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Gay cure columnist ‘denied free speech’

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Reader comments

  1. Gay is not a choice. Gay is not an illness. Gay is not curable. Gay is part of nature.


    Because of people like her perpetuating this myth, many gay people have and will suffer terribly.

    1. and be driven back into the closeted life as before –

      Suggestion – ‘opinion piece’ like this should be kept to herself – superstitious bitch.

  2. Her right to Free Speech was well respected. What she didn’t get was the right to keep everyone else’s right to criticize her afterwards (which also counts as free speech).

    1. Sorry, that was awfully worded.
      “What she didn’t get was that everyone else also has the right to criticize her afterwards”

      1. I got your drift!

      2. I understood,

        She had her free speech, what she wanted was her speech free of criticism which she neither deserved or got.

        The tears nearly tripped me

    2. Exactly!

  3. DJ Sheepiesheep 10 Feb 2012, 1:32pm

    Oh, get some flipping’ perspective. Had the journalist actually been denied the right to free speech the article would not have been published. But it was. It seems that it’s criticism the journalist can’t handle. Well boo hoo. Being a decent journalist is about writing articles that may be controversial. Controversial articles will always draw criticism. But then we’re probably not dealing with a decent journalist here, are we?

  4. She should be cured of her jewness…

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 10 Feb 2012, 2:12pm

      What on earth is “jewness”?

      1. It’s the same as gayness.

  5. When someone writes an article purpetuating the myth that gay can be cured, they deserve criticism. With free speech is a responsibility to tell the truth, if you write lies then you will be corrected and very publically and in numbers.

  6. She published her column so how was her free speech impeded?

    Could it be that she is trying to impede the free speech of everybody who disagrees with her?

    “We are aware that gays… sometimes FEEL that they are discriminated against.”

    Yes that’s right the discrimination faced by gay people is all in their heads it’s just a feeling…

    “obviously Jewish society is not ready for that kind of mature debate.”

    Says the woman who can not accept other people are allowed to disagree with her.

    “The gap between Orthodox Jews and Jewish gays on the issue is obviously currently too great to be bridged by reasoned dialogue.”

    Maybe because Orthodox Jews want people to be experimented on by quacks and/or castrated.

    1. Cont…
      It seems Orthodox Jews are incapable of reasoned dialogue. Since Gay cure has been proven to be harmful and ineffective not to mention unnecessary.

      “In the meantime I really wish everyone well, regardless of their sexual orientation. At the end of the day sexuality is a very private and individual matter, which should be respected by all.”

      You can’t respect someone’s sexuality if you seek to eradicate it.

      1. Paddyswurds 11 Feb 2012, 12:44pm

        ……. “Since Gay cure has been proven to be harmful and ineffective not to mention unnecessary”……however, this homophobic witch should remember tho is that the “cure” for Jewishness proved very effective.

        1. If you are referring to the holocaust then that is a horrific thing to say.

        2. de Villiers 12 Feb 2012, 10:36am

          Disgusting. In France you would be prosecuted for that.

          1. Paddyswurds 12 Feb 2012, 8:14pm

            ……One would be prosecuted for denying the holocaust, not stating the outcome, you thick Gallic moronj.

          2. Paddyswurds 12 Feb 2012, 8:22pm

            ……seeing as the French have, apart from the Germans themselves, more than most to be ashamed of when it comes to World war 2. We haven’t forgotten the Vichy you know……

    2. friday jones 11 Feb 2012, 12:32am

      Oh well, what do we expect from an author who has sex through a hole in a sheet but who also writes about sexual topics? An informed opinion? Balance? HA!

      1. “Oh well, what do we expect from an author who has sex through a hole in a sheet”

        WTF really?

  7. Typical religious moron.

    Her ‘freedom of speech’ has not been curtailed. She was allowed to express her mind-numblingly stupid, irresponsible, bigotted opinions.

    And we are allowed use OUR freedom speech to condemn her as the religious extremist that she is.

  8. Anthony Maxwell 10 Feb 2012, 1:42pm

    Lets just say (for example) that I wanted to write an article that denied all aspects of the holocaust.

    Would the Jewish Chronical deny my right to free speech?

    Thought so.

    1. No they wouldn’t (unless you live in France where Holocaust denial is illegal)

      You can say what you like.

      And the Jewish Chronicle can use its own freedom of speech to condemn you as a bigot.

      This stupid reporter does not understand the concept of freedom of speech,

      Then again she is religious which probably explains her stupidity.

  9. What a hipocrite that journalist is…. If she believes that sex is private etc… as she says….. Then why publish her damning opinion on gay sex!

    The right to free speech is important, but not so important as to supersede the rights of others to that same privacy she claims to believe in…

  10. Her opinion piece, “Gays should be able to see if they can be ‘cured’”, was described by one rabbi as showing “shocking ignorance and malevolence towards gay Jews”.

    Err, but WE don’t want to be cured! Its you, Doreen, that needs a cure; to be cured of evil antagonistic thoughts towards loving caring people.

    You can come out with this kind of nonsense, but you should really be prepared for the resultant wave of what you might see as negative publicity. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, best not to say it!

  11. Clearly this woman does not understand what “freedom of speech” actually means. Getting a negative reaction when you print homophobic bigoted tosh is a demonstration that freedom of speech is alive and well.

    That’s how this works – you get to say whatever horrible, bigoted things you like, and the good, decent, sane people get to tear you a new one for being such a homophobic git. Getting criticism is part and parcel of the deal.

  12. Also, that comparison with Necrophilia is quite frankly disgusting.

    A better comparison would be with anorexia. A doctor would be struck off if he tried to help an anorexic lose even more weight, however earnestly and deeply said anorexic wished to. The self-hating gay is much the same – it’s the feelings that their sexual orientation needs to be changed that are the problem.

  13. Dear Ms. Wahmann

    Free Speech is not denied by anyone I know who is gay. But Free Speech does not mean that you can present what you think is right as fact. A cure is something that helps people when something is wrong with them. Any modern psychology will be able to tell you, that ones sexuality is not something that can be altered by will or that is something that is not menat to happen. WHen you talk about cure you are talking about alteration of character, trying to influence one of the most basic characteristic of an individual – but it sure as hell is no cure. Best Regards


  14. “sexuality is a very private and individual matter”
    I object to people who say sexuality is private..because it equates to it being kept hidden and secret. is she confusing sexuality with sex, which can be private (depending on where you have it).

  15. If told her she can be cured from being Jewish, would she class that as antisemitic?

    1. of course she would – all superstitious retards are touchy about their dodgy religious doctrine – so they lash out at those they can easily bully and score support out of.

      Antisemetic = anyone who disagrees with the Jewish method of bullying and brain washing

  16. She’s entitled to say what she thinks, it seems that she does not want gay people to have the right of reply.

    She’s wrong. She can say what she thinks. She can not complain when other people say what they think about her.

    1. Your right to express your opinion, Doreen, has not been denied. It is merely being challenged. Your have expressed your views, and you must accept that others, especially gay people, will be angered by them. You still have your right to free speech, so please don’t get so upset about it if your views are controversial.

  17. Doreen Wachmann apparently thinks it perfectly reasonable to compare and associate homosexual orientation with abnormal sexual fetishism like necrophilia.

    ” Wachmann had highlighted a particular doctor’s experience treating “desire for sex with the dead” before saying gays go to him ”

    Wachmann is another deeply nasty anti-gay lunatic. She had her say and gay people responded to the threatening ideas and dangerous misiformation she is helping to spread.

  18. Why is it that people who suggest that others might be in need of a cure have free speech, but the persons offended by the suggestion should not express their disgust? She may say she’s not a bigot, but that’s her opinion. Mine is that she is a homophobe and my opinions on the matter as a gay man are worth more than her’s as a clearly biased “observer”.

  19. Free speech does not include putting out lies and distortions as truth.

    1. Scott Lovely 12 Feb 2012, 2:06pm

      Have you never read the Daily Mail?

  20. My understanding of freedom of speech is that we are allowed to say whatever we like, and cannot be persecuted by the government for expressing our opinions.

    (therefore the new law against the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in Russia is an impingement on freedom of speech).

    However we cannot use our freedom of speech to endanger others.

    in the US shouting ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater is not covered by freedom of speech.

    How has this bovine bigot Doreen Wachmann’s freedom of speech been curtailed?

    She expressed her opinion and now she is regarded as an incredibly stupid, uneducated bigotted fool who brings disgrace and shame to her community.

    Seems fair to me.

    1. Vauxhall-Boy 10 Feb 2012, 3:18pm


      In its purest form freedom of speech is pretty much as you describe it.

      Watchmanns freedom of speech has not been curtailed by anyone.

      The right of reply is also an exercise of freedom of speech. So, understandably angered LGBT people have a right to respond to Watchmanns ridiculous comments. We have exercised our entitlement to freedom of speech.

      We did not like the content of Watchmanns message. She did not like the content of the responses that LGBT people made. Freedom of speech entitles both sets of comments to be made.

      She also further engaged her freedom of speech by responding to the replies LGBT people made. No one curtailed that freedom of speech.

      Watchmann clearly doesnt understand that exercising freedom should not mean that others can not also exercise the same freedoms.

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Feb 2012, 3:21pm

    I’m always amazed at these people who claim they’re not homophobic but think that gay people should explore to see if they can be cured. If that’s not homophobia I don’t know what is. Why would she need to promote it irrrespective of her religious beliefs? Nobody can be cured to be celibate either, a chosen lifestyle. Ours isn’t nor is it a lifestyle. She has NO business trying to impose a religious belief that she thinks can cure one’s orientation. It just doesn’t work and there has been NO demonstrable evidence or anything published in the legitimate medical and scientific literature to support her claims regarding praying away the gay. In fact, all of the major American medical and scientific organisations have condemned it and deemed it harmful to vulnerable people. They’re nothing more than scam artists. Total frauds and should be prosecuted or better yet, shut down.

  22. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Feb 2012, 3:23pm

    Doesn’t she remind us of Melanie Phillips?

    1. Actually she reminds me more of Ann Leslie – lost her marbles a bit!

  23. Ikenna David. 10 Feb 2012, 3:54pm

    I wish for hitler to put all jews back to the gas chamber,that way they can be less jews… Sorry thats my freedom am expressing it… Ignorant sociopath,, she should kiss my ass..

    1. this is incitement to violence against a group of people and makes you no better than Doreen Wachmann and others who wish reduce the numbers of gay people. expressing your opinion in this way is very offensive and also unproductive.

    2. Disgusting comment Ikenna! Did you approve or the Holocaust then? It was one of the biggest human tragedies ever, not perpetrated by jews but by white evil supremacists! Most jews are decent people! Please stop encouraging discrimination with your stereotyping and generalising! There is never a good reason to support death to a minority & encourage marginalisation! No-one can ever defend incitement, hatred and death towards a section of people! No minority group has the right to inflict genocide on another section of society! You sound like an evil dictator!!

    3. de Villiers 12 Feb 2012, 10:35am

      You disgusting bigot.

  24. johnny33308 10 Feb 2012, 3:58pm

    I believe this person was ALLOWED to speak, so how is her RIGHT to free speech impeded…she SPOKE? Ahhh, she want’s freedom from REPERCUSSIONS…..not the same thing as free speech, now is it? No one get’s FREEDOM FROM REPERCUSSIONS…….that is a FACT.

  25. Maybe she can explain to me how the following idiotic paragraph is any different from what she is saying about “gay conversion” (before you chastise me for comparing “gay-conversion therapy” to surgery, let me remind you of the number of LGBT suicides that have been widely reported not all caused by ex-gay treatment):

    I don’t hate women BUT she can be cured of her most obvious defect – being a woman – through surgery, hormone treatment, and counselling. I don’t understand why she’s upset with me, I’m only trying to help her. She’s being unreasonable if she doesn’t even explore options that may or may not work to cure her of her feminity. She enjoys being a woman? It just shows how mentally deranged she is!

  26. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 10 Feb 2012, 4:54pm

    No doubt it’s the gay agenda – the gaystapo! – to blame for the lack of getting away with puerile rubbish, Doreen. Science and religion go together like snake oil and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

    Could it not simply be that gay people have heard enough of this gay ‘cure’ crap? Do you not think we realise it to be psuedo-religious nonsense being administered on pressured, vulnerable people, backed by no serious scientific evidence other than your own religious needs?

    Try to be cured? Try? Really! Try to be less religious, woman, and let others who aren’t so fortunate to have your good ‘moral’ principles (ha!) to have a good life without fear of persecution from religi-robots like you. Also, why is it that I can’t find any published work from the great and good psycho-sexual pioneer Dr Raymond Goodman?

    Live and let live, Doreen.

  27. Let’s start by being scrupulously honest. The most frequent outcome of exgay services-programs is that an individual manages to become non-sensual/non-sexual. For some people, this shows to be a viable path in life with neutral or positive qualities. For others the celibacy path consumes individual personhood, diminishing the person’s openness, connectedness, and distorting life through undue burdens of fear, shame, guilt, and whatever else happens to accompany the unwholesome forms of celibacy. Similarly, some people are sensual-sexual in wholesome, positive, life-affirming ways; while others lead lives of negative sensuality-sexuality that demean, exploit, defraud, or neglect their intimate partners. At this point we cannot reliably say in advance who will be harmed by sex or no sex, sensuality or no sensuality, and who will be unharmed or even enriched by restrained human occasions. The most frequent outcome of exgay providers is, undoubtedly, mild to severe harm aka PTSD.

  28. Raymond A. Weaver 10 Feb 2012, 6:49pm

    She is entitled to her opinion, but she is also entitled to hear criticism of her opinion. An outpouring of objections against her opinion is not supression.

  29. She is right! We need more research so we can have some kind of cure for our disease.


    2. ‘our’ disease? Are you just being sarcastic or being stupidly serious?

    3. “dAvid”, you are the troll. You respond to a serious point with a stupid two word post that doesn’t even make sense.

      1. “You respond to a serious point with a stupid two word post that doesn’t even make sense.”

        Always with the lies. Let me guess, Christian?

        dAVID makes perfect sense. You’re a troll and a lier- the 14 thumbs down show others think your a liar too. So, someone should cure you of the mental heath issue you have than makes you lie, no?

  30. Robin Evans 10 Feb 2012, 8:46pm

    Stupid homophobic bitch…

  31. The best “cure” for Jewish gays in an intolerant religion is simply to leave it.

    Easy, no pain, no cost and a guaranteed success to happiness.

    I don’t know why promoting ““medical procedures” which ” have potentially damaging side-effects.” are not made illegal in the UK. Being gay isn’t a sickness so why isn’t there a law to stop these cures.

    I’m really getting quite confused by all these gay cure news. It’s a bit more complex than just freedom of speech becuase it’s actually promoting a medical procedure/cure that has damaging side effects from a person without a medical background.

    Why doesn’t the govt pass a law to make it illegal if it has damaging side effects?

  32. Why is it that if your guy you should be able to get a cure? My gayness is no more a sickness than this woman being either Jewish or straight!!

    Those like her need to remember what happened to Jews during the war when the camps sterilised them! From what I remember the men were chemically castrated!

    This so called ‘cure’ is not that much different. A people wishing to rid the world of gays. Taking advantage of those of us who are vulnerable due to bad treatment from family etc! Those who have been made to ‘feel’ they are wrong because of bigots!

    We all have the right to free speech. What you have to be prepared to take is the backlash when your comments are against a minority.

    Nuff said!

  33. friday jones 11 Feb 2012, 12:29am

    I’m not sure why she says she’s being denied “free speech.” She got her piece published, it was distributed, and other people responded by writing their own opinions on both the topic and on her article.

    Is she really so ignorant of what censorship and prior restraint truly are that she believes that having her public writing criticized publicly is tantamount to denying her her freedom of speech?

    What an ignorant jackass this woman appears to be.

  34. I would like to add that as someone who lived for a long time closeted and celibate, it was like being imprisoned in my own body! I was denying who I am and felt that emotionally. You do become sexually dead almost.

    If you tell people “you’re unhappy, your family have disowned you and society rejects you. God hates homosexuality. I can cure you of this ‘illness’ and give you back your life!” that individual, because they are so down etc will take this so called miracle cure. They maybe willing. But those who ‘give’ this cure are A: taking advantage of them and B: effectively forcing sexual imprisonment!!!

    Like I said, I did it to myself for a long time and because of that my life is different to what it could have been. Because of society etc I chose a life that was wrong and denied me who I really was and no matter how much I ignored it, it was always there. SO because of that I hate this so called cure even more because I know what it feels like to deny who you are!

  35. There is something very wrong when people think that being gay can be cured to treated.

    It is not a disease. It is part of the diversity of sexuality and nature.

    Some People need reality check

  36. Paddyswurds 11 Feb 2012, 12:38pm

    …and I suppose if we refer to the “final solution” advocated for the cure of Jewishness some years ago, we will hear screams of ” antisemitism” from this bigot and so called journalist.

  37. TheUniverse 12 Feb 2012, 12:38am

    She’s insane

  38. Clearly this woman does not understand anything about gays or the LGBT Community and is only looking to get some publicity. She has freedom of speech but she must accept that there is a price to pay for ‘freedom of speech’ and keep her distorted, completely untrue and unrealistic opinions to herself.

  39. Help us grow our community for LGBT in Africa and worldwide.Positive change.We are now on Twitter.Please follow :Endthefearnow.


  40. de Villiers 12 Feb 2012, 10:57am

    The columnist has confused rights and liberties. A ‘right’ establishes a claim on someone else’s behaviour. A right not to be assaulted places a claim on someone else not to assault us. A right to be paid the minimum wage places a claim on someone else to pay it.

    A liberty establishes no claim on someone else’s behaviour. A liberty could be dying our hair orange. A person could buy all the hair dye in the shop so we could not use any but could not physically stop us from buying it.

    Our ‘rights’ cannot be interfered with and so they protect our ‘liberties’. The columnist has a ‘liberty’ to speak but cannot demand that anyone provide her with a platform to speak or to listen. Her right not to be assaulted protects her liberty to say what she wants.

    For people to complain vociferously about her comments is not to infringe her claim rights. It may interfere with her liberties but that is acceptable.

    1. I agree, de Villiers.

      Our rights should not be interfered with (although some people try!)

      If the columnist wants to exercise her right to free speech, she should not be surprised when others seek to exercise the same right.

  41. Scott Lovely 12 Feb 2012, 2:12pm

    She had freedom of speech and used it. Countries in thrall to religious extremists deliberately deny freedom of speech to gay people and their supporters, such as Uganda, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Funny how the fundies cry oppression when they can’t control everyone else’s life.

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