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Swedish anti-gay flyers not covered by free speech

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Reader comments

  1. I agree with this ruling. free speech of course should be legal but propaganda should be against the law. There’s a massive difference between free speech and propaganda. Free speech is expressing an opinion or opening a dialogue or debate about any given subject. Propaganda is trying to manipulate someone’s views and beliefs by making downright false claims posing as fact.

  2. They cried all the way to the European Court for Human Rights without considering the fact that they had impinged upon the human rights of others by spreading lies and hatred. An excellent decision by the courts, both in Sweden and in Europe as a whole.

    1. “They cried all the way to the European Court for Human Rights without considering the fact that they had impinged upon the human rights of others”

      Well said. Prejudice is about power and control, not morality. Its a beacon for those who can’t get power through legitimate means – just look at Skinner and Keith on this site, in fact any so called religions person.

  3. Does anyone else see the tragic irony of a neofascist and openly racist organisation like this (who’s leaders once included bank robbers and murderers, and ransacking museums becuase of that they see as “degenerate art”) wanting the Court of Human Rights to legally recognise their right to freedom to oppress, discriminate and lie about others?!?

    Good on the ECHR.

    1. Father Ted 9 Feb 2012, 1:38pm

      It comes down to demonising a minority. We are fed a daily diet of lies, myths and plain animosity from religious and hate groups, particularly from America. It’s good that the ECHR is supporting efforts to minimise the damage done by these people.

  4. Am I the only one wondering why they weren’t given time behind bars? They were encouraging hate against another distinct group in society. If this was a flyer against a certain race group the sentences would have been more severe possibly?

    1. Hodge Podge 9 Feb 2012, 2:39pm

      We put waayy too many people in jail in the UK. Seems to me theres a load of more imaginative options for non-dangerous criminals to make their amends.

      1. Keith Farrell 9 Feb 2012, 2:47pm

        good idea, how do you propose to punish them. maybe take away all their rights as one does with slaves and make them work hard all day with a little encoragement from a wip. whish they would do sometghing like that for all the young people, then let them clean all the gum from the pavements. hard work with no fancy treatment will soon put a stop to all the naughty young people

        1. Hodge Podge 9 Feb 2012, 4:14pm

          Sounds good. Whipping shouldn’t be necessary mind ;-)

  5. A bill that would ban homophobic incitement in Greece is shelved

  6. Omar Kuddus 9 Feb 2012, 6:32pm

    It is good to see that not only common sence, but the law prevailed and the the EUHRA was not abused or used in a fashion, that it was not designed for.

  7. Christians are using black propaganda to destroy LGBT people around the world and LGBT people need to wake up as see that the Christian are using propaganda to make gays look bad around the world. Expose the Christians and people who help them push their black propaganda, get their names and spread it on the internet any way you can to expose them and what they say and do and then counter it with the truth.

    1. Ive never understood why the gay community in any country does not take these organisations to court and make them prove publically what they say is true. The most offensive is the accusation of paedophelia (untrue and disproven) but we allow this to be said time and time again. Organise yourselves into a group and take one massive legal action against unfounded slander.These freaks wiill either have to publicly announce their mistake or be shown as wrong but refusing to accept the verdict therfore exposed them for what they really are

  8. These crazed religions actually believe it to br freedom of speech and the right to religious expression. No freedom or religious rights accomplish anything when it incites hate by using false accusations created to give credibility to religions that rely on manipulation of peoples minds. I think religion is being diluted as science advances and those relying on religion scramble to distort reality to prove their god/gods exist. Religion needs to start paying taxes and to be worshipped within the allocated churches they follow. Other than that they are subject to civil based laws just like everyone else.

  9. de Villiers 10 Feb 2012, 8:30am

    The purpose of free speech is to promote liberty and equality (and fraternity). The use of free speech to deny liberty to groups is incompatible with this. It is the same as suggesting that incitement to religious hatred or the murder of persons of ethnic groups should be protected. It is contrary to the purpose of this freedom.

    1. Scott Lovely 10 Feb 2012, 10:04am

      I think you’re mistaken. Freedom of speech doesn’t have a particular purpose, it’s a human right. Limits on it are to prevent abuse.

      1. de Villiers 12 Feb 2012, 10:46am

        I do not agree. Rights do not exist in a vacuum for no purpose. They are for the benefit of us and of society. We, as a society, promote the existence of rights for our benefit as a whole. They are a (modern) human construct for (modern) human society.

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