be made, and then lash out at those for doing so.

          May I suggest an Easy Learning Course to get you started?

          Otherwise invest in a muzzle.

          1. “Otherwise invest in a muzzle.”

            You go first. It will reduce the excrement in this site substantially. You’re up there with Keith the alcoholic ex-gay with your childish obsessions over people you have never met before. What exactly is wrong with you?


    2. I’ve been posting here years before you arrived on the scene and lowered the tone considerably with your Dalek-like, monotonous, gutteral ranting and raving.

      And the feeling is the way you are going it will be you locked out this site very soon, mark my words.

      I mean, bringng your behaviour to the attention of PN management? How foolish can one be?!

      You may have noticed that NO ONE ever responds to any of your asinine (look it up) comments, because you never have anything useful or interesting to contribute, just bile to spew.

      And of course NO ONE wants to be tarred by association, even the extreme PC operatives you align yourself with.

      And it will be Stu more than anyone who can’t wait to be shot of you if and when he returns to Pink News a repentant character.

      You are a diabolical liberty to just about everyone, W6.

      Indeed, I am trying to work out whether the W stands for something that rhymes with a city worker, or whether it is short for William, as in Billy (no friends)…

  40. Ben Foster 12 Feb 2012, 6:18pm

    how many more comment boards are going to be ruined by nonsense about stu/samuel et al? There are real issues facing LGBT people. stupid squabbles and faction fighting just plays into the hands of the enemies like Keith;

    1. It gets worse!,, Keith, 12 Feb 2012, 6:58pm

      I don’t hate you or anyone else on here. I despise homosexul acts and the harm they cause (and heterosexual promiscuity also).
      Homosexuals are nor better or worse than heterosexuals and are certainly not my enemy. You sound bitter.

      1. Are you drunk?

      2. Ben Foster 13 Feb 2012, 7:35am

        keith, you are the enemy of all sound, reasonable thought on any subject whatsoever with your bible-bashing nonsense. Go and have a homosexual act and enjoy it.

        1. “No chance of getting your mind out of the sewer then? Fitthy pervert.”

          The word is “Filthy” – can’t type too well when you’re drunk, can you? Better if you spent your money on education instead of that ex-gay crap, maybe you could type AND stop thinking abut your rear end.

    2. @Ben Foster

      Exactly – who gives a flying f@rt what Samuel B or Stu think about each other anyway?

      Now if they want to contribute to the topic, thats a different matter.

      What annoys me most is that Samuel is now doing exactly what he accuses Stu of doing – dominating the boards.

      1. David Myers 14 Feb 2012, 9:51am

        Ben, your comments are right on! I have no patience for this endless crap – on both sides. Let’s not let this petty battle ruin this site for everyone else.

  41. Perhaps I have been rather foolish myself, and judged the situation incorrectly Samuel B.

    As more and more comments have appeared about you on this thread Samuel the evidence does not seem to be so clear cut in your favour – several well established PN users seem to agree with what others have been saying all along……

    You do seem rather intent on winning a strange vendetta, and some of your comments don’t sit comfortably with me. I think you should move on before you make a big fool of yourself.

    As they say in Dragons Den, I’m out before I get caste as one of your supporters – sorry

    1. Hi SamuelB, just to let you know someone, most probably Stuart based on the evidence you have provided, is now pretending to be me. The nerve! I have never ever suffer split personality disorder! Lol!

      1. Thanks Dan, duly noted and now filed safely into the ever burgeoning dossier of evidence that is piling up against Stu.

        This will include evidence of the multiple other new aliases and nom de plumes (look it up, W6) Stu and his pit ball have conjured up today.

      2. “just to let you know someone, most probably Stuart based on the evidence you have provided, is now pretending to be me.”

        Based on the evidence you have provided???? LOL! What evidence?

        How odd, suddenly you believe SamB and now are part of his crusade giant someone he never met or has ever done him harm in the real world, becuase that’s rational behaviour, ins’t it? I mean it would be madness to think Sam is making this all up due to his obvious mental health issues, and now using other names to have a conversation with himself…. yeah, totally mad.

    2. @Dan

      Apologies thumbed you down in mistake. I agree Samuel is engaged in an ugly vendetta

      1. That was clearly to the first Dan on this thread whoever he may be

      2. That’s ok Ben, looks like your alter ego just got his own back! :)

        1. Oh, so now Ben is part of it too?????

          LOL! The entire site is out to get you, isn’t it?

  42. Of course throughout all the acriminations and fallout caused by his corruption and maipulation of these pages, Stu remains silent (well, as “Stu”, that is).

    I think that tells us all we need to know. Funny how “sorry” always seems to be the hardest word of all whenever cowards are unmasked.

    Sorry for all the people he has hounded, pestered and insulted when they stood their ground…

    Sorry for monopolising and perverting these boards by making them all about Stu every hour of every day of every week…

    Sorry for all the aliases he has adopted to hammer home and score cheaps points off…

    Sorry for indulging in the very dark arts he accuses others of…

    Sorry for summoning the multiple split-personality attack dogs to fight your corner and rig the voting system…

    Sorry for oppressing free speech and those who want these boards to remain open (doubtful), impartial and balanced.

    Of course all innocent, harmless fun, eh W6?

    What part of the word “sorry” does Stu not get?

    1. Yes, I am not you and I totally agree.

      Please remember, I am not Sam B and but I think he’s great and super. Everyone else who hates him is the same person.

      1. So the implication being you think I am SamuelB ? (thanks for the comp btw) is that how you try to throw people and deflect from the seriousness of Stuart’s behaviour? How do you people defend such appalling behaviour? The conclusion can only be you also use Pink News to spout you own dogma and bully anyone who speaks the truth as you are doing here. You are your own worst enemies. Really you are the lowest of the low.

    2. Good on you for giving insight on here.From word go, after reading a few of stu’s posts minutes of each other concerning all his different careers (in his head only) and conveniently made up experiences to desperately attempt to influence the more gullible on here, I knew that this guy is a complete loon( no matter how he dressed up his exhaustive idioms), so no surprise about his obsession with these threads or his multiple personality issues.

      1. Thanks rapture!

        We must stand together and not let the minority of PC fascist bullies who lurk in the shadows to continue to dominate these boards by force by constantly bringing fair and open-minded people down all the time.

        We know their tricks now:- the most obvious being the way they project their dark art devices at US to make us look like the manipulators and crackpots.

        The truth will always out, like a stone being lifted and the light sending the insects racing for cover back into the shadows.

        PN is a great site and we must preserve its integrity by exposing the rot wherever and whenever it simmers.


      2. Spot on Rapture. I generally considered Stuart and indeed many of the misfits who have swarmed here to defend the indefensible to be fantasists; Pink News’ own Walter Mitty characters. He would piously claim expertise on almost everything but dig deeper and challenge him and he would really know very little about nothing. In the end he tripped himself up trying to keep all those delusional plates spinning at once. I hope he has learned his lesson. I for one would like to see him return a reformed character and put this whole sorry sage to bed.

        1. I’m sure he has already returned from browsing some of the commentry, albeit incognito under another alias. He has gone nowhere, his addiction to pink news is too great as is his desperation to get the last word

  43. Deluded tick
    Paranoid tick
    Deranged tick
    Disingenuous tick
    Village idiot tick
    Bully tick
    Psychotic tick
    Stigmatising tick
    Split personality tick
    All round t@sser tick

    It seems I have described myself, or could that be Dan, Chris, and uncle Tom Cobbly……what a fool I have been

    1. You do take yourself way too seriously, W6. Do lighten up :)

      1. Vauxhall_Boy 13 Feb 2012, 11:06am

        It seems you are the one who takes yourself too seriously, if you honestly believe there is a conspiracy against you by multiple persons who are all either the same person or in allegiance with each other. Who would bother!

        1. Please point me in the direction when and where I have ever claimed there is a conspiracy against me? Get real!!!

          This isn’t about me and has never been about me.

          The conspiracy is against truth and also in part PN because these left wing loons are using it as their unofficial platform to suppress and subvert free speech.

          Myself, as others have attempted to do before me, are merely highlighting what has been obvious for so long now.

          Perhaps I’ve more endurance and tenacity than most because I’ve endured more bullying than anyone deserves in one lifetime, simply for being myself.

          Perhaps I have just reached a point where my shell has become so hard-formed that it all just passes through me.

          So, no matter how inadequate sociopaths try to dig and prod away at me as they have been doing in force these past few days, I register no hurt or pain anymore.

          That’s why I commented that bullies ultimately only dig a hole for themselves, because it is only themselves they ultimately bully.

          1. When you reach the point were hatred and fear no longer touch you, the bullies have nowhere left to vent their internal anger and self-hatred but at themselves…

          2. BTW, a special THANK YOU to my great boss who allowed me to come in to work late today in order to defend myself against these attacks and fight for truth.

            Yes, he is out and proud and also reads Pink News from time to time – when he isn’t put off by the extremist shrilling – and believes I am pursuing a worthwhile cause.

            I may not have all day and night to post on here as I do have a full time job, unlike some (unless of course contaminating these threads is their paid full-time job!).

            And maybe I do find myself devoting my lunch hour to fending off the aggressors and antagonists, and have to skip the occasional yoga and step aerobics class after work as well.

            But boy has it been worth it to turn the tables on the corrupted few who have terrorised these boards for far, far too long.

          3. Say what??? You were late for work defending yourself? How so? You spent all day yesterday exchanging insults with yourself or imaginary people. You are supposed to be “the manager” of your highly succesful consession in the West End, I thought you would be master of your own destiny, and not have to ask your area manager for permission to choose your working hours. Seems perhaps you are not the high flyer you like to portray yourself as. (more delusions).

            You are a total joke Samuel all bluster with ZERO substance, tolerance or backbone, a complete WASTE OF SPACE!

            That really is it from me so feel free to peddle your crap – you have shown how ridiculous you are to the majority of real PN readers, who quite frankly aint interested in your one man crusade! Good luck!

          4. A joke? A buffoon you mean, and a deranged basket case if one too…. his posts read like the scribblings inside a padded cell.

          5. It’s not about me, claims Samuel_B. Yet he seems to think multiple personalities are the same person who all focus on him. He is the one posting vast pages of material all about one other person who he has never met. Seems to me, Samuel is either obsessed about his own viewpoints and dislikes anyone that dares disagree or is obsessed with Stu (no wonder he isn’t here, who would want Samuel infatuated with you).

          6. FYI W6 I manage one of the top women’s apparel concessions in one of the leading department stores in the capital.

            My wonderful boss manages the entire chain and tis his role to maintain continuity between stores to ensure we’re all well stocked with the top lines.

            He works damn hard to ensure his staff are happy and not stressed, hence why I can take a late morning, and I am fortunate to embark on several trips annually throughout Europe and Asia to assist in expanding our outlets in those territories:- and my world view into the bargain!

            By comparison you have nothing better to do all day than sit at home, whinge, troll the internet for, ahem, “knowledge” and be PN’s token shrill predator?

            Well I work an honest day and pay my taxes and NI through PAYE and am not dependent on anyone but myself to provide all I need.

            I wonder what your net worth to this mortal coil will be when it is duly assessed at the Pearly Gates.

            Doesn’t bode too well from where I’m standing, love.

          7. And for the record, tonight I thought sod it, I am not going to spend the evening humouring Stu (incognito), Will, W6 and your fellow crackpots, and instead had a simply divine yoga session followed by sauna and steam.

            I would recommend you join a yoga class, W6, and try to learn how to calm yourself down, relax, breathe easily and connect to your “chi”.

            Only problem is, I can only imagine you would end up tying yourself in knots and tripping yourself up all of the time…

            Much like your dear friend Stu, in fact!

          8. I find it hard to believe that a senior manager of either an international womens fashion label or senior manager of a department store would give staff time off to engage in a debate on a gay news site on the internet. Maybe a dentist appointment, family crisis, domestic emergency, maybe even a duvet day; but to debate on Pink news. Thats unbelieveable.

          9. “I am not going to spend the evening humouring Stu (incognito), Will, W6 and your fellow crackpots”

            Well, its progress you have stopped think we’re all the same person out to get your with that overly elaborate schizophrenic conspiracy theory. Tin foil hat time, is it?

            Personally, I still think of you as a repulsive buffoon with all the intellect of a beetle.

  44. I apologise to everyone I have been polluting these comments for too long. I launched a childish vendetta against one person which was wrong. I will stop now.

    1. LOL, you know it’s game, set and match when the PC trolls have to resort to scraping the absolute dregs form the bottom of the barrel to try and score a point fail miserably.

      A good day’s work done and dusted, methinks.

      Time for bed :)

      1. PS:- to (mis)quote Matt at the very beginning of this thread…

        “A good day for human rights.

        A bad day for religious PC fundamentalists.

        PC poisons everything.”

        1. Who is posting as me?

          I have already apologised.

          I wish people would stop taking the p!ss out of me.

          1. Yawn. Still going, are we?

            More mindless self absorbed trash.

            How great you must feel about yourself to get all your mental health issue out on the internet to make a fool of yourself, but in reality you need a prescription of Clozapine, there’s something seriously wrong with you and your obsession with people you do not know or have not met.

            Oh, yes, sorry, I’m supposed to be one of the SAME personalities “out to get you”, dedicating their time on a random internet site to persecute your noble cause against Stu?

            Of course, your paranoia is justifiably about a conspiracy, which has you at it centre (naturally), is perfectly sane and not schizophrenia in the slightest…..

  45. @Samuel B.
    Its been quite a revelation and education to see the hounds become the hounded.
    Thanks for your efforts bringing this all to the surface and needless to say keep up the good work!

  46. I worry when people call on here for harsher sentences. it seems to me we have to avoid making “martyrs” of these idiots amongst their own people. A punishment should be proportionate. Again congratulations to the Police and the CPS

  47. “You can think of it as a little vigilante thing.”

    Well hopefully you can conduct your “little vigilante thing” in the confines of a cell, you Prick.

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