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Group apologises for ‘undesirable gays’ at Olympics comment

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Reader comments

  1. Amazes me that the FFC is unaware of the huge GLBT population in Clapham and how this particular group has brought so much prosperity and community feeling to the area… sad.

  2. Dangermouse 10 Feb 2012, 2:17pm

    so get some LGBT people on the group and this would never happen again.

  3. F*** those bigots with their non-apology.

    They have issued the standard non-apology:

    “the group has said they wish “to apologise to the LGBT community for any offence caused”.

    A proper apology would say “We are sorry for causing offence”

    Whenever someone apologises for ‘offence caused’ they are placing the blame on the person offended. Politicians do this all the time.

    Screw those bigotted losers.

    I am going to bring all my undesireable elements to Clapham Common in response.

    1. Davis Mac-Iyalla 10 Feb 2012, 5:35pm

      David, thanks for your comment, it speaks my mind.

    2. It’s not even a sentence. There is an object, but no subject. It firmly places the blame on those offended for being offended, not on those causing the offence in the first place. Lawyers do this all the time when they squirm out of liability issues.

  4. They are not sorry. They were caught and called out. An old story.
    I think Clapham Common could do with some undesirable elements. The last time I was driven past it it looked a bit empty and boring.

  5. I am glad they have apologised. I believe they made a big mistake in what they said. But I hope the steps they have taken will ensure this wont happen again. I believe the apology is sincere as I have been in communication by email with the chair and I accept their apology. I hope the Pride House event is approved it is a success for everyone!!

  6. Simon Monger 28 Feb 2012, 12:44pm

    What do they mean by “undesirable elements of the gay community”? Which elements of the gay community are “undesirable”? They’re not saying everyone in the gay community, so I’m curious what they *do* mean.

    1. Probably the “elements” that made Clapham Common famous for cruising. It was hardly a stroke of PR genius for the organisers to pick this location for their Pride House.

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