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Gay hate leaflet men to be sentenced today

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Reader comments

  1. Hope they get a significant sentence!

    You can then take your little vigilante protest thing to prison!

    1. Hope they don’t stop the soap… just saying

  2. Now a precedent has been set, the punishment should be significant enough to serve as a warning and deterrent.

    1. September Meadows 10 Feb 2012, 11:41am

      I can just hear Kabir Ahmed in the prison shower now squeaking, “Me, no! I didn’t drop the soap!”

  3. Spanner1960 10 Feb 2012, 11:31am

    What’s the bets they get let off with community service or some peppercorn fine just to keep the Muslims happy and not get accused of racism?

    1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 11:32am

      Didn’t the judge say on conviction that imprisonment was a certainty?

    2. These gay haters are not a race they are merely a group of superstitious retarded Muslims – Indian, Pakistani, African these are races – So no accusation of racism can be applied when slagging off religious scum – But maybe I’m splitting hairs

    3. Even if race were an issue in this, which it is not – then surely inciting hatred on grounds of homophobia (a crime with a potential deterrent sentence of 7years imprisonment and unlimited fine) requires the court to consider the facts of the crime in sentencing and act appropriately?

      This is just another case of demonstrating that religious people can not pick and choose which laws they feel apply to them, and which do not.

  4. Unfortunately, UK prisons are rapidly becoming fertile breeding grounds for Islamic radicalisation. These hateful Allah worshippers will, very likely, be cellblock heroes.

  5. From the BBC: “Ali was jailed for two years while Ahmed and Javed were given 15 month sentences.”

    1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 3:09pm

      Had hoped for a little longer, but good to see relatively long custodial sentences.

    2. So, two years becomes one, reduced to 9 with Home Curfew, possibly 6 with good behaviour agreement… 15 months becomes 8, reduced to 5 with good behaviour agreement….. Don’t you just love the justice system we have?

      1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 4:15pm


        They are only entitled to early release if they accept their guilt.

  6. And so we come full circle, everyone.

    I was a very vocal critic of these indefensible preachers of hate a couple of weeks ago in a former that attracted 540 comments (a record?):

    My stance, which many agreed with, met the vociferous condemnaton of “Stu”, his many aliases and, of course, the usual “hitmen” he always calls upon to pull you down whenever the argument doesn’t go his way.

    I maintained my stand, frustrating him enormously to the point where he had the audacity to ask me what I would consider to be the “solution” to the “Muslim problem”:

    Stu’s distateful choice of words left me to consider whether these forums have also been harbouring our very own preachers of hate, and I am not referring to the despicable likes of David Skinner.

    I am referring to the hatred of free speech, period, with “Stu” and his merry band of baiters and antagonists working to their own ends to suppress, stymie…

    1. and stamp out opinions that do not strictly conform to their own extreme left wing, politically correct “groupthink” concensus.

      All was subsequently confirmed in last Sunday’s follow-up to this story when the full range of “tricks” employed by “Stu” and his multiple split personality aliases and sidekicks were out in full, hateful force.

      In which Stu “foolishly” exposed himself a second time in a matter of days posing as “Patrick” and “Marcus” and heaven knows how many before them to gang up against those he disagrees with and wear them down:

      I don’t need to add anything else. It’s all there in black and white, so I won’t be commenting further today.

      Suffice it to say I sincerely do hope this time Stu IS true to his word, takes a step back and learns from all this and that he CAN’T continue pulling the wool over our eyes.

      We in turn must uphold the integrity of this wonderful web site and ensure that it…

      1. rermains a fair, open, impartial and balanced news service, and does not fall into the hands of one person hogging the debate for their own selfish ends, like some self-appointed moderator come police officer.

        Thank you for listening everyone, and may the debate continue… :)

        PS: I can almost count down the seconds before W6, Will and co. – not to mention their multitude of aliases – arrive, foaming at the mouth, to shoot the messanger and defend the indefensible.

        I do hope I can leave it to you guys now to give them as good as they are going to dish out.

        Over and out!

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